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Sat Jul 3 01:43:13 2010 UTC (9 years, 7 months ago) by dhollen
File size: 155604 byte(s)
Added eweasel test anchor049 for bug #16945, where a generic class with a formal
generic constrained by a qualified anchored type that involves that same formal generic
crashes the compiler in {AST_TYPE_A_GENERATOR}.process_formal_as.

1 --| Copyright (c) 1993-2006 University of Southern California and contributors.
2 --| All rights reserved.
3 --| Your use of this work is governed under the terms of the GNU General Public
4 --| License version 2.
6 -- This is a test catalog.
8 source_path $BUGS
11 -- EiffelTime tests
13 test make-from-string datetimestring001 tcf pass time
14 test time-duration duration001 tcf pass time
15 test date-duration duration002 tcf pass time
16 test date-time-duration duration003 tcf pass time
17 test large-date-time-duration duration004 tcf pass time
18 test time-bug-reports time001 tcf pass time
19 test date-duration-with-leap-years time002 tcf pass time
20 test date-time-with-epoch time003 tcf pass time
22 -- EiffelBase tests
24 test array-is-equal array001 tcf pass array
25 test array-consistency array002 tcf pass array array2
26 test array-has array003 tcf pass array
27 test array-occurrences array004 tcf pass array
28 test array2-wipe-out array005 tcf pass array array2
29 test manifest-array-invariant array006 tcf pass array
30 test array-force array007 tcf pass array
31 test array2-basics array008 tcf pass array array2
33 test list-is-equal list001 tcf pass list
34 test list-put-extend list002 tcf pass list
35 test clone-list list003 tcf pass list
36 test merge-arrayed-list list004 tcf pass list
37 test remove-prune-arrayed-list list005 tcf pass list
38 test duplicate-arrayed-list list006 tcf pass list
39 test insert-arrayed-list list007 tcf pass list
40 test arrayed-list-prune-all list008 tcf pass list
41 test arrayed-list-put-* list009 tcf pass list
42 test fixed-list-queries list010 tcf pass list
43 test merging-compatible-arrayed-list list011 tcf pass list
44 test sorted-two-way-list-invariant-violation list012 tcf pass list
45 test do-all-with-index-arrayed-list list013 tcf pass list
46 test two-way-list-merge list014 tcf pass list
47 test chain-move list015 tcf pass list
49 test priority-queue-basics queue001 tcf pass queue
50 test heap-priority-queue-remove queue002 tcf pass queue
51 test queue-linear queue003 tcf pass queue
53 test disjoint-sets set001 tcf pass set
54 test disjoint-sets-expanded set001a tcf pass set
55 test disjoint-sets-heterogenous set001b tcf pass set
56 test symdif-sets set002 tcf pass set
57 test symdif-sets-heterogenous set002a tcf pass set
58 test prune-tree-set set003 tcf pass set
59 test linear-subset-move set004 tcf pass set
60 test void-items-set-crash set005 tcf pass set
61 test various-set-operations set006 tcf pass set
63 test tree-is-equal tree001 tcf pass tree
64 test tree-clone tree002 tcf pass tree
65 test tree-tests tree003 tcf pass tree
66 test tree-copy tree004 tcf pass tree
68 test string-regression string001 tcf pass string
69 test insert-default-key table001 tcf pass table
70 test replace_key_cycle table002 tcf pass table
71 test replace_key_conflict_not_found table003 tcf pass table
72 test replace_key_replace_item table004 tcf pass table
73 test iteration-with-default-key table005 tcf pass table iteration
74 test infinite-loop-on-removal-then-addition table006 tcf pass table
75 test remove-default-key table007 tcf pass table
76 test current_keys_void_safe table008 tcf pass table
78 test recursive-delete-with-symlinks directory001 tcf pass directory
80 test basic-iterations iteration001 tcf pass iteration
81 test iteration-cursor-two-generics iteration002 tcf pass iteration formal generic
83 -- EiffelNet test
84 test net-out-of-descriptor net001 tcf pass net
85 test net-connect-failure net002 tcf pass net multithreaded
87 -- Exceptions
88 test old-expression-exception except001 tcf pass exception
89 test invariant-violation-on-entry except002 tcf pass exception
90 test exception-during-evaluation-of-invariant-on-entry except003 tcf pass exception
91 test exception-during-evaluation-of-precondition except004 tcf pass exception
92 test precondition-violation except005 tcf pass exception
93 test attached-target-violation-in-routine-body except006 tcf pass exception
94 test exception-during-evaluation-of-invariant-on-exit except007 tcf pass exception
95 test invariant-violation-on-exit except008 tcf pass exception
96 test exception-during-evaluation-of-postcondition-on-exit except009 tcf pass exception
97 test postcondition-violation except010 tcf pass exception
98 test exception-in-rescue except011 tcf pass exception
99 test raise-and-catch-user-defined-exception except012 tcf pass exception
100 test ignoring-developer-exception except013 tcf pass exception
101 test raising-catching-exception-in-once except014 tcf pass exception
102 test stack-trace-indefinitely-grows except015 tcf pass exception
103 test queries_of_exceptions_class_1 except016 tcf pass exception
104 test queries_of_exceptions_class_2 except017 tcf pass exception
105 test no_routine_failure_on_rescue_exception except018 tcf pass exception
106 test memory_leak_when_retried except019 tcf pass exception
107 test corrupted_trace except020 tcf pass exception
108 test top_n_call_incorrect except021 tcf pass exception
109 test incorrect_local_restoration except022 tcf pass exception
110 test native_signal_number_in_exception except023 tcf pass exception
111 test native_error_number_in_exception except024 tcf pass exception
112 test native_error_number_ise_io_error except025 tcf pass exception
113 test buffer_overflows_printing_trace except026 tcf pass exception
114 test static_buffer_for_trace_not_thread_safe except027 tcf pass exception multithreaded
115 test assertion_violations_in_onces except028 tcf pass exception
116 test exception_on_invalid_object_has_no_trace except029 tcf pass exception
117 test incorrect_once_trace_at_first_call except030 tcf pass exception
118 test every_trace_has_root except031 tcf pass exception
119 test trace_has_no_pass except032 tcf pass exception
120 test precondition-violation-infinite-loop except033 tcf fail exception
121 test last-exception-not-cleared except034 tcf fail exception
122 test code-compatible-io-failure except035 tcf fail exception
123 test original_routines_in_exceptions except036 tcf pass exception
124 test exception_cause except037 tcf pass exception
126 -- Unicode
127 test unicode_manifest_string_char_and_constants unicode001 tcf pass unicode
128 test unicode_free_operator unicode002 tcf pass unicode
130 -- Non Conforming Inheritance
131 test basic-non-conforming-inheritance noncon001 tcf pass non-conforming
132 test non-conforming-inheritance-conformance noncon002 tcf pass non-conforming conformance
133 test non-conforming-inheritance-incrementality noncon003 tcf pass non-conforming
134 test non-conforming-inheritance-parent-incrementality noncon004 tcf pass non-conforming
135 test non-conforming-inheritance-is-not-selectable noncon005 tcf fail non-conforming
136 test non-conforming-parent-can-be-frozen noncon006 tcf pass non-conforming
137 test at-least-one-conforming-inheritance-path noncon007 tcf fail non-conforming
138 test non-conforming-inheritance-client-incrementality noncon008 tcf pass non-conforming
139 test non-conforming-finalization-postcondition-violation noncon009 tcf pass non-conforming
