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Release_notes/  23663  19 years  etienne   Changed "EIFFEL4" into "EIFFEL5".
bench/  27397  18 years  xavier   Removed the Bench directory (now studio), the useless files in the COM wizard, and eifinit/case, eif…
build/  25853  18 years  manus   Use ISE_xxx new environment variables.
case/  23142  19 years  manus   No more EiffelCase.
docs/  23663  19 years  etienne   Changed "EIFFEL4" into "EIFFEL5".
dotnet/  27452  18 years  karine   Changed `base.net' into `base'.
eifinit/  30208  18 years  xavier   "Merge" is not "Link".
install/  29372  18 years  manus   Added empty file for dhost.
newdocs/  31312  17 years  rogers   Minor changes and see alsos implemented.
precomp/  29693  18 years  manus   Replaced EIFFEL_SRC by ISE_EIFFEL.
scripts/  30814  18 years  manus   Updated path to project location.
studio/  31077  17 years  manus   Added error text for VIFI: Frozen inheritance error.
wizards/  29161  18 years  manus   Upgraded to Eiffel51
INSTALL  29377  18 years  manus   Added part about precompilation of EiffelBase to compile examples.
VERSION  29155  18 years  manus   New version number.
configure_all.exe  29141  18 years  xavier   Now write ISE_EIFFEL with its short path name instead of the long one. And also fix path names for B…
dotnet_install.bat  30881  18 years  manus   Replaced / by \.
dotnet_install_ami.bat  28594  18 years  xavier   Replaced bench with studio in the scripts.
install_all.bat  27983  18 years  xavier   Added an install script that calls other scripts (.NET installation, library precompilation and crea…
make_install  29404  18 years  manus   Improved messages and changed default answer for vision2 precompile.
precompile_install.bat  29154  18 years  xavier   Display a text as soon as the batch file starts, so that the user doesn't have to look at a blank co…

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