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Mon Apr 28 12:05:01 2008 UTC (11 years, 9 months ago) by tedf
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Finished translation of Chinese for last translation template.
1 ]u.uuuuv!vQ?v.v vSv
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5 O4RhC +:$Sx,. #0L]ew 
7 ̂҂ۂ     # -; Zdy܃";Sk 
8 ˄ ҄ ܄  * >Lb t
9   х օ /FV ^l r  Ȇچ
11 "7Of {  ˇׇ$?EUl  ˆψ+0IW] "։d"^ "
12  Ȋ Պ,*:SpЋ$  0Qa)rˌی9&`Lu9*'9ay} * ǎ
13 ͏ԏ ܏  #;B4J9 %ŒWCהEg2
14 d o{0˘Ԙ{י  ( 5?CTdt{ 2 Ӛ ߚ. *6
15 ? JWl ʛۛ
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17 bm }  ߝ $-Rk  ˞ 5 KXp % '0EN^ mw4ŠΠ?' . : H T` | 7š/EN`|"$Ԣ$i8DLc'<ȥ@QPE;)aeǧ ! 3=
18 ALSf-ܨ(>Dd ȩة '6L[l|̪?2&#Y:} +٫%+?J7!ج:#ܭ485,n6?Y m<w Я ޯ
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28 / C#Mqq; C.dVPQ51L
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31 64Axv N/~V'K[b}"X|0DYo 912%6&\-". %7K Z g t % $#%H&nQ *'0(K\t(" 4B)4<4q  N
32 LYJO*A ly$ 2 No$ *6.P++055>(t('5Lg}9 '3Eicz>  -+A#m$+!" /I]em ?G\v;T]l *-)->U k/u
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36 '0H]*q $;DW&s  *'=B(   .(=Ef*+ 5HD /#*<Pj}1J_z"<Oh/HZr "7Rf"6Pg+DVn " 8 T i       
37 3
38 P
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40 x
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49  8  S t      %@Tn
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53 -*-)".>L.(.;.1. "/20/_c/-/-/)0,I0cv00I0<1O1!j11 1J122 2&2"C2<f22W2$3%383 >31H3z33333334 4=4M4b4r4
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68 YY$Z@Z+SZ$ZZZZZ[#<[`[&}[$[[o[ Q\[\o\\ \\\\\\ \\]]]]]^^3^;^Q^V^\^
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83 ȐӐ - 7
84 A LX"j J<&U|e=-kSR4HO^p   Ĕ$ДA7Ih y.ԕ,01H<z $Ö 7A \f o|ٗ &>[s   Θۘ   5VuC7ә  A&(hٚ>!`VsZʛ[%_ & BL `l
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374 Xb i) V9F )
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376 &  |1
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378 ?=
379 K :!7l  -N
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383 k
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391 d2Y
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394 d D  r 
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396 s 2 ?   N 0x  `e%o   ^[ @f -jb
398 c 4;K4 #   6< r A o =M? -B k *10 : * p z
399 !y * s 
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421  U L o  s * = ; t
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426 \G, Ol(  q} j Ob zq]d m w
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432 u( U)G KBR
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525   )1" y~
526 i % W%YM J{)    yGa" $] Ql; x hy L H   O v
527  #W  LLK2W~Rfm Up, xG
528 default (no option): quick melt the system.
531 + Module = $1
532 + address = <$1>
533 + break index = $1
534 + compilation = melted
535 + feature has a rescue clause
536 A favorite folder name cannot contain any of the following characters:
537 ( ) *
538 $1 is not writable.
539 Please check permissions.
540 CONTEXT: $1
542 Cannot open project `$1'.
544 Make sure you have a complete EIFGEN directory in `$2'.
545 Options:
547 The total active query:
548 $1 replaced in $2 class $1 replaced in $2 classes (precompiled) -> Entry disabled
549 (!) Do you want to delete this entry ? (!) Do you want to overwrite the value ? (!) Invalid value ! (!) Please enter a valid value [$1] (!) This variable already has a value [$1=$2].
550 (REQUIRES RESTART) (from $1) (ignoring breakpoints) (located in $1) --> Expression: -> Current condition: "$1"
551 -> Current message: "$1"
552 -> Enter name: -> Enter new condition (empty to cancel) : -> Enter value: -> Use this directory [$1] ? -> break index: -> class name: -> feature name: (*=all feature) => Added breakpoint {$1}.$2@$3
553 => Could not find class {$1}.
554 => Could not find feature {$1}.$2
555 => New condition applied.
556 => No breakpoint addition
557 => This is not a valid boolean condition.
558 => This is not a valid condition.
559 Try again? [0] Cancel
560 because it contains syntax errors. days old. disabled enabled error of output of feature names output of number of calls to a feature output of percentage of time spent in a feature output of time spent in a function itself output of time spent in both the function and its descendants output of time spent in descendants of a function states."$1" is not a compiled class."$target" serves as a placeholder which will be replaced by the input to current formatter.$1
561 $2$1
562 is not a directory.$1
563 is not a plain file.$1 in cluster $2 (not in system) located in $3$1 in cluster $2 (precompiled)$1 in cluster $2 located in $3$1 $2 $3 is active$1 $2 $3 is inactive$1 (from $2)$1 => An error occurred during the evaluation of call : `$2'$1 => An error occurred during the evaluation of parameter(s)$1 => ERROR : other than function, constant and once : not available.$1 => ERROR : please report to support.$1 does not exist.
564 Cannot invoke C compilation.$1 does not exist.
565 Execution impossible.
566 $1 feature$1 features$1 feature selected.$1 features selected$1 file could not be backed up.
567 Other class files were saved with a .swp extension.$1 files could not be backed up.
568 Other class files were saved with a .swp extension.$1 from $2$1 from $target$1 hit$1 hits$1 is more recent than the system.
569 Do you want to compile the generated C code?$1 is not a feature of $2$1 is not a valid class name
570 $1 is not in cluster.$1 is not in the system
571 $1 is not in the universe
572 $1 match$1 matches$1 match of $2 total preferences$1 matches of $2 total preferences$1 of $2$1 of class $2$1 of feature `$2' of class $3$1 preferences$1 variable$1 variables$1$2 : sorry not yet ready for `$3'.$1$2 : sorry not yet ready.$1(not an Eiffel class file) located in $2$1: Instruction evaluation not yet available.$1: Not yet available.$1: File does not exist!
574 &About $1...&Add Contract from Template&Add Contract...&Add to&Add to Favorites&Add...&Address Bar&Alter size New&Ancestor Versions&Ancestors&Apply&Assignees&Back&Callers&Close&Close Window&Clusters&Comment&Compile&Contents&Copy Ctrl+C&Creators&Crop Diagram&Customize Standard Toolbar...&Deferred&Delete Current View&Descendant Versions&Disable All Breakpoints&Disable This Breakpoint&Dynamic Library Builder...&Edit&Edit This Breakpoint&Edit in External Editor&Edit...&Editor&Embed in "if..." Ctrl+I&Enable All Breakpoints&Enable This Breakpoint&Export Diagram to PNG&External Commands...&Features&File&Find...&Flat&Forward&Freeze...&Go to&Go to...&Guided Tour&Help&Hide Favorites&Hide Formatting Marks&Homonyms&How to's&Ignore Breakpoints&Implementers&Indent Selection Tab&Indexing clauses&Input domain&Interface&Introduction to Eiffel&Invariants&Minimize All&Minimize Editors&New&New Class...&New Project...&OK&Object&Object Tools&Open Project...&Open... Ctrl+O&Organize Favorites...&Out of Routine&Output&Paste Ctrl+V&Pick&Pick $1 '$2'&Precompile&Preconditions&Preferences...&Print&Project&Project Bar&Put Right Angles&Raise&Raise All&Recent Projects&Refactoring&Reload metrics&Remove&Remove Current Item&Remove This Breakpoint&Remove from Favorites&Remove from diagram&Replace...&Reset Current View&Restore Editor Area&Restore Editors&Routines&Run Ctrl+R&Run Finalized System&Run Workbench System&Run to This Point&Save&Search&Select Depth of Relations&Show&Show Favorites&Show Formatting Marks&Show diagram history&Special&Standard Buttons&Step-by-Step&Stop Execution&Tools&Undo Ctrl+Z&Unindent Selection Shift+Tab&View&Window&Windows'$1' is an invalid or not supported syntax.'$1' is not a condition.'$1' is not a file.'$1' is not a valid address.
575 Addresses only make sense while an application is stopped.'$1' is not a valid class name.
576 '$1' is not a valid cluster name.
577 '$1' is not a valid directory and/or cannot be created
578 Please choose a valid and writable directory.'$1' is not a valid feature name.
579 's Value:(Double click to go to definition)(Windows only)(no_class)(no_cluster)(no_feature)(re)compile the C code generated by finalize(re)compile the C code generated by freeze*** $1 Breakpoints ***
580 *** Modify breakpoint $1 ****** Parameters ***
581 ---( condition: "$1")----( message: "$1")-------- History discarded -----< Debugger execution menu >----< Debugger main menu >----< Debugger menu :: Breakpoints >----< Debugger menu :: Display >----> Arguments: --> Class name: --> Compile type (default: `workbench'): --> Environment variables: --> Feature name: --> File name: --> Filename(s): --> Filter name: --> Keep assertions--> New operator: --> Operator index followed by operator ('and' or 'or'): --> Operator index: --> Please enter an operator index followed by an operator ('and' or 'or'): --> Profile information file name (default: `profinfo'): --> Remove current value--> Subquery index: --> Subquery: --> Used profiler (default: `eiffel'): --> Working directory: ....NET.NET (msil).NET Application type and Project settings.NET Assembly.NET Assembly Filename Error.NET Namespace.NET Naming Convention.NET Runtime Version.NET precompiled libraries can be finalized to create
582 an optimized version as well as a workbench version.
583 Would you like to create a finalized version?: incorrect options
584 < Back< Back <- Remove<- Remove all<< Drop object here >><= MSIL CLR version <= <= compiler version <= <None><unset>==== ISE $1 - Interactive Batch Version (v$2) ====
586 ???A C Compilation and an external command are currently running.
587 They need to be terminated before EiffelStudio can exist.
589 Cancel C compilation, terminate external command and exit?
590 A C Compilation is currently running.
591 It needs to be terminated before EiffelStudio can exist.
593 Cancel C compilation and exit?
594 A Frame-Based Application uses a main window, or "frame", which can have
595 menus, subwindows, etc. (EiffelStudio is an example of Frame-Based Application.)
597 A Dialog-Based Application uses a sequence of dialogs.
598 (This wizard is an example of Dialog-Based Application.)A backed up version of the file was found.
599 Do you want to open the original file or the backup file?
600 If you choose the original file, the backup file will be
601 deleted. If you choose the backup file, then the original
602 file will be overwritten with the contents of the backup
603 file when you save.
604 A class figure(s) must either be selected
605 or dropped on this button via right clicking.A finalizing C/C++ compilation is currently in progress. Starting the Eiffel compilation may terminate current finalizing.
606 Do you want to continue?A freezing C/C++ compilation is currently in progress. Starting the Eiffel compilation may terminate current freezing.
607 Do you want to continue?A layout with the name '$1' already exists. Do you want to overwrite?A subquery has the following form: attribute operator value
609 attribute is one of: featurename, calls, total, self, descendants, percentage
610 operator is one of: < > <= >= = /= in
611 value is one of: integer (for calls), string_with_wildcards (for featurename)
612 real (for other attributes) or a bounded_value
613 A string_with_wildcards is a string containing
614 '*' or '?'
615 A bounded_value is a value followed by '-' followed by
616 a value
617 No strings are allowed here.
618 A system with an all classes root is not runnable.A valid metric name is a non-empty string which doesn't start with space, enter or tab, and doesn't end with space, enter or tab.
619 Make sure specified metric name is valid.A&ssignersA&ttributesAbortAbout $1About DialogBoxAbsolute path to use as base for relative paths.AbstractAce file `$1' cannot be read
620 Ace file `$1' does not exist
621 Ace file: '$1'
622 referenced from configuration file: '$2' cannot be read.
623 Select a 5.6 or older version of an Eiffel project.Acknowledge not loadedAcrobat readerAction:Activate Execution RecordingActivate Replay ModeActivate execution recordingActivate execution replay modeActive queryAd&vancedAddAdd &Assembly...Add &PrecompileAdd &subclusterAdd ->Add AllAdd AssemblyAdd C&luster...Add Client-Supplier Relation Between '$1' and '$2'Add ClusterAdd IncludeAdd Inheritance Relation Between '$1' and '$2'Add L&ibrary...Add LibraryAdd MakeAdd ObjectAdd OverrideAdd Override ClusterAdd Post Compilation TaskAdd Pre Compilation TaskAdd PrecompileAdd Project...Add ResourceAdd Search ScopeAdd Sub clusterAdd TargetAdd When Hits Action ...Add `to be implemented' checksAdd a clusterAdd a libraryAdd a new commandAdd a new feature to this dynamic library definitionAdd a new variable : double click or [enter]
624 Use an existing variable: right click or [Ctrl+enter]Add a precompileAdd a variable (double click or Enter); Use an existing variable (right click or Ctrl+Enter)Add all ->Add an assemblyAdd and-termAdd breakpointAdd classAdd class ancestors to diagramAdd class clients to diagramAdd class descendants to diagramAdd class suppliers to diagramAdd conditionAdd current application target scopeAdd customized formatterAdd customized toolAdd featureAdd first breakpoints in classAdd first breakpoints in featureAdd frozen feature stubsAdd new constant value retrieverAdd new externalAdd new metric value retrieverAdd new stone handlerAdd new taskAdd new value evaluatorAdd new variableAdd ruleAdd scopeAdd selected metricAdd your own library...Add, remove or edit external commandsAdd...Additional detailsAddressAddress BarAddress ExpressionAddress:Adds a new contract.AdvancedAdvanced searchAffected itemsAfrikaansAfrikaans (South Africa)Age in days for an archive item to be considered oldAlbanianAlbanian (Albania)AliasAlias is invalid.
625 Please check that it is a valid C identifier.Alias:All ClassesAll Test RunsAll calleesAll classesAll classes in same clusterAll filesAll sendersAll subqueries:
626 All tagsAll-purpose editor font.Allow class name completion in the address combo boxes?Alphabetical class listAlphabetical cluster listAlready editing classAlsatianAlsatian (France)Always compile before debugAlways continue executionAmharicAmharic (Ethiopia)An empty class name is not valid.
627 An empty cluster name is not valid.
628 An empty feature name is not valid.
629 An error occurred during initialization of the ICorDebug Debugger
630 or during the Process creation (.NET).An error occurred during the analysis of the expression.An error occurred on breakpoints because a feature
631 was not correctly compiled.
633 Recompiling the project completely will solve the problem.An error occurred while loading the configuration for your profiler.An error occurred while loading the configuration for your profiler.
634 Please check with your system administrator whether your profiler is supported.
635 An error occurred while parsing the configuration file.
636 Please try using the project settings tool.An error occurred while retrieving the expression's context.An external command is currently running.
637 It need to be terminated before EiffelStudio can exist.
639 Terminate external command and exit?
640 An external command is running now.
641 Please wait until it exits.An external command is running, closing this window will terminate it.
642 Continue?An inheritance cycle was created.
643 Do you still want to add this link?An internal error has occurred.
644 The wizard will terminate.
645 An unexpected error occurred.
646 $1 will now make an attempt to create
647 a backup of the edited files.An unknown error has occurred
648 Analyzing metric archive(s)...Ancestor depthAncestor of Ancestor versionsAncestorsAndAnd-term 1AppendApplication exitedApplication is not runningApplication is pausedApplication is runningApplication is running (ignoring breakpoints)Application launchedApplication targetApplication typeApplication will ignore all breakpoints.ApplyApply Application OptimizationsApply changes to view named: ArabicArabic (Algeria)Arabic (Bahrain)Arabic (Egypt)Arabic (Iraq)Arabic (Jordan)Arabic (Kuwait)Arabic (Lebanon)Arabic (Libya)Arabic (Morocco)Arabic (Oman)Arabic (Qatar)Arabic (Saudi Arabia)Arabic (Syria)Arabic (Tunisia)Arabic (U.A.E.)Arabic (Yemen)Archive ComparisonArchive ManagementArchive comparison result:Archive value is missing.Are all feature calls checked if they are a potential cat-call?Are brackets and parentheses closed automatically?Are debug clauses globally enabled?Are features of parent classes rechecked in current class?Are quotes closed automatically?Are simplified address expressions enabled?Are sub folders recursively included?Are types attached by default?Are types without explicit attachment mark considered attached?Are warnings enabled?Are you sure you want to delete selected items forever?Are you sure you want to quit $1?Are you sure you want to redo the refactoring?
649 If classes have been modified since the undo of the refactoring this can lead to corrupt classes and lost information!Are you sure you want to remove $1 and any children of it?Are you sure you want to remove $1?Are you sure you want to remove the reference to $1?Are you sure you want to stop and restart the execution?Are you sure you want to stop the execution?Are you sure you want to undo the refactoring?
650 If classes have been modified since the refactoring this can lead to corrupt classes and lost information!ArgumentArgument background colorArgument text colorArgumentsArguments value(s) associated to selected call stack elementArmenianArmenian (Armenia)As file name?As objectAssameseAssamese (India)AssembliesAssemblyAssembly Assembly CultureAssembly KeyAssembly NameAssembly Public Key TokenAssembly VersionAssembly selectionAssertionAssertion tag background colorAssertion tag text colorAssertionsAssigneesAssignersAssignment on Formal/ExpandedAttributeAttribute "$1" is invalid. A boolean value is expected.Attribute "$1" is missing.Attribute "case_sensitive" is missing.Attribute "regular_expression" is missing.Attribute "time" is missing.Attribute "type" is missing .AttributesAuto HideAuto Set Upper LimitAuto auto-completeAuto complete wordsAuto expressionAuto expressionsAuto hide animation speedAuto remove trailing blank when savingAuto-CompleteAuto-complete brackets and parenthesesAuto-complete quotesAutocompleteAutocomplete aliasAutocomplete alias?Autocomplete checkAutocomplete check?Autocomplete classAutocomplete class?Autocomplete createAutocomplete create?Autocomplete creationAutocomplete creation?Autocomplete debugAutocomplete debug?Autocomplete deferredAutocomplete deferred?Autocomplete doAutocomplete do?Autocomplete elseAutocomplete else?Autocomplete elseifAutocomplete elseif?Autocomplete endAutocomplete end?Autocomplete ensureAutocomplete ensure thenAutocomplete ensure then?Autocomplete ensure?Autocomplete exportAutocomplete export?Autocomplete externalAutocomplete external?Autocomplete featureAutocomplete feature?Autocomplete fromAutocomplete from?Autocomplete ifAutocomplete if?Autocomplete indexingAutocomplete indexing?Autocomplete inheritAutocomplete inherit?Autocomplete inspectAutocomplete inspect?Autocomplete invariantAutocomplete invariant?Autocomplete isAutocomplete is?Autocomplete localAutocomplete local?Autocomplete loopAutocomplete loop?Autocomplete obsoleteAutocomplete obsolete?Autocomplete onceAutocomplete once?Autocomplete precursorAutocomplete precursor?Autocomplete redefineAutocomplete redefine?Autocomplete renameAutocomplete rename?Autocomplete requireAutocomplete require elseAutocomplete require else?Autocomplete require?Autocomplete rescueAutocomplete rescue?Autocomplete selectAutocomplete select?Autocomplete thenAutocomplete then?Autocomplete undefineAutocomplete undefine?Autocomplete untilAutocomplete until?Autocomplete variantAutocomplete variant?Autocomplete whenAutocomplete when?Automatic BackupAutomatic go to result panelAutomatic updateAutomatically expand the feature tree.Automatically expands errors to reveal the full verbose error information.Automatically generate a backup during recompilation?Automatically go to result panel after metric evaluation?Automatically remove trailing white space from lines?Autoscroll speedAvailable assemblies NameAvailable buttonsAvailable criterion listAvailable features:Available libraries:AzeriAzeri (Azerbaijan, Cyrillic)Azeri (Azerbaijan, Latin)BON cluster name area fill color.BON cluster name color.BON cluster name font.BackBack to parent menuBack to previous menuBackground C Compilation FailedBackground C Compilation Launch FailedBackground C Compilation LaunchedBackground C Compilation SucceededBackground C Compilation TerminatedBackground C Compilation in ProgressBackground Color for Diagram ToolBackground Finalized C Compilation Launch FailedBackground Finalized C Compilation LaunchedBackground Finalized C Compilation SucceededBackground Finalized C Compilation TerminatedBackground Finalized C compilation FailedBackground Workbench C Compilation FailedBackground Workbench C Compilation Launch FailedBackground Workbench C Compilation LaunchedBackground Workbench C Compilation SucceededBackground Workbench C Compilation TerminatedBackground color for archive items whose recent calculated value violates pre-defined value criterion.Background color for assertion tags.Background color for classes.Background color for clusters.Background color for errors.Background color for expanded display view (default is white, change it to better see white space at end of lines in displayed text).Background color for features.Background color for generics.Background color for indexing tags.Background color for locals.Background color for normal text.Background color for object addresses.Background color for reserved words.Background color for target text.Background color of argument text.Background color of comments text.Background color of even rows in class browser.Background color of folder text.Background color of keyword text.Background color of line number margin.Background color of none result keyword field.Background color of number text.Background color of odd rows in class browser.Background color of operator text.Background color of selected text when not focused.Background color of selected text.Background color of space characters.Background color of string text.Background color of warning textBackground color used to highlight line with cursor in it.Background color used to highlight lines.BackupBackup FoundBackup User-defined MetricsBackup failed for some files.
651 The state of the system was too damaged.Backup user-defined metricsBackup was successful.
652 Class files were saved with a .swp extension.Base valueBase value "$1" of a value tester is invalid. A real number is expected.Base value of a value tester is missing.BashkirBashkir (Russia)Basic application (no graphics library included)Basic text viewBasqueBasque (Basque)Batch/Stop mode: saving new configuration format as '$1'.BelarusianBelarusian (Belarus)BengaliBengali (India)Blinking cursorBonBon class fill colorBon class generics colorBon class generics fontBon class name colorBon class name fontBon class uncompiled fill colorBon client colorBon client label colorBon client label fontBon client line widthBon cluster iconified fill colorBon cluster line colorBon cluster name area colorBon cluster name colorBon cluster name fontBon inheritance colorBon inheritance line widthBosnianBosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyrillic)Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latin)Bottom reached.Branch #$1Brea&kpoint InformationBreak alwaysBreak when the hit count is a multiple ofBreak when the hit count is equal toBreak when the hit count is greater than or equal toBreakpoint InfoBreakpoint background colorBreakpoint index:Breakpoint reachedBreakpointsBreakpoints controlBretonBreton (France)Browse...BuildBuilding flat view ...Building tree view ...BulgarianBulgarian (Bulgaria)By default assertions enabled in the configuration file are kept
653 in final mode.
655 Keeping assertion checking inhibits any optimization
656 specified in the configuration (inlining, array optimization,
657 dead-code removal) and will produce a final executable
658 that is not optimal in speed and size.
660 Are you sure you want to keep the assertions in your
661 finalized executable?ByeC FunctionsC OutputC output panel promptedC&lickableC&ontractC&reatorsC-compilation manager launch failed.
662 Check if finish_freezing$1 exists and works correctly.C-compilation produced errors.
663 Run your Makefile utility program from the directory `$1`
664 to see what went wrong.
666 Click OK to terminate.
667 Click Cancel to open a command line console.
668 CLS CompliantCalculated timeCall StackCall stackCall&eesCalledCallee sorting orderCalleesCallees from supplier classCaller sorting orderCallersCallers from client classCalling ConventionCalling convention:CallstackCan not instanciate type {$1} : $2.Can't create test case filesCan't delete class $1 because it is referenced by
669 $2
671 If this is not the case recompile the system and try again.CancelCannot add a cluster to cluster $1 because it is read only.Cannot change to directory "$1".Cannot compile project: no valid target found.Cannot create directory:
672 $1.Cannot create directory: $1.Cannot create file:
673 $1.Cannot create file: Cannot create project directory in: $1
674 You may try again after fixing the permissions.Cannot delete class $1
675 because it is either precompiled or in a library cluster.Cannot delete cluster $1 because cluster is not emptyCannot delete cluster $1 because it is read only.Cannot evaluate attribute `$1' of a manisfest string declared in expression.Cannot evaluate attribute `$1' of an expanded value.Cannot find class $1.Cannot find cluster $1.Cannot find complete dynamic type of an expanded type.Cannot open $1Cannot open file: $1.Cannot read Ace file from configuration file '$1'.
676 Select a 5.6 or older version of an Eiffel project.Cannot write file: $1.CaptureCase sensitiveCase-insensitiveCase-sensitiveCat call detection (experimental)CatCall detectedCatalanCatalan (Catalan)Categorize classes in folder?Center attraction ($1%)Center attraction:Center target in diagramChangeChange Class ColorChange class name and genericsChange colorChange project settings, right click to open external editorChanged after last runChanged timeChartChec&k Export ClausesCheckCheck AllCheck VAPECheck defined value warning when metric archive is recalculated?Check defined warningCheck defined warnings when archive is recalculated?Check for Void targetCheck overrides and compileCheck that you have enough space on disk to compile the project.
677 If this happens even after relaunching EiffelStudio delete the project's EIFGENs folder and perform a clean recompilation.
679 Follow the instructions at http://support.eiffel.com/submit.html in order to submit a bug report at http://support.eiffel.com or use the Submit Bug button below.Check the validity of the library definitionChecking metric validityChineseChinese (Hong Kong SAR, PRC)Chinese (Macao SAR)Chinese (PRC)Chinese (Singapore)Chinese (Taiwan)Choose Feature(s) to DeleteChoose Libraries to precompileChoose New Slice Limits for Special ObjectsChoose Your DirectoryChoose Your Project Name and DirectoryChoose a ClassChoose a ClusterChoose a Folder NameChoose an icon for you project.Choose name for new configuration fileChoose one target among: Choose one version from the following:Choose the libraries you want to precompile.
680 You can even add your own library.Cla&ss ViewsClassClass Class "$1"
681 has no feature named "$2".Class "$1" (ID = "$2") is invalid.Class $1 has been modified.
682 Do you want to save changes?Class $1 has syntax error.
683 Code generation cancelled.Class $1 is not in $2 anymore.Class $1 will be permanently
684 removed from the system and from the disk.
686 Are you sure this is what you want?Class HeaderClass OptionsClass RelationsClass addressClass autocompleteClass background colorClass browserClass completionClass flat client sorting orderClass format that is selected by default.Class is not editable.
687 Class labelClass list viewClass nameClass name already exits. Please choose other names.Class name has changed since last compilation.
688 Current text will not be clickable.
689 Recompile to make it clickable again.Class name: $1Class names may only include
690 alphanumeric characters and underscores,
691 have to start with an alphabetic character
692 and cannot be a reserved word.
693 Please select a different class name.Class renameClass specific options.Class structure keywordsClass text colorClass text has syntax errorClass tree viewClass under test is not valid. Please enter a valid class name or leave blank.Class under test:Class was modified outside the diagram.
694 Previous commands are not undoable any longer.Class with file name $1 already exists.Class with name: '$1' already exists.
695 Please select a different class name.Class:Classes categorized folderClasses per ModuleClasses to Go:Classes visible for external code.Classes were manually removed since the last compilation.
696 Running the last compiled application in these conditions
697 may lead to inconsistent information, or exhibit unexpected behavior.Classes: $1
698 CS_Links: $2
699 I_Links: $3
700 Clusters: $4
701 Physics ms: $5
702 Draw ms: $6
703 Draws: $7Classic debuggerClassname/filename mismatchCleanClean archive?Clean up affected items.Cleaning project...Clear defined domainClear detailed resultClear expressionsClear outputCli&entsClick Back if you can correct the problem or Click Abort.Click Finish to generate and compile this projectClick Finish to generate and compile this project.Click Finish to generate this projectClick Finish to generate this project.Click `Finish' to generate the documentation.Click here to add a new expressionClick the checkboxes to change the appearance.Click to openClick to show the help documentation.Clickable text viewClickable viewClient classClient depthClient groupClient stiffness ($1%)Client stiffness:ClientsClients of Class Clone metricClone selected metric to a new metricCloseClose $1Close AllClose All But ThisClose dbg daemon on end of debuggingClose focusing docking tool or editorClose focusing docking tool or editor.Close the Eiffel debugger daemon (classic) after each debug session (recommended)Close windowClosing the window will stop the debugger.ClusterCluster Cluster $1 does not exist.Cluster $1 is not in the system anymore.Cluster $1 will be permanently
704 removed from the system.
706 Are you sure this is what you want?Cluster background colorCluster chartsCluster diagrams (may take a long time!)Cluster hierarchyCluster name Cluster names may only include
707 alphanumeric characters and underscores,
708 have to start with an alphabetic character
709 and cannot be a reserved word.
