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Fri Nov 9 12:03:43 2007 UTC (12 years, 2 months ago) by jfiat
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Updated documentation related to debugger including the new features "Exec replay" and "Debuggee object storage".
Updated documentation related to preferences dialog.
Refresh a few screen shots
1 <document title="Save call stack" output="studio">
2 <meta_data/>
3 <paragraph>
4 <paragraph>It is possible to copy the current call stack to the clipboard (<image><url>../../../../../images/eiffelstudio/icons/10x10/general_copy_icon.png</url></image>) or to a text file (<image><url>../../../../../images/eiffelstudio/icons/10x10/general_save_icon.png</url></image>). This may be useful to indicate to other people of a team where an error occurred. After the button is clicked, a dialog is popped up that prompts for a place where to save the
5 <link>
6 <url>10_call_stack_tool.xml</url>
7 <label>call stack</label>
8 </link> (if the selected file already exists, it is overwritten).
9 </paragraph>
10 </paragraph></document>


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