140 test no-repeated-non-conforming-inheritance noncon010 tcf pass non-conforming
141 test repeated-non-conforming-inheritance-of-generic-type noncon011 tcf pass
142 test repeated-non-conforming-inheritance-of-generic-type-from-parents noncon012 tcf pass non-conforming
143 test feature-inherits-export-status noncon013 tcf pass non-conforming
144 test non-conform-once-inheritance noncon014 tcf pass non-conforming
145 test non-conform-generic-class noncon015 tcf pass non-conforming
146 test non-conform-arguments noncon016 tcf pass non-conforming
147 test non-conform-infinite-loop noncon017 tcf pass non-conforming
148 test non-conform-precondition-inheritance noncon019 tcf pass non-conforming
149 test incorrect-vrle-error noncon020 tcf pass non-conforming
150 test non-conforming-reference-attribute-access noncon021 tcf pass non-conforming
151 test non-conforming-constant-access noncon022 tcf pass non-conforming
153 -- Replication
154 test replicate-precursor replication001 tcf pass replication
155 test replicated-feature-merge replication002 tcf fail replication
156 test wrong-vdpr-error replication003 tcf pass replication
157 test vmcs-warning1 replication004 tcf pass replication
158 test vmcs-warning2 replication005 tcf pass replication
159 test repeated-onces replication006 tcf pass replication
160 test nc-replication-not-apply-vmcs replication007 tcf pass replication
162 -- For testing only
164 -- test keep-recompiling fake001 tcf testing
165 test test-auto-resize fake002 tcf pass
166 test many-similar-class-names fake003 tcf pass
167 test test1 fake004 tcf fail
168 test test2 fake005 tcf pass
169 test whip-it-good fake006 tcf pass
171 -- Syntax tests
173 test generic-zero-parms syntax001 tcf pass syntax
174 test no-index-tag syntax002 tcf pass syntax
175 test semicolons-not-optional syntax003 tcf pass syntax
176 test empty-export-feature-list syntax004 tcf pass syntax
177 test empty-multi-branch-choices syntax005 tcf pass syntax
178 test zero-equals-zero syntax006 tcf pass syntax
179 test syntax-disagreements-1 syntax007 tcf pass syntax
180 test creation-client-no-feats syntax008 tcf pass syntax
181 test empty-strip-expression syntax009 tcf pass syntax
182 test empty-manifest-array syntax010 tcf pass syntax
183 test valid-anchored-decl syntax011 tcf fail syntax
184 test bit-type-with-plus syntax012 tcf pass syntax
185 test empty-index-list syntax013 tcf pass syntax
186 test free-operator-reject syntax014 tcf fail syntax
187 test long-string-constant syntax015 tcf pass syntax
188 test strip-no-prefix-opers syntax016 tcf fail syntax
189 test std-operator-case-sensitive syntax017 tcf pass syntax
190 test syntax-disagreements-2 syntax018 tcf fail syntax
191 test illegal-multi-branch syntax019 tcf pass syntax
192 test reserved-words-not syntax020 tcf pass syntax
193 test invalid-generic-constraint3 syntax021 tcf pass syntax
194 test std-operator-trailing-null syntax022 tcf pass syntax
195 test not-all-chars-significant syntax023 tcf pass syntax
196 test manifest-string-blank-lines syntax024 tcf fail syntax
197 test null-or-ctrl-a-syntax syntax025 tcf pass syntax
198 test fairly-long-identifier syntax026 tcf pass syntax
199 test routine-empty-arg-list syntax027 tcf pass syntax
200 test manifest-string-percent-space syntax028 tcf fail syntax
201 test external-lower-case-c-lang syntax029 tcf pass syntax
202 test include-missing-last-delimiter syntax030 tcf pass syntax
203 test external-tab-after-macro syntax031 tcf pass syntax
204 test external-proc-sig-return-type syntax032 tcf pass syntax
205 test point-e-one-real-constant syntax033 tcf pass syntax
206 test qualified-call-e-forty-seven syntax034 tcf pass syntax
207 test infix-pass-feature-address syntax035 tcf pass syntax
208 test assign-addr-expr-to-pointer syntax036 tcf fail syntax
209 test cast-arg-type-with-parens syntax037 tcf fail syntax
210 test bogus-string-syntax-error syntax038 tcf pass syntax
211 test trailing-indexing-no-semicolon syntax039 tcf pass syntax
212 test external-with-punctuation syntax040 tcf pass syntax
213 test generic-create-empty-feat-list syntax041 tcf fail syntax
214 test external-nonwhite-chars-ignored syntax042 tcf fail syntax
215 test agent-parens-zero-args syntax043 tcf pass syntax
216 test empty-convert-clause syntax044 tcf fail syntax
217 test verbatim-manifest-string syntax045 tcf pass syntax
218 test integer-constant-range syntax046 tcf pass syntax
219 test multi-syntax-error syntax047 tcf pass syntax
220 test indexing-notes-syntax syntax048 tcf pass syntax indexing note
221 test loop-variant-syntax syntax049 tcf pass syntax loop variant
222 test assigner-on-creation-expression syntax050 tcf fail syntax assigner
223 test external-dll-name syntax051 tcf pass syntax external
224 test attached_tuple_element syntax052 tcf fail syntax tuple attached
225 test obsolete-inline-agent syntax053 tcf fail syntax
226 test invalid-manifest-type-char-constant syntax054 tcf fail syntax
227 test note-syntax syntax055 tcf pass syntax
228 test attached-syntax syntax056 tcf pass syntax attached
229 test external-with-invalid-use syntax057 tcf pass syntax
230 test bracket-expression-on-manifest-type syntax058 tcf pass syntax bracket_expression
231 test across-loop-syntax syntax059 tcf pass syntax loop variant invariant across iteration
232 test object-test-expression syntax060 tcf pass syntax object_test
233 test constrained-generic-without-type syntax061 tcf fail syntax formal generic
236 -- Validity tests
238 test bad-class-end-comment valid001 tcf pass validity
239 test bad-infix-feature valid002 tcf pass validity
240 test class-not-in-universe valid003 tcf pass validity
241 test invalid-local-rescue valid004 tcf pass validity
242 test local-same-as-formal valid005 tcf pass validity
243 test invalid-precondition valid006 tcf pass validity
244 test invalid-use-of-old valid007 tcf pass validity
245 test invalid-entity-assertion-tag valid008 tcf pass validity
246 test invalid-bit-type valid009 tcf pass validity
247 test rename-infix-to-prefix valid010 tcf pass validity
248 test anchored-type-violation valid011 tcf pass validity
249 test invalid-creation-instruction valid012 tcf pass validity
250 test inherited-assign-violation valid013 tcf fail validity
251 test illegal-formal-generic valid014 tcf pass validity
252 test none-as-formal-generic valid015 tcf pass validity
253 test require-else-ensure-then valid016 tcf pass validity
254 test void-as-bool-or-int valid017 tcf pass validity
255 test illegal-address-use valid018 tcf pass validity
256 test redefine-subclause-violation valid019 tcf fail validity
257 test expanded-type-violation2 valid020 tcf pass validity
258 test expanded-type-avail-viol valid021 tcf pass validity
259 test anchored-formal-generic valid022 tcf pass validity
260 test invalid-generic-constraint2 valid023 tcf pass validity
261 test export-validity-viol valid024 tcf pass validity
262 test bad-external-language valid025 tcf pass validity
263 test basic-type-generic-deriv valid026 tcf pass validity
264 test bad-generic-deriv-creation-type valid027 tcf pass validity
265 test generic-parm-conform valid028 tcf pass validity
266 test deferred-root-class valid029 tcf pass validity
268 test expanded-redeclaration valid030 tcf pass validity
269 test valid-feature-rename valid031 tcf pass validity
270 test valid-repeated-inheritance valid032 tcf fail validity
271 test valid-like-generic-deriv valid033 tcf pass validity