710 Please select a different cluster name.Cluster options Cluster path is not valid.Cluster text colorCluster with name $1 already exists in the universe.Cluster with path $1 already exists in the universe.Cluster:ClustersClusters to Go:Code Results:Code Template EvaluatorCode completionCoefficientCoefficient "$1" for denominator metric is invalid. A real number is expected.Coefficient "$1" for numerator metric is invalid. A real number is expected.Coefficient "$1" of variable metric is invalid. A real number is expected.Coefficient for denominator metric is zero. A non-zero real number is expected.Coefficient of variable metric is missing.Collapse AllCollapse Cluster '$1'Collapse all levelsCollapse all selected level(s)Collapse selected level(s)Collapse tree nodeColor for BON class figures.Color for BON client supplier links.Color for BON cluster line.Color for BON inheritance links.Color for UML class figures.Color for UML client supplier links.Color for UML cluster line.Color for UML inheritance links.Color for breakable marks and breakpoints.Color for class feature sections in UML class figures.Color for class features in UML class figures.Color for class names in BON class figures.Color for class names in UML class figures.Color for class properties in UML class figures.Color for feature names on BON client supplier links.Color for feature names on UML client supplier links.Color for generics in BON class figures.Color for generics in UML class figures.Color for normal text.Color for progress bar.Color for uncompiled BON class figures.Color of comments text.Color of keyword text.Color of line number text.Color of number text.Color of operator text.Color of selected text.Color of separator between line number margin and editor.Color of space characters.Color of string text.ColorsCommandCommand => Command cannot be executed because the project
711 has never been compiled.
712 Please compile the project before calling this command.Command cannot be executed unless compilation
713 goes through degree $1.Command cannot be executed until degree $1 completed.
714 Please wait until then before calling this command.Command error output:
715 Command has exited with code $1Command is currently executing.
716 Press OK to ignore the output.Command is runningCommand line:Command name: Command output:
717 Command terminatedCommand to execute.Command to open a file in external browser.Command to open an external editor.Command to read Adobe Acrobat files.Command used to launch an external editor.Command used to launch a console.CommentComment current line or selection.Comments background colorComments text colorCompanyCompareCompare With Expected ResultCompare metric archiveCompilationCompilation Error &Wizard...Compilation Error WizardCompilation Progress for Compilation TypeCompilation modeCompilation was not successful.CompileCompile All Classes?Compile F&inalized C CodeCompile W&orkbench C CodeCompile current projectCompile projectCompile the generated projectCompile to have informationCompiled ClassesCompiled class stoneCompiled configuration is not up to date, please recompile.CompilerComplete &WordComplete Class &NameCompleted: Completing the New .NET
718 Application WizardCompleting the New Vision2
719 Application WizardCompleting the New WEL
720 Application WizardCompleting the New Wizard
721 Application WizardCompletion list heightCompletion list widthConditionCondition is [$1:Is True] or [$2:Has Changed] ?Condition:Conditions for this external.Conditions for this group to be used.Conditions for this task to be executed.Config and cluster detailsConfiguration Loading ErrorConfiguration Loading MessageConfiguration fileConfiguration of the debugged objects grid.
722 Check grid_column_layout_stack_objects for full description.Configuration of the stack objects grid.
723 This should be a list of 5 sequences: nature_id;is_shown;is_auto_resized;width;header_name;
724 The position in the list indicate the column.
725 The nature_id are: 1:name; 2:value; 3:type; 4:address; 5:context...Configuration of the watches objects grid.
726 Check grid_column_layout_stack_objects for full description.Confirm always compile before executingConfirm apply debugger profilesConfirm build precompileConfirm clear breakpointsConfirm convert projectConfirm finalizeConfirm finalize assertionsConfirm finalize precompileConfirm freezeConfirm ignore all breakpointsConfirm killConfirm kill and restartConfirm on exitConfirm on terminate external commandConfirm on terminate finalizingConfirm on terminate freezingConfirm on terminate processConfirm remove metricConfirm replace allConfirm resource change needs restartConfirm save before compileConfirm save metricConfirmationConsoleConsole ApplicationConsole applicationConsole shell commandConstructing diagram for $1ContainingConte&xtContextContext ...Context corrupted or not foundContext toolContinueContinue AnywayContinue executionContinue execution and stop at breakpointsContinue if evaluation failsContinue if evaluation fails ?Continue when breakpoint hits ?ContractContract EditorContract viewControl Debuggee Object StorageControl debuggee object storageControl structure keywordsCopyCopy (Ctrl+C)Copy Cell To ClipboardCopy Row To ClipboardCopy Text To ClipboardCopy call stack to clipboardCopy of $1CopyrightCorsicanCorsican (France)Could not convert file '$1' into new configuration format.Could not find $1.
727 Please make sure the C compilation ended correctly.Could not find attribute value for `$1'Could not generate PNG file.
728 Insufficient video memory.Could not generate needed precompile.Could not launch system in "$1".Could not launch system.Could not locate $1.
729 Please make sure system is correctly compiled.Could not rename $1 into $2.Could not retrieve information (do is being called or do failed)Could not save diagram to $1Could not save diagram to specified location.Could not save file into '$1'Could not save file to specified location.Could not save the library definition to
730 $1.Creat&ionsCreateCreate Folder...Create a new classCreate a new dynamic library definitionCreate a new expressionCreate a new featureCreate a new windowCreate new aggregate client-supplier linksCreate new client-supplier linksCreate new inheritance linksCreate new project in '$1'?Create new watchCreate projectCreating new project, please wait...CreationCreation ProcedureCreation Routine Name ErrorCreation of type {$1} raised an error.Creation procedure:Creation routine .NET nameCreation routine nameCreationsCreatorsCriterionCriterion "$1" of unit "$2" doesn't exist.Criterion name is missing.Criterion unit "$1" is different from basic metric unit "$2".Critical stack depthCroatianCroatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latin)Croatian (Croatia)Crop diagramCtrl right click receiverCu&t Ctrl+XCultureCulture of the assembly.Current EditorCurrent archive value may not up-to-dateCurrent class text has a syntax error.
731 Code generation was cancelled.Current editorCurrent featureCurrent hit count:Current metric has been modified, save it?Current metric result may not be up-to-dateCurrent objectCurrent text is being loaded. It is therefore
732 not editable nor pickable.Current text is not editable.Current valueCurrent version and all its descendant versionsCursor line highlight colorCursor position (line:column)CustomCustom ExpressionCustom alias returnCustom alias return laterCustom alias spaceCustom alias space laterCustom check returnCustom check return laterCustom check spaceCustom check space laterCustom class returnCustom class return laterCustom class spaceCustom class space laterCustom create returnCustom create return laterCustom create spaceCustom create space laterCustom creation returnCustom creation return laterCustom creation spaceCustom creation space laterCustom debug returnCustom debug return laterCustom debug spaceCustom debug space laterCustom deferred returnCustom deferred return laterCustom deferred spaceCustom deferred space laterCustom do returnCustom do return laterCustom do spaceCustom do space laterCustom else returnCustom else return laterCustom else spaceCustom else space laterCustom elseif returnCustom elseif return laterCustom elseif spaceCustom elseif space laterCustom end returnCustom end return laterCustom end spaceCustom end space laterCustom ensure returnCustom ensure return laterCustom ensure spaceCustom ensure space laterCustom ensure then returnCustom ensure then return laterCustom ensure then spaceCustom ensure then space laterCustom export returnCustom export return laterCustom export spaceCustom export space laterCustom external returnCustom external return laterCustom external spaceCustom external space laterCustom feature returnCustom feature return laterCustom feature spaceCustom feature space laterCustom from returnCustom from return laterCustom from spaceCustom from space laterCustom if returnCustom if return laterCustom if spaceCustom if space laterCustom indexing returnCustom indexing return laterCustom indexing spaceCustom indexing space laterCustom inherit returnCustom inherit return laterCustom inherit spaceCustom inherit space laterCustom inspect returnCustom inspect return laterCustom inspect spaceCustom inspect space laterCustom invariant returnCustom invariant return laterCustom invariant spaceCustom invariant space laterCustom is returnCustom is return laterCustom is spaceCustom is space laterCustom local returnCustom local return laterCustom local spaceCustom local space laterCustom loop returnCustom loop return laterCustom loop spaceCustom loop space laterCustom obsolete returnCustom obsolete return laterCustom obsolete spaceCustom obsolete space laterCustom once returnCustom once return laterCustom once spaceCustom once space laterCustom precursor returnCustom precursor return laterCustom precursor spaceCustom precursor space laterCustom redefine returnCustom redefine return laterCustom redefine spaceCustom redefine space laterCustom rename returnCustom rename return laterCustom rename spaceCustom rename space laterCustom require else returnCustom require else return laterCustom require else spaceCustom require else space laterCustom require returnCustom require return laterCustom require spaceCustom require space laterCustom rescue returnCustom rescue return laterCustom rescue spaceCustom rescue space laterCustom select returnCustom select return laterCustom select spaceCustom select space laterCustom then returnCustom then return laterCustom then spaceCustom then space laterCustom undefine returnCustom undefine return laterCustom undefine spaceCustom undefine space laterCustom until returnCustom until return laterCustom until spaceCustom until space laterCustom variant returnCustom variant return laterCustom variant spaceCustom variant space laterCustom when returnCustom when return laterCustom when spaceCustom when space laterCustomizeCustomize $1...Customize P&roject Toolbar...Customize Re&factoring Toolbar...Customize ToolbarCustomize formattersCustomized autocomplete (Return after keyword was typed)Customized autocomplete (Return, other cases)Customized autocomplete (Space after keyword was typed)Customized autocomplete (Space, other cases)Customized insertion 1Customized insertion 2Customized insertion 3Customized string 1Customized string 2Customized string 3CutCut (Ctrl+X)CzechCzech (Czech Republic)DanishDanish (Denmark)DariDari (Afghanistan)DataDateDe&scendantsDeactivate Execution RecordingDeactivate Replay ModeDeactivate execution recordingDeactivate execution replay modeDead Code RemovalDead Code Removal CompletedDebugDebug output evaluationDebugged grid layout managedDebugged object dropped onto Objects toolDebuggee Object StorageDebuggee's active threadDebuggerDebugger :: Exception messageDebugger environment closed
733 Debugger environment started
734 Debugger locationDeclared in classDefault class formatter indexDefault dependency formatter indexDefault dependency formatter that should be popped up automatically.Default displayed string sizeDefault expanded view sizeDefault feature formatter indexDefault librariesDefault maximum stack depthDefault name for a renamed feature.Default number of call stack elements shown in Call Stack tool (-1 to show all of them).Default number of displayed characters in the expanded view (increasing this value might slow down debugging).Default number of displayed characters of a STRING (increasing this value might slow down debugging).Default number of watch tools.Default precompilesDeferredDeferred featuresDefine new subqueryDefine quick metric (or drop a basic metric here as a template)Definition:Degree:Delay (in milliseconds) before clearing the stacks and objects grid. By tuning this value, you can reduce the potential flickering of the related grid.Delay before cleaning objects gridDelayed domain item appears.Delayed itemDeleteDelete Client Link '$1'Delete Inheritance Link Between '$1' and '$2'Delete commandDelete current viewDelete graphical itemsDelete graphical items, remove code from systemDelete selected items.Delete selected rowDeleting FilesDenominator metric "$1" is not defined.Denominator metric is missing.DependenciesDependencyDependency viewDescendant TimeDescendant depthDescendant of Descendant versionsDescendantsDescriptionDescription of the external.Description of the group.Description of the system.Description of the target.Description of the task.Description:Deselect AllDeselect All MetricsDeselect Integral MetricsDeselect RecalculatableDeselect all history itemsDeselect recalculatable history itemsDetailed ResultDetailsDevelopment windowDiagramDiagram background colorDiagram toolDiagram toolbar layoutDiagram withDialog applicationDialogsDifferenceDirectory $1
735 does not exist.Directory of last browsed cluster.Directory of last call stack saved.Directory of last debugger exception saved.Directory of last diagram postscript file saved.Directory of last dynamic lib library opened.Directory of last dynamic lib saved.Directory of last exception saved.Directory of last file opened.Directory of last imported metric definition.Directory of last metric browse archive opened.Directory of last profile result saved.Directory of last project opened.Directory of last save file as saved.Directory where the EIFGENs folder is.Directory where the command will be executed.DisableDisable Assertion CheckingDisable Auto HideDisable BreakpointsDisable Catcall Console WarningDisable Catcall Console Warning?Disable Catcall Debugger WarningDisable Catcall Debugger Warning?Disable Execution RecordingDisable High QualityDisable all breakpointsDisable assertion checkingDisable breakpointDisable graphical output.Disable or restore assertion checking handling during executionDisable/Restore Assertion CheckingDisabledDiscard AssertionsDiscard target scope customized formatterDiscover unreferenced externally added classes and recompile.Disk location of last saved stack path information.Display Complete ObjectDisplay DEBUG_OUTPUT.debug_output for objects whose base class inherits from DEBUG_OUTPUT.Display Exception TraceDisplay New/Open project dialog at startup.Display a message about how to deal with the metric definition errorDisplay a warning when the call stack depth reaches:Display agent detailsDisplay alias name ?Display all breakpoints togetherDisplay an expanded view of objectsDisplay assigner command ?Display breakpoints separated by statusDisplay confirmation dialog before building a needed precompile.Display confirmation dialog before converting an old project.Display confirmation dialog for C compilation on finalize operation.Display confirmation dialog for C compilation on freeze operation.Display confirmation dialog for assertions on finalize operation.Display confirmation dialog for finalizing a .NET precompiled library.Display confirmation dialog for terminating an external command.Display confirmation dialog for terminating an ongoing C compilation while exiting EiffelStudio.Display confirmation dialog for terminating the C compilation of a finalize.Display confirmation dialog for terminating the C compilation of a freeze.Display confirmation dialog of discarding target scope customized formatter.Display confirmation dialog on clearing breakpoints.Display confirmation dialog on compilation when some files have not been saved.Display confirmation dialog on execution.Display confirmation dialog on exit.Display confirmation dialog on replacing all.Display confirmation dialog when applying debugger profiles.Display confirmation dialog when starting the application without stopping at breakpoints.Display dialog before killing a debugged application and restarting a new one.Display dialog before killing a debugged application.Display dialog before removing a metric.Display dialog before saving a metric.Display dialog that warns that homonym format can take a long time.Display dialog that warns that text is being loaded and is not editable or clickable.Display dialog when an application is running and a compilation is launched.Display dialog when editing the same class in two development windows.Display dialog while running an external command.Display history in tree view?Display informationDisplay information concerning current systemDisplay limit reachedDisplay name of all called features during execution?Display non visible items?Display numerical value as Hexadecimal or Decimal formatingDisplay parametersDisplay percentage for ratioDisplay result in percentage? (Only applicable for ratio metrics)Display signature ?Display the base type of an object if enabled, otherwise just the base class (disabling it might speed up debugging). e.g: might display ARRAY [STRING] if True but will just display ARRAY if False.Display warning dialog when changing resources that require you to restart EiffeStudio before they become effective.Display?Displayed buttonsDisplayed inDivehiDivehi (Maldives)DoDo features of class ANY appear in the feature call complete window?Do not ask me againDo not detect stack overflowsDo not show againDo not show the dialog that asks if a compilation should be started before running the debug if there where changes in classes.Do nothingDo you really want to delete current view?Do you really want to reset current view?Do you want to [$1:remove] or [$2:use] current print message ?Do you want to compile before debugging?Do you want to save your changes
736 before closing the window?Do you want to update to new version of compiler?DocumentationDoes a quadruple click select the entire document?Does completion change the first character of onces and constants with an upper case character?Does completion list show disambiguated name?Does completion list show feature signatures?Does completion list show obsolete items?Does completion list show query return type?Does mouse wheel scroll documents a page at a time (If True, it overrides Mouse Wheel Scroll Size)?Does text cursor blink?Does this task have to finish successful for the compilation to continue?Domain is missing.Domain item id is missing.Domain item type "$1" is invalid.Domain item type is missing.Domain viewDon't ask me again and discard
737 unsaved target scope customized formatters.DoneDotnetDotnet debuggerDouble click to go to first occurrenceDouble click to go to result panelDouble click to see Exception or Ctrl-C to copy to clipboardDownDrop a class/feature here to open its corresponding C file/function in external editor.Drop target/group/class/feature hereDropped referencesDummyDuplicateDuplicated metric name "$1" in metric definition.DutchDutch (Belgium)Dutch (Netherlands)Dynamic Feature EvaluationDynamic Library BuilderDynamic RuntimeDynamic feature evaluationDynamic library window heightDynamic library window widthDynamic runtimeDynamic-Link LibraryE&dit ConditionE&mbed in "Debug..." Ctrl+DE&xecutionE&xitE&xport XMI...E&xternalsEAC BrowserEIFGENs locationERROR OCCURRED:
738 EXPRESSION: Ed&it Contracts for '$1'Ed&it Invariants for '$1'EditEdit $1Edit ConfigurationEdit Execution ParametersEdit ExpressionEdit LayoutEdit Library ConfigurationEdit Object ContentEdit Object contentEdit ProjectEdit TextEdit commandEdit conditionEdit the properties of the selected featureEdit the selected contract.Edit the selected expressionEdit...EditorEditor fontEditor header font.EiffelEiffel ClassEiffel ClusterEiffel Compilation FailedEiffel Compilation SucceededEiffel Configuration Files (*.ecf)Eiffel FeaturesEiffelStudioEiffelStudio ErrorEiffelStudio InformationEiffelStudio QuestionEiffelStudio WarningEighth external command shortcut.Eighth external command.Either the root class name or the creation routine name (or both of them) that you have specified
739 does not conform the lace specification.
741 A valid Eiffel name is not empty and only contains letters,
742 digits, and underscores. The first character must
743 be a letter.
745 Click Back and choose valid Eiffel names.Element $1 expected but not found.ElseElseifEmbed current line in debug clauseEmbed current line in if clause.Embed debug clauseEmbed if clauseEmpty Creation Routine .NET Name ErrorEmpty Development ToolEmpty Root Class .NET Name ErrorEnable BreakpointsEnable High QualityEnable ProfilesEnable Word WrappingEnable all breakpointsEnable auto expressions ?
746 (add contextual symbols automatically)Enable auto-sweeping the system for information?Enable breakpointEnable/Disable BreakpointsEnable/Disable expressionsEnable/Disable the layout management for the debugged values (keep value expanded or not, and highlight difference).Enable/Disable the layout management for the stack values (keep value expanded or not, and highlight difference).Enable/Disable the layout management for the watches expressions (keep value expanded or not, and highlight difference).EnabledEnabled?EndEnforce VAPE validity constraint?Enforce all class names to be system wide unique?Enforce unique class namesEnglishEnglish (Australia)English (Belize)English (Canada)English (Caribbean)English (India)English (Ireland)English (Jamaica)English (Malaysia)English (New Zealand)English (Philippines)English (Singapore)English (South Africa)English (Trinidad and Tobago)English (United Kingdom)English (United States)English (Zimbabwe)EnsureEnsure thenEnter ConditionEnter location for new project: Enter message: Enter name for configuration file: Enter or select a name to save the current layout as.Enter the name of the new Unit test case. You have the
747 options to specify the class to testEnter the name of the new folder: Entry: EnvironmentEnvironment variable '$1' has changed
749 Old value: $2
750 New value: $3
752 Should the new value be used?Environment variablesEnvironment variables ErrorErase Class '$1'Erase ClassesErase Cluster '$1'Erase MidpointErrorError Error ListError background colorError during parameters preparationError listError message :Error occurredError occurred (double click to see details)Error occurred...Error occurred: unable to find the context object <$1>.Error on expression : "$1"Error text colorError with `$1' line $2Error: Call on void target for `$1'.Error: Can not evaluate `{$1}.$2'.
753 Only once, constant and static call can be evaluated on 'Class' context.
754 Error: could not write to $1
755 Please check permissions and disk spaceError: issue with attribute `$1'.ErrorsEstonianEstonian (Estonia)Estudio dbg menu accelerator allowedEstudio dbg menu allowedEstudio dbg menu enabledEvaluate check assertions?Evaluate invariant assertions?Evaluate loop assertions?Evaluate metric again to get up-to-date resultEvaluate metric: Evaluate postcondition assertions?Evaluate precondition assertions of suppliers?Evaluate precondition assertions?Evaluating...Evaluating: EvaluationEvaluation abortedEvaluation aborted: {$1}.$2Evaluation failed due to auto expression limitation.Evaluation failed due to internal exceptionEven row background colorEx&portedExceptionException HandlingException TraceException dataException handlingException message from debuggerException objectException occurred during evaluationException occurred during evaluation of {$1}.$2:
756 $3Exception raisedException tag: Exception's details ...ExceptionsExclude RulesExclude platform(s)Exclude:Excluded class figuresExcluded indexing itemsExcludes:ExecutableExecutable is up-to-dateExecute execution one step at a timeExecuting commandExecution &ParametersExecution ParametersExecution Pro&filesExecution ProfileExecution Profile ErrorExecution Profile GenerationExecution interruptedExecution menuExecution modeExisting Layouts:Exit EiffelStudioExit codeExiting will stop the debugger.Expand AllExpand all levelsExpand an ObjectExpand categorized folder levelExpand cluster '$1'Expand errorsExpand feature treeExpand referenced classExpand referencer classExpand selected level(s)Expand tree nodeExpanded display background colorExpanded object viewExplicit exception pendingExplorer bar itemExploring ancestors of $1Exploring clients of $1Exploring descendants of $1Exploring suppliers of $1ExportExport diagram to PNGExported featuresExpressionExpression EvaluationExpression evaluationExpression:ExternalExternal CommandExternal CommandsExternal E&ditorExternal E&ditor $1 '$2'External EditionExternal EditorExternal command 0External command 1External command 2External command 3External command 4External command 5External command 6External command 7External command 8External command 9External command is not specified.External command not launched.External command testerExternal commandsExternal editor commandExternal editor not definedExternal featuresExternalsExtracting $1 from $target ...Extracting $1 of $2 ...Extracting $1 of class $2...Extracting $1 of feature `$2'...Extracting the homonyms may take a long time.
757 Are you sure you want to continue?F&avoritesF&ormatF_codeFailedFailuresFalseFaroeseFaroese (Faroe Islands)Fav&oritesFavoritesFeat&ure ViewsFeatureFeature Feature NameFeature PropertiesFeature `$1' (ID = "$2") is invalid.Feature addressFeature background colorFeature callee viewFeature caller viewFeature clause orderFeature format that is selected by default.Feature in client classFeature in supplier classFeature is not written in selected class.Feature labelFeature listFeature list viewFeature names may only include
758 alphanumeric characters and underscores,
759 have to start with an alphabetic character
760 and cannot be a reserved word.
761 Please select a different feature name.Feature propertiesFeature renameFeature stoneFeature structure keywordsFeature text colorFeature version setting:Feature version viewFeature:FeaturesFeatures from ANYFeatures toolFifth external command shortcut.Fifth external command.FileFile "$1" exists.
762 Please delete it first.
763 File $1 already exists,
764 Do you want to ?File $1 cannot not be openFile $1 is corruptedFile NameFile SelectionFile already exists.
765 File as external command $1 is not specified.File browser commandFile has been changed by another tool/editor
766 Do you want to load the changes?File has been modified.
767 Do you want to save changes?File locationFile name (`Ace.ace' is the default): File name:File name: File open and save dialogs each remember their last selected directory.File open and save dialogs remember last directoryFile renameFile rule $1File: $1 already exists.
768 Do you wish to overwrite it?File: $1 cannot be created.
769 Please check permissions.File: $1 is not writable, neither .swp file.
770 Please choose a place to save.File: '$1' cannot be read.FilipinoFilipino (Philippines)FilterFilter Exceptions?Filter completion listFilter exceptionsFilter invisible resultFilter result which is not visible from input domainFilter shown and navigatable warningsFilter value "$1" is invalid.Filter: Finali&ze...FinalizeFinalize...Finalized modeFinalizing implies some C compilation and linking.
771 - Click Yes to compile the C code after finalizing the system
772 - Click No to skip the C compilation (no executable will be generated)
773 - Click Cancel to abortFinalizing implies some C compilation and linking.
774 Do you want to do it nowFind &Added Classes && RecompileFind &NextFind &PreviousFind Added Classes & RecompileFind Next &SelectionFind P&revious SelectionFind in Cluster TreeFind: FinishFinish Freezing StatusFinnishFinnish (Finland)First chanceFirst external command shortcut.First external command.Fit to screenFix the problem and restart the wizard.Flat contractsFlat viewFocus on class addressFocus on class address input field.Focus on current editorFocus out selection background colorFolder Folder "$1" (ID = "$2") is invalid.Folder background colorFolder search recursiveFolder text colorFont for class feature sections in UML class figures.Font for class features in UML class figures.Font for class names in BON class figures.Font for class names in UML class figures.Font for class properties in UML class figures.Font for feature names on BON client supplier links.Font for feature names on UML client supplier links.Font for generics in BON class figures.Font for generics in UML class figures.Font for names of deferred classes in UML class figures.Force 32bitsForce Debug ModeForce ExitForce compilation for 32bits?Force inheritance on child elements.Force right anglesForce the environment to stay in debug modeForeground color for assertion tags.Foreground color for classes.Foreground color for clusters.Foreground color for errors.Foreground color for features.Foreground color for generics.Foreground color for indexing tags.Foreground color for locals.Foreground color for object addresses.Foreground color for reserved words.Forget all breakpoints?Format to use when saving class text. True means using Windows text format, False means using Unix text format.FormatterFormatter displayerFormatters history sizeForthForth external command shortcut.Forth external command.ForwardFoundFrame applicationFreezeFreeze...Freezing implies some C compilation and linking.
775 - Click Yes to compile the Eiffel system (including C compilation)
776 - Click No to compile the Eiffel system (no C compilation)
777 - Click Cancel to abortFrenchFrench (Belgium)French (Canada)French (France)French (Luxembourg)French (Monaco)French (Switzerland)FrisianFrisian (Netherlands)FromFrom From $1From ClassFrom the result of which metric is this formatter generated?Full Class CheckingFull name of the assembly as found in the GAC.Full string length = $1FunctionFunction TimeGalicianGalician (Spain)GeneralGeneral toolbar layoutGenerate &Documentation...Generate Eiffel-friendly namesGenerate a multithreaded application?Generate a wizard with Generate creation procedureGenerate default feature clausesGenerate extra information for external debuggers?Generate flat form of all classes in systemGenerate flat/short form of all classes in systemGenerate homonymsGenerate profile from Run-time information recordGenerate profiling information?Generate set procedureGenerate short form of all classes in systemGenerate text form of all classes in systemGenerating type evaluationGenerating: Generation ErrorGeneration TypeGenericGeneric background colorGeneric text colorGeorgianGeorgian (Georgia)GermanGerman (Austria)German (Germany)German (Liechtenstein)German (Luxembourg)German (Switzerland)Give help on compilation errorsGo backGo forthGo toGo to F_code directory of this system, or right click to open F_code in specified file browserGo to Next &ErrorGo to Next &WarningGo to Previous E&rrorGo to Previous War&ningGo to W_code directory of this system, or right click to open W_code in specified file browserGo to definitionGo to lineGo to next errorGo to next warningGo to previous errorGo to previous warningGo to project directory of this system, or right click to open that directory in specified file browserGraphical output disabledGraphics application, Windows only, with WELGraphics application, multi-platform, with EiffelVision 2GreekGreek (Greece)GreenlandicGreenlandic (Greenland)Grid "$1"Grid column layoutGrid column layout debugged objectsGrid column layout stack objectsGrid column layout watchesGroupGroup "$1" (ID = "$2") is invalid.Group metrics by unitGroup stoneGroupsGroups this cluster depends on.Groups this override is overriding.GujaratiGujarati (India)Has ChangedHausaHausa (Nigeria, Latin)HeaderHeader fontHebrewHebrew (Israel)HeightHeight of completion list. Used if 'remember_completion_list_size' is set to True.Height of development window.Height of dynamic library window.Height of preferences window.Height of the open project dialog.Height of the project settings dialog.Height of the starting dialog.HelpHelp ToolHelp Topic could not be displayed, please check Eiffel InstallationHexadecimal/Decimal formatingHiddenHide Hide Alias NameHide Assigner Command NameHide Help...Hide SignatureHide archives more than Hide cluster legendHide clustersHide figureHide inheritance linksHide labelsHide old archiveHide supplier linksHighlight background colorHighlight colorHindiHindi (India)History ToolHistory toolHit CountHomonymsHungarianHungarian (Hungary)I&nterrupt ExecutionIL VerifiableISE Eiffel: Session aborted
778 IcelandicIcelandic (Iceland)Icon option: Iconified BON Cluster fill color.Iconified UML Cluster fill color.IdIdentificationIdentityIfIgboIgbo (Nigeria)IgnoreIgnore BreakpointsIgnore External Exception?Ignore breakpoint (Do not stop at any breakpoint).Ignore breakpointsIgnore excluded class figuresIgnore external exceptionsImplementersImplicit exception pendingImportImport DirectoryImport MetricsImport Selected MetricsImport metrics from fileImporting metrics...In ClassIn FeatureIn linear metric, make sure that every variable metric doesn't involve recursive metric.
779 In ratio metric, make sure that numerator metric or denominator metric doesn't involve recursive metric.In which tool(s) will this formatter be displayedIn&variantsInactive subqueriesIncludeInclude Class '$1'Include Cluster '$1'Include Library '$1'Include all classesInclude all classes of clusterInclude parentsInclude:IncludesIncludes:Incompatible Types EqualityIncompatible version for project compiled in: $1.
780 $2 version is $3.
781 Project was compiled with version $4.Incompatible version for project compiled in: $1.
782 $2 version is $3.
783 Project was compiled with version $4.
785 Click Yes to convert this project to version $5.
786 IndentIndent selected row using an "AND" criterionIndent selected row using an "OR" criterionIndexIndex is out of range.
