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Fri Nov 9 12:03:43 2007 UTC (12 years, 2 months ago) by jfiat
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Updated documentation related to debugger including the new features "Exec replay" and "Debuggee object storage".
Updated documentation related to preferences dialog.
Refresh a few screen shots
1 <document title="Debugging limitations" output="studio">
2 <meta_data/>
3 <paragraph>
4 <paragraph>General limitations:</paragraph>
5 <list ordered="false" >
6 <item>Watch expression: Agent are not supported (for instance "agent my_function" is not supported".</item>
7 <item>The debugger is still not very helpful when the execution is stopped in an invariant.</item>
8 </list>
9 <paragraph>Limitations or known bugs for the Classic debugger:</paragraph>
10 <list ordered="false" >
11 <item>Evaluate <code><keyword>Precursor</keyword></code> will result the current feature's result (not the precursor)</item>
12 <item>If you use any of the previous non supported expression in a breakpoint condition, the condition will always return True, and the debugger will stop on such condition breakpoint</item>
13 </list>
14 <paragraph>Limitations or known bugs for the .Net debugger:</paragraph>
15 <list ordered="false" >
16 <item>When stepping through disabled assertions or disabled debug clauses, the debugger may show incorrect current line.</item>
17 <item>When stepping through an inspect code, the debugger may show incorrect current line (especially if the inspect is not ordered)</item>
18 </list>
20 <paragraph>Various known bugs for classic system :</paragraph>
21 <list ordered="false" >
22 <item>Wrong assertion tag shown in debugger for precondition violation if violated during an exception rescue, indeed the tag remains the one from the exception</item>
23 <item>"Disable Assertion Handling" may be cancelled if used in an exception rescue context</item>
24 </list>
25 </paragraph>
26 </document>


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