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Added details of preconditioning strenghtening on `set_file_name' of

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4 <title>Revisions</title>
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13 <body>
14 <h1>Revisions and bug fixes</h1>
15 <p>This document contains details of modifications and bug fixes to the vision2
16 library listed by the release version of EiffelStudio. All bug fixes and
17 modifications are relative to the previously released version.</p>
18 <h2>Eiffel Studio 5.3</h2>
19 <p><b>Interface modifications</b></p>
20 <ul class="circle">
21 <li>
23 added which is inherited only by EV_TITLED_WINDOW and provides three new action
24 sequences :- `minimize_actions', `maximize_actions' and `restore_actions'.
25 <li>
27 <ul class="square">
28 <li>
29 You may now only call `maximize' and `minimize' if `is_show_requested'.
30 <li>
31 When minimized, `is_displayed' now returns False.</li>
32 </ul>
33 <li>
35 now inherits EV_FONTABLE, allowing you to modify the font displayed.
36 <li>
37 <B>EV_DYNAMIC_LIST_ITEM</B> - Corrected `off' which was using the version
38 inherited from EV_TREE_NODE when it should have been using the version from
39 EV_TREE_NODE_LIST instead.</li>
40 <li><B>EV_RECTANGLE</B> - Added precondition to `intersects' which stops a Void rectangle being passed as an argument.</li>
41 <li><B>EV_TOOL_BAR_SEPARATOR</B> - Now export many inherited features to {ANY} instead of {NONE}, including `parent'.</li>
42 <li><B>EV_ENVIRONMENT</B> - Added `supported_image_formats' which returns a LINEAR [STRING] containing all valid formats by their three letter extension.</li>
43 <li><B>EV_CHECKABLE_LIST</B> - New class added which behaves as an EV_LIST, except that for each EV_LIST_ITEM contained, an associated check box is displayed.</li>
44 <li><B>EV_MESSAGE_DIALOG</B> - No longer deferred, and has two creation procedures `default_create' and `make_with_text'.</li>
45 <li><B>EV_STANDARD_DIALOG</B> - All descendents now have `make_with_text' as a creation procedure'</li>.
46 <li><B>EV_TABLE</B> - Now inherits CHAIN instead of ARRAY. This is a breaking change, and may require some modification to your code. The inheritence from ARRAY was seriously flawed. For example, if you were to call `extend' on an EV_CONTAINER object that was currently referencing an EV_TABLE, then this would fail. Now that we inherit CHAIN, this problem, among others of a similar nature are fixed. Another advantage of inheriting CHAIN, is that the table may now be iterated which allows for greater flexibility.<br><br>The following list details some of the breaking changes, and how to fix them:
47 <ul>
48 <li><B>item</B> - If you were using `item', you should change this to `item_at_position'. A call to `item' will now return the current item.</li>
49 <li><B>put</B> - If you were using `put', you must now replace this with `put_at_position'.