787 Indices should be positive integers.Index must be an integer.
788 Index must be valid.
789 Index:IndexingIndexing clause has syntax errorIndexing items that need not be included in formatted texts.Indexing tag background colorIndexing tag text colorIndicates if editor displays the line numbers by default.Indicates if editor line drawing is first buffered and then drawn, or just drawn directly to the screen. If set to True, content will not flicker, but drawing performance will be reduced.Indicates if editor should go to the beginning on the first non-whitespace character, on a line, when the HOME key is pressed.IndonesianIndonesian (Indonesia)Information (EIS)Information cannot be retrieved.InheritInherit clauses keywordsInheritance classesInheritance stiffness ($1%)Inheritance stiffness (100%)Inheritance stiffness:Init incrementalInit match caseInit only compiled classesInit scopeInit search backwardsInit subclustersInit use regular expressionInit whole wordInitial match reached.Initial search scope.Initial status of incremental search.Initial status of match case.Initial status of only compiled classes.Initial status of search backwards.Initial status of searching subclusters.Initial status of using regular_expression.Initial status of whole word.InliningInlining SizeInputInput domainInput domain invalidInput domain item appears.Input domain:Insert MidpointInsert special keywordsInsert text hereInspectInterfaceInterface viewInternal error ($1): Submit bug at http://support.eiffel.comInternet browserInternet browser.Interrupt every N instructionsInterrupted because Eiffel complication startsInterrupted by userInuktitutInuktitut (Canada, Latin)Inuktitut (Canada, Syllabics)Invalid Names ErrorInvalid UUID: $1Invalid attribute "$1".Invalid choice
791 Invalid description tag.Invalid folder nameInvalid itemInvalid tag.Invalid tag/tag position "$1".Invalid target, select the target you want: InvariantInvariantsIrishIrish (Ireland)IsIs EiffelStudio Debug menu allowed?Is TrueIs alias enabledIs assigner enabledIs completion of keywords enabled? The completion of keywords can be changed in Editor->Eiffel->Autocomplete.Is dependency on self shown?Is detailed result kept when recalculation metric archive history?Is force debug modeIs invisible result item filtered?Is item path shown?Is maximizedIs percentage for ratio metric displayed?Is signature enabledIs source code void safe?Is text of toolbar items displayed?Is the project a console application?Is this a hidden cluster that can not be used if the system is used as a library?Is this an abstract target that cannot be used to compile?Is this formatter of per EiffelStudio scope or per target scope?Is this group read only?Is this system read only per default if it is used as a library?Is tree view used to display metric history?Is underscore `_' used as a word separator?Is window maximized?It is not possible to exit EiffelStudio while the project is being compiled.It's not possible to open named layout which saved in normal mode during debugging. Please stop debugging first.ItalianItalian (Italy)Italian (Switzerland)Item $1 is not writable.Item [$1] is attached to "$2"Item expires. Try saving file and searching again.Item expires. Try searching again.Item invalid in current systemItem selected is not writable.Items shown in general toolbar.Items shown in refactoring toolbar.Items without tagItems/tools shown in navigation layout when in debug mode.Items/tools shown on editor side when in debug mode.JapaneseJapanese (Japan)K'icheK'iche (Guatemala)KannadaKannada (India)KazakhKazakh (Kazakhstan)Keep Assertion CheckingKeep AssertionsKeep Dialog OpenKeep archive detailed resultKeep archive detailed result?Keep detailed resultKeep detailed result when evaluating metric?Keep detailed result when recalculating archive?
792 If yes, detailed result will be available by double clicking the icon in "Result" column in history result area after recalculation.Keep grid layoutKeep metric detailed resultKeep metric detailed result?Keep n projectsKeep stepping info dotnet featureKey to be able to add the generated binary to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
793 Chose a new, non existing filename to create a new key file.Keyboard shortcutsKeyword background colorKeyword editor fontKeyword fontKeyword text colorKhmerKhmer (Cambodia)Kill applicationKinyarwandaKinyarwanda (Rwanda)KonkaniKonkani (India)KoreanKorean (Korea)KyrgyzKyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)Language typeLaoLao (Lao PDR)Largest number of items displayed in list data.Last browsed cluster directoryLast imported metric definition directoryLast opened dynamic lib directoryLast opened file directoryLast opened metric browse archive directoryLast opened project directoryLast opened projectsLast saved call stack directoryLast saved debugger exception directoryLast saved diagram postscript directoryLast saved dynamic lib directoryLast saved exception directoryLast saved profile result directoryLast saved save file as directoryLast saved stack pathLast time when closing development window if it was forcing debug mode.LatvianLatvian (Latvia)Launch PrecompilationsLaunch Without StoppingLaunch failedLaunching...LayoutLayout of watch tools.LeftLeft debug layoutLeft margin widthLibrariesLibraries to precompile:LibraryLibrary Library NameLibrary ReadonlyLibrary RootLibrary TargetLibrary target UUID "$1" is invalid.Lin&k Context ToolLineLine GenerationLine numberLine number (1 - $1)Line number text colorLine width for BON client supplier links.Line width for BON inheritance links.Line width for UML client supplier links.Line width for UML inheritance links.Linear metric is of the form:
795 a * metric1 + b * metric2 + c * metric3 + ...
797 a, b, c are coefficients and
798 metric1, metric2, metric3 are variable metrics.
800 Link ContextLink ToolLink or not the context tool to other componentsLink the context tool to the other componentsLink the context tool with other components by default?Link toolsLink tools? True means that a tool propagates stone to other tools if possible.List breakpointsList of metric units in orderList of recently opened projects.Literal ValueLithuanianLithuanian (Lithuania)LoadLoad From...Load ObjectLoaded project: Loading metrics...LocalLocal background colorLocal text colorLocaleLocale current system uses. (Restart to take effect)Locale:LocalsLocals value(s) associated to selected call stack elementLocate currently edited class or clusterLocationLocation ErrorLocation of main objects tool's items <<'Current object', 'Stack information', 'Argument(s)', 'Local(s)', 'Result', 'Dropped references'>>. The left grid is represented by '#1' and the right grid by '#2'Location of the configuration file.Location of the external.Location of this group.Location where information about external assemblies is stored.Location: Lock the EditorsLock the ToolbarsLock the ToolsLoopLower SorbianLower Sorbian (Germany)LuxembourgishLuxembourgish (Luxembourg)Ma&ximizeMa&ximize Editor AreaMacedonianMacedonian (Macedonia, FYROM)Main Editor ViewsMake sure coefficient for denominator metric is a non-zero real number.Make sure every (recursive) criterion in basic metric is of the same unit with that basic metric.Make sure every variable metric referenced by a linear metric is defined.Make sure metric name is not empty and contains valid charactors.Make sure that at lease one variable metric is listed in a linear metric definition.Make sure that at least one domain item is listed in a domain criterion.Make sure that at least one value tester is specified.Make sure that every item specified in a domain is valid.
801 Following are some reasons which can cause a domain item invalid:
802 * Domain item ID is damaged or incorrect.
803 * Domain item doesn't exist (Maybe due to removal/rename of a folder, group, class or feature).
804 Make sure that numerator and denominator metric referenced by ratio metric are defined.Make sure that referenced metric exists and is valid.Make sure that the criterion of given unit exists.Make sure to specify a non-empty string for a text criterion.Make sure unit of every variable metric is same as that of the linear metric.MakefileMakefilesMalayMalay (Brunei Darussalam)Malay (Malaysia)MalayalamMalayalam (India)MalteseMaltese (Malta)Manually Edit ConfigurationMaoriMaori (New Zealand)MapudungunMapudungun (Chile)MarathiMarathi (India)Margin background colorMargin separator colorMatch allMatch anyMatch caseMatch case?Matching StrategyMatching strategy "$1" is invalid.Max evaluation durationMax sliceMaximal number of instructions in a feature for the feature to be inlined.MaximizeMaximize metric result areaMaximize metric result area?Maximum Call Stack DepthMaximum count of remembered test runs:Maximum displayed string sizeMaximum evaluation duration before cancelling evaluation. (this is only applicable for a .NET system)Maximum history sizeMaximum index displayedMaximum number of items displayed in the history combo boxes.Maximum processors usageMenu BarMessage that will be displayed in the formatter view when calculation has finished.Message that will be displayed in the formatter view when calculation is going on.Metadata Cache PathMetricMetric ArchiveMetric DefinitionMetric Definition File:Metric EvaluationMetric FilterMetric HistoryMetric List:Metric NameMetric archive calculation finished.Metric archive in specified file is not valid, it must be cleanedMetric definitionMetric definition error wizardMetric is valid.Metric nameMetric name "$1" is invalid.Metric name cannot be emptyMetric name is empty.Metric name is missing in metric archive node.Metric name is missing in metric definition.Metric name is missing.Metric named "$1" already exists in your metrics.Metric of type "$1" doesn't exist or that metric is invalid.Metric toolMetric with name '$1' already existsMetric(s) imported.MetricsMetrics definition file:Metrics loading error:
805 $1Mi&nimizeMicrosoft .NET applicationMin sliceMinimizeMinimize AllMinimize all windowsMinimum index displayedMissing Class ExportModify existing breakpointModuleMohawkMohawk (Canada)MongolianMongolian (Mongolia)Mongolian (PRC)Most recent CLR VersionMouse wheel scroll full pageMouse wheel scroll sizeMove Class '$1'Move Cluster '$1'Move MidpointMove [$1] to "$2"Move downMove item downMove item upMove metric unit down.
806 Move metric unit up.
807 Move selected row downMove selected row upMove the selected contract down.Move the selected contract up.Move to Folder...Move upMoving a feature favorite is not supported by the favorite manager.Moving a folder to one of its children
808 is not possible.MultithreadedMust succeedNATIVE_ARRAY is not yet fully supported, unable to evaluate `$1'.NATIVE_ARRAY is not yet fully supported.NEW_NAMENameName of the current projectName of the generated binary.Name of the group.Name of the system.Name of the target.Name:Name: Names of classes that should not appear in generated diagrams.Namespace for .NETNavigates to the next error or the first error found if the end of the list is reachedNavigates to the next warning or the first warning found if the end of the list is reachedNavigates to the previous error or the last error found if the start of the list is reachedNavigates to the previous warning or the last warning found if the start of the list is reachedNepaliNepali (India)Nepali (Nepal)New &WindowNew &Window $1 '$2'New .NET Application WizardNew ClassNew Con&text WindowNew ContextNew Ed&itor WindowNew EditorNew ExpressionNew Favorite Class...New Fea&ture...New FeatureNew Manual Test CaseNew NameNew Name:New ProjectNew Search?New Ta&bNew Ta&b $1 '$2'New TabNew Unit Test CaseNew Unit Test WizardNew Vision2 Application WizardNew WEL Application WizardNew WindowNew Wizard Application WizardNew breakpoint(s) to commitNew class nameNew environment value for $1 will be used
809 because of the -stop/-batch option.
810 New feature has syntax error.
811 Code generation cancelled.New feature nameNew files will be generated at:New metricNew nameNew name of classNew tabNew tab at leftNew tab editorNew windowNextNext >Next Failed TestNinth external command shortcut.Ninth external command.NoNo active queriesNo breakpointsNo class in any cluster matches this name.No cluster in the system has this name.No cluster in the system matches this name.No cluster was selected. Please select a cluster to create a class.No command is runningNo comments for feature.No contracts found.No debugging for DLL systemNo default valueNo definition for variable metric.No description available for this preference.No description available.No detail available.No domain item defined. At least one domain item should be defined in a relation criterion.No errors were found.No feature in this class matches this name.No feature named $1 could be found in class $2.No features in this fileNo file name is selected.No help available for this elementNo help provider is available to show help for this dialog!No informationNo metric archive is selected.No metric is selectedNo metric is selected.No objectNo previous value
812 No projectNo project has been loaded.No result available.No system was defined.
813 Cannot launch the application.No text labelsNo valid creation routine
814 could be found for this class.
815 Please make sure the chosen class
816 has a creation routine taking no argument.No value entered. Do you want to:
817 D: delete the previous value
818 K: keep the previous value (default)
819 Option: No value testerNo value tester is specified.No version information about project found in:
820 $1.No views are available for this clusterNone result keyword field background colorNormal background colorNormal referenced classesNormal text colorNorwegianNorwegian (Bokmål, Norway)Norwegian (Nynorsk, Norway)Not evaluatedNot run yetNot updatedNot yet calledNoteNote: Metric is not saved.Number background colorNumber of CallsNumber of StatesNumber of cached formatted text in history.Number of classes generated per .NET module during incremental compilation. Increasing this value will slow down the incremental recompilation, but speed up the time to load the assembly while debugging in workbench mode.Number of instructions that will be executed before interrupting the execution.Number of lines scrolled using the mouse wheel.Number of lines that will stay visible when you perform a page down or a page up operation.Number of recent projects to keep in the list.Number of spaces that a tabulation character represents.Number of watch toolsNumber text colorNumerator metric "$1" is not defined.Numerator metric is missing.O&nce/ConstantsOBJECT NAME: OKOLD_NAMEObjectObject BrowseObject DumpObject InternalObject ViewerObject background colorObject text colorObjectsObjects ToolObjects tool layoutObjects tool: leftObjects tool: rightObsoleteObsolete ClassesObsolete FeaturesObsolete syntaxOccitanOccitan (France)Odd row background colorOld NameOld SyntaxOld Verbatim StringsOld archive age in daysOld class nameOld nameOld name of classOn objectOnceOnce an execution of an instrumented system has generated the proper file,
821 you must process it through a profile converter to produce the Execution
822 Profile. The need for the converter comes from the various formats that
823 profilers use to record run-time information during an execution.
825 Provide the Run-time information record produced by the profiler and
826 select the profiler used to create this record.
827 The Execution Profile will be generated under the file "profinfo.pfi".Once and constant in upperOnce function `$1': $2.Once function `$1': an exception occurred.Once procedure `$1': once procedure evaluation is not yet available.Once routine `$1': not yet called.Once routinesOnce routines and constantsOnces in GenericsOne of the clusters is invalid.
829 Please check that none is precompiled or a library,
830 and that the corresponding directories have sufficient rights.Only assigneesOnly assignersOnly classes in same clusterOnly compiled classesOnly creatorsOnly current versionOp&en...OpenOpen Backup FileOpen C fileOpen LayoutOpen Objects tool menuOpen Original FileOpen Watch tool menuOpen a dynamic library definitionOpen a fileOpen a new context windowOpen a new editor windowOpen a projectOpen exception dialog for more detailsOpen layout error. Opening default layout instead.Open projectOpen project dialog heightOpen project dialog widthOpen selected file name in specified external editorOpen the Eiffel Assembly Cache browser toolOpen user defined metric file in external editorOpen user defined metrics externallyOperation failed.Operation succeeded.OperatorOperator "$1" is invalid. One of the following operators is expected: "=", "/=", "<", "<=", ">", ">="Operator background colorOperator in value criterion is missing.Operator must be 'and' or 'or'.
831 Operator text colorOptionsOptions Unknown ClassOptions: OrOr you can pick a metric unit and drop it on another metric to rearrange their order.Order used to sort feature clauses in formatted texts.Organize FavoritesOriginal metric nameOriginal value is "$1=$2"OriyaOriya (India)OtherOther keywordsOthersOutputOutput NameOutput switchesOutput tool promptedOutside EiffelStudioOverflow &Prevention...Overflow PreventionOverrideOverride the detected platform to use in conditions.OverridesOverridingOverwriteOverwrite LayoutP&ostconditionsParent clusterParents:Parse error:PashtoPashto (Afghanistan)PassedPastePaste (Ctrl+V)PathPath to the Eiffel debugger daemon (classic). Leave it empty to use the default environment value.PausePause applicationPause execution at current pointPercentagePerforming a removal on the contract declaration will removal ALL the contracts underneath.
833 Are you want to remove all the contract?PersianPersian (Iran)Physics settingsPick items like group/class/feature and drop herePick metric and drop herePick metrics or items like group/class/feature and drop herePixmap FilePlace new editor tab at left side of editor's area?PlatformPlatformsPlease check with your system administrator whether your profiler is supported.Please choose a folder.Please chose a .NET name for the creation routine.
834 The .NET name is the name that will be used
835 by other .NET components when calling this routine.Please chose a .NET name for the root class.
836 The .NET name is the name that will be used
837 by other .NET components when calling this class.Please clear this window after c compilation has exited.Please drop a class on this button.
838 Use right click for both
839 pick and drop actions.Please drop a class or a cluster on this button
840 to view its diagram.
841 Use right click for both pick and drop actions.Please drop a class or a cluster with an
842 anchor on this button.
843 Use right click for both
844 pick and drop actions.Please drop a class, a cluster or a link
845 on this button. Use right click for both
846 pick and drop actions.Please drop a class, a cluster or a midpoint
847 on this button. Use right click for both
848 pick and drop actions.Please drop this button on the diagram.
849 Use right click for both
850 pick and drop actions.Please enter a correct query, for example:
851 featurename = WORD.t*
852 featurename < WORD.mak?
853 calls > 2
854 self <= 3.4
855 descendants in 23 - 34
856 total >= 12.3
857 percentage /= 2
858 calls > avg
859 self <= max
860 total > min
862 You can also combine subqueries with 'and' and 'or', for example:
863 calls > 2 and self <= 3.4 or percentage in 2.3 - 3.5Please enter a feature name.Please enter a positive integer value.Please enter a valid address.Please enter an integer value.Please fill in the 'Location' field.Please fill in the 'System Name' field.Please fill in:
864 The name of the project (without spaces).
865 The directory where you want the Eiffel classes to be generated.Please first select in the editor the class or cluster that you want to locate.Please save output after c compilation has exited.Please save output after external command has exited.Please select a class or a cluster before calling this command.
866 It will then be removed.Please select a formatter.Please select a programming element (target/group/class/feature...).Please select a sub node.Please select a tool.Please select the kind of project you want to create.Please select...Please specify a class name.Please specify a compiled class (or * for all classes).Pnd modePolishPolish (Poland)PortuguesePortuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)PositionPosition of the split area.PositionsPossible stack overflowPossible stack overflow detected. The application has been paused to let you
867 examine its current status.Post CompilationPost Compilation TasksPr&opertiesPre CompilationPre Compilation TasksPrecompilation &Wizard...Precompilation ProgressPrecompilation WizardPrecompilation Wizard ErrorPrecompilations done !PrecompilePrecompile will automatically be built
868 because of the -stop/-batch option.
869 Precompiling $1 library: PrecursorPreference window heightPreference window widthPreferencesPrefixPrefix which all classes in this group get.Preparing precompilations ...Press <Return> to resume compilation or <Q> to quitPress ESC to wipe outPreviousPrevious Failed TestPrevious valuePrevious value: `$1'
870 PrintPrint MessagePrint a message ?Print a message:Print the currently edited textPriorityPro&filer...ProcedureProductProfileProfile Query WindowProfiler WizardProfiler used to produce the above record: Progress bar colorProjectProject &Settings...Project BarProject Name ErrorProject Name and Project locationProject SettingsProject Settings ($1)Project already existProject documentationProject iconProject in: $1
871 is corrupted. Cannot continue.Project is not readable. Check permissions.Project locationProject nameProject settings heightProject settings position xProject settings position yProject settings split positionProject settings widthProject toolbar items and layout information.Project toolbar layoutPropertiesProportionProportion of the local/arguments part of the `Objects' tab in the Debugging tool.ProtocolPublic KeyPublic key token that identifies the asssembly.PublicKeyTokenPull UpPull up FeaturePunjabiPunjabi (India)Put Handle LeftPut Handle RightPut Right AnglesPut Two Handles LeftPut Two Handles RightPut handle leftPut handle rightPut two handles leftPut two handles rightQuadruple click enabledQuechuaQuechua (Bolivia)Quechua (Ecuador)Quechua (Peru)QueryQuery:QuestionQuick metricQuitRaise &Unsaved WindowsRaise WindowsRaise all unsaved windowsRaise all windowsRatioRatio metric is of the form:
873 (coefficient * Numerator metric) / (coefficient * Denominator metric)
875 Numerator metric and denominator metric can be of any valid unit.
877 Re&do Ctrl+YRe&factoring BarRe&move All BreakpointsRead OnlyRead-only project: cannot compile.Read-only project: cannot compile.
878 Read-only project: no C code to compile in F_code.
879 Ready for queries...Recalculate selected metric(s)Receivers of control-right-click.Recent projectsRecompile &OverridesRecompile OverridesRecompile override clustersRecompile projectRecompiling project will end current execution.Record ExecutionRecursiveRecursive FunctionsRecursive definition for metric name "$1".RedefineRedirected to output?RedoRedo (Ctrl+Y)Redo Last Refactoring (only works as long as no file that was refactored has been changed by hand)Redo RefactoringRedo commandRedo last actionRefactoringRefactoring BarRefactoring toolbar layoutRefactoring: Class RenameRefactoring: Feature Rename (Compiled Classes)Reference valueReferenced metric(s): $1 not found.Referenced metric(s): $1 not selected.Refresh the current contracts to include an undetected changes.Refresh toolsRegexpRegular expressionRegular expressions which exclude/include sub folders and/or files.Relation for value tester is missing.RelationsReloadReload metricsRemaining: Remember completion list sizeRemember/forget size in completion list.Remote file will be loaded in: $1.
880 This file already exists. Overwrite?RemoveRemove &allRemove AllRemove BreakpointsRemove Class/ClusterRemove ConditionRemove HandlesRemove ProjectRemove Right AnglesRemove Selected Test CasesRemove a class or a cluster from the systemRemove allRemove all breakpointsRemove all rowsRemove all scopesRemove all value retrieverRemove an object from the treeRemove anchorRemove and-termRemove breakpointRemove conditionRemove current selected metricRemove currently selected objectRemove delayed domain item.Remove detailed result?Remove groupRemove handlesRemove input domain item.Remove metric '$1'?Remove right anglesRemove ruleRemove selected customized formatterRemove selected customized toolRemove selected expressionsRemove selected metric historyRemove selected scope(s)Remove selected stone handlerRemove selected value retrieverRemove the selected feature from this dynamic library definitionRemove trailing white spaceRemoves the selected contract.Removing metrics...Removing unneeded itemsRenameRename Class '$1' Globally to '$2'Rename Class '$1' Locally to '$2'Rename Feature/ClassRename FileRenamed name: Renames occurrences of the class name in any class. (Slow)Renames only occurrences of the class name in compiled classes.RenamingRenaming Unknown ClassRenaming of classes in this group.ReplaceReplace Name in CommentsReplace Name in StringsReplace allReplace with...Replace with: Replay Execution BackReplay Execution ForthReplay Execution LeftReplay Execution RightReplay back the executionReplay execution to selected call.Replay forth the executionReplay left the executionReplay modeReplay right the executionReplay the executionReport <<Report >>Repulsion ($1%)Repulsion:RequireRequire elseRescueReserved background colorReserved text colorResetReset Hits CountReset To DefaultReset Tools layoutReset current viewReset hits count ($1)Reset user settingsResourceResourcesRestartRestart applicationRestoreRestore Assertion CheckingRestore DefaultRestore DefaultsRestore assertion checkingRestore the environment to normal modeRestrictorsResultResults:Resynchronizing BreakpointsResynchronizing ToolsRetarget to $1 '$2'Retrieve client classesRetrieve default color.Retrieve indirect client classesRetrieve indirect supplier classesRetrieve normally referenced client classesRetrieve normally referenced supplier classesRetrieve only syntactially referenced client classesRetrieve only syntactially referenced supplier classesRetrieve supplier classesRetrieving project in: $1
881 was interrupted. Cannot continue.RetryReuse or Generate an Execution Profile.Reverse Engineering ProjectRightRight debug layoutRollback?RomanianRomanian (Romania)RomanshRomansh (Switzerland)RootRoot ClassRoot Class Name ErrorRoot ClusterRoot ProcedureRoot class .NET nameRoot class nameRoot class name: Root class: Root cluster, class, feature of the system.Root cluster: Root feature: RoutinesRow highlight background colorRow unsensitive foreground colorRunRun & CloseRun FinalizedRun WorkbenchRun command hiddenRun finalized systemRun ignore breakpointsRun selected metric
882 Runnable when a metric is selected and input domain is set.Run to next stop pointRun without stop pointRun workbench systemRun-time information recordRunsRuntime Information Record ErrorRussianRussian (Russia)S&ave As...S&uppliersS&ynchronize Context ToolS&ystem InfoSOURCE name attribute expectedSame UUIDSamiSami (Inari, Finland)Sami (Lule, Norway)Sami (Lule, Sweden)Sami (Northern, Finland)Sami (Northern, Norway)Sami (Northern, Sweden)Sami (Skolt, Finland)Sami (Southern, Norway)Sami (Southern, Sweden)SanskritSanskrit (India)SaveSave &AllSave AllSave As...Save BackupSave C Compilation output to fileSave Cop&y As...Save Debuggee ObjectSave Layout As...Save ObjectSave allSave call stack to a text fileSave exception message to a text fileSave modifications to class.Save new configuration format as '$1'?Save output to fileSave this dynamic library definitionSaving metrics...ScopeScope <<Scope >>Screen x position of development window.Screen x position of the project settings dialog.Screen y position of development window.Screen y position of the project settings dialog.Scrolling common line countSearchSearch ReportSearch a folder for classes recursively?Search backwardSearch backwardsSearch folder for classes recursively?Search for group/class/featureSearch for: Search forwardSearch new class and compileSearch scopeSearch selection backwardSearch selection forwardSearch toolSearching selected file...Second external command shortcut.Second external command.Section "$1" is missing.See Failure TraceSelectSelect &All Ctrl+ASelect AllSelect All MetricsSelect ClassSelect ClusterSelect DepthsSelect FeatureSelect Integral MetricsSelect RecalculatableSelect ViewerSelect a DirectorySelect a FileSelect a Run-time information record to generate the Execution profileSelect a class which is fully compiled to have information about it.Select a cluster to display available viewsSelect a feature to pull up.
883 Either use pick and drop or target the editor to the feature to pull up.Select a file for user-defined metrics backup:Select a fully compiled feature to have information about it.Select a metric archive fileSelect a target/group/folder/class to show information about it.Select a test run:Select allSelect all history itemsSelect an existing metric archive fileSelect another view if you want to save current placement.Select at least one language.Select at least one output switch.Select call stack entry on double click?Select call stack level on double clickSelect class or feature to rename.
