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Had placed tags round the wrong image.

2 <HEAD>
3 <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
4 <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Style-Type" CONTENT="text/css">
5 <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">
6 <LINK REL="STYLESHEET" HREF="tour.css" CHARSET="ISO-8859-1" TYPE="text/css">
7 <TITLE>----- Invitation to Eiffel -----</TITLE>
8 </HEAD>
9 <body bgcolor="#faf0e6">
10 <DIV>
11 <p class="top" align="center"><a href="http://www.eiffel.com">Eiffel Home Page (Web)</a><!--START EiffelStudio--> -- <a href="../index.html">Getting started with Eiffel (local)</a><!--END EiffelStudio-->
13 <img src="power.gif" ALT="Eiffel Home Page" align="right" border="0" usemap="#eiffel" width="109" height="226"><map name="eiffel"><area shape="RECT" alt="Eiffel Home Page" coords="0,0,109,226" HREF="http://www.eiffel.com"><area shape="default" nohref></map>
15 <p class="top" align="left">
16 <!--END EiffelStudio--><IMG SRC="topdoc.gif" ALT="Getting Started with Eiffel" border="0" usemap="#navigation" width="100" height="40"><map name="navigation"><area shape="RECT" alt="Getting Started with Eiffel" coords="0,0,100,40" href="../index.html"><area shape="default" nohref></map><!--END EiffelStudio-->
17 </DIV>
18 <DIV>
19 <H1 CLASS="book-title">
20 <A NAME="pgfId-517306"></A><A NAME="marker-338573"></A>Invitation to Eiffel</H1>
21 <DIV>
22 <p>
23 <ul>
25 <IMG SRC="invitation-1.png" width="1" height="1">
26 </ul>
27 <p>
28 </DIV>
29 <P CLASS="book-title1">
30 <A NAME="pgfId-517307"></A>Interactive Software Engineering
31 <H1 CLASS="dd-sec0TOC">
32 <A HREF="invitation-99-document-info.html#pgfId-517308" CLASS="Hypertext">MANUAL IDENTIFICATION AND COPYRIGHT</A></H2>
33 </DIV>
34 <DIV>
35 <H1 CLASS="bb-chapnonum">
36 <A NAME="pgfId-338572"></A>Invitation to Eiffel</H1>
37 <p><ul><table width="79%">
38 <TR>
40 <P CLASS="mm-celltext">
41 <A NAME="pgfId-563127"></A>This document is available both locally, as part of the ISE Eiffel delivery, and on the <SPAN CLASS="ww-crossref">
42 <A HREF="http://docs.eiffel.com/general/guided_tour/language/invitation-00.html" CLASS="URL">http://docs.eiffel.com</A></SPAN>
43 Web site.<!--START EiffelStudio--> See the <SPAN CLASS="ww-crossref">
44 <A HREF="../index.html" CLASS="URL">list of introductory documents</A></SPAN>
45 .
46 <P CLASS="mm-celltext">
47 <A NAME="pgfId-501732"></A>This is <SPAN CLASS="ff-bold">
48 not</SPAN> an introduction to the EiffelStudio development environment. Follow
49 the preceding link for a Guided Tour of EiffelStudio.<P CLASS="mm-celltext">
50 <A NAME="pgfId-517287"></A>You will also find there a detailed Eiffel Tutorial.<!--END EiffelStudio-->
51 </TD>
52 </TR>
53 </table></ul><p>
54 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
55 <A HREF="invitation-02.html#pgfId-566828" CLASS="Hypertext">1 WHAT MUST I KNOW FIRST?</A></H2>
56 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
57 <A HREF="invitation-03.html#pgfId-491360" CLASS="Hypertext">2 DESIGN PRINCIPLES </A></H2>
58 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
59 <A HREF="invitation-04.html#pgfId-444986" CLASS="Hypertext">3 OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN</A></H2>
60 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
61 <A HREF="invitation-05.html#pgfId-445005" CLASS="Hypertext">4 CLASSES </A></H2>
62 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
63 <A HREF="invitation-06.html#pgfId-445148" CLASS="Hypertext">5 TYPES </A></H2>
64 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
65 <A HREF="invitation-07.html#pgfId-445192" CLASS="Hypertext">6 DESIGN BY CONTRACT AND ASSERTIONS</A></H2>
66 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
67 <A HREF="invitation-08.html#pgfId-445308" CLASS="Hypertext">7 EXCEPTIONS </A></H2>
68 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
69 <A HREF="invitation-09.html#pgfId-512753" CLASS="Hypertext">8 EVENT-DRIVEN PROGRAMMING AND AGENTS</A></H2>
70 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
71 <A HREF="invitation-10.html#pgfId-512836" CLASS="Hypertext">9 GENERICITY</A></H2>
72 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
73 <A HREF="invitation-11.html#pgfId-445373" CLASS="Hypertext">10 INHERITANCE </A></H2>
74 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
75 <A HREF="invitation-12.html#pgfId-445445" CLASS="Hypertext">11 POLYMORPHISM AND DYNAMIC BINDING </A></H2>
76 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
77 <A HREF="invitation-13.html#pgfId-445495" CLASS="Hypertext">12 COMBINING GENERICITY AND INHERITANCE </A></H2>
78 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
79 <A HREF="invitation-14.html#pgfId-513344" CLASS="Hypertext">13 DEFERRED CLASSES AND SEAMLESS DEVELOPMENT</A></H2>
80 <H2 CLASS="aa-sec2TOC">
81 <A HREF="invitation-15.html#pgfId-445601" CLASS="Hypertext">14 PUTTING A SYSTEM TOGETHER</A></H2>
82 </DIV>
83 <p class="bottom" align="left">
84 <!--START EiffelStudio--><IMG SRC="topdoc.gif" ALT="Getting Started with Eiffel" BORDER="0" usemap="#navigation" width="100" height="40"><map name="navigation"><AREA SHAPE="RECT" alt="Getting Started with Eiffel" COORDS="0,0,100,40" HREF="../index.html"><area shape="default" nohref></MAP><!--END EiffelStudio-->
86 <p class="bottom" align="center"><a href="http://www.eiffel.com">Eiffel Home Page (Web)</a><!--START EiffelStudio--> -- <a href="../index.html">Getting started with Eiffel (local)</a><!--END EiffelStudio-->
88 <p class="copyright" align="center">Copyright Interactive Software Engineering, 2001
89 </BODY>
90 </HTML>


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