50 <li><B>extend</B> and <B>replace</B> - These are now both exported, as before, they were exported to {NONE}.</li>
51 <li>features inherited from <B>ARRAY</B> - These are no longer available but you may use the feature `to_array', which returns the contents of the table represented as an ARRAY [EV_WIDGET]. This feature is marked as obsolete, as it is temporary, to simplify the transition to the new inheritence structure of EV_TABLE.</li>
52 <li><B>count</B> - The previous version of `count' was the one from ARRAY, which returned the number of available (not empty) cells in the table. We now use the version of `count' inherited from EV_CONTAINER which returns the number of widgets currently contained. Previously, the feature `widget_count' was used to return the number of items, but this feature has now been made obsolete. Therefore, if you were previously using `count', replace this with `rows' * `columns', and if you were using `widget_count', replace this with a call to `count'.</li>
53 <li><B>item_list</B> - This is now obsolete. You may use `linear_representation' to retrieve the contents of the table, or simply traverse the table.</li>
54 </ul>
55 </li>
56 <li><B>EV_FIXED</B> - No longer inherits DOUBLE_MATH.</li>
57 <li><B>EV_VIEWPORT</B> - No longer inherits DOUBLE_MATH.</li>
58 <li><B>EV_TEXT</B> - `line_count' now returns the number of lines actually displayed, and not just the newline characters, as an EV_TEXT will wrap the text when necessary. The postcondition of `linecount' has been updated to reflect this change.</li>
59 <li><B>EV_FILE_DIALOG</B> Added "valid_file_name" precondition to `set_file_name' and a new feature `valid_file_name' which checks that a file name is valid on the current platform.</li>
60 </ul>
61 <p><b>Bug fixes</b></p>
62 <ul>
63 <li>
64 <b>Platform independent</b>
65 <ul>
66 <li>
67 <b>EV_WIDGET</b> - `pointer_style' now correctly returns the Ibeam cursor for
68 textable widgets.</li>
70 <ul class="square">
71 <li>Corrected `bounding_box' which was previously computed incorrectly when the rectangle was rotated.</li>
72 <li>Fixed `width' and `height' which were always returning one less pixel than they should have.</li>
73 </ul>
74 </li>
75 </ul>
76 <li>
77 <b>Windows</b>
78 <ul>
79 <li>
80 <b>EV_PIXMAP</b>
81 - Setting a tile with `set_tile' followed by a call to a fill routine would
82 crash the implementation.
83 <li>
84 <b>EV_COMBO_BOX</b>
85 - Implemented pick and drop.
86 <li>
87 <b>EV_TEXT_FIELD</b>
88 - Implemented pick and drop.
89 <li>
91 - Implemented pick and drop.
92 <li>
93 <b>EV_TEXT</b><ul>
94 <li>Implemented pick and drop.</li>
95 <li>If not `is_editable' and a `background_color' had been set, it was only used on lines containing text. The `background_color' is now correctly displayed throughout the whole control when not `is_editable'.</li>
96 <li>Fixed `select_region' which was selecting an incorrect region starting on any line except the first, when the `text' spanned multiple lines. </li>
97 <li>Fixed `selection_start' and `selection_end' which were incorrect when the selection was not completely contained on the first line.</li>
98 <li>Fixed `first_position_from_line_number' and `last_position_from_line_number' which were returning incorrect values when the text was wrapped.</li>
99 <li>Fixed `caret_position' and `set_caret_position' which were incorrect when the text spanned multiple lines, and the caret was not on the first line.</li>
100 <li>`line_count' now returns the number of lines actually displayed, and not simply the number of newline characters. To query the number of new line characters do :- text.occurrences ('%N')</li>
101 <li>Fixed bug in `search' which was returning -1 instead of 0 when the text was not found.</li>
102 </ul>
103 <li>
104 <b>EV_DRAWABLE</b>
105 - Fixed bug when you performed the following: drew a filled shape, called
106 `set_tile' and then drew another filled shape. The tile would not be used on
107 the second fill.
108 <li>
109 <b>EV_COLOR_DIALOG</b>
110 - Querying `color' after a user had cancelled the dialog would previously crash
111 a system, if `set_color' had never been called.
112 <li>
113 <b>EV_COLOR</b>
114 - Fixed `set_rgb_with_24_bit' which would fail when called.
