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Constants/  45534  15 years  rogers   Added a couple of constants required by geenration of notebook pixamps.
XML/  43624  15 years  rogers   Minor formatting change.
bitmaps/  39127  16 years  rogers   Removed all image files, as they are no longer needed, now that they are contained within `delivery'…
commands/  44942  15 years  rogers   Removed hack for windows that worked around the fact that all relative dialogs shared the same icon.…
demo_version/  43786  15 years  rogers   Removed erroneous colon at end of Evalutaion Version.
dialogs/  44236  15 years  rogers   Latest version with the tip of the diay dialog no longer having a `show_actions'.
display_objects/  36293  16 years  rogers   Added `set_child' which is only exported to GB_TITLED_WINDOW_OBJECT and is used to change the actual…
interface/  45831  15 years  alexk   Removed local declaration clause from deferred routine.
main/  45528  15 years  rogers   Exported `add_constant_context' to GB_PIXMAP_INPUT_FIELD as we now have this class for inputting pix…
modified_libraries/  45850  15 years  alexk   Added feature "common_dialog_imp" to follow changes in standard Vision2.
object_tool/  26947  18 years  rogers   Initial revision
objects/  45991  15 years  rogers   Updated export status for `add_child_object' so it may also be called by GB_COMMAND_ADD_OBJECT.
platform_specific_classes/  42615  15 years  rogers   Fixed minor spelling mistake in comment.
templates/  44460  15 years  king   Updated to new gtk externals mechanism
tool_bar_items/  28939  18 years  rogers   Removed as no longer needed.
utilities/  45986  15 years  rogers   Updated to reflect the fact that normal objects and not just window object may be top level represen…
wizard/  45981  15 years  rogers   Added precondition to `open_with_name'.
Ace.unix.ace  45535  15 years  rogers   Updated to use the modified version of EV_PIXMAP.
ace.ace  45536  15 years  rogers   Updated to use the new modified version of EV_NOTEBOOK.
build.ico  29097  18 years  rogers   Initial.
build.rc  29097  18 years  rogers   Initial.
evaluation_ace.ace  45535  15 years  rogers   Updated to use the modified version of EV_PIXMAP.
evaluation_ace.unix.ace  45535  15 years  rogers   Updated to use the modified version of EV_PIXMAP.

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