272 test valid-repeated-inheritance2 valid034 tcf pass validity
273 test conformance-inconsistency valid035 tcf fail validity conformance
274 test multi-branch-empty-intervals valid036 tcf pass validity
275 test op-feat-cant-be-used valid037 tcf pass validity
276 test addr-args-not-pointer valid038 tcf pass validity
277 test valid-once-redefine valid039 tcf pass validity
278 test valid-once-undefine valid040 tcf pass validity
279 test result-in-none-func valid041 tcf pass validity
280 test repeat-inher-vmrc-violation valid042 tcf pass validity
281 test manifest-array-conform valid043 tcf pass validity
282 test bit-constant-diff-length valid044 tcf pass validity
283 test vtct-on-generic-5 valid045 tcf pass validity
284 test actual-generic-anchor-feat valid046 tcf pass validity
285 test valid-actual-generic valid047 tcf pass validity
287 test redecl-violation valid048 tcf pass validity
288 test local-entity-wrong-error valid049 tcf pass validity
289 test vuar-called-vuex valid050 tcf pass validity
290 test veen-called-other-viol valid051 tcf pass validity
291 test generic-constrained-by-generic valid052 tcf pass validity
292 test spurious-vtat-on-bit valid053 tcf pass validity
293 test vuar-called-vuar2 valid054 tcf pass validity
294 test vtug-called-vtug3 valid055 tcf pass validity
295 test pointer-ref-conformance valid056 tcf pass validity conformance
296 test spurious-vgcc2 valid057 tcf pass validity
297 test illegal-attributes valid058 tcf pass validity
298 test rename-feature-to-self valid059 tcf pass validity
299 test generic-expanded-client2 valid060 tcf pass validity
300 test old-in-precond-bogus-vaol2 valid061 tcf pass validity
301 test old-result valid062 tcf pass validity
302 test exclude-recompile-vd14 valid063 tcf pass validity
303 test expanded-multi-creation-procs valid064 tcf pass validity
304 test vreg-formal-multiple valid065 tcf pass validity
305 test nonexistent-vlec valid066 tcf fail validity
306 test old-void valid067 tcf pass validity
307 test veen-on-hashable-default valid068 tcf pass validity
308 test all-unique-bogus-vomb-3 valid069 tcf fail validity
309 test vtug1-called-vtug2 valid070 tcf pass validity
310 test vtug2-called-vtug1 valid071 tcf pass validity
311 test vgcc5-called-vgcc6 valid072 tcf fail validity
312 test undefine-external-make-internal valid073 tcf pass validity
313 test vgcc4-called-vgcc6 valid074 tcf fail validity
314 test vqmc-extra-bogus-vffd7 valid075 tcf fail validity
315 test undef-mult-precursors valid076 tcf fail validity
316 test vjaw-called-vuar1 valid077 tcf fail validity
317 test vkcn-sneak valid078 tcf pass validity
318 test replicated-feat-multiple-select valid079 tcf fail validity
319 test double-assigned-to-real valid080 tcf pass validity
320 test precondition-too-secret valid081 tcf pass validity
321 test selective-export-operator-feat valid082 tcf fail validity
322 test operator-feat-export-to-self valid083 tcf fail validity
323 test vape-involving-current valid084 tcf pass validity
324 test secret-precondition-heir-export valid085 tcf fail validity
325 test secret-func-arg-in-precondition valid086 tcf pass validity
326 test vtct-on-valid-class valid087 tcf pass validity
327 test creation-proc-secret-precond valid088 tcf fail validity
328 test join-features-invalid-vuex valid089 tcf fail validity
329 test switch-parents-vuex-gone valid090 tcf fail validity
330 test inspect-char-inside-inspect-int valid091 tcf pass validity
331 test vomb2-called-veen valid092 tcf pass validity
332 test vtcg-instead-of-vtug2 valid093 tcf pass validity
333 test misleading-vhrc2-and-vhrc3 valid094 tcf pass validity
334 test precond-call-chain-vape valid095 tcf pass validity
335 test like-current-generic-vlec valid096 tcf pass validity
336 test generic-attr-call-bad-type valid097 tcf pass validity
337 test expanded-generic-conformance valid098 tcf pass validity conformance
338 test bogus-vtcg valid099 tcf pass validity
339 test creation-bad-actual-generic valid100 tcf pass validity
340 test inheritance-bad-actual-generic valid101 tcf pass validity
341 test attribute-anchored-to-generic valid102 tcf pass validity
342 test two-anchored-actual-generics valid103 tcf pass validity
343 test merge-anchored-bogus-vdjr valid104 tcf fail validity
344 test replicate-then-share valid105 tcf fail validity
345 test inherit-any-not-ancestor valid106 tcf pass validity
346 test compare-procedure-to-void valid107 tcf pass validity
347 test explicit-creation-bad-generic valid108 tcf pass validity
348 test tricky-constraint-with-generic valid109 tcf pass validity
349 test vgcc-called-vuar1 valid112 tcf fail validity
350 test procedure-in-tuple valid113 tcf pass validity tuple
351 test generic-constraint-not-used valid114 tcf fail validity
352 test two-generic-precursors valid115 tcf fail validity
353 test invariant-result-address valid116 tcf pass validity
354 test two-precursors-same-parent valid117 tcf fail validity
355 test bogus-vdpr2 valid118 tcf fail validity
356 test nonconforming-generic-creation valid119 tcf pass validity
357 test unreferenced-locals valid120 tcf pass validity array2
358 test default-create-no-vd27 valid121 tcf fail validity
359 test agent-bad-actual-generic valid122 tcf pass validity
360 test restricted-creation-wrong-vtcg valid123 tcf pass validity
361 test inherited-vgcc valid124 tcf fail validity
362 test inherited-vjar valid125 tcf fail validity
363 test generic-like-current-vjar valid126 tcf pass validity
364 test vwoe-on-integer-remainder valid127 tcf pass validity
365 test generic-static-vtcg valid128 tcf pass validity
366 test inconsistent-vsta1 valid129 tcf fail validity
367 test bogus-vd43 valid130 tcf pass validity
368 test anchored-argument-bogus-vdjr valid131 tcf fail validity
369 test vdrd3-ensure-then valid132 tcf pass validity
370 test indirect-vlec valid133 tcf fail validity
371 test generic-create-deferred valid134 tcf fail validity
372 test bit-identifier-in-generic valid135 tcf fail validity
373 test bad-bit-identifier-in-static valid136 tcf pass validity
374 test assign-minimum-integer-vjar valid137 tcf pass validity
375 test anchored-bogus-vsrp2 valid138 tcf pass validity
376 test default-create-vtcg valid139 tcf pass validity
377 test clients-duplicate-class-name valid140 tcf fail validity
378 test manifest-string-vqmc-sneak valid141 tcf pass validity
379 test c-inline-without-alias valid142 tcf pass validity
380 test cpp-delete-anchored-arg valid143 tcf pass validity
381 test pass-manifest-array-expanded valid144 tcf pass validity
382 test expanded-expanded-conformance valid145 tcf pass validity conformance
383 test precompiled-vdcn-sneak valid146 tcf fail validity
384 test cluster-include-std-class-file valid147 tcf fail validity
385 test nested-manifest-array-vuar valid148 tcf fail validity
386 test undefine-external-vdus2 valid149 tcf pass validity
387 test static-ext-inherit-assertion valid150 tcf fail validity
388 test deferred-change-signature valid151 tcf fail validity
389 test agent-open-operand-generic valid152 tcf fail validity
390 test prefix-at-not-equal valid153 tcf pass validity
391 test convert-from-array-none valid154 tcf pass validity
392 test expanded-formal-generic valid155 tcf fail validity
393 test convert-manifest-array-to-array valid156 tcf pass validity
394 test convert-on-precursor-and-anchors valid157 tcf pass validity
395 test vtug-not-reported-on-anchor valid158 tcf pass validity
396 test inspect-with-anchor-type valid159 tcf pass validity