115 <li>
116 <b>EV_BUTTON, EV_TOGGLE_BUTTON</b> - The buttons now correctly display a text,
117 pixmap and background color simultaneously. Previously, the background color
118 was never displayed, and either the pixmap or text would be displayed, not
119 both.</li>
120 <li><b>EV_PRINT_DIALOG</b> - Fixed `set_from_page' and `set_to_page' which were previously not implemented.</li>
121 <li><b>EV_LIST</b><ul><li>Fixed a graphical glitch when using `wipe_out' when items were contained that required the horizontal scroll bar to be visible. The scroll bar was not hidden, even though there were no longer any items in the list.</li>
122 <li>Changing the selection behaviour between multiple and single selection would cause the scroll bars to become hidden, even if they were necessary. Changing this status will no longer hide the scroll bars if they are required.</li>
123 </ul>
124 </li>
125 <li><b>EV_TOOL_BAR</b><ul> <li>Items that were disabled would sometimes become enabled when other properties of the item were set. For example, performing "my_tool_bar_button.disable_sensitive" followed by "my_tool_bar_button.set_text ("Disabled")" while the button was parented, would result in a sensitive tool bar button. This is now fixed.</li>
126 <li>If you changed the `text' of a tool bar toggle button during the firing of the `select_actions' of the toggle button, the button would become unchecked as a result. This is now fixed, and changing the text will not stop the button from becoming selected.</li>
127 </li>
128 </ul>
129 <li><b>EV_MULTI_COLUMN_LIST</b> - Changing the selection behaviour between multiple and single selection would cause the scroll bars to become hidden, even if they were necessary. Changing this status will no longer hide the scroll bars if they are required.</li>
130 <li><b>EV_DYNAMIC_TREE_ITEM</b> - Calling `set_tooltip' failed and has now been fixed.</li>
131 <li><b>EV_TIMEOUT</b> - Calling `destroy' more than once on a timeout, caused the implementation to crash, and has now been fixed.</b>
132 <li><b>EV_TOOLTIPABLE</b> - Tooltips on primitives were not supporting multiple lines and this has now been fixed. Use %N for a line break.</li>
133 </ul>
134 <li>
135 <b>Gtk</b></li>
136 </ul>
137 <h2>Eiffel Studio 5.2</h2>
138 <p><b>Interface modifications</b></p>
139 <ul class="circle">
140 <li>
141 <b>EV_TEXTABLE</b>
142 - `align_text_left', `align_text_right' and `align_text_center' have been
143 extracted into a new class, EV_TEXT_ALIGNABLE which inherits EV_TEXTABLE. All
144 previous descendents of EV_TEXTABLE now inherit EV_TEXT_ALIGNABLE, except
146 <li>
148 - Now inherits EV_TEXTABLE.
149 <li>
151 - New class added to support EV_TEXT_ALIGNABLE.
152 <li>
153 <b>EV_MENU_ITEM_LIST</b>
154 - `parent' is now of type EV_ANY, instead of EV_MENU_ITEM_LIST as it did not
155 hold for EV_MENU_BAR. The renaming of `parent' to `old_parent' in EV_MENU_BAR
156 has now been removed.
157 <li>
158 <b>EV_VIEWPORT</b>
159 - added `set_item_width', `set_item_height' and `set_item_size'.
160 <li>
161 <b>EV_TABLE</b>
162 <ul class="square">
163 <li>
164 redefined `prunable' to `True' and implemented `prune'.
165 <li>
166 Added the following features - `set_item_span', `set_item_position',
167 `set_item_span_and_position', `area_clear_excluding_widget', `item_row_span',
168 `item_column_span', `item_row_position' and `item_column_position'.</li>
169 </ul>
170 <li>
171 <b>EV_WIDGET</b>
172 - Changed type of `focus_in_actions' and `focus_out_actions' from
174 no longer available. It has been moved to EV_CONTAINER. This was necessary to
175 fix a catcall encountered using vision2 under .NET. The problem manifested with
176 widgets that held items.
177 <li>
178 <b>EV_FIGURE</b>
179 - `proximity_in_actions' and `proximity_out_actions' are now obsolete.
180 <li>
181 <b>EV_FONTABLE</b>
182 - `set_font' now sets a copy of the font internally.
183 <LI>
184 <b>EV_TREE</b>
185 - `ensure_item_visible' and `has_recursively' now take an EV_TREE_NODE as
186 arguments, instead of an EV_TREE_ITEM.
187 <li>
188 <b>EV_TEXT</b>
189 - `put_new_line' is now obsolete. Use `set_text ("%N") instead."
190 <li>
192 - Added `cancel_actions', fired when a pick and drop is cancelled, and
193 `pnd_motion_actions' fired while the pointer moves during a pick and drop.
