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Eiffel_56_new_consumer/  56340  13 years  paulb   Added feature `reset_info' to allow clients to force retrieval of updated cache information on calli…
Eiffel_57_docking/  62176  13 years  larryl   Added missing change.
Eiffel_56/  69988  12 years  manus   Allowed 5.6 version to read a 6.0 storable by simply skeeping the `object_comparison' data.
Eiffel_57/  69987  12 years  manus   Allowed 5.7 version to read a 6.0 storable by simply skeeping the `object_comparison' data.
Eiffel_67/  85355  8 years  manus   Allowed unknown content in unknown tags in ECF that will be ignored instead of causing an internal p…
Eiffel_70/  88356  7 years  manus   Dropped VD88 error for the time being completely.
Eiffel_62/  76110  10 years  manus   Enabled a 6.2 runtime to retrieve 6.3 storable by simply discarding any attachment marks it might …
Eiffel_60/  71005  11 years  manus   Fixed a borland incorrect configuration for .NET.
Eiffel_66/  84924  8 years  manus   Made it compile under VMS.
Eiffel_for_aspnet_56/  56376  13 years  raphaels   Merge from Eiffel_56_new_consumer
Eiffel_65/  82162  9 years  manus   Merged from HEAD rev#81938: Now {EVS_GENERAL_TOOLTIP_WINDOW} will be hidden by Esc key press
Eiffel_63/  79985  10 years  manus   Merged from rev#79982 from HEAD: Fixed eweasel test#final084 where if you have a type which is LIK…
Eiffel_68/  87307  8 years  manus   Merged from rev#86767: Fixed bug#16940 and bug#17680 (test#anchor044) by using routine ID to find th…
Eiffel_64/  81643  9 years  manus   Merged from trunk rev#81639: * Fixed eweasel test#expanded009 involving a C external returning an ex…
eth/  88369  7 years  thdi   Prepared textual BON formatting classes for formatting.
Eiffel_55/  52377  14 years  paulb   Reset EiffelEnvision TOC location because of build-time issues
Eiffel_54/  44549  15 years  king   Reverted back to previous commit as this was mistakenly commited to the Eiffel54 branch
vision2_for_gtk2/  53139  14 years     This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'vision2_for_gtk2'.
Eiffel_61/  73577  11 years  manus   Updated some tests so that it works also with the 6.1 compiler (those tests have already been modi…
Eiffel_57_vms/  74150  11 years  davids   VMS: define jackets for eif_wean() and eif_protect() for forward compatibility with 6.x
public/  75933  10 years  jfiat   branch for testing purpose
CAT_mono/  69888  12 years  martins   bug fixes, not yet everything is working
CAT_interval_types/  69625  12 years  martins   small comment changes

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