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Fri Nov 9 12:03:43 2007 UTC (12 years, 2 months ago) by jfiat
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Updated documentation related to debugger including the new features "Exec replay" and "Debuggee object storage".
Updated documentation related to preferences dialog.
Refresh a few screen shots
1 <document title="Release notes for EiffelStudio 6.1 related to the debugger" output="studio">
2 <meta_data>
3 <help></help>
4 </meta_data>
5 <paragraph>
6 <heading><size>2</size>Graphical environment</heading>
7 <list ordered="false">
8 <item>Added debuggee object storage. This allow to store and retrieve debuggee's object.</item>
9 <item>Added basic execution replay mechanism. This allows to record the execution, and replay the recording in EiffelStudio and see/browse the recorded values.</item>
10 <item>Rename "debugging" into "execution" in EiffelStudio's message and title.</item>
11 <item>Better dialog to change the layout of the Objects tool grid. It is possible to easily change the order of 'Current, arguments, locals, ...'.</item>
12 </list>
13 <heading><size>2</size>Debugger engine</heading>
14 <list ordered="false">
15 <item>Added support for creation of SPECIAL instances.</item>
16 <item>Added support for creation of TYPE instances. (i.e: {FOO} will return a instance of TYPE [FOO])</item>
17 </list>
19 <heading><size>2</size>Current restrictions and known issues</heading>
20 <list ordered="false">
21 <item>You will find a list <link><url>../80_debugger_limitations.xml</url><label>here</label></link></item>
22 </list>
24 </paragraph>
25 </document>

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