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Thu Jun 15 00:28:08 2006 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by manus
File size: 1290 byte(s)
New script for platforms located outside the internal network where script is build.
  It assumes that host has an ssh server using a nopassword alternative such as identity
  file to connect so that there is no prompt.

1 #!/bin/sh
3 # our script requires sh aliased to bash.
5 if [ $# -ge 4 ]; then
6 remote_host=$1
7 user=$2
8 platform=$3
9 port=$4
10 echo $local
11 scp -P $port PorterPackage_all.tar $user@$remote_host:
12 # Launch platform specific scripts
13 ssh -p $port -l $user $remote_host "mkdir TEST_DELIV"
14 ssh -p $port -l $user $remote_host "cd TEST_DELIV ; \rm -rf PorterPackage"
15 ssh -p $port -l $user $remote_host "cd TEST_DELIV ; tar xvf ~/PorterPackage_all.tar"
16 #Note: we use `export' because we expect the remote shell to be bash.
17 ssh -p $port -l $user $remote_host "cd TEST_DELIV/PorterPackage; export ISE_PLATFORM=$platform ; bash ./compile_exes"
18 ssh -p $port -l $user $remote_host "cd TEST_DELIV/PorterPackage; export ISE_PLATFORM=$platform ; bash ./make_images"
20 scp -P $port $user@$remote_host:TEST_DELIV/PorterPackage/Eiffel57_enterprise.tgz Eiffel57_$platform.tgz
21 scp -P $port $user@$remote_host:TEST_DELIV/PorterPackage/Eiffel57_gpl.tgz Eiffel57_gpl_$platform.tgz
22 scp -P $port $user@$remote_host:TEST_DELIV/PorterPackage/Eiffel57_enterprise.iso.gz Eiffel57_enterprise_$platform.iso.gz
23 scp -P $port $user@$remote_host:TEST_DELIV/PorterPackage/Eiffel57_gpl.iso.gz Eiffel57_gpl_$platform.iso.gz
25 echo Compilation for $platform is now done
26 else
27 echo Usage: [local] host username platform
28 fi


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