397 test array-double-array-none valid160 tcf pass validity
398 test missing-vuar-on-argument-anchor valid161 tcf fail validity
399 test vtat-reported-on-valid-anchoring valid162 tcf pass validity
400 test valid-manifest-arrays-tuples valid163 tcf pass validity tuple
401 test agent-on-anchored-target valid164 tcf pass validity
402 test creation-on-anchor-which-is-formal valid165 tcf pass validity
403 test formal-conversion-to-reference valid166 tcf pass validity
404 test like-boolean-in-boolean-expressions valid167 tcf pass validity
405 test like-anchor-instantiation-in-generic valid168 tcf pass validity
406 test incorrect-vgcc1-error valid169 tcf pass validity
407 test like-current-as-actual-generic valid170 tcf pass validity
408 test inherit-like-anchor-to-like-current valid171 tcf pass validity
409 test conversion-on-type-with-like-current valid172 tcf pass validity
410 test open-agen-target-wrong_type valid173 tcf pass validity
411 test override-bogus-export-error valid174 tcf pass validity
412 test static-call-on-formal-generic-type valid175 tcf pass validity
413 test inherited-generic-type-validation valid176 tcf fail validity
414 test invalid-assignment-to-like-curent valid177 tcf pass validity
415 test named-tuple-creation valid178 tcf pass validity tuple
416 test formal-as-argument-no-conformance valid179 tcf pass validity conformance
417 test inherited-infix-type-checking-failure valid180 tcf pass validity
418 test inherited-agent-with-formal-in-assertions valid181 tcf pass validity
419 test expanded-conformance valid182 tcf pass validity conformance
420 test expanded-none-conformance valid183 tcf pass validity conformance
421 test once-inline-agent valid184 tcf pass validity
422 test precursor-in-invariant valid185 tcf pass validity
423 test precursor-in-inline-agent valid186 tcf pass validity
424 test octal-integer-error valid187 tcf pass validity
425 test binary-integer-error valid188 tcf pass validity
426 test binary-octal-representation valid189 tcf pass validity
427 test manifest-character-encoding valid190 tcf pass validity
428 test character-encoded-too-large valid191 tcf pass validity
429 test creation-procedure-restriction valid192 tcf pass validity
430 test inspect-on-different-unique valid193 tcf pass validity unique inspect
431 test excessive-unique-constants valid194 tcf pass validity unique
432 test convert-to-current-type valid195 tcf fail validity vycq convert
433 test convert-to-possible-actual-type valid196 tcf fail validity vycq convert
434 test convert-to-base-class valid197 tcf fail validity vycq convert
435 test convert-to-base-class-inherited valid198 tcf pass validity vycq convert
436 test convert-to-base-class-inherited2 valid199 tcf pass validity vycq convert
437 test convert-to-base-class-inherited3 valid200 tcf pass validity vycq convert
438 test formal-as-base-type-for-generic valid201 tcf pass validity formal generic
439 test single-constraint-formal-renaming valid202 tcf pass validity formal generic
440 test inherit-from-expanded valid203 tcf pass validity frozen expanded
441 test recheck-assertion-feature-renamed valid204 tcf pass validity assertion renaming
442 test recursive-generic-constraint-with-creation valid205 tcf pass validity
443 test named-tuple-in-parent-constraint-clauses valid206 tcf pass validity tuple
444 test valid-generic-derivation valid207 tcf pass validity
445 test creation-constraint-like-current-deferred valid208 tcf pass validity
446 test creation-constraint-like-current-deferred2 valid209 tcf pass validity
447 test vtcg-expanded valid210 tcf pass validity
448 test vtcg-generic valid211 tcf pass validity
449 test wrong-vgcc valid212 tcf pass validity
450 test named-tuple-convert-conformance valid213 tcf fail validity tuple conformance
451 test nested-generics-creation-readiness valid214 tcf pass validity
452 test static-comparison-test valid215 tcf fail validity
453 test generic-creation-constraint valid216 tcf fail validity
454 test precursor-once valid217 tcf fail validity
455 test freezing-like-current valid218 tcf fail validity
456 test obsolete-warning-in-obsolete-feature valid219 tcf fail validity
457 test ancestor-anchor-type valid220 tcf pass validity
458 test vtug2-not-reported-crash valid221 tcf pass validity
459 test invalid-redefinition valid222 tcf pass validity
460 test void-safe-static-call valid223 tcf pass validity attached_types
461 test vrft-in-nested-tuple-type valid224 tcf fail validity tuple
462 test extra-vtcg-with-full-checking valid225 tcf pass validity
463 test reference-generic-expanded-actual valid226 tcf fail validity
464 test expanded-generic-reference-actual valid227 tcf fail validity
465 test bogus-vevi-on-invalid-inspect valid228 tcf fail validity
466 test bogus-vevi-on-inspect-empty-interval valid229 tcf pass validity
467 test inline-c-external-without-alias valid230 tcf fail validity
468 test validity-in-empty-case valid231 tcf pass validity
469 test redefine-deferred-to-effective valid232 tcf fail validity
470 test redefine-2-deferred-to-effective valid233 tcf fail validity
471 test redefine-effective-to-deferred valid234 tcf pass validity
472 test undefine-renamed-deferred valid235 tcf pass validity
473 test undefine-redefine-to-effective valid236 tcf fail validity
474 test effective-redefinition valid237 tcf pass validity
475 test selecting-renamed-feature valid238 tcf fail validity
476 test diamond-pattern-vmrc valid239 tcf fail validity
477 test explicit-attachment-mark-convert-fail valid240 tcf fail validity
478 test indirect-type-evaluation valid241 tcf pass validity formal multiconstraint generic anchored_type
479 test undetected-vycp-vycq-with-generic valid242 tcf fail validity
480 test inherited-binary-with-generic valid243 tcf pass validity formal generic binary operator multiconstraint
481 test bogus-vuta-on-procedure-target valid244 tcf pass validity attached void_safe
482 test explicit-anchored-expanded-creation-type valid245 tcf pass validity
483 test inherited-conversion-to-like-current valid246 tcf pass validity
484 test undetected-vycq-error valid247 tcf pass validity conversion
485 test infix-prefix-alias-compatibility valid248 tcf pass validity
486 test assigner-validity-rules valid249 tcf pass validity
487 test assigner-wrong-vbac valid250 tcf pass validity
488 test bogus-veen-on-object-test-local valid251 tcf pass validity
489 test undetected-vuot-error valid252 tcf pass validity
490 test equality-of-conforming-classes valid253 tcf pass validity equality conformance attached_types
491 test bogus-bit-vdrd valid254 tcf pass validity
492 test missing-vhpr-with-different-generic-derivation valid255 tcf pass validity
493 test wrong-vdpr-errors valid256 tcf pass validity
494 test wrong-manifest-array-attached-type valid257 tcf pass validity
495 test select-stable-attribute valid258 tcf pass validity
496 test precompilation-task-failure valid259 tcf fail validity
497 test manifest_char_type valid260 tcf fail validity
498 test inherited-generic-agent-argument valid261 tcf pass validity formal generic agent
499 test conversion_without_binary_operator valid262 tcf pass validity
500 test manifest-real-to-real-32-conformance valid263 tcf pass validity ieee
501 test generic-rename-with-alias valid264 tcf fail validity generic rename
503 -- Multiple error reporting tests
504 test multi-error-degree-4 multierr001 tcf pass multi-errors
505 test degree-5-forget-error multierr002 tcf pass multi-errors