194 <li>
195 <b>EV_TREE_NODE_LIST</b>
196 <ul class="square">
197 <li>
198 `find_item_recursively_by_data', `has_recursively' and `recursive_do_all' are
199 now implemented in this class, instead of both EV_TREE and EV_TREE_NODE which
200 are descendents.
201 <li>
202 Added `retrive_items_recursively_by_data' and
203 `retrieve_item_recursively_by_data' which allow you to specify a comparison
204 criterion, and due to this addition, `find_item_recursively_by_data' has now
205 been made obsolete.</li>
206 </ul>
207 <li>
208 <b>EV_DYNAMIC_LIST</b>
209 - Added `retrieve_item_by_data' and `retrieve_items_by_data'.
210 <li>
211 <b>EV_ITEM_LIST</b>
212 - Made `item_by_data' obsolete, as you should now use `retrieve_item_by_data'
213 added in EV_DYNAMIC_LIST.
214 <li>
215 <b>EV_DIALOG</b> - Added `is_relative' and defined `is_modal' in this class,
216 instead of inheriting it from EV_WINDOW.</li>
217 </ul>
218 <p><b>Bug fixes</b>
219 <ul>
220 <li>
221 <b>Platform independent</b>
222 <ul>
223 <li>
225 - Fixed `start_angle' and `end_angle' so that they are computed relative to the
226 first and last polyline segments. This also fixes the start and end arrows, so
227 that when displayed, they now actually point in the direction of their
228 respective line segments.
229 <li>
230 <b>EV_TREE and EV_TREE_NODE</b>
231 - Fixed `find_item_recursively_by_data' which failed on the `index_not_changed'
232 postcondition. Note that these features are now defined in EV_TREE_NODE_LIST.
233 <li>
234 <b>EV_DYNAMIC_TREE_ITEM</b> - Fixed invariant violation from EV_ITEM_LIST, when
235 created with `default_create'.</li>
236 </ul>
237 <li>
238 <b>Windows</b>
239 <ul>
240 <li>
241 <b>EV_RADIO_BUTTON</b>
242 - The default minimum height after `default_create' is now enough to display
243 the widget correctly.
244 <li>
245 <b>EV_CHECK_BUTTON</b>
246 - The default minimum height after `default_create' is now enough to display
247 the widget correctly.
248 <li>
249 <b>EV_NOTEBOOK</b>
250 - When removing a widget from a notebook, it is now visible. Previously, the
251 widget would be hidden.
252 <li>
254 - Fixed `set_foreground_color' and `set_background_color'. Previously, calling
255 these features did nothing.
256 <li>
257 <b>EV_BOX</b>
258 - If a widget was not`is_item_expanded', then adding a new widget to the box
259 before that widget would sometimes cause a different widget to become
260 `is_item_expanded'.
261 <li>
263 - The currently selected button in `peers' was unselected when the button was
264 pressed, and not when it was really selected. This bug made it possible to make
265 `selected_peer' Void, which caused an invariant to fail.
266 <li>
267 <b>EV_LIST_ITEM</b>
268 - Calling `enable_select' when parented in an EV_LIST now also sets the item as
269 focused in the parent. This corrects bugs in keyboard navigation when selecting
270 an item programatically.
271 <li>
272 <b>EV_FIXED</b>
273 - The minimum size is constrained by the positions and sizes of the children
274 (They must be completely displayed), although when the positions of the
275 children were reduced, the minimum allowable size was not recomputed. This
276 meant that the widget would be enlarged when the positions of the children
277 increased, but could never be reduced in size when the positions of the
278 children were decreased.
279 <li>
280 <b>EV_MENU and EV_MENU_ITEM</b>
281 - `set_pixmap' has been implemented as previously, it did nothing.
282 <li>
283 <b>EV_TABLE</b>
284 - re-implemented resizing calculations to fix numerous problems when children
285 had minimum sizes. The minimum size now also includes the border width when
286 empty.
