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Added section on Eiffel Libraries structure

1 <document output="envision" title="Eiffel Libraries Folder">
2 <meta_data>
3 <help>
4 <toc>
5 <envision_title>Eiffel Libraries Folder</envision_title>
6 <envision_pseudo_name>10</envision_pseudo_name>
7 </toc>
8 <xml>
9 <xmlkeyword>
10 <index>K</index>
11 <term>Eiffel Libraries Folder</term>
12 </xmlkeyword>
13 </xml>
14 </help>
15 </meta_data>
16 <paragraph>
17 <paragraph>
18 The <bold>Eiffel Libraries</bold> folder (<image>
19 <url>../../../../images/icons/eiffel_libraries.ico</url>
20 </image>) is one of the four top-level EiffelEnvision <link><url>../project.xml</url><label>Project</label></link> folders. It's purpose is solely to reference other Eiffel library clusters that reside outside of a project.
21 <tip>
22 <bold>Recommended</bold>: Although adding clusters or subclusters, located somewhere under a project's location, under the <bold>Eiffel Libraries</bold> folder is permitted, it is not recommended. Having project specific and non-project specific items mixed under the <bold>Eiffel Libraries</bold> folder may cause later confusion. See the <link><url>url</url><label>Clean Separation</label></link> section of this documentation for more information.
23 </tip>
24 </paragraph>
26 <paragraph>
27 <bold>Eiffel Libraries</bold> can only contain <link><url>url</url><label>*Explicit Cluster Folders</label></link> and may be added through the <link><url>context_menu.xml</url><label>context menu</label></link>.
28 </paragraph>
29 <paragraph>
30 Clusters that reside under the <bold>Eiffel Libraries</bold> folder will only contain <link><url>url</url><label>*automatically enumerated</label></link> Eiffel source files and will not permit the adding of other type of files. This is because only Eiffel <italic>libraries</italic> should be reference here and not project specific items. If there is a need to add non-project specific items to your EiffelEnvision project then they may be added in under the <link><url>../other_project_items/index.xml</url><label>Other Project Items</label></link> folder.
31 </paragraph>
33 <anchor>also_see</anchor>
34 <heading>
35 <size>2</size>
36 <content>Related Sections</content>
37 </heading>
38 <seealso>
39 <bold>See Also:</bold>
40 <line_break/>
41 <link>
42 <url>index.xml</url>
43 <label>Eiffel Libraries</label>
44 </link>
45 <link>
46 <url>../../configuring/adding_items/adding_clusters.xml</url>
47 <label>Adding Clusters</label>
48 </link>
49 </seealso>
50 </paragraph>
51 </document>


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