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compatible/  97358  4 years  manus   Removed compatible libraries as we have now officially turned a page in the life of Eiffel.
testing/  101915  18 months  jfiat   Updated to 1-18-0 to use new standard manifest array.
.git-svn/  101916  18 months  jfiat   Updated EiffelStudio version to 18.07 .
C_library/  103169  8 months  jfiat   Added missing build.eant.
experimental/  103519  4 months  jfiat   Removed infix/prefix support from various Eiffel (lexer) scanner. Updated the syntax_updater parser …
help/  103805  4 weeks  jfiat   Moved the gobo eof at expected location.
C/  103828  2 weeks  jfiat   Updated to version 20.01 .
scripts/  103829  2 weeks  jfiat   Updated year to 2020.
build/  103829  2 weeks  jfiat   Updated year to 2020.
Delivery/  103835  2 weeks  jfiat   Fixed typo in unix scripts
tools/  103836  2 weeks  jfiat   Updated to Gobo Eiffel version 19.11.
dotnet/  103837  2 weeks  jfiat   Updated to Gobo Eiffel version 19.11.
examples/  103855  9 days  javierv   Added a simple cURL example to get a file using SFTP url
library/  103860  5 days  jfiat   Escape any non ASCII characters.
contrib/  103864  5 days  jfiat   Closer to ATOM validation for xhtml content.
unstable/  103872  2 days  jfiat   Fixed typo on "yesterday".
framework/  103873  2 days  jfiat   Updated terms for EiffelStudio login. Updated UI as well.
Eiffel/  103876  42 hours  jfiat   Added ES_IDE_SETTINGS to customize the IDE with buildin features such as cloud.
web/  103877  42 hours  jfiat   Updated download notification email.
README.txt  96365  5 years  jfiat   Updated text in README.txt with new urls.
build.eant  103154  8 months  jfiat   Exclude the `experimental` library from the main build.eant script.

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