884 Either use pick and drop or target the editor to the feature or class.Select clusters to generate documentation forSelect current archive (URL acceptable):Select current metric archive fileSelect depth of relationsSelect directory to generate the documentation inSelect domain scopeSelect feature typeSelect features for which feature method stubs should be generated.Select format for outputSelect indexing items to include in HTML meta tagsSelect input domain:Select metric value testers:Select metric:Select noneSelect recalculatable history itemsSelect reference archive (URL acceptable):Select reference metric archive fileSelect targetSelect the Compilation mode.Select the contracts to edit.Select the destination folder Select the diagrams to generateSelect the formats to useSelect the information you need and formulate your query.Select the target you want: Select the view you want to useSelect type of new linksSelect working directorySelect/deselect predefined metricsSelect/deselect user-defined metricsSelected assemblies NameSelected cluster is read only. Please select a writable cluster for class creation.Selected metricSelected text is not a correct file name.Selected text is not a valid file name or the file cannot be foundSelection background colorSelection text colorSen&d toSend input data into the running commandSend input to commandSend last calculated metric value to historySend to contextSend to external editorSeparatorSerbianSerbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyrillic)Serbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latin)Serbian (Serbia and Montenegro, Cyrillic)Serbian (Serbia and Montenegro, Latin)Sesotho sa Leboa/Northern SothoSesotho sa Leboa/Northern Sotho (South Africa)SetSet &Conditional BreakpointSet Center Class: $1Set Current Layout As DefaultSet Slice ValuesSet argumentsSet as defaultSet current selection to lowercase.Set current selection to uppercase.Set environmentSet maximum call stack depthSet to &LowercaseSet to U&ppercaseSet to lowercaseSet to uppercaseSet which values are shown in special objectsSet working directorySetswana/TswanaSetswana/Tswana (South Africa)SettingsSetup Customized FormattersSetup Customized ToolsSetup client classesSetup criterion domain propertiesSetup criterion text propertiesSetup customized formattersSetup customized toolsSetup domainSetup external command for criterionSetup feature domainSetup input domain:Setup metric value retrieverSetup stone handlers for tool "$1"Setup supplier classesSetup tools for formatter "$1"Setup value criterionSeventh external command shortcut.Seventh external command.Several classes have the same name:
885 Shall feature calls on targets of detachable types be reported as errors?Shared Library DefinitionShort NameShortcut 0Shortcut 1Shortcut 2Shortcut 3Shortcut 4Shortcut 5Shortcut 6Shortcut 7Shortcut 8Shortcut 9Shortcut modification failed. It is either used by a fixed shortcut or reserved by the system.Shortcut to cancel compilation.Shortcut to check overrides and compile current project.Shortcut to compile current project.Shortcut to create a new development window.Shortcut to create a new tabbed editor.Shortcut to display Breakpoints tool.Shortcut to display C Output tool.Shortcut to display Call Stack tool.Shortcut to display Class tool.Shortcut to display Clusters tool.Shortcut to display Diagram tool.Shortcut to display Error and Warnings tool.Shortcut to display External output tool.Shortcut to display Favorites tool.Shortcut to display Feature Relation tool.Shortcut to display Features tool.Shortcut to display Metric tool.Shortcut to display Object Viewer tool.Shortcut to display Objects tool.Shortcut to display Output tool.Shortcut to display Properties tool.Shortcut to display Search Report tool.Shortcut to display Search tool.Shortcut to display Threads tool.Shortcut to display Watch tool.Shortcut to display Windows tool.Shortcut to display basic text view.Shortcut to display clickable text view.Shortcut to display contract view.Shortcut to display flat view.Shortcut to display interface view.Shortcut to finalize current project.Shortcut to freeze current project.Shortcut to go back in the history.Shortcut to go forth in the history.Shortcut to jump to the next compilation error.Shortcut to jump to the next compilation warning.Shortcut to jump to the previous compilation error.Shortcut to jump to the previous compilation warning.Shortcut to pause debugged application.Shortcut to run debugged application ignoring breakpoints.Shortcut to run debugged application.Shortcut to save all files.Shortcut to save current editing file.Shortcut to search new classes and compile current project.Shortcut to send Class/Feature to tools.Shortcut to step into a routine.Shortcut to step out of a routine.Shortcut to step.Shortcut to stop debugged application.ShortcutsShould EiffelStudio Debug menu be shownShould a complete exception trace be generated in the finalized version?Should address toolbar be shown?Should all applicable docking feedback indicators be shown when dragging a tool or a editor tab?Should all classes be processed?Should categorized folder level in dependency view be expanded by default?Should classes be categorized in physical folders where they locate?Should cluster names be used as namespaces?Should completion automatically complete words when a single best match is available?Should completion window appear automatically after typing a `.'?Should editor perform auto-indenting?Should file be renamed to a new name?Should general toolbar be shown?Should generated assemblies be marked as CLS compliant?Should inheritance classes be displayed?Should inlining be enabled?Should names follow the .NET naming convention?Should names of folders in recursive clusters be used as namespaces?Should non-matching entries from completion list be hidden while completing? If not, all entries are shown and selection in completion list will change to the closest matching entry while completing.Should not be readShould occurrences of the class name in comments be changed?Should occurrences of the class name in strings be changed?Should occurrences of the feature name in comments be changed?Should occurrences of the feature name in strings be changed?Should old archive items be hidden?Should project toolbar be shown?Should refactoring toolbar be shown?Should referenced classes in dependency view be expanded by default?Should referencer classes in dependency view be expanded by default?Should selective text of toolbar items in general toolbar?Should size of completion list be remembered between completions in the editor?Should syntactical referenced classes be displayed?Should tab character be used for auto-indentation?Should text be shown alongside preselected toolbar items?Should the C output panel be shown when a C compilation is launched?Should the generated binary be IL verifiable?Should the generated executable use a shared library of the runtime?Should the info about the agent object be displayed?Should the output tool be shown when a compilation is launched?Should this library use options from the application instead of from the library?Should trailing blanks be auto-removed when saving?Should unused code be removed?Should we always try to debug non-Eiffel code in case it calls back into some Eiffel code?Should we reload the content of a file automatically if no change has been made here and the file has been modified by an external editor?Show Show $1Show ALL classes in the diagram (ignore the following list)?Show ANY featuresShow Alias NameShow Assigner Command NameShow BONShow Detailed Result when computation done.Show Failures OnlyShow GC statisticsShow Help...Show ListShow Mini ToolbarShow SignatureShow Test Run CasesShow UMLShow address toolbarShow all applicable docking indicatorsShow all callersShow all callers (as opposed to local callers) in `callers' form.Show all stack elementsShow all text in general toolbarShow all text in project toolbarShow all text in refactoring toolbarShow ancestor classes?Show ancestors of a class up to a level of preference value.Show breakpoints toolShow c output toolShow call stack toolShow class location?Show class toolShow clients of a class up to a level of preference value.Show cluster legendShow clustersShow clusters toolShow completion disambiguated nameShow completion signatureShow completion typeShow dependency on self?Show dependency toolShow descendant classes?Show descendants of a class down to a level of preference value.Show diagram toolShow dialog to set current editor cursor line.Show errors and warnings toolShow external output toolShow favorites toolShow feature relation toolShow features toolShow general toolbarShow goto dialogShow hidden preferencesShow hidden preferences in preference window?Show information about breakpointsShow inheritance linksShow item pathShow labelsShow line numbersShow metric toolShow normal referenced classes?Show object viewer toolShow objects toolShow obsolete itemsShow only syntactically referenced classes?Show only:Show output toolShow physics settings dialogShow project toolbarShow properties toolShow quick search barShow refactoring toolbarShow search and replace panelShow search report toolShow search toolShow selective text on the right of buttonsShow self dependencyShow starting dialogShow static callersShow stop pointsShow subclusters of a cluster down to a level of preference value.Show superclusters of a cluster up to a level of preference value.Show supplier linksShow suppliers of a class up to a level of preference value.Show text in general toolbarShow text in project toolbarShow text in refactoring toolbarShow text labelsShow the callers of the currently edited feature.Show threads toolShow tooltipShow tooltip?Show tooltips?Show unchanged feature from anyShow unchanged features from class ANY?Show unchanged features in class ANY by default?Show warnings:Show watch toolShow windows toolShow/hide disambiguated name in completion list.Show/hide obsolete features in completion list.Show/hide show type in completion list.Show/hide signature in completion list.Shows/hides the hidden contract place holders for inherited contracts.Signing KeySinhalaSinhala (Sri Lanka)Sixth external command shortcut.Sixth external command.Slice limitsSlovakSlovak (Slovakia)SlovenianSlovenian (Slovenia)Smallest number of items displayed in list data.Smart homeSmart indentationSome classes were edited since last compilationSome feature export clauses are conflicting.
886 Please make sure that export clauses do not share
887 either their indices or their exported names.Some files could not be saved.
888 Exit was cancelled.Some files have not been saved.
889 Do you want to save them before compiling?Some files have not been saved. Do you want to save them before exiting?Sorry a problem occurred,
890 we are not able to show you the value ...
891 Sorry no information available on Threads for nowSorry no information when application is not stoppedSorting order of callees.Sorting order of callers.Sorting order of flat clients of class.SourceSource file cannot be moved. Please make sure that:
892 - The source file exists,
893 - The source file is not being edited,
894 - The destination directory can be written in.Spaces background colorSpaces text colorSpanishSpanish (Argentina)Spanish (Bolivia)Spanish (Chile)Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Costa Rica)Spanish (Dominican Republic)Spanish (Ecuador)Spanish (El Salvador)Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Honduras)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Nicaragua)Spanish (Panama)Spanish (Paraguay)Spanish (Peru)Spanish (Puerto Rico)Spanish (Spain)Spanish (United States)Spanish (Uruguay)Spanish (Venezuela)Special type mappings.Specific information related to current call stack (exception,...)Specified file doesn't existSpecified metric is not defined or invalid, this will cause current formatter not usableSpecifies if any applicable application-orientated optimizations should be applied to a finalized compilation.Specifies if errors in the Error List tool should be expanded automatically, to show the verbose error information.Specify argumentsSpecify default tools for specific stonesSpecify the Ace file:
895 C: Cancel
896 S: Specify file name
897 T: Copy template
899 Option: Specify the file the compiler uses to generate the exported functions.Speed for scrolling when dragging figures from diagram near the edge of the diagram tool (a valid value is between 0 and 100).St&artStack grid layout managedStack informationStack overflow detection: depth of stack at which execution will pause and ask whether it is ok to continue (only works in classic Eiffel).Standard (C/byte code)Standard ButtonsStandard syntaxStartStart Test RunStart Test Run Failed FirstStart With ArgumentsStart and stop at breakpointsStart commandStart execution and stop at breakpointsStart execution without stopping at breakpointsStart metric archive evaluationStart without stopping at breakpointsStarting dialog heightStarting dialog widthStatusStatus BarStepStep In&toStep IntoStep OutStep by stepStep completedStep intoStep into a routineStep nextStep outStep out of a routineStep out of routineStiffness ($1%)Stiffness:Stone handlerStone nameStopStop ApplicationStop Test RunStop applicationStop at breakpoint (Stop execution when the application reach a breakpoint).Stop at breakpointsStop debug and remove cluster $1 permanently
900 from the system.
902 Are you sure this is what you want?Stop executionStop execution when compilingStop metric archive evaluationStop metric evaluationStop metric recalculationString DisplayString background colorString text colorString to be inserted.Sub-clustersSubclusterSubcluster depthSuper-clustersSupercluster depthSupplier PreconditionSupplier classSupplier depthSupplier groupSuppliersSwahiliSwahili (Kenya)SwedishSwedish (Finland)Swedish (Sweden)Sweep the system now.Switch numerical formatingSwitch to Flat ViewSwitch to Tree ViewSwitch to decimal formatSwitch to hexadecimal formatSwitch to high qualitySwitch to low qualitySwitches and QuerySwitching to debug mode...Switching to edit mode...SynchronizeSynchronize contextSynchronize in toolsSynchronizing class relationsSynchronizing classesSynchronizing cluster relationsSynchronizing clustersSynchronizing diagram tool: Synchronizing linksSyntactical classesSyntactical client of Syntactical supplier of Syntax complete enabledSyntax levelSyriacSyriac (Syria)SystemSystem InfoSystem doesn't exist.System is being compiledSystem is runningSystem is running (ignoring breakpoints)System launchedSystem name and UUID do not match.
903 System UUID: $1
904 System name: $2
905 System name: System not runningSystem propertiesSystem runningTARGET name attribute expectedTYPE: Tab stepTagsTags:TajikTajik (Tajikistan)TamazightTamazight (Algeria, Latin)TamilTamil (India)TargetTarget Target SelectionTarget `$1' does not exist or is not a compilable target.
906 Choose among the following target(s): Target `$1' does not exist or is not compilable.
907 Choose one target among:Target name and UUID do not match.
908 System UUID: $1
909 Target name: $2
910 Target stoneTarget text background colorTarget text colorTarget to cluster or classTarget used if system is used as a library.Target: $1Targeted CLR Version:TargetsTasksTatarTatar (Russia)Te&xtTeluguTelugu (India)Temporary headerTenth external command shortcut.Tenth external command.Terminate C CompilationTerminate current C compilation in progressTerminate running commandTest CountTest FeaturesTest Runs HistoryTextText GeneratorsText finished loadingText in text criterion is empty.Text mode is windowsText not editable because current metric is predefined.Text not editable.Text option: Text was savedThaiThai (Thailand)The .NET Assembly filename that you have chosen is not valid.
912 Please click Back and choose another filename.The Eiffel debugger is not found or not executable
913 current path = $1
915 You can change this value in the preferences
916 or restart after setting the $2 $3
917 The Makefile.SH is more recent than the system.The changes you have made to the following resources
918 will be taken into account after you restart.The class $1 is not writable.The class name is not valid.The configuration file you have selected is already listed.The configuration file you have selected is not valid.The contracts cannot be show for class The creation routine name that you have specified does not conform
919 the lace specification.
921 A valid creation routine name is not empty and only contains letters,
922 digits, and underscores. The first character must
923 be a letter.
925 Click Back and choose a valid creation routine name.The current version of system has not been successfully compiled.
926 As a result, you cannot use the debugging facilities.The customized formatters with target scope will not be saved because a project has not been loaded.The descending class $1 already has another feature with the new name.The directory you have chosen already contain
927 a project.
929 Click Back to choose another directory.
931 Click Next to continue and erase actual project.The directory you have chosen doesn't exist and
932 the Wizard cannot create it.
934 Click Back and choose another directory.The execution profiles have been modified.
935 Do you want to apply the changes before closing?The feature name is not valid.The file $1
936 either cannot be read or does not represent
937 a valid dynamic library definition.The file you have supplied as Runtime Information Record
938 does not exist or is not valid.
939 Do not forget that the Runtime Information Record has to
940 be located in the project directory:
941 $1
943 Please provide a valid file or execute your profiler again to
944 generate a valid Runtime Information Record.
946 Click Back and select a valid file or Click Abort.The file you have supplied as existring Execution Provide does
947 not exist or is not valid. Please provide a valid file or generate
948 a new one.
949 Click Back and select a valid file or choose the generate option.The following environment variables are not set:
950 The following resource is not found:
951 $1The last compilation was not completed.
952 Running the last compiled application in these conditions can
953 lead to inconsistent information, or to exhibit unexpected behavior.The maximum number of processors to use during compilation. Used '0' to use all available processors.The number of states is limited to 10.The precompilation(s) will be launched as soon
954 as you push the Finish button
956 Be patient, this can take a while!The project location is the place where compilation
957 files will be generated by the compilerThe project name that you have specified does not conform
958 to the Lace specification.
960 A valid project name is not empty and only contains letters,
961 digits, and underscores. Moreover the first character must
962 be a letter.
964 Click Back and choose a valid project name.The project needs to use a precompile library, which has not been compiled.
965 Should the precompile be built?The resource EDITOR is not set
966 The root class name that you have specified does not conform
967 the lace specification.
969 A valid root class name is not empty and only contains letters,
970 digits, and underscores. The first character must
971 be a letter.
973 Click Back and choose a valid root class name.The selected file '$1' is not a valid .NET assembly.The selected options are invalid.
974 Please select different ones.The specified hit count target is not valid.The speed, in milliseconds, in which the auto-hide tools will reveal or hide themselves completely. Use '0' to disable animation effect.The system could not be launched in allotted time:
976 Your current timeout is $1 second(s)
978 You can change this value in the preferences
979 or restart after setting the $2 $3
980 The system has no entry feature, it is not executable from EiffelStudio.The text of this class cannot be modified.The text of this class could not be modified.The visible toolbar items for the Diagram Tool toolbar.The wizard can not be completed because its installation is not complete.
981 The COM component "ISE.VS.VisionSupport" is missing or not registered.
983 Contact http://support.eiffel.com for more details.
985 Click Abort to finish the wizard.ThenThere are problems in this library definition.
986 Call 'Check' to have more information.
987 Save anyway?There is $1 metric in archiveThere are $1 metrics in archiveThere is already a class with the same name.There is already a feature with this name in class $1. This would lead to a conflict.There is already a metric named $1.
988 Change its name in "Metric name" column to make it importable.There is already a project compiled in "$1"
989 It needs to be deleted before a precompilation.
990 There is already metric named "$1" in import metric list.
991 The name "$2" will be changed back to "$3".There is no items available at this index.
992 There is no output to save.
993 There was a problem saving the contracts. Please check you have access to the class file.There was an error when trying to store the EiffelStudio session data.These parameters are invalid.Third external command shortcut.Third external command.This class cannot export features.
994 Please make sure that it is neither deferred nor generic
995 and that the system is correctly compiled.This class is already being edited
996 in another editor.
997 Editing a class in several editors
998 may cause loss of data.This cluster does not have an enclosing cluster.This command requires a class name.
999 It cannot be executed.This command requires a directory.
1000 It cannot be executed.This command requires a file name.
1001 It cannot be executed.This command will stop the debugger.This feature cannot be exported.
1002 Deferred features, external ones,
1003 and attributes cannot be exported.This feature export clause contains errors.
1004 Try editing it to have more information.This feature is only available when debugging, and when the execution is stopped.This file has been modified by another editor.This file seems to be corrupted.
1005 Not all items inside could be loaded.This index is already used.
1006 Please select another one.This operation cannot be undone for files not loaded into the EiffelStudio editor.
1007 Are you sure your would like to continue replacing all occurrences?This project contains no compilable target.This project contains no compilable target.
1008 Please open a different project.This project has more than one target: This view can be used to display result of all formatters
1009 thus it is used as a default view for formattersThis view is suitable for displaying class hierarchy
1010 such as class ancestors/descendantsThis view is suitable for displaying class list
1011 such as class clients/suppliersThis view is suitable for displaying different versions of a feature
1012 such as feature implementors/ancestor versions/descendant versionsThis view is suitable for displaying feature calleesThis view is suitable for displaying feature callersThis view is suitable for displaying features in form of list from a class
1013 such as attributes/routinesThis will discard the modifications.This will reset ALL preferences to their default values
1014 and all previous settings will be overwritten. Are you sure?ThreadsThrow a call on Void target exception?TibetanTibetan (Bhutan)Tibetan (PRC)TimeTimeoutTimeout used to start the Eiffel debugger daemon (classic only). Leave it to 0 to use the default environment value.To do informationTo do:Toggle &Line NumbersToggle 'Ignore stop point'Toggle between UML and BON viewToggle filterToggle filtering in completion list.Toggle line number visibilityToggle quality levelToggle remember sizeToggle show disambiguated nameToggle show obsolete itemsToggle show signatureToggle show typeToggle visibility of assigner command nameToggle visibility of client link labelsToggle visibility of cluster legendToggle visibility of clustersToggle visibility of feature alias nameToggle visibility of feature signatureToggle visibility of inheritance linksToggle visibility of line numbers.Toggle visibility of supplier linksToo many "$1" sections. Only one is expcted.Too many "domain" section specified. Only one is expected.Too many "value_tester" sections. Only one is expected.Too many arguments. The following arguments will be ignored:Too many crieria is specified in "criterion" section. Only one is expected.Too many criterion sections specified. Only one criterion section is expected.Too many value retrievers nodes. Only one is expected.ToolTool BarTool&barsToolbar OptionsToolsTooltipTop-levelTotal Progress: Total TimeTotal progress: $1%TraceTrademarkTransitional syntaxTree ViewTree view for metric historyTree/Flat ViewTrigger backward search.Trigger class completionTrigger collapsing of all tree nodes.Trigger collapsing of current tree node.Trigger display of search panel focused on replace.Trigger expansion of all tree nodes.Trigger expansion of current tree node.Trigger feature completion.Trigger forward search.Trigger insertion of customized string #1.Trigger insertion of customized string #2.Trigger insertion of customized string #3.Trigger quick search bar.Trigger search on current selection and goes to next result.Trigger search on current selection and goes to previous result.TrueTurkishTurkish (Turkey)TurkmenTurkmen (Turkmenistan)Turn off physicsTurn on physicsTurn on/off physicsTypeType MappingType checking failedType input data hereType of binary to generate.Type of compilation.Type of the group.Type of the task.Type {$1} is not compiled.Type:U&ncommentUML cluster name area fill color.UML cluster name color.UML cluster name font.UUIDUUID "$1" is invalid.UUID is missing.UighurUighur (PRC)UkrainianUkrainian (Ukraine)UmlUml class deferred fontUml class feature section colorUml class feature section fontUml class features colorUml class features fontUml class fill colorUml class name colorUml class name fontUml class properties colorUml class properties fontUml client colorUml client label colorUml client label fontUml client line widthUml cluster iconified fill colorUml cluster line colorUml cluster name area colorUml cluster name colorUml cluster name fontUml generics colorUml generics fontUml inheritance colorUml inheritance line widthUnHandledUnable to evaluate (non once) routine {$1}.$2 on Void object or type nameUnable to evaluate deferred routine {$1}.$2Unable to evaluate once routine {$1}.$2Unable to evaluate {$1}.$2 on <$3>$4Unable to evaluate {$1}.$2$3Unable to execute the wizard.
1015 Check that `$1' exists and is executable.
1016 Unable to find an applicable template for the current version of EiffelStudio.Unable to get Current object.Unable to get ICorDebugFunctionUnable to get target objectUnable to get valid target object for $1Unable to initialize the project generated by the wizardUnable to load remote file in: $1
1017 Please make sure file does not exits or is writable.Unable to load the ace file `$1'.
1018 For the following reasons:
1019 $2Unable to load the project file `$1'.
1020 For the following reasons:
1021 $2Unable to read remote file.
1022 Please check URL: $1Unable to retrieve the list of installed wizard.Unable to transfer remote file.
1023 Reason: $1Unable to write file: $1Uncheck AllUncommentUncomment current line or selectionUncomment selected linesUncompile changesUncompiled class stoneUndefineUndefinedUnderscore is separatorUndoUndo (Ctrl+Z)Undo Last Refactoring (only works as long as no file that was refactored has been changed by hand)Undo RefactoringUndo commandUndo last actionUndo not possible.UnevaluatedUnified stoneUnindentUnitUnit "$1" of variable metric is different from unit "$2" of linear metric.Unit name "$1" is invalid.Unit name is missing.Unit orderUnit test files will be generated.Unit:Universal unique identifier for the system.Unknown application statusUnknown attribute name:
1024 $1Unknown class nameUnknown cluster nameUnknown constant type for `$1'Unknown format:
1025 $1Unknown menu $1.
1026 Unknown option $1.
1027 Unknown protocol name:
1028 $1Unlin&k Context ToolUnlink the context tool from the other componentsUnnamedUnnamed DebugsUnselectedUnsensitive foreground colorUntilUnused LocalsUpUp to depth ofUpdateUpdate Last Changed TimeUpdate breakpoint(s) statusUpdate commentsUpdate stringsUpdating $1Updating the view ...Upper SorbianUpper Sorbian (Germany)UrduUrdu (India)Urdu (Pakistan)Usage:
1029 Use Application OptionsUse Cluster Name as NamespaceUse Optimized PrecompileUse Pick and Drop mode? Contextual mode if false.Use Recursive Cluster Name as NamespaceUse an optimized version of a precompile?Use animated iconsUse animated icons in the status bar?Use buffered lineUse current environment valueUse current environment variablesUse default aliasUse default autocomplete?Use default checkUse default classUse default createUse default creationUse default debugUse default deferredUse default doUse default elseUse default elseifUse default endUse default ensureUse default ensure thenUse default exportUse default externalUse default featureUse default fromUse default ifUse default indexingUse default inheritUse default inspectUse default invariantUse default isUse default localUse default loopUse default obsoleteUse default onceUse default precursorUse default redefineUse default renameUse default requireUse default require elseUse default rescueUse default selectUse default thenUse default undefineUse default untilUse default variantUse default whenUse delayed domainUse existing profile: Use external delayed domainUse inherited value.Use input domain as criterion domain.Use most recent CLR Version:Use regular expressionUse regular expression?Use tab for indentationUse the old format for verbatim strings?Use wildcardsUser customized string inserted when user performs the key combination defined in Editor->Eiffel->Keyboard Shortcuts->Customized insertion 1.User customized string inserted when user performs the key combination defined in Editor->Eiffel->Keyboard Shortcuts->Customized insertion 2.User customized string inserted when user performs the key combination defined in Editor->Eiffel->Keyboard Shortcuts->Customized insertion 3.User-defined metrics backup finished.Using this wizard you can analyze the result of a profiling.
1031 Profiling a system is used to analyze its run-time properties
1032 and in particular the cost of each routine: number of calls,
1033 time spent, etc. The profiler is a precious tool to understand
1034 and optimize a system.
1036 To continue you need to have already executed your system
1037 with the profiler activated. If this is not the case, please
1038 refer to the documentation on how to profile a system.
1041 To continue, click Next.Using this wizard you can create a Windows application
1042 based on the WEL library.
1045 To continue, click Next.Using this wizard you can create a Wizard application
1047 You will have to choose how many states should be in
1048 your wizard.
1049 Then all the useful classes will be generated, and you will
1050 just have to fill in the WIZARD_xxxx_STATE classes.
1053 To continue, click Next.Using this wizard you can create a graphical application
1054 based on the EiffelVision2 library.
1056 The generated application will run on any Windows system
1057 as well as on any GTK supported platform (Linux, FreeBSD, ...)
1060 To continue, click Next.Using this wizard you can create a project (executable
1061 or dynamic library) targeting the Microsoft .NET platform.
1063 The generated application will run on any system
1064 where the .NET runtime is installed.
1068 To continue, click Next.Using this wizard you can create whole set of unit test files.
1070 Unit test is used to validate that individual units of source
1071 code are working properly. In Eiffel, the smallest unit is
1072 a feature, which may belong to a base class, deferred class
1073 or descendant class.
1075 After run this wizard, an Eiffel class file, an Ecf file, a Tcf
1076 file and a Note file will be generated at the cluster
1077 location which you selected.
1079 To continue, click Next.
1080 Using this wizard you can precompile any
1081 Eiffel library. You will be able to precompile
1082 the shipped libraries but also your own
1083 libraries by providing the corresponding
1084 configuration file.
1086 If you precompile a library already precompiled,
1087 the previous version will be overwritten
1090 To continue, click Next.UzbekUzbek (Uzbekistan, Cyrillic)Uzbek (Uzbekistan, Latin)VALUE: ValueValue "$1" of "normal" attribute is invalid. A boolean value is expected.Value "$1" of attribute "$2" is invalid. A boolean is expected.Value "$1" of attribute "case_sensitive" is invalid. A boolean is expected.Value "$1" of attribute "indirect" is invalid. A boolean value is expected.Value "$1" of attribute "negation" is invalid. A boolean is expected.Value "$1" of attribute "only_current_version" is invalid. A boolean is expected.Value "$1" of attribute "regular_expression" is invalid. A boolean is expected.Value "$1" of attribute "time" is invalid.Value "$1" of attribute "type" is invalid.Value "$1" of attribute "value" is invalid. A real number is expected.Value "$2" of attribute "$1" is invalid. A boolean is expected.Value "$2" of attribute "$1" is invalid. An integer is expected.Value of element $1 is not valid.Value retriever is missing.Value tester is missing.Value:VariableVariable metric is missng. At least one variable metric should be defined.Variable metric name is missing.VariablesVariantVariant of syntax used in source codeVersionVersion from class $1Version information.Version of the .NET runtime to use.Version of the assembly.VietnameseVietnamese (Vietnam)ViewView View labelViewpointsViewpoints: Visible ClassesVision2 Application AppearanceWARNING: the console based debugger is experimental!!
1091 WEL Application TypeW_codeWarn about assignment attempts on formal or expanded targets (VJRV)?Warn about class options of unknown classes?Warn about classes where the filename does not match the classname?Warn about different files with the same UUID?Warn about incompatible types in equality comparisons (VWEQ)?Warn about locals that are not used?Warn about missing classes in export clauses (VTCM)?Warn about renamings of unknown classes?Warn about usage of obsolete classes?Warn about usage of obsolete features?Warn about usage of old syntax?Warn about usage of old verbatim strings?Warn about usage of onces in generics?WarningWarning background colorWarning check failedWarning text colorWarning: Modifications will be taken into accountWarningsWatchWatch ToolWatch tool :: error messageWatch tools layoutWatches grids layout managedWelcome to the
1092 Precompilation WizardWelcome to the
1093 new .NET Application WizardWelcome to the New Unit Test Wizard.Welcome to the New Vision2
1094 Application WizardWelcome to the New WEL
1095 Application WizardWelcome to the New Wizard
1096 Application WizardWelcome to the Profiler WizardWelshWelsh (United Kingdom)WhenWhen Hits ...When estudio_dbg_menu_enabled_preference is True, is EiffelStudio Debug menu shown by accelerator?When hits ...When loading predefined metrics:
1097 $1
1098 Predefined metrics not loaded.When loading user-defined metrics:
1099 $1
1100 User-defined metrics not loaded.When the breakpoint is hit:Which .NET debugger to launch: `EiffelStudio Dbg' will use the EiffelStudio debugger; `cordbg' will use the command line debugger from the .NET Framework SDK; `DebugCLR' will use the graphical debugger from the .NET Framework SDK.Which actions would you like to create?Whole projectWhole wordWidthWidth of completion list. Used if 'remember_completion_list_size' is set to True.Width of development window.Width of dynamic library window.Width of left margin in editor. Note: this is not the breakpoint margin, but the whitespace to the left of the editor.Width of preferences window.Width of the open project dialog.Width of the project settings dialog.Width of the starting dialog.WildcardWill normal referenced supplier/client classes be shown?WindowsWizard application, based on EiffelWizardWizard instalation ErrorWizard to precompile librariesWolofWolof (Senegal)Workbench modeWorking DirectoryWorking directoryX positionXML displayXML filesXhosa/isiXhosaXhosa/isiXhosa (South Africa)Y positionYakutYakut (Russia)YesYiYi (PRC)YorubaYoruba (Nigeria)You are about to overwrite the original file with
1101 the backup file. Previous content will be lost
1102 and the backup file deleted.You can choose the appearance of your application.You can choose the name of the project and
1103 the directory where the project will be generated.You can choose the number of states your wizard will have.You can choose the type of your application between
1104 a Frame-based or a Dialog based windowYou can choose to create a .exe or a .dll file
1105 and select the names of the root class and its creation routine.You can create an executable file (.exe) or dynamic-link library (.dll)You can generate the Execution Profile from a Run-time Information Record
1106 created by a profiler, or you can reuse an existing Execution Profile if you
1107 have already generated one for this system.You can include the value of an expression in the message by
1108 placing it in curly braces, such as "The value of x is {x}.".
1109 To insert a curly brace, use "\{". To insert a backslash, use "\\".
1111 The following special keywords will be replaced with their current values:
1112 $HITCOUNT - breakpoint's hit count
1113 $ADDRESS - current object address
1114 $CALL - current call
1115 $CALLSTACK - current call stack
1116 $CLASS - current class name
1117 $FEATURE - current feature name
1118 $THREADID - current thread idYou can put "not" before a criterion name to negate itYou cannot choose a target because of the -stop/-batch option.You cannot choose the project location
1119 because of the -stop/-batch option.
