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Updated documentation related to debugger including the new features "Exec replay" and "Debuggee object storage".
Updated documentation related to preferences dialog.
Refresh a few screen shots
1 <document title="Run with arguments" output="studio">
2 <meta_data>
3 <help>
4 <meta>
5 <meta_content>execute an application</meta_content>
6 <name>MS-HKWD</name>
7 </meta>
8 <meta>
9 <meta_content>run an application</meta_content>
10 <name>MS-HKWD</name>
11 </meta>
12 <meta>
13 <meta_content>launch an application</meta_content>
14 <name>MS-HKWD</name>
15 </meta>
16 <meta>
17 <meta_content>debug an application</meta_content>
18 <name>MS-HKWD</name>
19 </meta>
20 <meta>
21 <meta_content>application, run</meta_content>
22 <name>MS-HKWD</name>
23 </meta>
24 <meta>
25 <meta_content>application, arguments</meta_content>
26 <name>MS-HKWD</name>
27 </meta>
28 <meta>
29 <meta_content>arguments</meta_content>
30 <name>MS-HKWD</name>
31 </meta>
32 </help>
33 </meta_data>
34 <paragraph>
35 <paragraph>While working on a project, you may want to launch it with one or more arguments.</paragraph>
36 <paragraph>There are two ways to specify arguments for a program from EiffelStudio:</paragraph>
37 <list ordered="false">
38 <item>From the <bold>Debug, Debugging Options</bold> menu.</item>
39 <item>By right-clicking any of the buttons on the debugging toolbar.</item>
40 </list>
41 <heading>
42 <size>2</size>Using the Argument Dialog
43 </heading>
44 <paragraph>
45 <image>
46 <url>../../../../../images/eiffelstudio/debugger/argument_dialog.png</url>
47 </image>
48 </paragraph>
49 <paragraph> </paragraph>
50 <paragraph>The dialog allows you to manage different execution profiles to specify parameters to be passed to the system at execution time. </paragraph>
51 <paragraph>Each profile allows to set a title, the <bold>arguments</bold>, the <bold>working directory</bold>, and you can also set your own <bold>environment variables</bold>.</paragraph>
52 <paragraph>To use a profile, just select it by clicking the corresponding line in the grid..</paragraph>
53 <paragraph>Once the appropriate execution profile is selected then the system can be run with those parameters using the Run or Run &amp; Close buttons. The latter runs the system and also closes the dialog. To run without any particular parameter select <bold>default</bold> 's profile.</paragraph>
54 <paragraph>If you click on "Run Workbench" or "Run Finalized", the system will be executed outside EiffelStudio (thus no debugging)..</paragraph>
55 </paragraph></document>


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