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1 <!DOCTYPE HTML public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Frameset//EN">
3 <HTML>
4 <HEAD>
5 <TITLE>Version History</TITLE>
6 <LINK REL=StyleSheet HREF="../../../default.css">
7 </HEAD>
9 <BODY>
10 <H1>Version History</H1>
11 <P>
12 EiffelBuild<BR>
13 Platform: Any<BR>
14 Availability: Student and Enterprise versions.
15 </P>
16 <H2>5.4 Release</h2>
17 <ul>
18 <li>Added support for multiple windows, including dialogs.</li>
19 <li>Added support for constants of type Integer, String, Directory and Pixmap.</li>
20 <li>New tool, "Window Selector" added to handle organization of windows, including the ability to define subdirectories in a project, and group windows accordingly.</li>
21 <li>Tip of the day dialog added.</li>
22 <li>Recent projects are now available from the "File" menu.</li>
23 <li>The contents of EiffelBuild projects may now be imported.</li>
24 <li>The ability to reset the minimum dimensions of widgets have been added. In the previous version, it was not possible to complete undo the effects of setting a widgets minimum size.</li>
25 <li>Preferences added, which allow you to customize the default behavior of EiffelBuild. For example, dialogs may be displayed or hidden as desired.</li>
26 <li>The layout of EiffelBuild and its tools is now maintained between sessions.</li>
27 <li>Docking added, permitting the re-ordering of particular tools within the interface, including making them "float" externally.</li>
28 <li>Smarter code generation options, permitting only named attributes to be exported.</li>
29 </UL>
30 </BODY>
31 </HTML>


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