1120 You have chosen to build a Frame-Based Application.
1121 You can provide an icon or use the default iconYou have specified the following settings:You have specified the following settings:
1123 Project name: $1
1124 Location: $2
1125 You have specified the following settings:
1127 Project name: $1
1128 Location: $2
1131 You have unsaved changesYou must choose at least one library.
1133 If you want to precompile one or more libraries, click Back
1134 and add the libraries you want to precompile into the right list
1136 If you don't want to precompile any library, click CancelYou must compile a project first.You must finalize your project first.You must now run "$1" in:
1137 You must select an Ace file first
1138 You should first manipulate the subqueriesYour external command list is full.
1139 Use Tools->External Command... to delete one.Your old configration file needs to be converted to the new format.
1140 The default name for the new configuration is '$1'.
1141 Select OK if you want to keep this name, or 'Save As...' to choose a different name.ZoomZoom Zoom InZoom OutZoom inZoom outZulu/isiZuluZulu/isiZulu (South Africa)[Unnamed feature clause]`Current' object associated to selected call stack element`Result' value associated to selected call stack elementadd a subqueryalways build precompile.always cancel C/C++ compilation when exiting.always cancel C/C++ compilation, terminate external command when exiting.always compile C/++ code.always compile before executing.always convert old projects.always delete without asking.always discard assertions when finalizing.always finalize.always remove selected metricalways replace all.always save files before compiling.always save modified metricalways terminate external command when exiting.always terminate finalizing when needed.always terminate freezing when needed.always terminate running external command.autobasicbasic metricchange the boolean operatorclass $1 $2 attribute expectedclass formats and informationclass itemclass? $1, $2 attributes expectedcluster? $1, $2 attribute expectedcolumncompile or run the systemconstant valueconvert profiler output filescreate documents from the systemcriterioncurrentcurrent versioncwd="$1"debug the system as a command loopdefaultdeferreddelayed itemdelete existing project if any and perform a fresh compilationdenominator metricdescendent versionsdirectdisabledisplay the cluster hierarchy of the systemdo not convert clusters into librariesdomaineWeasel unhandled outputedit the config fileedit the text of a classelements.empty domainenableerror messageexecute the systemexpandedfeature formats and informationfeature itemfinalize the system (discard assertions by default)finish_freezing Launch Errorflat viewfolder itemfor the next objects you will add in the object tree.formal type is not yet supportedfreeze the systemgenerate profile information for latest rungo back to main menugo back to parent menugroup itemhide this dialog at startup.hits: in $1 classin $1 classesinactivate subqueryindirectinformation about a profiled runinterface viewis invalidlaunch C compilation if neededlaunch the compilation without user requestlibrarylinearlinear metricmanipulate subqueriesmelt the systemmetricmetric archive nodemetric valuenewnew_valueno limitnormalnot compilednumerator metricoffset $1or And-term $1overwrite any existing old projectprecompile and finalize the systemprecompile the systemprofileprofile #quick melt the systemratioratio metricreactivate subqueryrecursivereset all values to their defaultsrowrun ec as a command looprun the querysave the output to a fileset the argumentsshow a filtered form (troff, ...) of the class textshow classes modified since last compilationshow compiler version numbershow indexing clauses of classesshow list of commandsshow system statisticsshow the ancestor versions of a featureshow the ancestors of a classshow the attributes of a classshow the callees of a featureshow the callers of a featureshow the classes implementing a featureshow the classes in alphabetic ordershow the clients of a classshow the config fileshow the creation procedures of a classshow the deferred features of a classshow the descendant versions of a featureshow the descendants of a classshow the exported features of a classshow the external features of a classshow the flat form of a classshow the flat form of a featureshow the flat-short form of a classshow the invariants of a classshow the list of queriesshow the once & constant features of a classshow the output switchesshow the routines of a classshow the short form of a classshow the suppliers of a classshow the system's classes, cluster by clustershow the text of a classshow the text of a featureshow this help messageshown the homonyms of a featurespecify a class file for single file compilationspecify a library for single file compilationspecify input file (filename or last_output)specify language (eiffel, c, cycles)specify the Ace file (obsolete)specify the compilation directoryspecify the config filespecify the project file to load (obsolete)specify the targetstart the graphical environmentstop on errorstore in EiffelCase formatsyntacticaltarget itemterminate sessiontotypeuse external delayed domainuse settings for project locationuser setvalue testervariable metricwrapyank (save) output of last command to a file{SPECIAL} is not yet supportedProject-Id-Version:
1142 POT-Creation-Date:
1143 PO-Revision-Date: 2008-04-28 19:51+0800
1144 Last-Translator: Ted <tedf@eiffel.com>
1145 Language-Team: YOUR TEAM HERE
1146 MIME-Version: 1.0
1147 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
1148 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
1149 Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n>1;
1150 默认值 (无选项):快速融化该系统。
1153 + 模块 = $1
1154 + 地址 = <$1>
1155 + 断点编号 = $1
1156 + 编译 = 融化
1157 + 方法包含rescue语句
1158 收藏夹名称不能包含任何如下字符:
1159 ( ) *
1160 $1不可写。请检查权限。
1161 上下文: $1
1163 不能打开项目`$1'.
1165 请确保`$2'中有完整的EIFGENs文件夹。
1166 选项:
1168 完全激活的查询:
1169 在$2个类中替换了$1处在$2个类中替换了$1处 (已预编译) -> 已禁用该项
1170 (!) 确定要删除该项吗? (!) 你需要覆盖值吗? (!) 值非法! (!) 请输入合法的值[$1]。 (!) 该变量已经赋值 [$1=$2]。
1171 (需要重新启动) $1 忽略断点 (位置$1) --> 表达式: -> 当前条件:"$1"
1172 -> 当前信息:"$1"
1173 --> 输入名称: -> 输入新条件 (退出请留空): -> 输入值: -> 使用该文件夹[$1]? -> 断点编号:--> 类名:--> 方法名: (*=所有方法) => 已增加断点 {$1}.$2@$3
1174 => 找不到类{$1}。
1175 => 未能找到方法{$1}.$2
1176 => 已经应用新条件。
1177 => 无新增断点
1178 => 该条件不是合法的布尔值条件。
1179 => 该条件不合法。
1180 重试吗? [0] 取消
1181 原因为有语法错误。天的档案。 已禁用 已启用 错误的 方法名输出 方法调用次数输出 方法使用时间的百分比输出 方法本身的运行时间输出 输出该方法和其子类版本运行时所用的时间。 子方法的运行时间输出状态的向导。"$1"不是已编译的类。"$target"为占位功能,将被替换为当前格式的输入对象。$1
1182 $2$1
1183 不是一个文件夹。$1
1184 不纯文本文件。$1 属于$2(不在系统中) 位于$3类$1,在类簇$2中(预编译)类$1,在类簇$2中,位于$3$1 $2 $3已激活$1 $2 $3 被禁用$1 (来自$2)$1 => 计算调用`$2'时发生错误$1 => 在计算参数时发生错误。$1 => 错误:除了函数,常量和once方法:不可用。$1 => 错误:请向是支持网站报告。$1不存在。
1185 不能开始C编译。$1不存在。
1186 不能继续运行。
1187 $1个方法$1个方法选中$1个方法选中$1个方法$1个文件不能备份。
1188 其它文件已被保存为后缀为.swp的文件。$1个文件不能备份。
1189 其它文件已被保存为后缀为.swp的文件。$2的$1$target中的$1$1次$1次$1比当前系统新。
1190 需要编译生成的C代码吗?$1不是$2的方法$1不是一个合法的类名
1191 $1不存在于类簇中。当前系统不存在$1
1192 $1不存在
1193 $1个匹配$1个匹配在总共$2个选项中找到$1个值总共$2个选项中找到$1个匹配$2的$1类$2的$1类$3中方法$2的$1$1个选项$1个变量$1个变量$1$2:对不起,`$3'尚未完成。$1$2:对不起,尚未完成。$1(非Eiffel类文件),位于$2$1:指令计算不可用。$1:不可用。$1: 文件不存在!
1195 关于 $1(&A)...从模板添加契约(&A)添加契约...(&A)添加到(&A)添加到收藏(&A)添加(&A)...地址工具栏(&A)调整新的大小(&A)父类中的版本(&A)父类(&A)应用(&A)被赋值者(&A)后退(&B)调用者(&C)关闭(&C)关闭窗口(&C)类簇(&C)注释(&C)编译(&C)内容(&C)复制(&C) Ctrl+C创建者(&C)剪切图(&C)设置标准工具栏(&C)抽象方法(&D)删除当前视图(&D)子类中的版本(&D)禁用所有断点(&D)禁用该断点(&D)生成动态运行库(&D)...编辑(&E)编辑该断点(&E)在外部编辑器中编辑(&E)编辑(&E)...编辑器(&E)在"if..."中嵌入(&E) Ctrl+I激活所有断点(&E)激活该断点(&E)将图输出到PNG格式文件(&E)外部命令(&E)...方法集(&F)文件(&F)查找(&F)...平面视图(&F)向前(&F)凝固(&F)...跳转到(&G)跳转到(&G)...向导(&G)帮助(&H)隐藏收藏(&H)隐藏编辑标记(&H)同命方法(H)如何(&H)...忽略断点(&I)实现方法(&I)缩进(&I) TabIndexing语句(&I)输入域(&I)接口视图(&I)Eiffel介绍(&I)不变量(&I)全部最小化(M)最小化编辑器(M)新建(&N)新建类(&N)...新建项目(&N)...确定(O)对象(&O)对象工具(&O)打开项目(&O)...打开(&O)... Ctrl+O管理收藏(&O)...跳方法(&O)输出(&O)粘贴(&P) Ctrl+V拾起(&P)拾起 $1 '$2'(&P)预编译(&P)前提条件(&P)选项(&P)...打印(&P)项目(&P)项目工具栏(&P)使用直角(&P)最大化(&R)全部最大化最近的项目(&R)重构(&R)重新载入度量(&R)删除(&R)删除当前对象(&R)删除当前断点(&R)从收藏移除(&R)从图中移除替换(&R)...重新设置当前视图(&R)恢复编辑器区域(&R)恢复编辑器(&R)过程(&R)运行(&R) Ctrl+R运行发布系统(&R)运行工作模式系统(&R)运行到该位置(&R)保存(&S)查找(&S)调整关系深度(S)显示(&S)显示收藏夹(&S)显示格式标记(&S)工具历史记录(&S)特殊(&S)标准按钮工具栏(&S)逐步(&S)停止执行(&S)工具(T)撤消(&U) Ctrl+Z减少缩进(&U) Shift+Tab查看(&V)窗口(&W)窗口(&W)'$1'词法不正确或者不支持。'$1'不是合法的条件。'$1'不是一个文件。'$1'不是合法的地址。
1196 当程序暂停时地址才有意义。'$1'不是一个合法的类名。
1197 '$1'不是一个合法的类簇名。
1198 '$1'不是一个合法的文件夹,或者无法创建
1199 请选择一个合法的可写文件夹。'$1'不是一个合法的方法名。
1200 的值:(双击跳转到定义)(Windows可用)(无类)(无类簇)(无方法)编译或重编译发布时生成的C代码编译或重编译凝固时生成的C代码*** $1断点 ***
1201 *** 修改断点$1 ****** 参数 ***
1202 ---( 条件: "$1")----( 信息: "$1")-------- 撤消所有历史 -----< 调试器运行菜单 >----< 调试器主菜单 >----< 调试菜单 :: 断点 >----< 调试器菜单 :: 显示 >----> 参数:--> 类名:--> 编译类型 (默认值: `workbench'):--> 环境变量:--> 方法名:--> 文件名:--> 文件名:--> 过滤器名称:--> 保留断言--> 新操作符:--> 操作符('and'或'or')前的编号:--> 操作符编号:--> 请输入操作符('and'或者'or')前的编号--> 评估信息文件名 (默认值: `profinfo'):--> 删除当前值--> 子查询编号:--> 子查询:--> 已使用的评估 (默认值: `eiffel'):--> 工作文件夹:....NET.NET (msil).NET程序类型和项目设置.NET程序集.NET程序集文件名错误.NET命名空间.NET的命名规范.NET 运行时版本.NET预编译库除了可以创建工作版本,也可以
1203 用发布的方式创建优化版本。
1204 您需要创建发布版本吗?: 非法选项
1205 < 后退< 后退<- 删除<- 全部删除<<将对象释放到此处>><= MSIL CLR 版本 <=<= 编译器版本 <=<未设置><未设置>==== ISE $1 - 命令行版本 (v$2) ====
1207 ???正在运行C编译和外部命令。
1208 EiffelStudio退出之前必须终止他们。
1210 取消C编译,终止外部命令并退出?
1211 正在进行C编译。
1212 EiffelStudio退出之前必须将它终止。
1214 取消C编译并退出?
1215 框架程序使用主窗口或者"框架",可包含菜单,子窗口等。
1216 (EiffelStudio就是一个框架程序的例子。)
1218 对话框程序使用一系列对话框。
1219 (该向导则是一个对话框程序的例子。)发现该文件的备份。
1220 您需要打开原始版本还是备份版本?
1221 如果您选择原始版本,备份版本将会被删除。
1222 如果您选择备份版本,当您保存时原始版本将被会覆盖为备份版本的内容。
1223 必须选中一个类或者用右键在该按钮上放下一个类。正在发布,开始Eiffel编辑将终止发布。
1224 继续吗?正在凝固系统,开始Eiffel编译将终止当前凝固。
1225 继续吗?名为'$1'的布局已经存在。要覆盖吗?子查询有如下格式: 属性 操作符 值
1227 属性为如下值其中之一: featurename, calls, total, self, descendants, percentage
1228 操作符为如下值其中之一: < > <= >= = /= in
1229 值为如下值其中之一: 整数 (调用数), 包含通配符的字符串 (方法名)
1230 实数 (其它属性) 或者值的范围
1231 包含通配符的字符串为含有'*'或者'?'
1232 的字符串
1233 值的范围为由'-'分隔开的两个数字
1234 不允许字串符
1235 所有类都为根类的系统无法运行。合法的度量名称为不以有空格、换行符、制表符开头或结束的非空字符串。
1236 请确保指定的度量名称合法。赋值者(&S)属性(&T)退出关于 $1..."关于"对话框相对路径所依赖的绝对路径抽象未能读取Ace文件`$1'
1237 Ace文件`$1'不存在
1238 Ace文件: '$1'
1239 被引用的项目文件$2不可读。
1240 请选择5.6或之前的Eiffel项目版本。提示还未完成载入Acrobat阅读器行为:激活运行记录激活重放模式激活运行记录激动运行重放模式有效的查询高级(&V)添加添加程序集(&A)...添加预编译(&P)添加子类簇(&S)添加 ->添加全部添加程序集添加类簇(&L)...在"$1"和"$2"之间添加使用关系添加类簇添加Include在"$1"和"$2"之创建继承关系添加库(&I)添加库添加Make添加对象添加重写类添加重写类添加编译后任务添加预编译任务添加预编译添加项目...添加资源添加查找范围添加子类簇添加目标添加运行到达时行为 ...添加`to be implemented'验证断言添加类簇添加库添加新命令在该动态链接库中添加新方法添加新变量: 双击或[Enter]
1241 使用存在变量: 右键或 [Ctrl+Enter]添加预编译添加变量(双击或Enter);使用存在变量(右键或者Ctrl+Enter)添加全部 ->添加程序集添加"与"关系添加断点添加类在图中添加父类在图中添加使用者在图中添加子类在图中添加被使用类添加条件添加当前应用程序范围添加自定义格式添加自定义工具添加方法添加类中的第一个断点添加方法中第一个断点添加frozen关键字添加新常量取值器添加外部方法集添加新度量值查寻添加新的Stone处理工具添加任务添加新的值计算添加新变量添加规则添加范围添加选中的度量添加您自己的库...添加,删除或编辑外部命令添加...附加细节地址地址栏地址表达式地址:添加新契约。高级高级搜索改变的项南非荷兰语南非荷兰语 (南非)以天计算的旧文档年龄阿尔巴尼亚语阿尔巴尼亚语 (阿尔巴尼亚)别名别名非法。
1242 请检查确保其为合法的C标识符。别名:所有类所有测试结果所有被调用者所有类同一类簇中的所有类所有文件所有发送者所有子查询:
1243 所有标签通用编辑器字体。在地址下拉框中自动完成类名吗?按字母顺序排序的类按字母顺序排序的类簇正在被编译的类阿尔萨斯语阿尔萨斯语 (法国)调试前总是编译总是继续执行阿姆哈拉语阿姆哈拉语 (埃塞俄比亚)空类名不合法。
1244 空类簇名不正确。
1245 方法名不能为空。
1246 ICorDebug Debugger初始化时或者创建进程时(.NET)发生错误。在分析表达式时发生错误。在断点处发生错误,因为某一个方法未被正确编译。
1248 重新完整的编译该项目以解决该问题。在加载评估配置时发生错误。在加载评估配置时发生错误。
1249 请与系统管理员联系确认是否支持您的评估。
1250 分析配置文件时出错。
1251 请尝试使用项目设置工具修改。在查询表达式上下文时发生错误。正在运行外部命令。
1252 EiffelStudio退出之前必须将其终止。
1254 终止外部命令并退出?
1255 外部命令正在运行,请等待其退出。外部命令正在运行,关闭窗口将终止其运行。
1256 继续吗?出现循环继承。
1257 仍然增加此继承关系吗?发生内部错误。
1258 向导将被终止。
1259 未知错误发生。
1260 $1将尝试备份已编辑的文件。发生未知错误
1261 正在分析度量档案...父类深度父类父类中的版本父类和"与"增加程序已经退出程序处于非运行状态程序暂停程序正在运行程序正在运行(断点被忽略)程序已经启动目标程序程序类型程序将忽略所有断点。应用应用程序优化在名称为以下值的视图中应用变更:阿位伯语阿拉伯 (阿尔及利亚)阿拉伯语 (巴林)阿拉伯语 (埃及)阿拉伯语 (伊拉克)阿拉伯语 (约旦)阿拉伯语 (科威特)阿拉伯语 (黎巴嫩)阿位伯语 (利比亚)阿拉伯语 (摩洛哥)阿拉伯语 (阿曼)阿拉伯语 (卡塔尔)阿拉伯语 (沙特阿拉伯)阿拉伯语 (叙利亚)阿拉伯语 (突尼斯)阿拉伯 (阿拉伯联合酋长国)阿拉伯语 (也门)比较档案档案管理档案比较结果: 档案值丢失。对所有的方法进行cat-call检查吗?自动完成括号和中括号吗?debug语句在全局范围内应用吗?重复检查当前类父类中的方法吗?自动完成引号吗?使用简化的地址表达式?递归包含子文件夹吗?默认选择非空型别。没有指定的非空型别符号的型别当做非空型别处理吗?激活警告吗?你确定要永久删除选中的项吗?你确定要退出$1吗?确定要重复上次的重构吗?在撤消上次重构之后对类的修改可能造成信息丢失!你确定要$1和它的子结点吗?你确定要删除$1吗?你确定要删除$1的引用吗?你确定要停止并重新运行吗?你确定要停止执行吗?确定要撤消重构吗?
1262 如果重构之后修改过类,这个操作可能破坏类结构并导致信息丢失!参数参数背景色参数文本的字体颜色参数与被选中的调用栈节点关联的参数值亚美尼亚语亚美尼亚语 (亚美尼亚)做为文件名?对象阿萨姆语阿萨姆语 (印度)程序集程序集程序集程序集区域性程序集键程序集名称程序集公钥程序集版本选择程序集断言断言标签背景色断言标签字体颜色断言被赋值者赋值者标准泛型/展开类型赋值属性属性"$1"非法。应为布尔值。未找到"$1"属性属性"case_sensitive"丢失。属性"regular_expression"丢失。"time"属性为空属性"type"丢失。属性自动隐藏自动设置上限自动激活自动完成自动完成单词自动生成表达式自动生成表达式自动隐藏动画速度保存自动清理每行多余的空字符自动完成自动完成中括号和括号自动完成引号自动完成自动完成alias语句自动完成alias语句?自动完成check语句自动完成check语句?自动完成class自动完成类?自动完成create语句自动完成create语句?自动完成creation语句自动完成creation语句?自动完成debug语句自动完成debug语句?自动完成deferred语句自动完成deferred语句?自动完成do语句自动完成do语句?自动完成else语句自动完成else语句?自动完成else if语句自动完成else if语句?自动完成end语句自动完成end语句?自动完成ensure语句自动完成ensure then语句自动完成ensure then语句?自动完成ensure语句?自动完成export语句自动完成export语句?自动完成external语句自动完成external语句?自动完成feature语句自动完成方法?自动完成from语句自动完成from语句?自动完成if语句自动完成if语句?自动完成indexing自动完成indexing?自动完成inherit语句自动完成inherit语句?自动完成inspect语句自动完成inspect语句?自动完成invariant语句自动完成invariant语句?自动完成is语句自动完成is语句?自动完成local语句自动完成local语句?自动完成loop语句自动完成loop语句?自动完成obsolete语句自动完成obsolete语句?自动完成once语句自动完成once语句?自动完成Precursor语句自动完成Precursor语句?自动完成redefine语句自动完成redefine语句?自动完成rename语句自动完成rename语句?自动完成require语句自动完成require else语句自动完成require else语句?自动完成require语句?自动完成rescue语句自动完成rescue语句?自动完成select语句自动完成select语句?自动完成then语句自动完成then语句?自动完成undefine语句自动完成undefine语句?自动完成until语句自动完成until语句?自动完成variant语句自动完成variant语句?自动完成when语句自动完成when语句?自动备份自动跳转到结果面板自动更新自动展开方法树。自动展开错误,查看所有错误信息。重新编译时自动生成备份吗?度量计算后自动跳转到结果面板?自动清理每行多余的空字符吗?自动滚动速度可用的程序集名称可用的按钮可用规则列表可用的方法:可用的库:阿塞拜疆语阿塞拜疆语 (西里尔文,阿塞拜疆)阿塞拜疆语 (拉丁语,阿塞拜疆)BON图中类簇名区域填充色。BON图中类簇的字体颜色。BON图中类簇的字体。向后返回上一级菜单返回上一级菜单后台C编译失败后台C编译运行失败后台C编译启动后台C编译成功后台C编译终止正在进行后台C编译图形工具的背景填充色后台发布版C编译失败后台发布C编译开始后台发布版C编译成功后台发布版C编译终止后台发布C编辑失败后台工作版本C编译失败工作版本后台C编译失败后台工作版C编译启动后台工作版C编译完成后台工作版C编译终止最近一次计算后与预先定义的值不相同的档案项的颜色。indexing标签的背景色。类名的背景色。类簇名的背景色。错误的背景色。扩展显示模式的背景色 (默认值为白色,改变颜色可以更好的查看行尾空白字符)方法名的背景色。泛型的背景色。indexing标签的背景色。局部变量的背景色。普通文本背景色。对象地址的背景色。保留字的背景色。目标文本的背景色。参数文本的背景色。注释文本的背景色。类浏览器中双数行的背景色。文件夹背景色。关键字文本的背景色。行号区域的背景色。none、result关键字的背景色。数字的背景色。类浏览器中单数行的背景色。操作符的背景色。非焦点时选中文本的背景色。选中文本的背景色。空字符背景色。字符串文本的背景色。警告文本的背景色。选中文本中光标的背景色。选中文本的背景色。备份发现原有备份备份用户定义度量某些文件备份失败。
1263 系统已经严重损坏。备份用户定义的度量备份成功。
1264 类被保存为以.swp为后缀的文件。基本值值测试器的基本值"$1"非法。应为实数。值测试器的基本值丢失。巴什基尔语巴什基尔语 (俄罗斯)终端程序(不包含图形库)普通文本视图巴斯克语巴斯克语 (巴斯克)Batch/Stop模式: 正在保存新配置模式为'$1'。白俄罗斯白俄罗斯语 (白俄罗斯)孟加拉语孟加拉语 (印度)闪烁光标BONBON类填充色BON类泛型字体颜色Bon类泛型字体BON类字体颜色BON类字体BON未编译类填充色BON使用者颜色BON使用者标签字体颜色BON使用者标签字体BON使用者线条宽度BON类簇图标填充色BON类簇线条填充色BON类簇名区域填充色BON类簇名的字体颜色BON类簇名字体BON继承关系填充色BON继承关系线宽波斯尼亚语波斯尼亚语 (西里亚文,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那)波斯尼亚语 (拉丁语,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那)到达文本底部分支#$1断点信息(&K)总是暂停当运行到达计数达到该数倍数时停止:当运行达到次为该数时暂定:当运行到达计数大于或等于该值时暂停:断点信息断点背景色断点编号:运行到断点断点断点控制布列塔尼语布列塔尼语 (法国)浏览...编译版本正在创建平面视图...正在创建树状视图...保加利亚语保加利亚语 (保加利亚)在发布版本中,默认为保持断言。
1266 保持断言将使配置中的优化失效(内联函数,数组优化,
1267 删除不可达代码),生成一个在效率和大小上未被优化的版本。
1269 你确定要在发布版中保持断言吗?再见C方法C编译输出提示C输出面板可点击视图(&L)契约视图(&O)创建者(&R)C编译管理器启动失败。
1270 请检查finish_freezing$1存在并能正确工作。C编译有错误。
1271 查看具体错误请在文件夹"$1"中运行您的Makefile程序
1273 点击确定终止。
1274 点击取消打开命令行终端。
1275 CLS兼容计算时间调用栈调用栈被调用者(&E)被调用被调用者排序被调用者被使用者中的被调用方法调用者排序调用者使用者中的调用方法调用约定调用约定:调用栈无法实例话类型{$1}:$2。未能创建测试用例文件无法删除类$1因为它被$2引用
1277 如果实际上它未被$2引用请尝试重新编译系统。取消无法在类簇只读$1中添加类簇。不能改变至目录"$1"。不能编译项目: 未找到合法目标。不能创建目录:
1278 $1。未能创建目录: $1。文件未能创建:
1279 $1。文件未能创建:在$1中不能创建项目文件夹
1280 请更正权限后再重试。未能删除类$1
1281 因为它在预编译或者库中。无法删除类簇$1
1282 原因为非空。无法删除类簇$1
1283 原因为只读。无法计算表达式中显示字符串的属性`$1'。无法计算展开类型的属性`$1'。找不到类$1。找不到类簇$1。无法找到展开类型完整的动态型别。未能打开 $1未能打开文件: $1。未能从配置文件'$1'中读取Ace文件信息。