287 <li>
288 <b>EV_NOTEBOOK</b>
289 - `selection_actions' were called when you selected an item through
290 `select_item', even if the item was already selected. `selection_actions' are
291 now only fired when the selection changes.
292 <li>
293 <b>EV_TREE_ITEM</b>
294 - calling `set_pixmap' twice successively with the same EV_PIXMAP caused a
295 postcondition failure.
296 <li>
297 <b>EV_TEXT</b>
298 - Fixed `put_new_line', although it has been made obsolete, as you should just
299 use `append_text ("%N") instead.
300 <li>
301 <b>EV_SPLIT_AREA</b>
302 - Fixed crash reproducable by inserting an EV_PIXMAP directly into the split
303 area.
304 <li>
305 <b>EV_CONTAINER</b>
306 - Fixed `propagate_foreground_color' and `propagate_background_color' which
307 failed when one of the children was a descendent of EV_CELL.
308 <li>
310 - `drop_actions' was being fired even when the pick and drop was cancelled.
311 <li>
312 <b>EV_PIXMAP</b>
313 - Previously, if you were to add an agent to an action sequence of the pixmap,
314 before it was parented, the agent would be removed during the parenting.
315 <li>
316 <b>EV_MENU</b>
317 <ul>
318 <li>
319 Pruning an EV_MENU_SEPARATOR when one or more EV_RADIO_MENU_ITEM were still
320 contained in the menu would cause occasional crashes.
321 <li>
322 Previously, when adding an EV_MENU_SEPARATOR, followed by multiple
323 EV_RADIO_MENU_ITEMS, all the items were being selected.
324 <li>
325 Fixed bug in `destroy' which was causing postcondition failures.</li>
326 </ul>
327 <li>
329 - Fixed a GDI leak, manifesting when a window was destroyed.
330 <li>
331 <b>EV_DIALOG</b>
332 <ul>
333 <li>
334 Fixed `is_modal' which was previously always returned `False'.
335 <li>
336 Fixed bug with `background_color' and `foreground_color' which was not taken
337 into account if the dialog was shown relative or modally to another window.
338 <li>
339 If a dialog with a default cancel button was displayed using `show', then
340 minimizing the dialog would cause the system to fail internally.
341 <li>
342 Fix bug in `show_relative_to_window' which would cause any associated menus to
343 be removed.
344 <li>
345 Fixed bug in `show', as if the dialog had already been shown modelessly to a
346 window, then calling `show' did not show it independently, but still
347 modelessly.
348 <LI>
349 Fixed bug with `show_actions' which would be wiped out if you called
350 `show_modal_to_window' and then `hide'.
351 <LI>
352 `set_pixmap' will now actually display the pixmap, whereas before, no pixmap
353 was displayed.</LI>
354 </ul>
355 <li>
357 - Fixed `text_length' which was returning incorrect value for all descendents.
358 <li>
359 <b>EV_TEXT</b>
360 - Fixed `line_count' which was previously returning the correct result + 1.
361 <li>
363 - Fixed crash which occurred when you attempted to use `set_x_offset' or
364 `set_y_offset' before the area had been parented or displayed.
365 <li>
366 <b>EV_FONTABLE</b>
367 - Fixed bug when `font' was queried, `preferred_families' was not returned
368 correctly, and would always be empty.
369 <li>
370 <b>EV_CONTAINER</b> - `set_background_pixmap' was not correctly cloning the
371 image of the pixmap, and the displayed image could then be modified after
372 setting, by changing the image of the original pixmap.</li>
373 </ul>
374 <LI>
375 <b>Gtk</b>
376 </LI>
377 <UL>
378 <LI>
379 Remaining EV_WIDGET memory leaks have been fixed.</LI>
380 <li>
381 <strong>EV_WIDGET</strong>&nbsp;- Focus in/out actions are now correctly
382 called for widgets that do not occupy their entire space allocation such as
384 <li>
385 <strong>EV_DRAWABLE_IMP</strong>
386 - Polylines now display correctly on big-endian machines (Sparc, PowerPC).