506 test degree-5-infinite-loop multierr003 tcf pass multi-errors
507 test multi-invalid-signature multierr004 tcf pass multi-errors
508 test error-in-manifest-array-tuple multierr005 tcf pass multi-errors tuple
509 test error-in-elsif multierr006 tcf pass multi-errors
510 test failing-to-recompile-descendant multierr007 tcf pass multi-errors
511 test recompile-descendant-code multierr008 tcf pass multi-errors
512 test recompile-assertion-descendant-code multierr009 tcf pass multi-errors
513 test precondition-vdpr-fail-to-check-body multierr010 tcf pass multi-errors
514 test binary-op-fail-to-check-second-operand multierr011 tcf pass multi-errors
516 -- System validity tests
517 test svalid-infix-with-conversion svalid001 tcf pass system-validity
518 test svalid-rename-constant-inspect svalid002 tcf pass system-validity
519 test svalid-incremental-check svalid003 tcf pass system-validity
520 test precursor-validity svalid004 tcf pass system-validity
521 test obsolete-warning-not-repeated svalid005 tcf pass system-validity
522 test proper-conversion-validity svalid006 tcf pass system-validity
523 test svalid-conversion-with-formal svalid007 tcf pass system-validity
524 test svalid-conversion-export-error svalid008 tcf pass system-validity
525 test svalid-inherit-labeled-tuple svalid009 tcf pass system-validity
526 test svalid-inherit-labeled-tuple-assign svalid010 tcf pass system-validity
527 test conversion-take-deanchored-form svalid011 tcf pass system-validity conversion
528 test inherited-conversion-crash svalid012 tcf pass system-validity conversion
529 test unused-local-warning-not-repeated svalid013 tcf fail system-validity
530 test inline-agent-inherited-crash svalid014 tcf pass system-validity
531 test svalid-multi-constraint-inheritance svalid015 tcf pass system-validity multiconstraint
532 test svalid-conversion-validity-error svalid016 tcf pass system-validity
533 test svalid-inherited-invariant-not-checked svalid017 tcf fail system-validity
534 test svalid-invalid-parent svalid018 tcf pass system-validity conversion
535 test svalid-conversion-with-binary svalid019 tcf pass system-validity conversion
536 test svalid-undetected-vwoe svalid020 tcf pass system-validity conversion
537 test svalid-conversion-detachable svalid022 tcf fail system-validity conversion
538 test svalid-missing-recheck svalid023 tcf fail system-validity conversion
539 test inspect-inherited-static-access-missing-library svalid024 tcf pass system-validity
540 test svalid-inherited-agent-with-formal-switch svalid025 tcf pass system-validity agent
541 test svalid-redefined-precursor-not-checked svalid026 tcf fail system-validity
542 test svalid-conversion-forget svalid027 tcf fail system-validity conversion
543 test svalid-generic-rename-with-alias svalid028 tcf fail system-validity generic rename
545 -- Catcall tests
546 test simple-catcall catcall001 tcf pass catcall
547 test simple-catcall-generic catcall002 tcf pass catcall
548 test catcall-check-failure-recursive-generic catcall003 tcf pass catcall
549 test catcall-generic catcall004 tcf pass catcall
550 test catcall-generic-numeric catcall005 tcf pass catcall
551 test catcall-at-runtime-detection catcall006 tcf pass catcall
552 test wrong-catcall-reported-on-generic-expanded catcall007 tcf pass catcall
553 test wrong-catcall-on-function-tuple catcall008 tcf fail catcall
555 -- Incrementality tests
557 test vlec-sneak incr001 tcf pass incrementality
558 test chg-inspect-const-type incr002 tcf pass incrementality
559 test vscn-sneak incr003 tcf pass incrementality
560 test vuex-sneak incr004 tcf pass incrementality
561 test vcfg-sneak incr005 tcf pass incrementality
562 test vdrd-sneak incr006 tcf pass incrementality
563 test vwbe-sneak incr007 tcf pass incrementality
564 test vjrv-sneak incr008 tcf pass incrementality
565 test vuar-sneak incr009 tcf pass incrementality
566 test vtat-sneak incr010 tcf pass incrementality
567 test veen-sneak incr011 tcf pass incrementality
568 test vtbt-sneak incr012 tcf pass incrementality
569 test vd29-sneak incr014 tcf pass incrementality
571 test vtec-compiler-wrong incr015 tcf pass incrementality
572 test chg-class-name incr016 tcf pass incrementality
573 test switch-class-names incr017 tcf pass incrementality
574 test vlec-compiler-wrong incr018 tcf pass incrementality
575 test vdrd-compiler-wrong incr019 tcf pass incrementality
576 test vd10-becomes-syntax-error incr021 tcf pass incrementality
578 test generic-pass-one-twice incr022 tcf pass incrementality
580 test expanded-deferred-exception incr023 tcf pass incrementality
581 test vtug-retry incr024 tcf pass incrementality
582 test valid-like-generic-deriv incr025 tcf pass incrementality
583 test cut-long-client-chain incr026 tcf pass incrementality
584 test generic-root-vcfg incr027 tcf pass incrementality
585 test pass4-melt-exception incr028 tcf pass incrementality
586 test deferred-to-const-attr incr029 tcf pass incrementality
587 test repeated-func-to-attr incr030 tcf pass incrementality
588 test external-info-exception incr031 tcf pass incrementality
589 test mystery-bug incr032 tcf pass incrementality
590 test dispatch-unit-exception incr033 tcf pass incrementality
591 test unsolved-type incr034 tcf pass incrementality
592 test chg-expanded-actual-generic incr035 tcf pass incrementality
593 test chg-root-class-name incr036 tcf pass incrementality
594 test del-add-kernel-cluster incr037 tcf pass incrementality
595 test cannot-update-types incr038 tcf pass incrementality
596 test add-generic-constraint incr039 tcf pass incrementality
597 test intro-vwoe-precondition incr040 tcf pass incrementality
598 test change-delete-invariant incr041 tcf pass incrementality
599 test delete-add-invariant incr042 tcf pass incrementality
601 test unique-not-unique incr043 tcf pass incrementality
602 test unique-not-consecutive incr044 tcf pass incrementality
603 test chg-integer-const-value incr045 tcf pass incrementality
604 test expanded-class-bad-behavior incr046 tcf pass incrementality
605 test expanded-generic-exec-panic incr047 tcf pass incrementality
606 test call-proc-print-attr incr048 tcf pass incrementality
607 test remove-inheritance-cycle incr049 tcf pass incrementality
608 test rename-secret-attribute incr050 tcf pass incrementality
609 test add-vscn-violation incr051 tcf pass incrementality
610 test bogus-vd27 incr052 tcf pass incrementality
611 test expand-attribute incr053 tcf pass incrementality
612 test vdrd7-sneak incr054 tcf pass incrementality
613 test move-external-make-do incr055 tcf pass incrementality
614 test fix-constrained-actual-generic incr056 tcf pass incrementality
615 test vtec-sneak incr057 tcf pass incrementality
616 test chg-inspect-const-value incr058 tcf pass incrementality
617 test bogus-vaol incr059 tcf pass incrementality
618 test vgcc-sneak incr060 tcf pass incrementality
619 test cannot-write-updt incr061 tcf pass incrementality
620 test change-generic-derived-external incr062 tcf pass incrementality
621 test bogus-vaol2 incr063 tcf pass incrementality
622 test bogus-vd27-2 incr064 tcf pass incrementality
623 test nonexistent-vmrc incr065 tcf pass incrementality
624 test vd38-sneak incr066 tcf fail incrementality
625 test del-creation-proc-add-two incr067 tcf pass incrementality
626 test invariant-expanded-generic incr068 tcf pass incrementality
627 test bogus-vcfg incr069 tcf fail incrementality
628 test chg-invariant-expr-type incr070 tcf pass incrementality