1284 选择5.6或更早版本的Eiffel项目。文件未能写入: $1。捕捉区分大小写不区分大小写区分大小写Cat Call检查 (实验中)发现CatCall加泰隆尼亚语加泰隆尼亚语 (加泰隆尼亚)在文件夹中将类分类吗?向心引力 ($1%)向心引力:设定为图的中心点更改更改该类型颜色更改类名和泛型改变颜色右键打开外部编辑器改变项目设置上次运行后已经被更改更改时间图表检查输出的方法分类验证检查所有检查VAPE错误当档案被重新计算时给出值预定义警告吗?检查已定义的警告当档案被重新计算时给出预定义警告吗?检查空目标检查重写类簇并编译请检查您是否有足够的磁盘空间来编译。
1285 如果删除EIFGENs并重新编译后仍然出现该问题。
1287 请按照 http://support.eiffel.com/submit.html的步骤在
1288 http://support.eiffel.com提交错误报告。检查类定义正确性检查度量合法性中文中文 (香港特别行政区)中文 (澳门特别行政区)中文 (中国)中文 (新加坡)中文 (台湾)选择要删除的方法选择需要预编译的库选择SPECIAL对象的显示元素数量限制选择文件夹选择项目名称和文件夹选择一个类选择一个类簇选择文件夹名称为项目选择图标。选择新配置文件名称选择一个目标:从以下选项中选择一个版本:选择需要进行预编译的库。
1289 甚至可以添加您自己的库。类视图(&S)类类类"$2"
1290 不存在名为"$2"的方法。类"$1" (ID = "$2")非法。类$1已经被修改
1291 要保存吗?类$1有词法错误。
1292 代码生成已取消。$2中已经不存在类$1。类$1将被从系统中和文件系统内永久删除。
1294 您确认这个操作吗?类头类选项类关系类地址类自动完成类名背景色类浏览器类自动完成类使用者排序默认选择的类格式。类$1不可写。
1295 类标签类列表视图类名类名已经存在,请选择其它类名。上次编译后类名已经被改变。
1296 当前文本将不能点击。
1297 重新编译让其再次能被点击。类名: $1类名只能包括字母、数字和下划线,
1298 首字符必须为字母,同时不能为关键字。
1299 请重新选择类名。类重命名特殊类选项。类结构关键字类名字体颜色类包含词法错误类树状视图类别在该测试中不合法。请输入合法的类名或者忽略不填。正在被测试的类:类在该图外已经被修改。
1300 之前的命令已经无法撤消。文件名为$1的类已经存在。名为'$1'的类已经存在。
1301 请选择不同的类名。类:类按目录分类每个模块中的类还剩余:外部代码可见的类上次编译后一些类被手动删除。
1302 在该情况下运行上次编译的程序可能导致信息前后不一致,
1303 或者无法估计的结果。类: $1
1304 使用关系: $2
1305 继承关系: $3
1306 类簇: $4
1307 物理特性计算时间(ms): $5
1308 绘画时间(ms): $6
1309 绘画次数: $7经典调试器类名/文件名不相符清除清除档案?清空被影响的项。正在清除项目...明确定义的域清除详细结果清除表达式清除输出调用者(&E)如果你能解决该问题请点击后退,如果不能请点击退出。点击"完成"生成并编译项目。点击"完成"生成并编译项目。点击"完成"生成项目。点击"完成"生成项目。点击"完成"生成文档。点击创建新表达式点击复选框改变外观。点击打开点击并显示帮助文档。可点击视图可点击视图使用者使用者深度使用者集合使用者硬度 ($1%)使用者硬度:使用者类的使用者复制为新度量新建与选中的度量相同的度量关闭关闭$1关闭全部关闭其它调试结束时关闭调试精灵进程关闭当前工具或编译器关闭当前工具或编译器。每次调试会话后关闭Eiffel调试器的精灵程序(推荐)关闭窗口关闭窗口将停止调试。类簇类簇类簇$1不存在。当前系统不存在类簇$1
1310 。类簇$1将被从系统中永久删除。
1312 您确认这个操作吗?类簇背景色类簇表类簇图 (可能使用相当长时间!)类簇结构类簇名类簇名只能包含
1313 字符、数字和下划线,
1314 首字符为字母,不能为关键字。
1315 请重新选择类名。类簇选项类簇路径不正确。类簇字体颜色已存在名为$1的类簇。路径为$1的类簇已经存在。类簇:类簇剩余簇:最终代码:代码模板分析器代码自动完成系数子项度量的系数"$1"非法。应为实数。子项度量的系数"$1"非法。应为实数。子项度量的系数"$1"非法。应为实数。分母度量的系数为零。应为非零实数。子项度量系数丢失。全部闭合闭合类簇"$1"闭合所有层闭合所有选中层闭合选中层闭合树结点BON图中类的填充色。BON图中使用关系的填充色。BON图中类簇线条的填充色。BON图中继承关系填充色。UML图中类的填充色。UML图中使用关系的填充色。UML图中类簇线条的填充色。UML图中继承关系填充色。可设置断点处标记的位置和断点的颜色。UML图中类方法体的字体颜色。UML图中类方法的字体颜色。BON图中类名的字体颜色。UML图中类名的字体颜色。UML图中类属性的字体颜色。BON图中使用关系中方法名的字体颜色。UML图中使用关系中方法名的字体颜色。BON图中类中泛型的字体颜色。UML图中类中泛型的字体颜色。普通文本字体颜色。进度条的填充色。BON图中未编译类的字体颜色。注释文本的字体颜色。关键字文本的字体颜色。行号字体颜色。数字的字体颜色。操作符的字体颜色。选中文本的字体颜色。编辑器与行号区域之间分割线的颜色。空字符字体颜色。字符串文本的字体颜色。颜色命令行命令 =>命令未法被执行,因为该项目未被编译。
1316 请先编译再运行该命令。编译通过度$1时才能运行命令。度$1完成后命令才能被执行。
1317 请等待到该时刻再执行命令。命令错误输出:
1318 命令已经退出,退出代码为$1正在执行命令。
1319 按确定忽略输出。命令正在运行命令行:命令行:命令输出:
1320 命令终止将执行的命令。在外部编辑器中打开文件的命令。打开外部编辑器的命令。打开Adobe Acrobat文件的命令。打开外部编辑器命令打开终端的命令注释注释当前行或选区。注释背景色注释文本字体颜色公司比较与正确结果比较比较度量档案编译编译错误向导(&W)...编译错误向导编译过程编译模式编译模式编译未成功。编译编译所有类?编译发布版C代码(&I)编译工作版C代码(&O)编译当前项目编译项目编译生成的项目要获得信息请先编译已编译的类已编译类Stone已经编译的配置信息未更新,新重新编译。编译器完成单词(W)完成类名(&N)已完成:完成创建.NET程序向导正在完成创建Vision2程序向导完成创建WEL程序向导完成创建向导程序向导自动完成列表高自动完成列表宽条件条件为[$1: 真]或者[$2: 已经更改]?条件:外部方法集的条件。该集合的条件。任务执行的条件。详细配置和类簇配置加载配置配置加载信息配置文件调试对象表格的配置。
1321 具体说明见grid_column_layout_stack_objects。栈对象表格的配置。
1322 应为5个元素的序列:nature_id;is_shown;is_auto_resized;width;header_name;
1323 位置与列位置相对应。
1324 nature_id为:1:名称;2:值;3:类型;4:地址;5:上下文......观察对象表格的配置。
1325 具体说明见grid_column_layout_stack_objects。确定运行前总是进行编译吗?确认应用调试器配置吗?确认预编译确认清除断点确认转换项目确认发布确认发布断言确认发布预编译确认凝固确认忽略所有断点确认终止确认终止并重新开始退出时确认确认终止外部命令确认终止发布确认终止凝固确认终止进程确认删除度量确认全部替换确认变更资源需要重新启用确认编译前保存确认保存度量确认终端终端程序终端程序终端命令正在生成$1的图包含上下文(&X)上下文上下文...上下文非找到或已破坏上下文工具继续继续继续执行运行程序并在断点处暂停如果计算失败继续执行如果计算失败继续执行吗?当运行至断点继续吗?契约视图契约编辑器契约视图控制被调试程度的对象存储控制被调试程度的对象存储控制结构关键字复制复制(Ctrl+C)复制格到剪切板复制行到剪切板复制文本到剪切板复制调用栈到剪切板复制$1版权科西嘉语科西嘉语 (法国)未能将文件'$1'转换为新的配置文件格式。未找到$1。
1326 请确定C编译正确完成。未能找到属性'$1'的值未能生成PNG文件。
1327 显存不足。未能创建所需的预编译。未能在"$1"处运行系统。未能运行系统。无法定位$1。
1328 请确保该系统被正确编译。未能重将$1重命名为$2未能查询到信息 (do正在被调用或者调用失败)未能将图保存为$1未能将图保存到指定位置。未能将文件保存为'$1'未能将文件保存到指定路径。未能将库定义保存到
1329 $1。创建者(&I)创建创建文件夹...建立新类新建动态运行库定义创建新表达式创建新方法新建窗口创建新聚合使用关系创建新使用关系新建继承关系在'$1'中新建项目?创建新观察新建项目正在创建新项目,请稍等...创建初始化方法初始化方法名称错误初始化类型{$1}时出错。初始化方法:初始化方法的.NET名称初始化方法名初始化方法创建者规则单元"$2"中规则"$1"并不存在。规则名称丢失。规则单元"$1"与普通度量单元"$2"不一致。栈临界深度克罗埃西亚语克罗地亚语 (拉丁文,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那)克罗地亚语 (克罗地亚)剪切图形Ctrl加鼠标右键的接收者剪切(&T) Ctrl+X区域性程序集的区域性。当前编辑器当前档案值可能已经过期当前类有词法错误。
1330 代码生成已被取消。当前编辑器当前方法当前到达计数:当前度量已被修改,需要保存吗?当前结果可能已经过期当前对象正在载入当前文本,不能编辑也不能拾起。非编辑文本。当前值当前版本以及所有子类中的版本光标焦点状态颜色光标位置(行:列)自定义自定义表达式自定义alias返回值自定义延后alias返回值自定义alias语句空间自定义延后alias空间自定义check返回值自定义延后check返回值自定义check语句空间自定义延后check空间自定义class返回值自定义延后class返回值自定义class语句空间自定义延后class空间自定义create返回值自定义延后create返回值自定义create语句空间自定义延后create空间自定义creation返回值自定义延后creation返回值自定义creation空间自定义延后creation空间自定义debug返回值自定义延后debug返回值自定义debug语句空间自定义延后debug空间自定义deferred语句返回值自定义延后deferred语句返回值自定义deferred语句空间自定义延后deferred空间自定义do返回值自定义延后do返回值自定义do语句空间自定义延后do语句空间自定义else返回值自定义延后else返回值自定义else语句空间自定义延后else空间自定义elseif返回值自定义延后elseif返回值自定义elseif语句空间自定义延后elseif空间自定义end返回值自定义延后end返回值自定义end语句空间自定义延后end空间自定义ensure语句返回值自定义延后ensure返回值自定义ensure语句空间自定义延后ensure空间自定义ensure then语句返回值自定义延后ensure then返回值自定义ensure then语句空间自定义延后ensure then空间自定义export返回值自定义延后export返回值自定义export语句空间自定义延后export空间自定义external语句返回值自定义延后external语句返回值自定义external语句空间自定义延后deferred空间自定义feature语句返回值自定义延后feature返回值自定义feature语句空间自定义延后feature空间自定义from返回值自定义延后from返回值自定义from语句空间自定义延后from语句空间自定义if返回值自定义延后if语句返回值自定义if语句空间自定义延后if语句空间自定义indexing返回值自定义延后indexing返回值自定义indexing区域大小自定义延后indexing空间自定义inherit返回值自定义延后inherit返回值自定义inherit语句空间自定义延后inherit空间自定义inspect返回值自定义延后inspect返回值自定义inspect语句空间自定义延后inspect空间自定义invariant语句返回值自定义延后invariant返回值自定义invariant语句空间自定义延后invariant空间自定义is返回值自定义延后is语句返回值自定义is语句空间自定义延后is语句空间自定义local返回值自定义延后local返回值自定义local语句空间自定义延后local空间自定义loop返回值自定义延后loop返回值自定义loop语句空间自定义延后loop语句空间自定义obsolete语句返回值自定义延后obsolete语句返回值自定义obsolete语句空间自定义延后obsolete语句空间自定义once返回值自定义延后once返回值自定义once语句空间自定义once语句空间自定义precursor返回值自定义延后precursor返回值自定义precursor语句空间自定义延后precursor空间自定义redefine返回值自定义延后redefine返回值自定义redefine语句空间自定义延后redefine空间自定义rename语句返回值自定义延后rename返回值自定义rename语句空间自定义延后rename空间自定义require else语句返回值自定义延后require else返回值自定义require else语句空间自定义延后require else空间自定义require返回值自定义延后require语句返回值自定义require语句空间自定义延后require语句空间自定义rescue返回值自定义延后rescue返回值自定义rescue语句空间自定义延后rescue空间自定义select语句返回值自定义延后select返回值自定义select语句空间自定义延后select空间自定义then返回值自定义延后then返回值自定义then语句空间自定义延后then空间自定义undefine返回值自定义延后undefine返回值自定义undefine语句空间自定义延后undefine空间自定义until返回值自定义延后until返回值自定义until语句空间自定义延后until空间自定义variant返回值自定义延后variant返回值自定义variant语句空间自定义延后variant空间自定义when返回值自定义延后when返回值自定义when语句空间自定义延后when空间自定义自定义$1...配置项目工具栏(&R)...配置重构工具栏(&F)...设置工具栏自定义格式自定义自动完成功能(输入关键字后插入换行)自定义自动完成功能(换行,其它)自定义自动完成功能(输入关键字后插入空格)自定义自动完成功能(空格,其它)自定义插入1自定义插入2自定义插入3用户定义字符串1用户定义字符串2用户定义字符串3剪切剪切(Ctrl+X)捷克语捷克语 (捷克)丹麦语丹麦语 (丹麦)达里语达里语 (阿富汗)数据日期子类(&S)禁用运动记录禁用重放模式禁用执行记录禁用运行重放模式清除冗余代码清除冗余代码完成调试显示DEBUG_OUTPUT.debug_output保持调试格布局释放至调试工具的调试对象被调试程序对象存储被调试程序的激活进程调试器调试 :: 异常信息调试环境已经关闭
1331 调试环境开始
1332 调试器位置已经在类上声明默认类格式编号默认依赖视图格式编号默认自动弹出的依赖关系视图。默认字符串可视长度默认展开大小默认方法视图格式编号默认库默认栈深度被重命名的默认方法名。调用栈中结点的数量(-1表示显示全部)展开结点的默认数量。(增加该值可能降低高度的效率)显示STRING中字符的默认数量。(增加该值可能降低高度的效率)观察工具默认个数。默认预编译Deferred抽象方法定义子查询定义快速度量 (或者释放基本度量作为模板)定义:深度:清除栈和对象列表前的延迟时间(毫秒)。调整该值可减少列表刷新时的闪烁。清除对象表格的延迟延迟域已经添加。延迟项删除删除使用者关系"$1"移除"$1"和"$2"的继承关系删除命令删除当前视图删除图中的元素在图中删除,并删除对应的代码。删除选中项。删除选中行正在删除文件分母度量"$1"未定义。分母度量不丢失。依赖关系依赖关系依赖关系视图继承次数子类深度子类子类中的版本子类描述外部方法集描述。集合描述。系统描述目标描述。任务描述。描述:取消所有选择取消所有度量的选择取消对完整的度量的选择取消选择可重复计算项取消所有历史记录的选择取消选择可重计算的历史记录详细结果细节主开发窗口图图背景色图工具图工具栏布局图对话框程序对话框区别文件夹$1
1333 不存在。上次浏览类簇的位置。最近保存调用栈的位置。最近保存调试常的位置。最近保存图的postscript文件的位置。最近打开的动态链接库位置。最近保存的动态链接库的位置。最近异常保存的位置。最近打开的文件位置。上一次导入度量定义的文件夹。最近打开的度量档案的位置。最近评测结果的位置。最近打开的项目位置。最近保存文件的位置。EIFFENs文件夹的位置。命令的执行文件夹。禁用禁用断言检查禁用自动隐藏禁用断点禁用终端的CatCall警告禁用终端的CatCall警告吗?禁用调试器Catcall警告禁用调试器Catcall警告?禁用执行记录禁用高质量模式禁用所有断点禁止断言检查禁用断点禁用彩色文本输出。运行中禁用或者恢复断言检查禁用/恢复断言检查已禁用忽略断言忽略自定义目标范围格式寻找外部添加的类并重新编译上次保存调用栈的位置。显示完整的对象为DEBUG_OUTPUT类型的实例显示DEBUG_OUTPUT.debug_output方法。显示异常跟踪开始时显示新建/打开项目对话框。显示如何处理度量错误?发出警告当调用栈深度达到:显示代理细节显示别名?集中显示所有断点显示对象的扩展视图显示器赋值者命令?显示以状态间隔的断点需要进行预编译时显示确定对话框。在转换旧版本项目时显示确定对话框。发布时进行C编译显示确认对话框。凝固时进行C编译显示确认对话框。发布时对断言处理显示确定对话框。发布.NET预编译时显示确定对话框。结束外部命令时显示确定对话框。退出EiffelStudio时正在进行C编译,显示确定对话框。终止发布C编译时显示确定对话框。终止凝固C编译时显示确定对话框。显示忽略未保存的自定义目标范围格式的对话框。清除断点时显示确定对话框。有文件尚未保存时编译显示确认对话框。退出时显示确认对话框。退出时显示确认对话框。全部替换时显示确认对话框。应用调试设置时显示确定对话框。忽略断点运行时显示确定对话框。当中断调试并重新开始时显示提示对话框。当中断调试时显示提示对话框。删除度量时显示提示对话框。保存度量时显示提示对话框。显示警告查询同名方法需要相当长时间的对话框。显示正在载入文本时不能编译或点击警告对话框。当程序正在运行时开始新的编译,显示警告对话框。同一类在两个窗口中编辑时显示提示对话框。运行外部命令时显示提示对话框。用树状结构显示历史记录?显示信息显示当前系统信息显示已经达到限制显示所有执行过程中被调用的方法名吗?显示隐藏项吗?按十六进制或者十进制显示数字显示参数比例度量显示百分比按百分比显示结果吗?(只适用于比例度量)显示签名?如果启用,则显示对象的基类,否则只显示基类(禁用将提高调试的效率)。例如:真则显示ARRAY [STRING],假则显示ARRAY。当改变需要重新启动EiffelStudio才很生效的资源时显示警告对话框。显示吗?显示的按钮被显示于迪蔚希语迪维希语 (马尔代夫)Do在自动完成列表中显示ANY中的方法吗?不要再询问禁止测试栈溢出不再显示如果有类被修改,在调试前不显示询问是否编译的对话框。不做任何事确定要删除当前视图吗?确定要重设当前视图吗?需要[$1:删除]或[$2:使用]当前输出信息?调试前进行编译吗?需要在关闭窗口前保存修改吗?您需要升级到新版本的编译器吗?文档连续点击四次选择整个文档吗?自动完成时将Once方法和或常量第一个字符改为大写吗?自动完成列表中显示非模糊名字吗?自动完成列表中显示方法签名吗?自动完成列表中显示方过时的项吗?自动完成列表中显示返回类型吗?鼠标滚轮每次滚动翻一页吗?(如果该值为真,滚轮滚动值将被覆盖)文本中的光标需要闪烁吗?该任务在编译继续之前必须完成吗?域丢失。域项id丢失。域项类型"$1"非法。域项类型丢失。域视图不要再次询问,忽略未保存的自定义目标范围格式。已完成.NET.NET调试器双击跳转到第一处双击跳转到结果页双击查看异常,或者Ctrl+C复制到剪切板下移在此释放类/方法通过外部编辑器打开相应的C文件/方法。拾起目标/集合/类/方法等,释放到这里释放的引用冗余复制在定义中复制度量名称"$1"。荷兰语荷兰语 (比利时)荷兰语 (荷兰)动态方法计算动态运行库生成器动态运行时动态方法计算动态运行库窗口高度动态运行库窗口宽度动态运行时程序动态运行库编辑条件(&D)在"Debug..."中嵌入(&M) Ctrl+D运行(&X)退出(&X)输出XML(&X)...外部方法(&X)EAC浏览器EIFGENs文件夹的位置发生错误:
1334 表达式:在'$1'中编辑契约(&I)在'$1'中编辑不变量(&I)编辑编辑$1编辑配置文件编辑运行参数编辑表达式编辑器布局配置库编辑对象内容编辑对象内容编辑项目编辑文本编辑命令编辑条件编辑被选中方法的属性编辑选中的契约。编辑选中表达式编辑...编辑器编辑器字体编辑器头部字体。EiffelEiffel类Eiffel类簇Eiffel编译失败Eiffel编译成功Eiffel配置文件 (*.ecf)Eiffel方法EiffelStudioEiffelStudio错误EiffelStudio信息EiffelStudio问题EiffelStudio警告第8个外部命令的快捷键。第8个外部命令。根类名或者初始化方法名或者两者都与指定的Lace不一致。
1336 合法的Eiffel名字为非空,由字母、数字和下划线组成,
1337 首字符为字母。
1339 点出后退选择合法的Eiffel名称。元素$1应该存在,却未找到。ElseElseif在debug语句中嵌入当前行在if语句中嵌入当前行。嵌入debug语句嵌入if语句空初始化方法.NET名称错误空开发环境空根类.NET名称错误激活断点使用高质量激活评测使用自动换行激活所有断点激活自动表达式填充功能吗?
1340 (自动填充调试环境中的变量)启用自动扫描系统信息吗?激活断点禁用/使用断点激活/禁用表达式激活/禁用调试的布局管理(是否展开值,高亮改变值)。激活/禁用栈值的布局管理(是否展开值,高亮改变值)。激活/禁用查看的布局管理(是否展开值,高亮改变值)。已启用已启用?End强制VAPE验证?在整个系统中强制所有类都不重名?强制禁用重名类英语英语 (澳大利亚)英语 (伯利兹)英语 (加拿大)英语 (加勒比海)英语 (印度)英语 (爱尔兰)英语 (牙买加)英语 (马来西来)英语 (新西兰)英语 (菲律宾)英语 (新加坡)英语 (南非)英语 (特立尼达和多巴哥)英语 (英国)英语 (美国)英语 (津巴布韦)后继条件Ensure then输入条件输入新项目位置:输入信息:输入配置文件名:输入或者选择名称保存当前布局。输入新单位测试的名称。并设置需要测试的类。输入新文件夹的名称输入:环境环境变量'$1'已经被改变
1342 旧值:$2
1343 新值:$3
1345 使用新值吗?环境变量环境变量错误移除类"$1"移除类移除类簇$1清除中间点错误错误错误列表错误背景色准备参数时出现错误错误列表错误信息:有错误发生发生错误(双击查看)有错误发生...发生错误:未发现上下文对象<$1>。表达式错误:"$1"错误字体颜色$1中行$2错误错误:对`$1'进行空调用错误:无法计算`{$1}.$2'。
1346 对类的上下文,只有Once方法,常量和静态调用可以被计算。
1347 错误:未能写入$1
1348 请检查用户权限和剩余磁盘空间错误:关于属性`$1'。错误爱沙尼亚语爱沙尼亚语 (爱沙尼亚)允许EiffelStudio调试菜单快捷键允许EiffelStudio调试菜单使用EiffelStudio调试菜单使用验证断言吗?检查不变量吗?检验循环断言吗?重新计算度量获取最新的结果计算度量:检验后继条件吗?检验被使用者的前提条件?检验前提条件吗?正在计算...正在计算:计算取消计算计算退出:{$1}.$2计算失败,原因为自动表达的限制。计算失败,原因为内部异常双数行背景色输出方法(&P)异常异常处理异常跟踪异常信息异常处理调试程序的异常信息异常对象计算中发生异常计算{$1}.$2时发生异常:
1349 $3出现异常异常标签:异常细节...异常排除规则排除平台排除:被排除的类图形排除的indexing项排除:可执行程序可执行文件已经为最新每次运行一行程序正在运行命令运行参数(&P)运行参数运行设置(&F)评测运行评测运行错误评测生成结果运行中断运行菜单运行模式正在退出布局:退出EiffelStudio退出代码退出将停止调试。全部展开展开所有层展开对象展开目录分类层展开类簇"$1"展开错误展开方法树展开被引用类展开引用类展开选中层展开树状结点展开区域背景色展开对象发生实际异常浏览区元素浏览$1的父类查看$1的使用者正在浏览$1的子类浏览$1使用的类Export将图输出到PNG文件输出方法表达式表达式计算表达式计算表达式:外部外部命令外部命令外部编辑器(&D)外部编辑器 $1 '$2'(&D)外部编译器外部编辑器外部命令0外部命令1外部命令2外部命令3外部命令4外部命令5外部命令6外部命令7外部命令8外部命令9未指定外部命令未执行外部命令外部命令试运行外部命令外部编辑器命令外部编译器未定义外部方法外部方法正在从$target中提取$1...提取类$2中的$1提取类$2中的$1提取方法$2的$1...提取同名方法可能使用很长时间。
1350 确定要继续吗?收藏(&A)格式(&O)F_code失败失败结果否法罗群岛语法罗群岛语 (法罗群岛)收藏(&O)收藏方法视图(&U)方法方法方法名方法属性方法`$1' (ID = "&2")非法。方法地址方法名背景色调用方法视图方法调用者视图方法分类顺序默认选择的方法格式。使用者中的方法被使用者中的方法选择的类中没有方法体。方法标签方法列表方法列表视图方法名只能包括字母、数字和下划线,
1351 首字符必须为字母,同时不能为关键字。
1352 请重新选择方法名。方法属性方法重命名方法Stone方法结构关键字方法名字体颜色方法属性设置:方法版本视图方法:方法集ANY类中的方法方法集工具第5个外部命令的快捷键。第5个外部命令。文件文件"$1"已经存在。
1353 请先将其删除。
1354 文件$1已经存在,
1355 要继续吗?文件$1未能打开文件$1被破坏文件名选择文件文件已经存在。
1356 未指定$1外部命令的文件浏览文件命令文件已经被其它的工具或编辑器修改
1357 要重新加载吗?文件已经被修改。
1358 要保存吗?文件位置文件名 (默认值为`Ace.ace'):文件名:文件名:打开和保存文件对话框都记录上次选择的文件夹。打开和保存文件对话框记录上次文件夹文件重命名 文件规则$1文件:$1已经存在。
1359 要覆盖吗?文件:$1 不能被创建。
1360 请检查权限。文件$1或者其.swp都无法保存。
1361 请选择位置保存。文件:'$1'未能读取。菲律宾语菲律宾语 (菲律宾共和国)过滤过滤异常?过滤自动完成列表过滤异常过滤隐藏的结果项过滤输入域可见的结果显示的过滤器和可浏览的警告过滤值"$1"非法过滤:发布(&Z)...发布发布...发布模式发布将进行C编译和链接。
1362 - 点击"是"发布后编译C代码
1363 - 点击"否"忽略C编译(无可执行文件生成)
1364 - 点击"取消"退出发布将包含C编译和链接。
1365 需要现在进行吗?搜索新的类并编译(&A)查找下一个(&N)查找上一个搜索新增类并编译查找下一个选定文本(&S)查找上一个选中文本(&R)在类簇树中查找查找:完成凝固完成状态芬兰语芬兰语 (芬兰)第一次机会第1个外部命令的快捷键。第1个外部命令。设置到屏幕大小修复问题并重新启动该向导。接口视图平面视图聚焦类输入将焦点设置到地址栏的类名输入框。将焦点设置到当前编辑器非焦点选中区域背景色文件夹文件夹"$1" (ID = "$2")非法。文件夹背景色递归查找文件夹文件夹字体颜色UML图中类方法体的字体。UML图中类方法的字体。BON图中类名的字体。UML图中类名的字体。UML图中类属性的字体。BON图中使用关系标签中方法名的字体。UML图中使用关系中方法名的字体。BON图中类中泛型的字体。UML图中类中泛型的字体。UML图中抽象类名的字体。强制使用32位强制使用调试布局强制退出强制进行32位的编译吗?在子结点强制属性继承。使用直角强制开发环境处于调试布局断言标签的前景色。类名的前景色。类簇名的前景色。错误的前景色。方法名的前景色。泛型的前景色。indexing标签的前景色。局部变量的前景色。对象地址的前景色。保留字的前景色。删除所有断点?文本保存的格式。真表示用Windows文本格式,假表示用Unix的文本格式。格式格式化显示器视图格式化历史长度向前第4个外部命令的快捷键。第4个外部命令。向前找到框架程序凝固凝固...凝固将进行C编译和链接。
1366 - 点击"是"编译Eiffel系统(包括C编译)
1367 - 点击"否"编译Eiffel系统(不包括C编译)
1368 - 点击"取消"退出法语法语 (比利时)法语 (加拿大)法语 (法国)法语 (卢森堡)法语 (摩拿哥)法语 (瑞士)弗里西语弗里西语 (荷兰)From来源从$1类生成该格式的来源度量结果?类平面检查GAC中程序集的全名。整个字符串长度 = $1函数作用时间加利西亚语加利西亚语 (西班牙)常用常用工具栏布局生成文档(&D)...生成Eiffel惯例的名称创建多线程程序?生成一个有创建构造函数创建默认的方法分类为外部调试器生成额外的信息?生成系统中所有类的平面视图生成系统中所有类的平面/接口视图生成同名方法从运行时信息创建评测生成评测信息?生成set方法生成系统中所有类的接口视图生成系统中所有类的文本视图正在生成类型计算正在生成:生成时错误类别生成泛型参数泛型背景色泛型字体颜色格鲁吉亚语格鲁吉亚语 (格鲁吉亚)德语德语 (奥地利)德语 (德国)德语 (列支敦士登)德语 (卢森堡)德语 (瑞士)编译错误帮助后退向前跳转到转到该系统的F_code文件夹,或者右键用指定的浏览器打开F_code跳转到下一个错误(&E)下一个警告(&W)上一个错误(&R)上一个警告(&N)转到该系统的W_code文件夹,或者右键用指定的浏览器打开W_code跳转到定义跳转到行跳转到下一个错误下一个警告跳转到上一个错误跳转到上一个警告转到该系统的项目文件夹,或者右键用指定的浏览器打开该文件夹。禁用图形化输入使用WEL库的Windows平台图形界面应用程序使用EiffelVision 2库的多操作系统图形界面应用程序希腊语希腊语 (希腊)格林兰语格陵兰语 (格陵兰)表格"$1"表格列布局调试对象表格列布局栈对象表格列布局观察表格列布局集合集合"$1" (ID = "$2")非法。按单元将度量分组集合Stone集合当前类簇依赖的集合。被重写的集合。古吉拉特语古吉拉特语 (印度)已更改豪撒语豪萨语 (拉丁语,尼日利亚)标题栏编辑器头部字体希伯来语希伯来语 (以色列)高自动完成列表的高度。"remember_completion_list_size"为真时被使用。主窗口的高度。动态运行库窗口的高度。选项窗口的高度。打开项目对话框的高度。项目设置对话框高度。开始对话框的高度。帮助帮助工具无法显示帮助,请检查Eiffel的安装是否正确按十六进制或者十进制格式化隐藏隐藏隐藏别名隐藏赋值者方法名隐藏帮助...隐藏参数列表隐藏超过隐藏类簇图例隐藏类簇隐藏图象隐藏继承关系隐藏标签隐藏旧档案项隐藏使用关系选中区域的背景色选中区域字体颜色印地语印地语 (印度)历史记录工具历史记录工具运行到达次数同命方法匈牙利语匈牙利语 (匈牙利)中断程序(&N)IL验证ISE Eiffel: 会话已经退出
1369 冰岛语冰岛语 (冰岛)图标选项:BON图中类簇图标的填充色。UML图中类簇图标的填充色。编号标识符标识If伊博语伊博语 (尼日利亚)忽略忽略断点忽略外部异常忽略断点(不在任何断点处暂停)。忽略断点忽略被排除的类图形忽略外部异常实现方法发生断言异常导入导入文件夹导入度量导入选中的度量从文件中导入度量正在导入度量...所在类方法内部请确定,在线性度量中,所有可变度量不会发生递归调用;
1370 在比例度量中,数量度量或者分母度量不会发生递归调用。显示该格式的工具不变量(&V)非激活子查询包含包含类"$1"包含类簇"$1"包含库"$1"包含所有类包含类簇中的所有类包含父类包含:IncludeInclude:非兼容类型比较非兼容的项目版本已编译于:$1。
1371 $2的版本为$2。
1372 已编译项目版本为$4。该项目非兼容的版本被编译于:$1
1373 $2的版本为$3。
1374 项目编译版本为$4。
1376 点击确定将项目转换到版本$5。
1377 缩进在行前插入"与"规则在行前插入"或"规则编号编号超出范围。
1378 编号应该为正整数。编号必须为整数。
1379 编号必须合法。
1380 编号:编号Indexing语句有语法错误需要在格式化过的文本中显示的Indexing项。Indexing标签背景色Indexing标签字体颜色编辑器默认显示行号吗?编辑器显示文本时是否使用双重缓冲。如果使用,则可以避免闪烁,但是性能会下降。当按下Home键时,编辑器中的光标移动到当前行第一个非空字符前吗?印度尼西亚语印度尼西亚语 (印度尼西亚)信息(EIS)无可用信息。继承Inherit语句关键字显示继承类继承关系硬度 ($1%)继承关系硬度 (100%)继承关系硬度增量搜索初始值匹配大小写初始值已编译的类初始值搜索范围初始值查找上一个初始值子类簇初始值使用正则表达式初始值匹配单词初始值已经到达首处匹配搜索范围的初始值。增量搜索的初始值。匹配大小写的初始值。搜索已编译的类的初始值。向退搜索的初始值。递归搜索的初始值。使用正则表达式的初始值。字匹配的初始值。内联方法内联方法大小输入输入域输入域非法输入域项已经添加。输入域:插出中间点插入特殊关键字在该处插入文本Inspect界面接口视图内部错误 ($1):请在http://support.eiffel.com提交错误报告。Internet浏览器Internet浏览器。每N个指令中断程序被Eiffel编辑中断已被用户中断以伊努克语以伊努克语 (拉丁文,加拿大)以伊努克语 (加拿大土著统一音节文字)名称非法错误非法的UUID:$1非法属性"$1"。非法选择
1382 非法的描述标签。非法的文件夹名称。非法项非法标签。非法标签/标签位置"$1"。目标非法,选择需要的目标:不变量不变量爱尔兰语爱尔兰语 (爱尔兰)Is允许EiffelStudio调试菜单吗?是显示别名启用赋值者自动完成关键字吗?自动完成的关键字可以在Eiffel->Eiffel->Autocomplete中修改。显示自我依赖关系吗?重新计算档案历史时保持详细结果?强制使用调试布局过滤隐藏的结果项吗?显示项路径吗?最大化窗口比例量中显示百分比吗?显示签名源代码为void安全的吗?在工具栏中显示文本吗?该项目为终端程序吗?隐藏的类族不能被系统当作库类簇使用。该类簇属于这种类型吗?当前目标是一个不能被编译的抽象目标吗?该格式作用于整个EiffelStudio或者作用于单个目标?该集合为只读吗?库被默认为只读吗?显示树状度量历史记录吗?"_"用于词与词的分割符吗?最大化窗口?项目正在编译,不能退出EiffelStudio。无法在调试时恢复普通模式下的保存的命名布局。请停止调试再操作。意大利语意大利语 (意大利)意大利语 (瑞士)$1不可写。[$1]被附加到"$2"该项已过期。请尝试保存文件再重新查找。该项已过期。请重新查找。该项在当前系统中非法选中项不可写。常用工具栏中的元素。重构工具栏中的元素。无标签的项调试状态下各工具的布局。调试模式下编辑器一侧显示的工具日语日本 (日语)基切语基切语 (危地马拉)卡纳达语埃纳德语 (印度)哈萨克语哈萨克语 (哈萨克斯坦)保持断言检查检查断言不关闭对话框保持档案详细结果保持档案详细结果?保持详细结果重新计算档案时保持详细结果?重新计算度量文档时保持详细结果吗?