387 <LI>
389 <UL>
390 <LI>
391 `out' is now correct for all keys (previously Quote and Backquote were
392 incorrect).
393 <LI>
394 The events for all keys are now fired when Shift is held down.</LI></UL>
395 <LI>
397 - Warning and error pixmaps have been updated.
398 <LI>
400 - `remove_title now' works will all Window Managers.
401 <LI>
403 </LI>
404 <UL>
405 <LI>
406 `propagate_foreground_color' is now fixed in use with pixmaps as children.
407 <LI>
408 `set_maximum_size' now works as expected
409 <LI>
410 `set_minimum_width' now has no effect on Window height.
411 <LI>
412 calls on `minimize' before `launch' now satisfies all assertions
413 <LI>
414 calling `destroy' twice now doesn't fail on precondition.
415 <LI>
416 `set_position' now satisfies post-condition in all situations.
417 <LI>
418 `resize_actions' are now passed the correct values.
419 <LI>
420 `move_actions' are now called correctly.</LI></UL>
421 <LI>
423 - now satisfies invariants when empty.
424 <LI>
426 <UL>
427 <LI>
428 Destroy now satisfies all invariants.
429 <LI>
430 Reported memory leaks now fixed.</LI></UL>
431 <LI>
433 - Size is now taken from default gtk style size instead of hard coded 10
434 <LI>
436 - Font caching is now vastly improved in terms of speed.
437 <LI>
439 - Calls to `set_font' are now also vastly speeded up.
440 <LI>
442 <UL>
443 <LI>
444 Memory management is now correct on item removal.
445 <LI>
446 Now setting child's parent correctly</LI></UL>
447 <LI>
449 <UL>
450 <LI>
451 Fixed all reported issues regarding item insertion and removal.</LI></UL>
452 <LI>
454 - Fixed remaining issues with radio grouping and merging.
455 <LI>
457 - Now drop_actions may destroy `Current' without crash.
458 <LI>
460 <UL>
461 <LI>
462 Now default `minimum_width' is reasonable (before 148, now same as Windows
463 being 4 characters wide)
464 <LI>
465 Fixed `caret_position' when queried in change actions</LI></UL>
466 </UL>
467 </ul>
468 <p>&nbsp;</p>
469 <h2>Eiffel Studio 5.1</h2>
470 <p><b>Interface modifications</b></p>
471 <ul class="circle">
472 <li>
474 - `text' no longer returns Void when empty.
475 <li>
476 <b>EV_WINDOW</b>
477 - `title' no longer returns `Void' when empty.
478 <li>
480 - `tooltip' no longer returns `Void' when empty. If empty, no tooltip is
481 displayed.
482 <li>
484 - `icon_name' no longer returns `Void' when empty.
485 <li>
486 <b>EV_CLIPBOARD</b>
487 - `text' no longer returns `Void' when empty.
488 <li>
490 - `text' no longer returns `Void' when empty.
491 <li>
492 <b>EV_FILE_DIALOG</b>
493 - `file_name' no longer returns `Void' when the "Cancel" button was pressed,
494 `Result' is empty instead.
495 <li>
497 - `directory' no longer returns `Void when the "Cancel" button was pressed,
498 `Result' is empty instead.
499 <li>
500 <b>EV_CONTAINER</b>
501 - has three new features `set_background_pixmap', `background_pixmap' and
502 `remove_background_pixmap'. `background_pixmap' will be tessellated to cover
503 complete background area.
504 <li>
505 <b>EV_TREE and EV_TREE_NODE</b>
506 - Added `recursively_do_all'.
507 <li>
509 <ul class="square">
510 <li>
511 `ok_actions' have been renamed in descendents where appropriate. e.g. in
512 EV_PRINT_DIALOG, they are renamed to `print_actions' to match the texts of the
513 associated buttons. Where renamed, `ok_actions' are still available but
514 obsolete.
515 <li>
516 Selected button now also returns the correct text of the button (Previously it
517 was always "Ok").</li>
518 </ul>
519 <li>
521 - Added new constants required for the above change to EV_STANDARD_DIALOGS.
