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Release_notes/  32732  17 years  manus   Use documentation instead to see release notes.
bench/  32903  17 years  rogers   removed
build/  38733  16 years  rogers   Removed all icon files, as EiffelBuild now only uses png files.
case/  23142  19 years  manus   No more EiffelCase.
docs/  23663  19 years  etienne   Changed "EIFFEL4" into "EIFFEL5".
dotnet/  34212  17 years  manus   No need for this file anymore.
eifinit/  38419  16 years  rogers   Added mouse wheel scroll settings.
install/  34870  17 years  manus   Rescucite dhost so that `install' directory is not empty.
newdocs/  38812  16 years  rogers   Added details of new interface changes to pickand drop mechanism.
precomp/  38441  16 years  king   Removed reference to GEL library as this is no longer needed with Vision2
scripts/  38423  16 years  manus   Fixed script as `mkisofs' on True64 (alpha) does not accept the -quiet option.
studio/  38871  16 years  manus   Removed VDRD7 and VDRD71 as the limitation as been removed from the compiler. I did not change the…
vision2_tour/  38824  16 years  rogers   Removed, as we only use PNG in the tour now.
wizards/  29161  18 years  manus   Upgraded to Eiffel51
INSTALL  35032  17 years  manus   Added more details about ISE_PLATFORM specification.
INSTALL.macos  37272  16 years  manus   Use `sudo' instead of being root.
VERSION  34943  17 years  manus   Fixed version number
install_all.bat  32851  17 years  manus   No need to perform .NET installation as it is done by installation program.
make_install  29404  18 years  manus   Improved messages and changed default answer for vision2 precompile.
precompile_install.bat  34308  17 years  manus   Added `-ace Ace.ace' options as it is now need to be able to compile without a license.

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