1383 如果是,在计算完成后双击历史面板中“结果”列的图标即可查看详细结果。保持表格布局保持详细结果保持详细结果?保存项目个数保持.NET方法调试信息在GAC中添加生成的可执行代码的标识。
1384 选择不重名的文件名来创建新标识文件。快捷键关键字背景色编辑器关键字字体。关键字字体关键字字体颜色高棉语高棉语 (柬埔寨)终止程序金亚旺达语金亚旺达语 (卢旺达)刚卡尼语刚卡尼语 (印度)朝鲜语朝鲜语 (韩国)吉尔吉斯语吉尔吉斯语 (吉尔吉斯坦)语言类型老挝语老挝语 (老挝)列表中最大的编号。上次浏览的类簇文件夹上次保存度量的文件夹上次打开的动态运行库文件夹上次打开文件的文件夹上次打开的度量档案文件夹上次打开的项目文件夹最近打开的项目上次保存调用栈的文件夹上次保存调试异常的文件夹上次保存图postscript的文件夹上次保存的动态运行库文件夹上次保存异常的文件夹上次评测结果文件夹上次另存为文件夹上次保存栈的路径上次关闭主窗口时是否为强制调试模式。拉脱维亚语拉脱维亚语 (拉脱维亚)启动预编译忽略断点运行启动失败正在启动...布局观察工具的布局。向左调试左部局左边缘宽度库进行预编译的库:库库库名称库只读库根库目标库目标UUID "$1"非法。关联上下文工具(&K)行生成行行号行号 (1 - $1)行号字体颜色BON图中使用关系的线宽。BON图中继承关系的线宽。UML图中使用关系的线宽。UML图中继承关系的线宽。线性度量形式为:
1386 a * metric1 + b * metric2 + c * metric3 + ...
1388 a、b、c为系数, metric1、metric2、metric为子项度量。
1390 关联上下文关联工具是否关联上下文工具和其它组件关联上下文工具和其它组件默认关联上下文工具和其它组件吗?关联工具链接工具吗?为真时表示某个工具将接收到的Stone发送到其它可能的工具。断点列表排序的度量单元列表最近打开项目列表。值立陶宛语立陶宛语 (立陶宛)载入载入...加载对象已载入项目正在载入度量...局部变量局部变量背景色局部变量字体颜色区域语言当前系统使用的区域语言。(需要重新启动)区域语言:局部变量与选中调用栈节点相关联的局部变量定位当前正在编辑的类或类簇位置位置错误对象工具列位置<<'当前对象', '栈信息', '参数', '局部变量', 'Result', '拾放的引用'>>。'#1'表示左表格,'#2'表示右表格。配置文件位置外部方法集的位置。集合的位置。外部程序集信息的存储位置。位置:锁定编辑器锁定工具栏锁定工具循环低地文德语下索布语 (德国)卢森堡语卢森堡语 (卢森堡)最大化(&X)最大化编辑器区域(&X)马其顿语马其顿语 (FYROM)主编辑器视图请确保分母度量的系数为非零实数。请确保在普通度量中,所有规则(包括递归的)与该度量的单元一致。请确定所有被线性度量引用的子项度量的已定义。请确保度量名称非空,并且不包含非法字符。请确保在线性度量的定义中至少包含一个子项度量。在域规则中请确保至少存在一个域项。请确保至少存在一个值测试。请确认域中每项都合法。
1391 下面是部分导致域项非法的原因:
1392 * 域项ID损坏或不正确。
1393 * 域项不存在 (可能由于集合、文件夹、类、文件删除或者重命名引起)。
1394 请确定比例度量所引用的数量度量和分母度量已经被定义。请确定被引用的度量的存在并合法。请确定该单元的规则存在。请确保文本规则中的文本非空。请确定所有子项度量中的单元与线性度量中的一致。MakefileMakefiles马来语马来语 (文莱)马来语 (马来西亚)马拉雅拉姆语马拉雅拉姆语 (印度)马耳他语马耳他语 (马耳他)手动编辑配置文件毛利语毛利语 (新西兰)MapudungunMapudungun (智利)马拉地语马拉地语 (印度)边缘背景色边缘分割线颜色匹配全部匹配所有区分大小写区分大小写?匹配策略匹配策略"$1"非法。最大计算时间最大值作为内联方法最大的指令条数。最大化最大化度量结果区域最大化度量结果区域?最大调用栈深度最大测试结果数量:最大字符串可视长度最大计算时间。(只适用于.NET系统)最大历史记录长度最大显示编号历史记录下拉框中显示的最大条数。最大处理器数量菜单栏该项格式视图计算完成后显示的信息。正在计算格式视图时显示的信息。附加信息缓冲路径度量度量档案度量定义度量定义文件:度量计算度量过滤度量历史度量列表:度量名称完成度量档案计算在指定文件中的度量档案非法,必须清除度量定义度量错误向导度量合法。度量名称度量名称"$1"非法。度量名不能为空度量名称为空。度量档案结点中度量名丢失。度量定义中名称丢失。度量名称丢失。已经存在名为"$1"的度量。类型为"$1"的度量不存在或者非法。度量工具名为$1的度量已经存在完成度量导入度量度量定义文件:度量载入错误:
1395 $1最小化(&N)Microsoft .NET应用程序最小值最小化全部最小化最小化全部窗口最小编号输出类丢失修改已有断点模块莫霍克语莫霍克语 (加拿大)蒙古语蒙古语 (蒙古)蒙古语 (中国)最新CLR版本鼠标滚轮滚动整页鼠标滚轮步长移动类"$1"移动类簇"$1"移动中间点移动[$1]到"$2"下移下移上移下移度量单元。
1396 上移度量单元。
1397 下移选中行上移选中行下移选中的契约。上移选中的契约。移动到文件夹...上移收藏管理器不支持收藏方法的移动。无法将文件夹移动到它的子文件夹中。多线程必须成功运行尚未完全支持NATIVE_ARRAY。无法计算`$1'。尚未完全支持NATIVE_ARRAY。NEW_NAME名称当前项目名称生成库的名称集合名称当前项目名称当前项目名称。名称:名称:生成图上隐藏的类的名称。.NET的命名空间跳转到下一个错误或者当到达最后一个错误时跳转到第一个错误。跳转到下一个警告或者当到达最后一个警告时跳转到第一个警告。跳转到上一个错误或者当到达第一个错误时跳转到最后一个错误。跳转到上一个警告或者当到达第一个警告时跳转到最后一个警告。尼泊尔语尼泊尔语 (印度)尼泊尔语 (尼泊尔)新窗口(&W)新窗口 $1 '$2'(&W)新建.NET程序向导新类新上下文窗口新上下文窗口新编辑器窗口(I)新编辑器新表达式新收藏类...新方法(&T)新方法新建手动测试用例新名称新名称:新项目开始新的搜索?新标签编辑器(&B)新标签编辑器 $1 '$2'(&B)新标签页新建单元测试创建单元测试向导新建Vision2程序向导新建WEL程序向导新窗口创建向导程序向导新增加的断点新类名因为-stop/-batch选项,环境变量$1的新值将被使用
1398 新方法有词法错误。
1399 代码生成已被取消。新方法名新文件生成于:新建度量新名称新类名新标签编辑器左侧新制表符新编辑器新窗口下一步继续 >下一个失败的测试第9个外部命令的快捷键。第9个外部命令。否无激活的子查询无断点该类不存在于任何类簇中。系统中不存在该名称的类簇。系统中不存在匹配该名称的类簇。未选中类簇。请选择一个类簇创建新类。没有命令运行方法无注释。未发现任何契约。无法调试动态链接库(DLL)系统无默认值子项度量定义不存在。该选项没有描述信息。无描述。无详细结果。域未定义。在关系规则中至少定义一个域。未发现任何错误。该类中无任何方法名与该名称匹配。类$2中未找到名为$1的方法名。该文件中无方法没有选中文件名该对象没有帮助信息没有帮助提供无信息没有选中度量档案。没有选中任何度量没有选中度量无对象前一个值不存在
1400 无项目尚未加载项目。无结果。未定义任何系统。
1401 无法启动程序。无文本标签该类中没有合法的构造函数
1402 请确认选择的类有没有参数的
1403 构造函数无输入值。您需要:
1404 D: 删除前一个值
1405 K: 保持前一个值 (默认)
1406 选项:无值过滤器未指定任何值过滤在下面项目中未发现版本信息:
1407 $1该类簇没有可用的视图none、result关键字背景色普通背景色普通被引用类普通字体颜色挪威语挪威语 (挪威,伯克梅尔)挪威语 (挪威,尼诺斯克)未计算沿未运行未更新未执行备注提示: 度量未保存。数字背景色调用次数状态数量历史记录中缓存的格式化文本的数量。增量编译时在.NET模块中类的数量。增加该量会使增量编译的效率降低,但会提高工作模式时调试过程中程序集的加载速度。中断执行前执行指令的条数。鼠标滚轮滚动值。向上翻页或向下翻页时保持可见的行数。在列表中保存最近打开项目的条数。一个制表符所占的空格数。观察工具个数数字字体颜色数量度量"$1"未定义。数量度量丢失。Once方法/常量(&N)对象名称:确定OLD_NAME对象对象浏览器对象输出对象内容对象查看器对象背景色对象字体颜色对象对象工具对象工具布局对象工具:左对象工具:右Obsolete过期类过期方法过时的语法奥克语奥克语 (法国)奇数行背景色旧名称旧语法旧原义字符串以天计算的旧文档年龄旧类名旧名称旧类名对象Once当被改装过的系统生成了相关文件后,您必须使用评测生成器来生成结果。
1408 使用评测生成器是因为在执行过程中有多种用来记录运行时信息的格式。
1410 选择运行时生成的信息记录和评测生成器来生成评测结果。
1411 评测结果将会保存在"profinfo.pfi"中。大写once方法和常量Once方法`$1':$2。Once方法`$1':发生异常。Once方法`$1':还不能进行Once方法计算Once方法: `$1'尚未被调用。Once方法once方法和常量泛型中的Once其中一个类簇非法。
1413 请检查确保没有他们不预编辑或者库,
1414 并且确保相应的目录正确。只显示被赋值者只显示赋值者仅包括相同类簇中的类已编译的类只显示实例化者仅限当前版本打开(&E)...打开打开备份文件打开C文件打开布局弹出对象工具菜单打开原始文件打开观察工具菜单打开一个动态运行库的定义打开文件打开新上下文窗口打开新的编辑窗口打开项目打开异常对话框查看更多内容布局打开错误。请尝试打开默认布局。打开项目打开项目对话框高度打开项目对话框宽度在指定的外部编辑器中打开所选择的文件打开Eiffel程序集缓存浏览器工具在指定的外部编辑器中打开度量文件在外部编辑器中打开度量文件操作失败。操作成功。操作符操作符"$1"非法。合法的操作符为"="、"/="、"<"、"<="、">"、">="。操作符背景色未找到值规则操作符。操作符必须为'and'或'or'。
1415 操作符字体颜色选项未知类选项选项:或或者拾起一个度量单元并在另一个度量单元中释放来调整他们的序列。在格式化过的文本中方法分类的顺序。管理收藏原度量名原值为 "$1=$2"奥里雅语奥里雅语 (印度)其它其它关键字其它输出输出名称切换输出提示输出面板EiffelStudio外部溢出保护(&P)...溢出保护重写类在条件中覆盖检测到的平台。重写类重写重写类覆盖布局后继条件(&O)父类簇父类:语法分析错误:普什图语普什图语 (阿富汗)通过粘贴粘贴 (Ctrl+V)路径Eiffel调试精灵程序(经典)的路径。设置为空使用默认环境值。停止暂停程序在当前位置暂停程序百分比删除契约的申明将会删除其中所有的契约。
1417 需要删除所有契约吗?波斯语波斯语 (伊朗)物理属性设置拾起集合/类/方法等,释放到这里拾起度量并将其释放到这里拾起集合/类/方法等,释放到这里图片文件新编辑标签放在左边吗?平台平台请与系统管理员联系确认是否支持您的评估。请选择一个文件夹。请为初始化方法选择.NET名称。
1418 .NET名称将在其它.NET组件调用它时使用。请为根类选择.NET名称。
1419 .NET名称将在其它.NET组件调用它时使用。请在C编译退出后清除窗口。请将一个类释放到该按钮上。
1420 点击右键拾起或者释放。查看类的图请将其释放到该按钮上。
1421 点击右键拾起或者释放。请将带有锚点的类或者类簇释放到该按钮上。
1422 点击右键拾起或者释放。请当前按钮上释放一个类、类簇或者类关系。
1423 点击右键拾起或者释放。请在当前按钮上释放一个类、类簇或者中间点。
1424 点击右键拾起或者释放。请将该按钮拾起并放到图中。
1425 点击右键拾起或者释放。请输入正确的查询,例如:
1426 featurename = WORD.t*
1427 featurename < WORD.mak?
1428 calls > 2
1429 self <= 3.4
1430 descendants in 23 - 34
1431 total >= 12.3
1432 percentage /= 2
1433 calls > avg
1434 self <= max
1435 total > min
1437 您也可以同时使用'and'和'or',例如:
1438 calls > 2 and self <= 3.4 or percentage in 2.3 - 3.5请输入方法名。请输入一个正整数。请输入合法的地址。请输入整数值。请填写'Location'。请填写'系统名称'。请填写:
1439 项目名(不含空格)
1440 创建Eiffel类的目录请首先在编辑器中选择需要定位的类或者类簇。请在C编译退出后保存输出。请在外部命令退出后将输出保存到文件在执行该命令前请选择一个类或者一个类簇。
1441 之后它将被删除。请选择格式。请选择程序元素 (目标/集合/类/方法...)请选择子结点。请选择工具。选择创建项目的类型。请选择...请指定类名。请指定一个类(或者用*号表示所有类)拾放模式波兰语波兰语 (波兰)葡萄牙语葡萄牙语 (巴西)葡萄牙语 (葡萄牙)位置Split area的位置。位置可能发生溢出检查到可能的栈溢出。程序已经暂停
1442 您可以检查当前的状态。编译后编译后任务属性(&O)编译前任务预编辑任务预编辑向导(&W)...预编译进程预编辑向导预编辑向导错误预编译完成!预编译因为-stop/-batch选项预编译将自动运行
1443 预编译库$1:Precursor选项窗口高度选项窗口宽度选项前缀集合中所有类都使用的前缀。正在准备预编辑...按<回车>恢复编译或者按<Q>退出按下ESC键清除查找上一个上一个失败的测试上一个值前一个值:`$1'
1444 打印打印信息打印信息?打印信息:打印正在编辑的文本优先级评测(&F)...过程产品评测评测查询窗口评测向导产生上面记录的评测:进度条颜色项目项目设置(&S)...项目工具栏项目名称错误项目名称和项目位置项目设置项目设置 ($1)项目已经存在项目文档项目图标位于$1的项目
1445 被破坏。不能继续。项目不可读。请检查权限。项目位置项目名项目设置对话框高度项目设置对话框x坐标项目设置对话框y坐标项目设置对话框分割位置项目设置对话框宽度项目工具栏的元素和布局信息。项目工具栏部局属性比例局部变量/参数部分和`对象'标签在调试工具中的所占的比例。协议公钥标识程序集的公钥公钥提升提升方法旁遮普语旁遮普语 (印度)将柄放在左边将柄放在右边使用直角在左边放置两个柄。在右边放置两个柄。将柄放在左边将柄放在右边在左边放置两个柄在右边放置两个柄。使用四连击奇楚亚语奇楚亚语 (玻利维亚)凯楚阿语 (厄瓜多尔)奇楚亚语 (秘鲁)查询查询:询问快速度量退出显示含未保存文件的窗口(&U)恢复所有窗口最大化所有未保存的窗口最大化所有窗口比例比例度量格式为:
1447 系数 * 数量度量 / (系数 * 分母度量)
1449 数量度量和分母度量可为任何合法的单元。
1451 重复上一次操作(&D) Ctrl+Y重构工具栏(&F)删除所有断点(&M)只读只读项目: 不能编译。只读项目: 不能编译。
1452 只读项目:在F_code中没有C代码需要编译。
1453 已准备好查询...重新计算先中的度量Control-right-click的接受者。最近的项目重新编译重写类(&O)重新编译重写类重新编译重写类簇重新编辑项目重新编译将终止当前运行的程序。运行记录递归递归方法度量名称"$1"出现递归定义。Redefine设置为输出吗?重复上次操作重复 (Ctrl+Y)重复上次重构(被重构的类没有被修改的情况下才可用)重复重构取消上一次操作命令重复上次操作重构重构工具栏重构工具栏布局重构:类重命名重构:方法重命名(已经编译的类)引用值引用度量:未找到$1。引用度量:未选择$1。更新当前契约,并合并未检查到的变更。更新工具正则表达式正则表达式用于包含或者排除子文件夹或文件的正则表达式。未找到值测试关系。关系刷新重新载入度量吗?重命名:记录自动完成列表大小记录自动完成列表大小。远程文件将被加载于:$1
1454 该文件已经存在。覆盖吗?删除全部删除(&A)全部删除删除断点删除类或类簇删除条件移除柄删除项目清除直角删除选中的测试用例从系统中删除类或类簇全部删除删除所有断点全部所有行删除所有范围删除所有值查询从树中删除对象删除锚点删除"与"关系删除断点删除条件删除选中度量删除当前选中对象删除延迟域删除详细结果?删除集合移除柄删除输入度量项。 删除度量'$1'?清除直角删除规则删除选中的自定义格式删除选中的自定义工具删除选中表达式删除选中度量历史记录删除选中范围删除选中的Stone处理工具删除选中的值查询从动态运行库中删除选定的方法清除多余空格删除选中契约正在删除度量...删除无用的项重命名在整个项目中将类"$1"重命名为"$2"在本地将"$1"重命名为"$2"重命名方法/类文件重命名重命名名称:在所有类中重命名类。(低效)只在已编译的类中修改重命名的类。重命名重命名未知类在当前集合中类的重命名。替换在注释中替换名称在字符串中替换全部替换替换...替换:向后重放运行向前重放运行向左重放运行向右重放运行向后重放运行重放运行直至选中的调用。向前重放运行向左重放运行重放模式向右重放运行重放运行报告集<<结果报告集排斥力 ($1%)排斥力:前提条件Require elseRescue保留字背景色保留字字体颜色重设重设运行计数恢复默认值恢复工具布局重设当前视图重设当前到达计数($1)清除用户设置资源资源重新开始重新启动程序恢复恢复断言检查恢复默认值恢复默认值恢复断言检查开发环境恢复到普通布局条件视图结果结果:重新同步断点重新同步所有工具重定位到 $1 '$2'查询使用类恢复默认颜色。查询非直接的使用类查询非直接的被使用类查询普通被引用的使用类查询普通被引用的被使用类只查询语法级别上被引用的使用类只查询语法级别上被引用的被使用类查询被使用类位于$1的项目
1455 被破坏。不能继续。重试重用或者生成评测结果。取消工程项目向右右调试器布局回退吗?罗马尼亚语罗马尼亚语 (罗马尼亚)罗曼什语罗曼什语 (瑞士)根根类根类名错误根类簇根方法根类.NET名称根类名根类名:根类:从系统中的根类簇、根类和根方法。根类簇:根方法:过程焦点行背景色非焦点行前景色运行运行并关闭运行发布系统运行工作模式运行隐藏命令运行发布系统忽略断点运行运行选中的度量
1456 当选中度量且设置好输入域时可运行。运行至下一个断点忽略断点运行运行工作模式系统运行时信息记录运行结果运行信息错误记录俄语俄语 (俄罗斯)另存为(&A)...被使用者(&U)同步上下文(&Y)系统信息(&Y)SOURCE 属性应该存在相同的UUID萨米语萨米语 (芬兰,伊纳里)萨米 (挪威,卢乐)萨米语 (瑞典,卢乐)萨米语 (北芬兰)萨米语 (挪威,北方)萨米语 (北瑞典)萨米语 (芬兰,斯高特)萨米语 (挪威南部)萨米语 (南瑞典)梵语梵语 (印度)保存全部保存(&A)全部保存另存为...保存为备份将C编译输出保存到文件另存为(&Y)...保存被调试程序对象将布局另存为...保存对象全部保存将调用栈保存到文本文件中将异常信息保存到文本文件中将变更保存到类中。保存新配置格式为'$1'?将输出保存到文件保存该动态运行库定义正在保存度量...范围范围 <<范围 >>主窗口在屏幕上的x坐标。项目设置对话框在屏幕上的x坐标。主窗口在屏幕上的y坐标。项目设置对话框在屏幕上的y坐标。滚动普通行数查找查找结果集在文件夹中递归查找类?查找上一个查找上一个在文件夹中递归查找类?查找集合/类簇/方法查找:查找下一个搜索新类并编译查找范围查找上一个选中文本查找下一个选区查找工具查找选中文件...第2个外部命令的快捷键。第2个外部命令。未发现"$1"。查看失败记录Select选择全部(&A) Ctrl+A选择全部选择全部度量选择类选择类簇选择深度选择方法选择完整的度量选择重新计算选择查看器选择文件夹选择文件选择运行时信息生成评测结果选择一个完成编译的类并查看其相关信息。选择类簇查看其可用的视图选择需要提升的方法。
1457 用拾起和释放的方法或者直接将光标移到编辑器中的方法中。选择用户定义度量备份文件名:选择已编译的方法查看其信息选择度量档案文件选择目标/集合/文件夹/类,显示相关信息。选择某次测试:选择全部选择所有历史记录选择已有的度量档案文件如果您需要保存当前视图,请选择另一个视图。选择至少一种语言。选择至少一个输出格式。双击选择整个调用栈吗?双击选择整个调用栈选择类或者方法重命名。
1458 使用拾起和释放方法或者将光标定位到编辑器中的方法或者类。选择需要生成文档的类簇选择当前档案(接受URL):删除当前度量档案文件选择关系深度选择文档生成的目录选择域范围选择方法类型选择需要生成的方法。选择输出格式选择包括在HTML meta标签中Indexing项选择输入度量:选择度量值过滤:选择度量:未选择选择可重新计算的历史记录选择引用档案(可用URL):选择引用度量的档案文件选择目标选择编译模式选择要编辑的断言选择目标文件夹选择需要生成的图选择使用格式选择相关信息来完成查询配置。选择目标:选择使用的视图选择新关系的类型选择工作文件夹选择/取消选择预定义的度量选择/取消选择用户定义度量已选择的程序集名称选中的类簇为只读。创建新类请选择可写的类簇。选中度量选中文本不是正确的文件名。选中文本不是正确的文件名或者文件不存在选中区域背景色选中字体颜色发送到(&D)将输入数据发送到正在运行的命令将输入发送到命令将最后一次计算写入历史记录同步上下文输出到外部编辑器分隔符塞尔维亚语塞尔维亚语 (西里尔文,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维亚)塞尔维亚语 (拉丁语,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那)塞尔维亚语 (西里尔文,塞尔维亚和门的内哥罗)塞尔维亚语 (拉丁文,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那)塞索托语北梭托语 (南非)设置设置条件断点(&C)选择中心类: $1将当前布局设置为默认布局设置片大小指定参数设置为默认值将选中字符串转换成小写。将选中字符串转换成大写。设置环境设置栈最大深度转换为小写(&L)转换为大写(&P)转换为小写转换为大写设置特殊对象中显示的值设置工作文件夹茨瓦纳语茨瓦纳语 (南非)项目设置配置自定义格式配置自定义工具设置使用者设置规则域属性设置规则文本属性配置自定义格式配置自定义工具设置域为规则设置外部命令设置方法域选择输入度量:设置度量值查询为工具"$1"设置Stone处理工具设置被使用的类为格式"$1"指定工具设置值规则第7个外部命令的快捷键。第7个外部命令。重命的类:
1459 可空类型上的调用被当作错误来报告吗?共享的运行库定义缩写快捷键0快捷键1快捷键2快捷键3快捷键4快捷键5快捷键6快捷键7快捷键8快捷键9修改快捷键失败。您输入的快捷键可能已经被某一固定的功能使用或者为系统保留值。取消编译的快捷键。检查重写类簇并编译的快捷键。编译当前项目的快捷键。创建新窗口的快捷键。新建编译器的快捷键。显示断点工具的快捷键。显示C输出工具的快捷键。显示调用栈工具的快捷键。显示类工具的快捷键。显示类簇工具的快捷键。显示图工具的快捷键。显示错误和警告工具的快捷键。显示外部输出工具的快捷键。显示收藏工具的快捷键。显示方法工具的快捷键。显示方法集工具的快捷键。显示度量工具的快捷键。显示对象观察器工具的快捷键。显示对象工具的快捷键。显示输出工具的快捷键。显示属性工具的快捷键。显示查找结果集工具的快捷键。显示查找工具的快捷键。显示线程工具的快捷键。显示观察工具的快捷键。显示窗口工具的快捷键。显示普通文本视图的快捷键。显示可点击视图的快捷键。显示契约视图的快捷键。显示平面视图的快捷键。显示接口视图的快捷键。发布当前项目的快捷键。凝固当前项目的快捷键。历史记录后退的快捷键。历史记录前进的快捷键。跳转到下一处编译错误的快捷键。跳转到下一处编译警告的快捷键。跳转到上一处编译错误的快捷键。跳转到上一处编译警告的快捷键。暂停调试程序的快捷键。忽略断点运行程序的快捷键。运行调试程序的快捷键。保存所有文件的快捷键。保存当前文件的快捷键。搜索新类并编译的快捷键。将类/方法同步到工具的快捷键。进入方法的快捷键。跳出方法的快捷键。逐步调试的快捷键。停止调试程序的快捷键。快捷键显示EiffelStudio调试菜单吗?在发布版本中生成异常跟踪吗?显示地址工具栏?当拖拽工具或者编辑器标签时显示停靠反馈标记吗?处理所有的类吗?依赖关系视图中默认展开分类目录层吗?按所在的文件夹将类分类吗?将类簇命作为命名空间吗?当只有一个自动完成选择时,自动完成当前代码吗?自动完成列表在输入"."号后显示吗?启动编辑器自动缩进功能?文件被重命名成新文件名吗?显示常用工具栏吗?生成的程序集被标记为CLS相兼容吗?显示继承类吗?使用内联方法吗?使用.NET命名空间的规范吗?类簇中的文件夹名被递归的当作命名空间使用吗?在自动完成列表中隐藏不匹配的选择项吗?如果显示所有选择项,在输入过程中,最相近的一项将被选中。应该读取改变注释中出现类吗?改变字符串中出现类吗?改变注释中出现的方法名?改变字符串中出现的方法名?隐藏旧档案项吗?显示项目工具栏?显示重构工具栏?依赖关系视图中默认扩展被引用的类吗?依赖关系视图中默认扩展引用的类吗?常用工具栏中的显示文本吗?自动记录编辑器中自动完成列表的大小?显示词法级别上引用的类?使用制表符进行自动缩进吗?在准备选中的工具栏按钮上显示文本吗?C编译开始时,显示C输出对话框吗?生成的二进制代码可以被IL验证吗?生成的可执行文件使用与运行时共享的库吗?显示代理对象信息吗?编译开始时,显示输出工具吗?当前库使用程序选项还是库选项?保存时自动清除空字符吗?清除冗余代码吗?总是调试非Eiffel代码来防止Eiffel代码的回调吗?本文没有在当前编辑器中被修改,而是在外部编辑器中被修改时重新载入文本吗?显示显示$1在图中显示所有类吗?(忽略下面的列表)显示ANY方法显示别名显示赋值者方法名显示BON当计算完毕时显示详细的结果。只显示失败的项显示垃圾回收信息显示帮助信息...显示列表显示微型工具栏显示签名显示测试用例及结果查看UML显示地址工具栏显示所有停靠标识显示所有调用者以"调用者"方式显示所有调用者(与本地调用者相对)。显示所有栈元素显示常用工具栏所有文本项目工具栏中显示所有文本显示重构工具栏所有文本显示父类?显示比当前选项值多一层的父类层数。显示断点工具显示C输出工具显示调用栈工具显示类的位置?显示类工具显示比该值大1层的使用者。显示类簇图例显示类簇显示类簇工具自动完成列表显示非模糊名自动完成列表显示签名自动完成列表显示型别显示自我依赖关系吗?显示依赖关系工具显示子类?显示比该值小1层的子类。显示图工具显示设置当前光标位置的对话框。显示错误和警告工具显示外部输出工具显示收藏夹工具显示方法工具显示方法集工具显示常用工具栏显示跳转对话框显示隐藏选项在选项窗口中显示隐藏选项吗?显示断点信息显示继承关系显示项路径显示标签显示行号显示度量工具显示普通语法级别上被引用的类?显示对象观察器工具显示对象工具显示过时的项只显示按词法法被引用的类?只显示:显示输出工具显示物理属性设置对话框显示项目工具栏显示属性工具显示快速搜索栏显示重构工具栏显示查找替换面板显示查找报告集工具显示查找工具在按钮右边显示文本显示自我依赖关系显示开始对话框显示静态方法调用者显示停止位置显示比该值小1层的子类簇。显示比该值大1层的父类簇。显示被使用关系显示比该值大1层的被使用者。显示常用工具栏文本项目工具栏中显示文本显示重构工具栏文本显示文本标签显示正在编辑方法的调用者显示线程工具显示信息提示显示信息提示?显示提示?显示ANY中未重写的方法显示ANY中未变化的方法?默认显示ANY类中未改变的方法吗?显示警告:显示观察工具显示窗口工具在自动完成列表中切换显示模糊名选项。在自动完成列表中切换显示过时选项。在自动完成列表中切换显示型别选项。在自动完成列表中切换显示签名选项。显示/隐藏继承而来的契约的位置。签名僧伽罗语僧伽罗语 (斯里兰卡)第6个外部命令的快捷键。第6个外部命令。片上限斯洛伐克语斯洛伐克语 (斯洛伐克)斯洛文尼亚语斯洛文尼亚语 (斯洛文尼亚)列表中最小的编号。智能home键智动缩进上次成功编译后已有类被修改某些方法的export语句有冲突。
1460 请确保export语句的共享编号和
1461 输出名称。部分文件未能保存。
1462 已经取消退出。部分文件没有保存。
1463 编译前保存吗?部分文件没有保存。保存后再退出吗?抱歉,有错误发生,无法显示值...
