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alias_calculus/  91173  6 years  alexk   Added a new example that demonstrates an issue with the rules to compute aliases for assignment.
annotation/  88698  7 years  alexk   Removed parent OBJECT_IDENTIFIER_HELPER as it does not seem to be used.
api_marshaller/  91005  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90997.>>
auto_fix/  93140  6 years  maxpei   Refactored SpecFix.
auto_test/  93135  6 years  maxpei   SpecFix.
base/  90398  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90397.>>
base64/  89289  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#89288.>>
cli_debugger/  91005  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90997.>>
cli_writer/  90750  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90747.>>
code_analysis/  93181  6 years  zurfluhs   Code Analysis: - new rule type for checking by backward iterator through routine - 'formatted' outp…
com_light/  90398  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90397.>>
command_tunnel/  83441  9 years  jasonw   Renamed branch eve3 to eve. The eve branch serves as the new branch for the EVE project.
compiler_encoding/  91201  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91200.>>
configuration/  93019  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#93018.>>
contract_inference/  93134  6 years  maxpei   Added precondition inference.
daikon/  93135  6 years  maxpei   SpecFix.
dotnet_loader/  90750  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90747.>>
dynamic_program_analysis/  89885  7 years  megg   Improved the writing performance of the MYSQL writer by using transactions.
eiffel2boogie/  93175  6 years  julian   AutoProof: initial refactoring for routine translators. AutoProof: added two examples.
eiffel_identifier/  91005  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90997.>>
eiffel_transform/  91379  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91375.>>
emitter_loader/  90750  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90747.>>
environment/  92869  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#92868.>>
eve_blackboard/  88710  7 years  julian   Added new AutoProof version with translation to intermediate verification AST for translation to Boo…
eve_proofs/  93019  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#93018.>>
file_formats/  91117  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91110.>>
file_utilities/  91201  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91200.>>
graphx/  85422  9 years  jasonw   Added a command line option to generate decision trees and their dot representations from ARFF files…
gui_testing/  91005  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90997.>>
information_retrieval/  85033  9 years  jasonw   1. Fixed some bugs in contract inference. 2. Added classes to generate ARFF files from queryables.
interface_names/  93107  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#93106.>>
iron/  93019  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#93018.>>
javascript_base/  86790  8 years  adima   JavaScript Base - Fixed issue with stubbing constants from specs
javascript_compiler/  93019  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#93018.>>
jstar_proofs/  90122  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90120.>>
object_identifier/  86810  8 years  jasonw   Added object identifier support.
parser/  93170  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#93169.>>
parser_extension/  91005  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90997.>>
patterns/  91117  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91110.>>
peg/  88099  8 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#88098.>>
program_analysis/  93139  6 years  maxpei   Cleaned SpecFix up.
rapid_miner/  93135  6 years  maxpei   SpecFix.
resources/  91005  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90997.>>
semantic_search/  91288  6 years  maxpei   Adjusted AutoInfer to support inference of preconditions.
services/  92684  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#92682.>>
settable_types/  86783  8 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#86782.>>
snippet_extraction/  91379  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91375.>>
ssa-ifier/  88099  8 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#88098.>>
string_expander/  90122  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#90120.>>
tagging/  92782  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#92781.>>
terminal/  87721  8 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#87720.>>
testing/  92750  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#92749.>>
threading/  89681  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#89679.>>
uri_launcher/  89804  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#89803.>>
utilities/  89804  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#89803.>>
vision2/  92750  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#92749.>>
web/  91117  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91110.>>
weka/  85417  9 years  jasonw   Refactored Weka and RapidMiner libraries.
xml/  91117  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91110.>>
xml-rpc/  89919  7 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#89915.>>
xml_utility/  91117  6 years  jasonw   <<Merged from trunk#91110.>>
README.TXT  83441  9 years  jasonw   Renamed branch eve3 to eve. The eve branch serves as the new branch for the EVE project.
build.eant  83441  9 years  jasonw   Renamed branch eve3 to eve. The eve branch serves as the new branch for the EVE project.
framework.ecf  88245  7 years  bmeyer   Removed unused file BK.txt
framework.lic  83441  9 years  jasonw   Renamed branch eve3 to eve. The eve branch serves as the new branch for the EVE project.

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