522 <li>
523 <b>EV_DRAWABLE</b>
524 - `draw_straight_line' now has a precondition to ensure the points are not
525 identical.
526 <li>
527 <b>EV_SPLIT_AREA</b>
528 - seperated `put' from `extend'. They were defined as synonyms, but have
529 different behaviour.
530 <li>
532 - Added `remove_subtree_function'. Item now only shows as expandable if there
533 is a subtree function.
534 <li>
535 <b>EV_WINDOW</b>
536 - Added `maximum_dimension' which is the greatest value allowed for `width' and
537 `height'. This is also the default value for `width' and `height'.
538 <li>
540 - This class has been made obsolete. It will be removed at the next release.
541 <li>
543 - Added `pick_ended_actions' which are called when a pick ends.
544 <li>
545 <b>EV_WIDGET</b>
546 - `set_minimum_height', `set_minimum_width' and `set_minimum_size' now all
547 allow 0 as an argument. Previously, 1 was the minimum valid dimension.
548 <li>
549 <b>EV_MULTI_COLUMN_LIST</b> - `clear_selection' is now obsolete. Use
550 `remove_selection' instead.</li>
551 </ul>
552 <p><b>Bug fixes</b>
553 <ul>
554 <li>
555 <b>Platform independent</b>
556 <ul>
557 <li>
558 <b>EV_FIXED</b>
559 - Corrected `set_item_height', which was failing.
560 <li>
561 <b>EV_SELECTABLE</b>
562 - Corrected postcondition of `is_selected'.
563 <li>
564 <b>EV_PND_ACTION_SEQUENCE</b> -- `veto_pebble_function' is now only called when
565 its argument conforms to the transported pebble.</li>
566 </ul>
567 <li>
568 <b>Windows</b>
569 <ul>
570 <li>
571 <b>EV_RANGE</b>
572 - The `maximum_value' could not be set greater than 32,000. The full range of
573 an INTEGER may now be set.
574 <li>
575 <b>`focused_widget' from `EV_APPLICATION'</b>
576 - was incorrect if an EV_CONTAINER had just received the focus.
577 <li>
579 <ul>
580 <li>
581 Ending a pick and drop on an EV_TOOL_BAR_BUTTON which has a non `void' pebble
582 no longer starts a transport from the button.
583 <li>
584 Reduced flicker on cursor when picking from an EV_TREE_ITEM or EV_LIST_ITEM.
585 <li>
586 `pebble_function' would previously be called twice during a pick and drop.</li>
587 </ul>
588 <li>
589 <b>EV_FIXED</b>
590 - Items contained are now drawn correctly dependent on their z order.
591 <li>
592 <b>EV_DRAWABLE</b>
593 <ul>
594 <li>
595 `Remove_clip_area' did not remove the clip_area correctly, but set it to the
596 current size. This meant that if you then enlarged the widget, clipping would
597 be applied.
598 <li>
599 Fixed problems with ordering of calls to certain features which would cause
600 postcondition violations in the implementation.
601 <li>
602 `draw_pie_slice', `fill_pie_slice' and `draw_arc' now have divide by 0
603 protection in the implementation.</li>
604 </ul>
605 <li>
606 <b>EV_TEXT</b>
607 - `set_background_color' now correctly sets the color of the whole background.
608 Previously only the area containing text was modified.
609 <li>
610 <b>EV_CLIPBOARD</b>
611 - Our implementation would sometimes query `text' when not allowed by Windows,
612 thus causing postcondition failures.
613 <li>
614 <b>EV_BUTTON</b> - The result of `text_alignment' after default_create was
615 incorrect.</li>
616 </ul>
617 <li>
618 <b>Gtk</b>
619 <ul>
620 <li>
621 Gtk version of Studio released (including Vision2), so no fixes from 5.0</li>
622 </ul>
623 </li>
624 </ul>
625 <p>&nbsp;</p>
626 </body>
627 </html>


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