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revision 11128 by manus, Mon Aug 24 02:25:56 1998 UTC revision 11263 by manus, Thu Sep 10 01:35:47 1998 UTC
# Line 75  feature {COMPILER_EXPORTER} Line 75  feature {COMPILER_EXPORTER}
75          internal_conform_to (other: TYPE_A in_generics: BOOLEAN): BOOLEAN is          internal_conform_to (other: TYPE_A in_generics: BOOLEAN): BOOLEAN is
76                          -- Does `other' conform to Current ?                          -- Does `other' conform to Current ?
77                  do                  do
78                          Result := True                                  -- If `other' is a basic, a BIT or an expanded type, it is not
79                                    -- conform to NONE.
80                                    --| When doing the check for `is_basic', we also check that `other'
81                                    --| can be a BIT type, so we do not need to add the check `other.is_bits'.
82                            Result := not (other.is_basic or else other.is_expanded)
83                  end                  end
85      storage_info, storage_info_with_name (classc: CLASS_C): S_CLASS_TYPE_INFO is      storage_info, storage_info_with_name (classc: CLASS_C): S_CLASS_TYPE_INFO is

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