1464 抱歉,目前无任何线程信息抱歉,程序未暂停时无任何信息被调用者的排序。调用者的排序。类使用者排序资源源文件无法被删除。请确保:
1465 源文件存在,
1466 源文件未正在被编辑,
1467 目标文件夹可写。空白字符背景色空字符字体颜色西班牙语西班牙语 (阿根廷)西班牙语 (玻利维亚)西班语 (智利)西班牙 (哥伦比亚)西班牙语 (哥斯达黎加)西班牙语 (多米尼加共和国)西班牙语 (厄瓜多尔)西班牙语 (萨尔瓦多)西班牙语 (危地马拉)西班牙语 (洪都拉斯)西班牙语 (墨西哥)西班牙语 (尼加拉瓜)西班牙语 (巴拿马)西班牙语 (巴拉圭)西班牙语 (秘鲁)西班牙语 (波多黎各)西班牙语 (西班牙)西班牙语 (美国)西班牙语 (乌拉圭)西班牙语 (委内瑞拉)SPECIAL类别映射。针对于当前调用栈的信息(异常等等)指定的文件不存在指定的度量没有定义或者非法,这将导致当前格式无法使用。发布模式编译中应用任何可以应用的程序优化吗?指定是否展开错误列表,以显示全部错误信息。指定参数为指定的Stone指定默认的处理工具指定Ace文件:
1468 C: 取消
1469 S: 指定文件名
1470 T: 复制模板
1472 选项:指定编译器生成输入方法的文件。当拖动图元素到图的边缘时的滚动速度。(范围为0到100)运行(&A)记录栈格布局栈信息监测栈溢出:暂停执行的栈深度,并询问是否继续运行。(只适用于经典Eiffel)标准(C/字节码)标准按钮标准语法开始开始测试从失败的用例开始测试使用参数运行运行程序并在断点处暂停运行命令运行程序并在断点处暂停忽略断点运行程序开始计算度量档案忽略断点运行程序开始对话框高开始对话框宽状态状态栏向前一步进入(&T)进入移出逐步移动完成进入进入方法逐步移出跳出方法跳出方法硬度 ($1%)硬度:Stone处理工具Stone名称停止停止程序停止测试停止程序在断点处暂停(当程序运行至断点时暂停)在断点处暂停停止调试并永久从系统中删除类簇$1。
1474 您确定该操作吗?停止执行编译时停止执行停止度量计算显示度量计算停止重新计算度量显示字符串字符串背景色字符串字体颜色插入的字符串。子类簇子类簇子类簇深度父类簇父类簇深度被使用者前提条件被使用的类被使用者深度被使用的类的集合被使用的类斯瓦里希语 斯瓦希里语 (肯尼亚)瑞典语瑞典语 (芬兰)瑞典语 (瑞典)立刻扫描该系统切换数字格式切换到平面视图切换到树状视图切换到十进制格式切换到十六进制格式切换到高质量模式切换到低质量模式语言类型正在切换到调试布局...正在切换到编辑布局...同步同步上下文在工具同步正在同步类关系正在同步类正在同步类簇关系正在同步类簇正在同步图工具:正在同步关系连接词法级别的类词法级别的使用者词法级别的被使用者启用词法完成语法级别古叙利亚语古叙利亚语 (叙利亚)系统系统信息系统不存在。系统正在编译系统正在运行程序正在运行(断点被忽略)系统已运行系统名称和UUID不匹配。
1475 系统UUID:$1
1476 系统名称:$2
1477 系统名称:系统处于非运行状态系统属性系统正在运行应该存在TARGET名称属性类型:制表符长度标签标签:塔吉克语塔吉克语 (塔吉克斯坦)塔马塞特文塔马塞特语 (拉丁文,阿尔及利亚)泰米尔语泰米尔语 (印度)目标目标选择目标目标`$1'不存在或者不能编译。
1478 选择一个目标:目标`$1'不存在或者不能编译。
1479 选择一个目标:目标名称和UUID不匹配。
1480 目标UUID: $1
1481 目标名称: $2
1482 目标Stone目标文本背景色目标文本的字体颜色跳转到目标类簇或者类当系统为一个库时所使用的目标。目标: $1目标CLR版本:目标任务鞑靼语鞑靼语 (俄罗斯)文本(&X)泰卢固语泰卢固语 (印度)临时标题第10个外部命令的快捷键。第10个外部命令。终止C编译终止当前运行的C编译终止正在运行的命令测试次数测试方法测试运行历史记录文本视图文本视图完成文本载入文本规则中的文本为空。Windows文本格式当前度量为预定义度量,文本不可修改。非编辑文本。本文选项:文本已经保存泰国语泰国语 (泰国)已选择的.NET程序集名称非法。
1483 点击后退选择新名称。未找到或者不能运行Eiffel调试器
1484 当前路径 = $1
1486 您可以在选项用改变该值
1487 或者设置$2为$3后重新启动
1488 Makefile.SH比当前系统的新。重新启动之后所做的如下改变将生效。类$1不可写。类名不正确。已选择的配置文件已经在列表中。已选择的配置文件非法。不能显示类的契约指定的初始化方法名与指定的Lace不一致。
1490 合法的初始化方法名为非空并且只包含字母、
1491 数字和下划线。第一个字母必须为字母。
1493 点击后退选择合法的初始化方法名。当前版本系统未成功编译。
1494 无法使用调试工具。自定义目标范围格式无法保存,因为无加载项目。在子类$1中已经存在该新名称的方法。已选择的文件夹已经包含一个项目
1496 点击后退选择另一个文件夹。
1498 点击前进继续并清除已存在的项目。选择的文件夹不存在,
1499 向导创建失败。
1501 点击后退选择另一个文件夹。运行信息已经被修改。
1502 继续之前要保存吗?方法命不正确。文件$1
1503 不或读或者不是一个合法的动态运行库定义。您选择的运行信息记录文件不存在或者不合法。
1504 运行信息记录文件必须在项目文件夹的如下位置:
1505 $1
1507 请重新选择一个合法的文件或者再运行一次评测系统
1508 生成新的运行时信息记录。
1510 点击后退选择合法的文件或者退出。指定的执行信息文件不存在或者不合法。请指定一个合法的文件或
1511 者重新生成一个。
1512 后退重新选择一个文件或者选择生成选项。下面环境变量未设置:
1513 以下环境变量未设置:
1514 $1上次编译未完成。
1515 在该状态下运行前一个编译的程序可能导致信息前后不一致,
1516 或者无法估计的结果。编译过程中使用处理器的最大数量。'0'使用所有可用的处理器。状态数量上限为10。点击完成按钮将立即开始预编译
1519 请耐心等待,这将使用一定时间!项目位置是指编译器生成编译文件的位置。指定的项目名和指定的Lace不一致
1521 合法的项目名称不能为空并且只包含字母、数字和下划线。
1522 同时第一个字母必须为字母。
1524 点击后退并选择合法的项目名。项目需要预编译库尚未编译,创建预编译吗?编辑器源未设置
1525 指定的根类名和指定的Lace不一致
1527 合法的根类名不能为空并且只包含字母、数字和下划线。
1528 同时第一个字母必须为字母。
1530 点击后退并选择合法的根类名。被选中的文件'$1'不是合法的.NET程序集。选中的选项非法。
1531 请从其余的选项中选择。运行次数目标设置不正确。显示或隐藏工具的速度(毫秒)。"0"表示不使用动画。在指定时间内系统无法运行:
1533 当前时间限为$1秒
1535 您可以在选项中改变该值
1536 或者设置$2为$3后重新启动
1537 该系统无运行入口,在EiffelStudio中无法运行。不能编辑该类文本。无法编辑该类的文本。图中可见的工具栏元素。不能完成向导,因为安装未完全。
1538 COM组件"ISE.VS.VisionSupport"丢失或者未注册。
1539 需要了解更多请联系http://support.eiffel.com
1541 点击退出完成向导。Then该库定义中有些问题。
1542 调用'Check'获得更多信息。
1543 无论如何都保存吗?度量档案中存在$1度量档案中存在$1该类名已经存在。在类$1中已经存在该名称的方法。这将引起冲突。名为"$1"的度量已存在。
1544 在"度量名称"列中修改度量名称才能导入。已经编译的项目存在于"$1"
1545 在重新编译前需要将其删除.
1546 导入度量中名为"$1"的度量已经存在。
1547 名称"$2"将被改回"$3"。该编号处没有可用项。
1548 无输出可保存。
1549 保存契约时出错。请检查是否有读取该类文件的权限。存储EiffelStudio会话数据时出错。参数不正确。第3个外部命令的快捷键。第3个外部命令。该类不能输出方法。
1550 请确保它不是抽象类也不是泛型
1551 同时系统已经成功编译。该正在被另一个编辑器编辑。
1552 在多个编辑器内同时编辑一个类
1553 可能导致信息丢失。该类簇没有父类簇。该命令需要一个类名。
1554 不能继续执行。该命令需要文件夹名。
1555 无法继续执行。该命令需要一个文件名。
1556 无法继续执行。该命令将停止调试。该方法不能输出。
1557 抽象方法,外部方法,
1558 属性都不能输出。该方法export语句有错误。
1559 请尝试编辑获得更多的信息。该功能只在调试时程序被暂停时有效。文件已经被外部编辑器修改。该文件似乎已经被破坏。
1560 部分节点未被加载。编号已经被使用。
1561 请选择其它编号。对于未载入编辑器的文件,该操作不能被撤消。
1562 需要继续替换全部吗?该项目不包含可编译的目标。该项目不包含可编译的目标。
1563 请打开另一个项目。该项目有多于一个的目标:该视图可用于显示所用种类的格式
1564 因此它将被用于默认的格式视图该视图适合显示类的继承结构
1565 如类的父类/子类该视图适合显示类列表
1566 如类的使用者/调用者该视图适合显示不同版本的方法
1567 如方法的所有实现者/父类版本/子类版本该视图适合显示调用的方法该视图适合显示方法的调用者该视图适合于显示类中方法列表
1568 如属性/过程该行为将忽略更改。将所有选项设置为默认值,之前的所有设置将会被覆盖。
1569 你确定吗?线程抛出空调用异常吗?西藏语西藏语 (不丹)西藏语 (中国)时间时限启动的Eiffel调试精灵程序的时限(只适用于经典调试器)。设置为0使用环境默认值。如何...需要完成:显示/隐藏行号切换“忽略断点”在UML和BON视图之间切换使用过滤器在自动完成列表中切换过滤选项。显示/隐藏行号切换质量级别记录大小显示非模糊名切换显示过时的项显示签名显示型别切换赋值方法名的可见性切换使用者关系标签的可见性切换类簇图例的可见性切换类簇可见性切换方法别名的可见性显示/隐藏方法签名切换继承关系的可见性切换显示/隐藏行号。切换使用关系的可见性"$1"的数量太多。只需要一个。"域"的数量太多。只需要1个。"值测试器"的数量太多。只需要1个。参数过多。以下参数将被忽略:"criterion"节中规则过多。只需一个。指定规则过多。只需一个。值查寻的数量太多。只需要1个。工具工具栏工具栏(&B)工具栏选项工具提示顶层总进度:时间总计总进度: $1%跟踪商标过渡语法树状视图树状度量历史记录平面/树视图向后搜索自动完成类名闭合树中所有的结点。闭合树中当前结点。显示搜索面板并将焦点移到是替换文本框中。展开树中所有结点。展开树中当前结点。自动完成方法名向前搜索接入自定义字符串#1。接入自定义字符串#2。接入自定义字符串#3。显示快速搜索栏。向后搜索当前选定的文本向前搜索当前选定的文本是土耳其语土尔其语 (土尔其)土库曼语土库曼语 (土库曼斯坦)关闭物理属性激活物理属性打开/关闭物理属性类型类型映射型别检查失败在此填写输入数据生成可执行代码的类型。编译方式集合类型任务类型型别{$1}未被编译。类型:取消注释(&N)UML图中类簇名区域填充色。UML图中类簇的字体颜色。UML图中类簇的字体。UUIDUUID "$1"非法UUID丢失。维吾尔语维吾尔语 (中国)乌克兰语乌克兰语 (乌克兰)UMLUML抽象类字体UML类方法体字体颜色UML类方法体字体UML类方法字体颜色UML类方法字体UML类填充色UML类名字体颜色UML类名字体UML类属性字体颜色UML类属性字体UML使用者填充色UML使用者标签填充色UML使用者标签字体UML类使用者线条宽度UML类簇图标填充色UML类簇线条填充色UML类簇名区域填充色UML类簇名字体颜色UML类簇名字体UML泛型字体颜色UML泛型字体UML继承关系填充色UML隐藏继承关系未处理无法在空对象或空类型上计算非Once方法{$1}.$2无法计算抽象方法{$1}.$2无法计算Once方法{$1}.$2无法在<$3>$4上计算{$1}.$2未能计算:{$1}.$2$3未能执行向导。
1570 检查`$1'是否存在并且可执行。
1571 无法为当前版本的EiffelStudio找到可用的模板。未能获得当前对象。无法找到ICorDebugFunction无法找到目标对象无法为$1找到合法的目标对象不能初始化向导生成的项目无法加载文件于: $1
1572 请检查该文件不存在并可写。无法载入Ace文件`$1'。
1573 原因如下:
1574 $2无法载入项目文件`$1'。
1575 原因如下:
1576 $2未能读取远程文件。
1577 请检查URL: $1未能获取已安装向导列表。无法传送远程文件。
1578 原因: $1文件未能写入: $1取消全部选择取消注释取消选择行的注释取消选择行的注释未编译的修改未编译类StoneUndefine未定义下划线用于分割符重复取消上次操作 (Ctrl+Z)撤消上次重构(上次重构之后没有手动修改文件才有效)撤消上次重构撤消操作取消上次操作无法撤消操作。未计算统一Stone减少缩进单元子项度量单元"$1"与线性度量"$2"不一致。单元名称"$1"非法单元名称丢失。单元顺序单元测试文件将被生成。单元:系统全局唯一的标识符。程序状态未知未知属性:
1579 $1未知类名未知类簇未知的`$1'的常量类型未知格式:
1580 $1未知菜单$1。
1581 未知选项$1.
1582 未知协议:
1583 $1不关联上下文工具(&K)不关联上下文工具和其它组件未命名未命名调试未选择非选中区域的前景色Until未使用的局部变量上移类度更新更新上次改变的时间更新断点状态更新注释更新字符串正在更新 $1正在更新视图...上索布语上索布语 (德国)乌尔都语乌尔都语 (印度)乌尔都语 (巴基斯坦)使用方法:
1584 使用程序设置将类簇名作为命名空间名称吗?使用已优化的预编译使用拾放模式?如果值为假,表示使用右键菜单模式。递归使用类簇名为命名空间名使用优化过的预编译?使用动画图标在状态栏中使用动画图标吗?使用缓冲行使用当前环境值使用当前环境变量使用默认alias语句使用默认的自动完成功能?使用默认check语句使用默认class使用默认create语句使用默认creation使用默认debug语句使用默认deferred语句使用默认do语句使用默认once语句使用默认else if语句使用默认end语句使用默认once语句使用默认ensure then语句使用默认export语句使用默认external语句使用默认feature语句使用默认from语句使用默认if语句使用默认indexing语句使用默认inherit使用默认inspect语句使用默认invariant语句使用默认is语句使用默认local语句使用默认loop语句使用默认obsolete语句使用默认once语句使用默认precursor语句使用默认redefine语句使用默认rename语句使用默认require语句使用默认require else语句使用默认rescue语句使用默认select语句使用默认then语句使用默认undefine语句使用默认until语句使用默认variant语句使用默认when语句使用延迟域查看现有的评测使用外部延迟域使用继承的值将输入域作为规则域使用最新的CLR版本:正则表达式使用正则表达式?使用制表符缩进使用原义字符串的格式吗?使用通配符当用户按下 编辑器->Eiffel->快捷键->自定义插入1 时插入的字符串。当用户按下 编辑器->Eiffel->快捷键->自定义插入2 时插入的字符串。当用户按下 编辑器->Eiffel->快捷键->自定义插入3 时插入的字符串。完成用户定义度量备份。使用该向导可以分析评测结果。
1585 评测是分析一个系统运行时的状态和每个方法的使用情况。
1586 如方法被调用的次数、使用的时间等等。评测是专用于了解
1587 和优化系统的工具。
1589 在继续之前,被激活评测功能的系统应已被执行。如果还未执行,
1590 请查看帮助文档了解如何评测系统。
1593 继续请点击"继续"。使用该向导可以创建基于WEL库的Windows程序。
1596 继续请点击"继续"。使用该向导可以创建一个向导程序。
1598 您必须选择您向导中状态的数量。
1600 而后将生成所有需要的类,同时您将在
1601 WIZARD_xxxx_STATE命名的类中编码。
1604 继续请点击"继续"。该向导可以创建一个基于EiffelVision2库的图形界面程序
1607 生成的程序不但将运行于任何Windows系统还可以运行
1608 于任何支持GTK的平台(如Linux、FreeBSD等)。
1613 继续请点击"继续"。该向导可以创建基于Microsoft .NET平台的项目
1614 (可执行文件或者动态运行库)。
1616 生成的程序可运行于任何安装有.NET运行时的系统。
1621 继续请点击"继续"。使用当前向导可以创建整个单元测试文件。
1623 单元测试是用于验证单元代码的正确性。
1624 在Eiffel中,最小的单元为一个方法,这个方法
1625 可能属于一个基类,抽象类或者一个子类。
1627 该向导运行后,一个Eiffel类文件、一个ecf
1628 文件、一个tcf文件和一个说明文件将被生成。
1629 文件位于选择的类簇文件夹中。
1631 继续选择下一眇。
1632 使用该向导可以预编译任何Eiffel库。
1633 您可以预编译伴随发布的库,也可以通过
1634 提供相应的配置文件来预编译自己的库。
1636 如果您尝试预编译已经预编译过的库,
1637 之前的版本将会被翻盖。
1640 继续请点击"继续"。乌兹别克语乌兹别克语 (乌兹别克斯坦,西里尔文)乌兹别克语 (拉丁语,乌兹别克斯坦)值:值属性"normal"的值"$1"非法。应为布尔值。属性"$2"的值"$2"非法。应为布尔值。属性"case_sensitive"的值"$1"非法。应为布尔值。属性"indirect" 的值 "$1" 非法。应为布尔值。属性"negation"的值非法。应为布尔值。属性"only_current_version"的值"$1"非法。应为布尔值。属性"regular_expression"的值"$1"非法。应为布尔值。属性"time"的值"$1"非法。属性"type"的值"$1"非法。属性"value"为"$1"的值非法。应为实数。属性"$1"的值"$2"非法。应为布尔值。属性"$2"的值"$2"非法。应为整数。元素$1的值不正确。未找到值查寻器。未找到值测试器。值:变量子项度量丢失。至少定义一个子项度量。分项度量名称丢失。变量Variant源代码中使用的各级语法版本类$1中的版本版本信息.NET运行时的版本。程序集的版本。越南语越南语 (越南)查看视图视图标签视角视角可见类Vision2程序外观警告: 终端调试器处于实验阶段!
1641 WEL程序类型W_code当对标准泛型或者扩展型别尝试赋值时发出警告(VJRV)?设置未知类时发出警告?当类名与其文件夹名时不符时发出警告?当不同文件有相同的UUID时发出警告?非兼容类型比较时发出警告(VWEQ)?局部变量没有被使用时发出警告?输出类丢失时发出警告(VTCM)?对未知类重命名时发出警告?使用过期类时发出警告?使用过期方法时发出警告?使用旧语法的时候发出警告?当使用旧原义字符串语法时发出警告?泛型中使用once时发出警告?警告警告背景色警告检查失败警告文本字体颜色警告:修改将生效警告观察观察观察 :: 错误信息观察工具布局记录观察格布局欢迎使用
1642 预编译向导欢迎使用
1643 新建.NET程序向导欢迎使用单元测试创建向导。欢迎使用
1644 新建Vision2程序向导欢迎使用
1645 创建WEL程序向导欢迎使用
1646 创建向导程序向导欢迎使用评测向导威尔士语威尔士语 (英国)When当运行达到 ...当estudio_dbg_menu_enabled_preference为真时,使用快捷键显示调试菜单吗?当运行达到 ...在载入预定义度量时:
1647 预定义度量$1未被载入。在载入用户定义度量时:
1648 用户定义度量$1
1649 没有被载入。当运行至断点:启动的.NET调试器:`EiffelStudio Dbg'使用EiffelStudio的调试器;`cordbg'使用.NET Framework SDK的命令行调试器;`DebugCLR'使用.NET Framework SDK的图形界面调试器。创建哪些行为?整个项目匹配单词宽自动完成列表的宽度。"remember_completion_list_size"为真时被使用。主窗口的宽度。动态运行库窗口的宽度。编辑器左边缘宽度。提示:该宽度不是断点区域的宽度,而编辑器左侧空白区域宽度。选项窗口的宽度。打开项目对话框的宽度。项目设置对话框宽度。开始对话框的宽度。通配符显示普通引用的使用/被使用类?窗口使用EiffelWizard库的向导应用程序向导安装错误预编译库向导沃洛夫语沃洛夫语 (塞内加尔)工作模式工作文件夹工作文件夹x坐标XML视图XML文件科萨语科萨语 (南非)y坐标雅库特语雅库特语 (俄罗斯)是彝语彝语 (中国)约鲁巴语约鲁巴语 (尼日利亚)您正使用备份文件覆盖原始文件。
1650 之前的内容将丢失,备份文件将被删除。您可以选择要创建程序的外观。选择项目名称和生成位置文件夹。您可以选择向导状态的数量。您可以在框架程序和对话框程度之间
1651 选择一种程序类型可以选择创建.exe或者.dll文件
1652 选择根类名和初始化方法名。可以创建可执行文件(.exe)或者动态链接库(.dll)您可以通过评测生成器和运行时生成的信息生成评测结果。
1653 或者直接打开已经生成的评测结果。您可以在信息中包含用大括号表示的表达式的值,
1654 如"The value of x i {x}.".
1655 插入大括号使用"\{"。插入反斜线使用"\\"。
1657 以下特殊的关键字将被替换为它们当前值:
1658 $HITCOUNT - 运行到达次数
1659 $ADDRESS - 当前对象的地址
1660 $CALL - 当前调用
1661 $CALLSTACK - 当前调用栈
1662 $CLASS - 当前类名
1663 $FEATURE - 当前方法名
1664 $THREADID - 当前线程编号在规则前可以使用"非"来获得相反的布尔值因为-stop/-batch选项不能选择目标。因为使用了-stop/-batch选项,不能选择项目位置。
1665 您已经选择创建一个框架程序。
1666 您可以提供一个图标或者使用默认图标。您已经进行了如下设置:您已经进行了如下设置:
1668 项目名: $1
1669 位置: $2
1670 您已经进行了如下设置:
1672 项目名: $1
1673 位置: $2
1676 您有未保存的变更必须选择至少一个库。
1678 如果需要预编译一个或者多个库,点击后退
1679 并在右侧列表中增加需要预编译的库。
1681 如果不需要预编译任何库,点击退出。您必需先编译项目。您必须先发布您的项目。您需要运行"$1"于:
1682 请首先选择Ace文件
1683 请先操作子查询外部命令列表已满。
1684 使用 工具->外部命令... 删除其中一个旧配置文件需要被转换为新的格式。
1685 新配置文件默认名称为'$1'。
1686 如果要保持该名称点击确定,或者点击'另存为...'选择另一个名称。缩放缩放放大缩小放大缩小祖鲁语祖鲁语 (南非)[未命名的方法分类]与选中调用栈节点相关联的当前对象与选中调用栈节点相关联的`Result'变量添加子查询总是预编译退出时总是取消C编译。退出是总是取消C编译并终止外部命令。总是编译C/C++代码。运行前总是进行编译。总是转换旧版本的项目无需提示,总是直接删除。发布时总是忽略断言。总是发布。总是删除选中的度量总是全部替换。总是在编译前保存文件。总是保存修改过的度量退出时总是终止外部命令。当需要时总是终止发布。总是在需要的时候终止凝固。总是终止外部命令。自动普通普通度量更改布尔操作符类$1中应存在属性$2类视图及相关信息类项类结点吗?应该包含$1、$2类簇吗?应该存在属性$1、$2列编译或者运行该系统不变值转换评估输出文件生成该系统文档规则当前项当前版本cwd="$1"按循环模式调试系统默认值抽象方法延迟项删除已经存在的项目并开始全新的编译分母度量子类中的版本直接禁用显示该系统类簇的结构类簇不转换为库域eWeasel控制的输出编辑配置文件编译类的文本元素.空域启用错误信息运行系系统展开方法视图和相关信息方法项发布该系统 (默认忽略断言)finish_freezing运行错误平面视图文件夹项将后面的对象添加到对象树中尚不支持标准泛型凝固该系统为最近一次运行生成评测信息回到主菜单返回上一级菜单分组开始时不显示此对话框到达次数:在$1个类中使用者禁用子查询间接一次设置为评估运行的信息接口视图非法如果需要将启动C编译无用户要求时开始编译库线性线性度量操作子查询融化该系统度量度量档案结点度量值新新值无限制普通未编译数量度量偏移量$1或者"与"$1覆盖所有已存在的旧项目预编译并发布该系统重新编译该系统配置配置#快速融化该系统比例比例度量重新激活子查询递归重新设置所有值为默认值行按循环模式运行ec运行查询将输出保存到文件设置参数显示类被过滤的格式(troff、......)显示上次成功编译后已被修改的类显示编译器版本号显示类的indexing语句显示命令列表显示系统统计信息显示方法在父类中的版本显示类的父类显示类的属性显示一个方法调用的方法显示方法的调用者显示实现某个方法的类按字母顺序显示类显示类的使用者显示配置文件显示构造函数显示类中的抽象方法显示方法的子类版本显示类的子类显示类中的输出的方法显示类的外部外部方法显示类的平面视图显示方法的平面视图显示类的契约视图显示类的不变量显示查询列表显示类中once方法和常量显示切换输出显示类中的过程显示类的接口视图显示一个类使用的类按类簇逐一显示系统中的类显示类文本显示方法代码显示该帮助信息显示同名方法请为单文件编译指定一个类文件为单文件编译指定库指定输入文件 (文件名或者上次输出)指定语言 (eiffel、c、cycles)指定Ace文件 (已过时)指定编译到文件夹指定配置文件指定加载的项目文件 (过时)指定目标启动图形环境 遇到错误停止保存为EiffelCase格式词法目标项终止会话到类型使用外部延迟域在项目位置使用设置用户自定义值过滤器子项度量换行将上次命令的输出保存到文件尚未支持{SPECIAL}


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