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revision 44539 by manus, Wed Aug 4 18:14:58 2004 UTC revision 48079 by manus, Sat Jan 29 01:50:07 2005 UTC
# Line 68  feature {COMPILER_EXPORTER} Line 68  feature {COMPILER_EXPORTER}
68          conform_to (other: TYPE_A): BOOLEAN is          conform_to (other: TYPE_A): BOOLEAN is
69                          -- Does Current conform to `other'?                          -- Does Current conform to `other'?
70                  do                  do
71                                  -- If `other' is a basic, a BIT or an expanded type, it is not                                  -- If `other' is expanded, then it does not conform to NONE.
72                                  -- conform to NONE.                          Result := not other.is_expanded
                                 --| When doing the check for `is_basic', we also check that `other'  
                                 --| can be a BIT type, so we do not need to add the check `other.is_bits'.  
 -- FIXME: This test needs to be done, but since it's causing to much trouble for now  
 -- we just desactivated it and we are back to the previous implementation  
 --                      Result := not (other.is_basic or else other.is_expanded)  
                         Result := not other.actual_type.is_void  
73                  end                  end
75  end -- class NONE_A  end -- class NONE_A

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