629 test delete-finite-add-back incr071 tcf pass incrementality
630 test expand-generic-no-creation-call incr072 tcf pass incrementality
631 test change-attr-expanded-type incr073 tcf pass incrementality
632 test bogus-vlec incr074 tcf pass incrementality
633 test vtbt-weasel incr075 tcf pass incrementality
634 test vwst-sneak incr076 tcf pass incrementality
635 test string-to-bit1 incr077 tcf pass incrementality
636 test string-to-bit-refreeze incr078 tcf pass incrementality
637 test vuar-weasel incr079 tcf pass incrementality
638 test vjaw-delete-creation-clause incr080 tcf pass incrementality
639 test name-exists-invariant incr082 tcf pass incrementality
640 test exclude-any-add-back incr083 tcf pass incrementality
641 test chg-bit-length-refreeze incr084 tcf pass incrementality
642 test create-chg-to-nonexpanded incr085 tcf pass incrementality
643 test frozen-feat-bogus-vd27 incr086 tcf pass incrementality
644 test vomb-sneak incr087 tcf pass incrementality
645 test new-ace-root-still-vscn incr088 tcf fail incrementality
646 test delete-generic-class-header incr089 tcf pass incrementality
647 test vtbt-granddad-weasel incr090 tcf pass incrementality
648 test intro-vtat-attr-to-proc incr091 tcf pass incrementality
649 test vomb2-called-vomb5 incr092 tcf pass incrementality
650 test vcfg1-called-vffd7 incr093 tcf fail incrementality
651 test bogus-vdrs incr094 tcf pass incrementality
652 test vwst-cant-find-feature incr095 tcf pass incrementality
653 test vgcp-sneak incr096 tcf pass incrementality
654 test anchored-constraint-touch-file incr097 tcf pass incrementality
655 test redef-external-chg-to-effect incr098 tcf pass incrementality
656 test vjaw-sneak incr099 tcf pass incrementality
657 test external-with-alias-new-root incr100 tcf pass incrementality
658 test vncb-sneak incr101 tcf pass incrementality
659 test bigger-bit-func-wrong-value incr102 tcf fail incrementality
660 test vdrd-weasel incr103 tcf pass incrementality
661 test ext-with-alias-new-cluster incr104 tcf pass incrementality
662 test veen-cant-find-feature incr105 tcf pass incrementality
663 test no-precomp-chg-class-name incr106 tcf pass incrementality
664 test root-none-remove-cluster incr107 tcf pass incrementality
665 test veen2-called-veen22 incr108 tcf pass incrementality
666 test bool-string-to-bit-ref incr109 tcf pass incrementality ec_precondition
667 test chg-expanded-source-freeze incr110 tcf pass incrementality
668 test melt-chg-attr-type-freeze incr111 tcf pass incrementality
669 test actual-generic-vtbt-sneak incr112 tcf pass incrementality
670 test vtcg-sneak incr113 tcf pass incrementality
671 test vtat1-called-vtcg incr114 tcf pass incrementality
672 test new-root-cluster-bogus-vscn incr115 tcf fail incrementality
673 test delete-ace-resume-compile incr116 tcf pass incrementality
674 test new-precomp-cluster-bogus-vd41 incr117 tcf pass incrementality
675 test short-manifest-bit-array-arg incr118 tcf pass incrementality
676 test reduce-bit-attribute-size incr119 tcf pass incrementality
677 test vuar1-called-veen incr120 tcf pass incrementality
678 test none-then-string-generic incr121 tcf pass incrementality
679 test switch-expanded-attributes incr122 tcf pass incrementality
680 test add-attribute-wrong-strip incr123 tcf pass incrementality
681 test switch-parents-assertion-order incr124 tcf pass incrementality
682 test change-numeric-formal-argument incr125 tcf pass incrementality
683 test generic-veen-sneak incr126 tcf pass incrementality
684 test add-unused-formal-generic incr127 tcf pass incrementality
685 test make-generic-expanded-freeze incr128 tcf pass incrementality
686 test vtcg-in-generic-constraint incr129 tcf fail incrementality
687 test vtct-vtcg-die-degree-5 incr130 tcf pass incrementality
688 test finalize-remove-expanded-type incr131 tcf pass incrementality
689 test external-arg-signature-mismatch incr132 tcf pass incrementality
690 test bogus-vd28 incr133 tcf fail incrementality
691 test remove-part-of-external-decl incr134 tcf pass incrementality
692 test cast-external-add-white-space incr135 tcf pass incrementality
693 test make-visible-class-unreachable incr136 tcf fail incrementality
694 test fix-veen-add-vrfa incr137 tcf pass incrementality
695 test vtcg-weasel incr138 tcf pass incrementality
696 test rename-get-new-precursor incr139 tcf pass incrementality
697 test add-remove-root-generic incr140 tcf pass incrementality
698 test none-then-tuple-generic incr141 tcf pass incrementality tuple
699 test make-root-expanded-freeze incr142 tcf pass incrementality
700 test change-expanded-tuple-bit incr143 tcf pass incrementality tuple
701 test vtcg-remove-creation-feat incr144 tcf fail incrementality
702 test add-remove-vsrt incr145 tcf pass incrementality
703 test add-remove-constraint-vtcg incr146 tcf pass incrementality
704 test melt-then-empty-ace incr147 tcf pass incrementality
705 test vtcg-creator-try-again incr148 tcf pass incrementality
706 test unreachable-syntax-error incr149 tcf fail incrementality
707 test add-remove-veen-freeze incr150 tcf pass incrementality
708 test finalize-move-attribute incr151 tcf pass incrementality
709 test vtcg-remove-creation-clause incr152 tcf fail incrementality
710 test change-once-to-do incr153 tcf pass incrementality
711 test invalid-expanded-generic incr154 tcf pass incrementality
712 test vjar-sneak incr155 tcf fail incrementality
713 test resume-vtcg-none-actual incr156 tcf fail incrementality
714 test constraint-cycle-change-generic incr157 tcf pass incrementality
715 test vsrt-vtct-vcfg-die incr158 tcf pass incrementality
716 test vtct-vcfg-vsrt-die incr159 tcf pass incrementality
717 test alternate-vd27-and-vsrt incr160 tcf pass incrementality
718 test missing-rescue-clause incr161 tcf pass incrementality
719 test vdpr-sneak incr162 tcf fail incrementality
720 test switch-generics-tricky-vtcg incr163 tcf fail incrementality
721 test delete-parent-vtcg-sneak incr164 tcf pass incrementality
722 test switch-generics-tricky-vdrd incr165 tcf pass incrementality
723 test change-external-melt incr166 tcf pass incrementality
724 test make-synonyms-vdpr-sneak incr167 tcf fail incrementality
725 test add-alternative-precondition incr168 tcf fail incrementality
726 test change-created-actual-generic incr169 tcf pass incrementality
727 test vmfn-new-deferred-ancestor incr170 tcf pass incrementality
728 test external-routine-madness incr171 tcf pass incrementality
729 test resume-ace-syntax-error incr172 tcf pass incrementality
730 test byte-node-disaster incr173 tcf pass incrementality
731 test vxrc-sneak incr174 tcf pass incrementality
732 test set-has-loop-disaster incr175 tcf pass incrementality
733 test backup-directory-disaster incr176 tcf fail incrementality
734 test finalize-then-melt incr177 tcf pass incrementality
735 test freeze-expanded-finalize incr179 tcf pass incrementality
736 test make-const-variable-freeze incr180 tcf pass incrementality
737 test constant-variable-function incr181 tcf pass incrementality
738 test add-inherited-assertions incr182 tcf pass incrementality
739 test default-create-add-body incr183 tcf pass incrementality
740 test turn-off-multithreaded incr184 tcf fail incrementality multithreaded
741 test change-cplusplus-to-c incr185 tcf pass incrementality
742 test redefine-to-rename-refreeze incr186 tcf pass incrementality
743 test env-in-braces-bogus-vd01 incr187 tcf pass incrementality
744 test constant-variable-constant incr188 tcf fail incrementality
