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revision 56001 by manus, Mon Oct 24 03:42:07 2005 UTC revision 56002 by manus, Sun Dec 4 22:32:09 2005 UTC
# Line 6  safe_md %EIFFEL_SRC Line 6  safe_md %EIFFEL_SRC
6  safe_md %EIFFEL_SRC\library  safe_md %EIFFEL_SRC\library
9  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d C_library "Src/C_library"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/C_library C_library
11  cdd %EIFFEL_SRC  cdd %EIFFEL_SRC
12  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG free_add_ons/eclop  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/free_add_ons/eclop free_add_ons\eclop
14  cdd %EIFFEL_SRC\library  cdd %EIFFEL_SRC\library
15  remtrace base  remtrace base
16  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d base "Src/library/base"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/base base
17  remtrace com  remtrace com
18  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d com "Src/library/com"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/com com
19  remtrace Eiffel2Java  remtrace Eiffel2Java
20  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d Eiffel2Java "Src/library/Eiffel2Java"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/Eiffel2Java Eiffel2Java
21  remtrace encryption  remtrace encryption
22  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d encryption "Src/library/encryption"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/encryption encryption
23  remtrace editor  remtrace editor
24  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d editor "Src/library/editor"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/editor editor
25  remtrace event  remtrace event
26  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d event "Src/library/event"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/event event
27  remtrace gobo  remtrace gobo
28  copy %INSTALL_DIR\free_add_ons\gobo\gobo_34_win.tgz .  copy %INSTALL_DIR\free_add_ons\gobo\gobo_34_win.tgz .
29  tar xfz gobo_34_win.tgz  tar xfz gobo_34_win.tgz
30  fullrf gobo_34_win.tgz  fullrf gobo_34_win.tgz
31  remtrace graph  remtrace graph
32  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d graph "Src/library/graph"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/graph graph
33  remtrace helpers  remtrace helpers
34  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d helpers "Src/library/helpers"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/helpers helpers
35  remtrace keygen  remtrace keygen
36  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d keygen "Src/library/keygen"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/keygen keygen
37  remtrace lex  remtrace lex
38  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d lex "Src/library/lex"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/lex lex
39  remtrace net  remtrace net
40  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d net "Src/library/net"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/net net
41  remtrace memory_analyzer  remtrace memory_analyzer
42  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d memory_analyzer "Src/library/memory_analyzer"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/memory_analyzer memory_analyzer
43  remtrace obsolete  remtrace obsolete
44  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d obsolete "Src/library/obsolete"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/obsolete obsolete
45  remtrace parse  remtrace parse
46  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d parse "Src/library/parse"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/parse parse
47  remtrace process  remtrace process
48  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d process "Src/library/process"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/process process
49  remtrace store  remtrace store
50  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d store "Src/library/store"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/store store
51  remtrace patterns  remtrace patterns
52  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d patterns "Src/library/patterns"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/patterns patterns
53  remtrace preferences  remtrace preferences
54  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d preferences "Src/library/preferences"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/preferences preferences
55  remtrace thread  remtrace thread
56  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d thread "Src/library/thread"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/thread thread
57  remtrace time  remtrace time
58  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d time "Src/library/time"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/time time
59  remtrace web  remtrace web
60  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d web "Src/library/web"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/web web
61  remtrace wel  remtrace wel
62  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d wel "Src/library/wel"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/wel wel
63  remtrace vision2  remtrace vision2
64  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d vision2 "Src/library/vision2"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/vision2 vision2
65  fullrd vision2\implementation\gtk  fullrd vision2\implementation\gtk
66  remtrace vision2_extension  remtrace vision2_extension
67  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d vision2_extension "Src/library/vision2_extension"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/vision2_extension vision2_extension
68  remtrace wizard  remtrace wizard
69  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d wizard "Src/library/wizard"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library/wizard wizard
70  remtrace Dotnet libraries  remtrace Dotnet libraries
71  safe_md %EIFFEL_SRC\library.net  safe_md %EIFFEL_SRC\library.net
72  cdd %EIFFEL_SRC\library.net  cdd %EIFFEL_SRC\library.net
73  remtrace base.net  remtrace base.net
74  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d base "Src/library.net/base"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library.net/base base
75  remtrace wel.net  remtrace wel.net
76  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d wel "Src/library.net/wel"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library.net/wel wel
77  remtrace vision2.net  remtrace vision2.net
78  exprt -r %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG -d vision2 "Src/library.net/vision2"  co %DEFAULT_CVS_TAG/Src/library.net/vision2 vision2
81  remtrace Compile the Eiffel libraries C code  remtrace Compile the Eiffel libraries C code

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