745 test freeze-print-int64-array incr189 tcf pass incrementality
746 test vsta-sneak incr190 tcf pass incrementality
747 test refinalize-with-assertions incr191 tcf pass incrementality
748 test freeze-const-freeze-finalize incr192 tcf pass incrementality
749 test move-class-bogus-vd16 incr193 tcf fail incrementality
750 test change-agent-return-type incr194 tcf pass incrementality
751 test change-agent-noexp-return-type incr195 tcf pass incrementality
752 test new-cluster-vscn-sneak incr196 tcf fail incrementality
753 test create-sub-cluster-bogus-vd30 incr197 tcf fail incrementality
754 test vgcc-weasel incr198 tcf fail incrementality
755 test add-vuar-remove-finalize incr199 tcf pass incrementality
756 test vtec-weasel incr200 tcf fail incrementality
757 test vtcg-then-syntax-error-then-ok incr201 tcf pass incrementality
758 test implicit-def-create-finalize incr202 tcf pass incrementality
759 test remove-syntax-warning-yes incr203 tcf pass incrementality
760 test bogus-vtec incr204 tcf pass incrementality
761 test vgcc-remove-generic-creator incr205 tcf fail incrementality
762 test expand-generic-remove-creation incr206 tcf pass incrementality
763 test chg-indexing-tag-to-attribute incr207 tcf fail incrementality
764 test bit-n-illegal-opcode incr208 tcf pass incrementality
765 test external-make-precondition-true incr209 tcf pass incrementality
766 test unexpand-class-no-conformance incr210 tcf fail incrementality conformance
767 test uninherit-any-vdpr2-sneak incr211 tcf fail incrementality
768 test c-inline-change-arg-order incr212 tcf pass incrementality
769 test chg-generic-c-inline-function incr213 tcf pass incrementality
770 test freeze-no-c-compile-melt incr214 tcf fail incrementality
771 test chg-constraint-add-create incr215 tcf pass incrementality
772 test chg-external-function-type incr217 tcf pass incrementality
773 test make-agent-target-expanded incr218 tcf pass incrementality
774 test expand-unexpand-agent-target incr219 tcf fail incrementality
775 test remove-constraint-veen-sneak incr220 tcf fail incrementality
776 test vuex-weasel incr221 tcf fail incrementality
777 test change-system-name incr222 tcf fail incrementality
778 test function-attribute-constant incr223 tcf fail incrementality
779 test vdpr-weasel incr224 tcf fail incrementality
780 test change-anchor-type-finalize incr225 tcf fail incrementality
781 test precompile-again incr226 tcf fail incrementality
782 test remove-ace-object-clause incr227 tcf fail incrementality
783 test add-del-static-ext-assertion incr228 tcf pass incrementality
784 test generic-agent-add-constraint incr229 tcf fail incrementality
785 test remove-vtcg-still-complains incr230 tcf pass incrementality
786 test vncp-sneak incr231 tcf fail incrementality
787 test vifi-sneak incr232 tcf fail incrementality
788 test bogus-vtct incr233 tcf pass incrementality
789 test expanded-main-entry-vanished incr234 tcf fail incrementality
790 test once-status-change incr235 tcf pass incrementality multithreaded
791 test generic-status-change incr236 tcf pass incrementality
792 test remove-convert-clause incr237 tcf pass incrementality
793 test infinite-recompilation incr238 tcf pass incrementality
794 test typed-pointer-remove-expanded-derivation incr239 tcf pass incrementality
795 test change-unique-in-inspect incr240 tcf pass incrementality
796 test like-anchor-recompile-in-generic-class incr241 tcf pass incrementality
797 test remove-two-classes-crash incr242 tcf pass incrementality
798 test manifest-array-recompilation-crash incr243 tcf pass incrementality
799 test vtct-vcfg-vsrt-die2 incr244 tcf pass incrementality
800 test remove-add-root-cluster-crash incr245 tcf pass incrementality
801 test replicated-once-recompilation incr246 tcf fail incrementality
802 test change-manifest-type-expr incr247 tcf pass incrementality
803 test manifest-type-expr-none incr248 tcf pass incrementality
804 test internal-incrementality incr249 tcf fail incrementality
805 test move-implementation incr250 tcf pass incrementality
806 test assigner-for-synonym incr251 tcf pass incrementality
807 test add-unique incr252 tcf pass incrementality
808 test remove-rename-class incr253 tcf pass incrementality
809 test add-generic-creation-specification incr254 tcf pass incrementality
810 test remove-used-library incr255 tcf pass incrementality
811 test cluster-into-library-error incr256 tcf pass incrementality
812 test agent-add-arguments incr257 tcf pass incrementality
813 test agent-add-derivation incr258 tcf pass incrementality
814 test chg-class-with-inline-agent incr259 tcf pass incrementality
815 test lazy-call-on-attribute-agent incr260 tcf pass incrementality
816 test auto-properties-recompilation incr261 tcf pass incrementality dotnet
817 test detect-override incr263 tcf pass incrementality
818 test vtug-override incr264 tcf pass incrementality
819 test add-remove-inline-agent incr265 tcf pass incrementality
820 test chg-class-with-inline-agent incr266 tcf pass incrementality
821 test resume-after-error-in-class-with-inline-agent incr267 tcf pass incrementality
822 test change-generic-type-of-agent-target incr268 tcf pass incrementality
823 test inline-agent-with-local-in-inherited-assertion incr269 tcf pass incrementality
824 test class-conflict-error-sneak incr270 tcf pass incrementality
825 test type-getting-confused incr271 tcf pass incrementality
826 test wiping-out-types incr272 tcf pass incrementality
827 test noclass-syntax incr273 tcf pass incrementality
828 test gc-crash-in-melted-agent-creation incr274 tcf pass incrementality
829 test expanded-not-expanded incr275 tcf pass incrementality
830 test finalize-changed-agent-to-changed-feature incr276 tcf pass incrementality
831 test inline-agent-from-scratch-bug incr277 tcf pass incrementality
832 test changing-formals-invariant-not-removed incr278 tcf pass incrementality
833 test changing-formals-precursor-crash incr279 tcf pass incrementality
834 test console-setting-change incr280 tcf pass incrementality
835 test vtcg-add-remove-missing-error incr281 tcf pass incrementality
836 test funky-removal-of-type incr282 tcf pass incrementality
837 test multi-constraint-incremental-crash incr283 tcf pass incrementality
838 test removing-formal-crashes incr284 tcf pass incrementality
839 test partial-generic-addition-crash incr285 tcf pass incrementality
840 test change-export-create-generic-contraint-error-ignored incr286 tcf fail incrementality
841 test inherit-crash-after-update incr287 tcf pass incrementality
842 test large-formal-changes incr288 tcf pass incrementality
843 test change-system-crash incr289 tcf pass incrementality
844 test unresolved-c-externals incr290 tcf pass incrementality
845 test unresolved-c-externals-2 incr291 tcf pass incrementality
846 test bogus-vmrc-2 incr292 tcf pass incrementality
847 test inherited-code-checking-crash incr293 tcf fail incrementality
848 test invalid-root-procedure incr294 tcf pass incrementality
849 test generic-replication-nc-crash incr295 tcf pass incrementality
850 test consecutive-error-fix-sequence-crash incr296 tcf pass incrementality
851 test add-empty-create-clause incr297 tcf fail incrementality
852 test change-expanded-class-name incr298 tcf pass incrementality
853 test add-feature-invalidate-generic-rename incr299 tcf fail incrementality
854 test generic-call-renamed-default-create incr300 tcf fail incrementality
855 test ececil-undefined-symbol incr301 tcf fail incrementality
856 test pattern-of-id-crash incr302 tcf fail incrementality
857 test add-default-create-invalid-vtec incr303 tcf fail incrementality
858 test change-base-library-to-base-safe incr304 tcf fail incrementality
859 test add-then-remove-vlec-via-generic incr305 tcf fail incrementality
860 test attempt-on-expanded-then-reference incr306 tcf fail incrementality
861 test formal-generic-constraint-rename-crash incr307 tcf fail incrementality
862 test generic-attach-mark-change-bogus-vevi incr308 tcf fail incrementality
863 test real-feature-id-crash incr309 tcf fail incrementality
864 test change-class-to-deferred-vtcg-sneak incr310 tcf fail incrementality
865 test remove-and-add-base-eats-memory incr311 tcf fail incrementality skip
866 test generate-final-c-body-crash incr312 tcf fail incrementality
867 test remove-convert-clause-undetected-vjar incr313 tcf fail incrementality
868 test add-inherit-clause-undetected-vycp incr314 tcf fail incrementality
869 test add-remove-expanded-mark-generic-class incr315 tcf fail incrementality
870 test make-parent-expanded-call-precursor incr316 tcf fail incrementality
871 test remove-convert-clause-crash incr317 tcf fail incrementality
872 test remove-convert-clause-bogus-vncp incr318 tcf fail incrementality
873 test execution-failure-after-vevi incr319 tcf fail incrementality
874 test switch-to-conforming-inheritance incr320 tcf fail incrementality
875 test eif-gen-conf-init-crash incr321 tcf fail incrementality
876 test function-to-attribute-refinalize incr322 tcf fail incrementality
877 test change-obsolete-syntax-to-transitional incr323 tcf pass incrementality
878 test vd71-called-syntax-error incr324 tcf pass incrementality
879 test c-syntax-error incr325 tcf pass incrementality
880 test override-checkin-crash incr326 tcf pass termination
881 test bogus-vfav incr327 tcf pass incrementality
882 test vfav-sneak incr328 tcf pass incrementality
883 test add-class-then-make-expanded incr329 tcf pass incrementality
884 test dead-code-removal-crash incr330 tcf pass incrementality
885 test return-value-type-mismatch incr331 tcf pass incrementality
886 test generate-wrapper-crash incr332 tcf pass incrementality
887 test ececil-undefined-symbol-2 incr333 tcf fail incrementality
888 test efrozen-undefined-symbol incr334 tcf fail incrementality
889 test ececil-undefined-symbol-3 incr335 tcf fail incrementality
890 test can-be-inlined-crash incr336 tcf fail incrementality
891 if WINDOWS test shared-library-definition-update incr337 tcf pass incrementality windows dll
892 test bogus-construct-not-supported incr338 tcf fail incrementality
893 test bracket-trigger-c-compilation-error incr339 tcf pass incrementality c_compilation
894 test class-name-mismatch-internal-error incr340 tcf fail incrementality
895 test nonexistent-veen incr341 tcf fail incrementality
896 test formulate-inherited-assertions-crash incr342 tcf fail incrementality
897 test feature_b-process-crash incr343 tcf fail incrementality
898 test new-generic-deriv-attribute-agent incr344 tcf fail incrementality
899 test supports-step-in-crash incr345 tcf fail incrementality
900 test is-expanded-crash incr346 tcf fail incrementality
901 test class-removal-crash-freeze incr347 tcf fail incrementality
902 test melted-agent-creation-crash incr348 tcf fail incrementality
903 test storable-version-update incr349 tcf fail incrementality reflection storable
904 test formal-creation-crash incr350 tcf pass incrementality
905 test inline-agent-invariant-crash incr351 tcf pass incrementality agents
906 test qat-change-remote-anchor-name incr352 tcf fail incrementality anchored_type
907 test qat-change-remote-anchor-type incr353 tcf fail incrementality anchored_type
908 test qat-none-crash incr354 tcf pass incrementality anchored_type
909 test resume-vlec-eat-memory incr355 tcf fail incrementality expanded manual
910 test qat-is-expanded-crash incr356 tcf fail incrementality anchored_type
911 test change-expanded-anchor-type incr357 tcf fail incrementality anchored_type
912 test qat-is-expanded-crash-2 incr358 tcf fail incrementality anchored_type
913 test qat-is-expanded-crash-3 incr359 tcf fail incrementality anchored_type
914 test bogus-vtcg-2 incr360 tcf fail incrementality generic anchored_type
915 test formal-entry-crash incr361 tcf fail incrementality generic anchored_type
916 test qat-nonexistent-veen incr362 tcf fail incrementality generic anchored_type
917 test qat-static-type-id-crash incr363 tcf fail incrementality generic anchored_type
918 test qat-resume-veen-compiler-error incr364 tcf fail incrementality generic anchored_type
919 test renamed-type-crash incr365 tcf fail incrementality generic
920 test once-per-object-add-descendant incr366 tcf fail incrementality once
921 test change-constraint-rename-crash incr367 tcf fail incrementality generic anchored_type
924 -- Melting
926 test divide-melt-panic melt001 tcf pass melting
927 test bit-melt-metamorphose melt002 tcf pass melting
928 test manifest-array-with-old melt003 tcf pass melting
929 test ref-actual-expanded-formal melt004 tcf pass melting
930 test real-const-arith-to-double melt005 tcf pass melting
932 test multiple-unary-free-ops melt006 tcf pass melting
933 test chained-assertion-melt melt007 tcf pass melting assertion
934 test melted-putreal-wrong melt008 tcf pass melting
935 test invariant-melt-panic melt009 tcf pass melting
936 test weird-sprintf-melt-panic melt010 tcf pass melting manual
937 test manifest-array-int-double melt011 tcf pass melting
938 test raise-exception-call-self melt012 tcf fail melting
939 test invalid-assertion-level melt013 tcf pass melting assertion
940 test creation-proc-modify-target melt014 tcf pass melting
941 test nested-expanded-creation melt015 tcf pass melting
942 test chg-external-to-internal melt016 tcf pass melting
943 test melted-invariant-memory-leak melt017 tcf pass melting
944 test expanded-melted-equal-current melt018 tcf pass melting
945 test postcondition-veen-then-restore melt019 tcf pass melting
946 test invariant-veen-skip-invariant melt020 tcf pass melting
947 test chg-argless-func-to-constant melt021 tcf pass melting
948 test ensure-extend-linked-list melt022 tcf pass melting
949 test old-expanded-melted-creations melt023 tcf fail melting
950 test manifest-array-expanded-generic melt024 tcf pass melting
951 test bit-two-to-the-twenty-four melt025 tcf pass melting
952 test manifest-array-of-expanded melt026 tcf pass melting
953 test expanded-clone-of-clone melt027 tcf pass melting
954 test named-bit-constant-argument melt028 tcf pass melting
955 test named-constant-call-out melt029 tcf pass melting
956 test cloned-bit-actual-argument melt030 tcf fail melting
957 test evaluate-old-when-retry melt031 tcf fail melting
958 test eval-precondition-when-retry melt032 tcf pass melting
959 test melted-two-level-rescue melt033 tcf pass melting
960 test who-gets-exp-local-exception melt034 tcf fail melting
961 test when-init-expanded-local melt035 tcf fail melting
962 test manifest-array-elem-eval-order melt036 tcf fail melting
963 test old-expression-eval-order melt037 tcf fail melting
964 test pass-expanded-like-current melt038 tcf pass melting
965 test generic-local-expanded-actual melt039 tcf pass melting
966 test infix-integer-real-double melt040 tcf pass melting
967 test bit-two-to-the-fifteen melt041 tcf pass melting
968 test put-double-five-over-two melt042 tcf pass melting
969 test expanded-creation-alloc-memory melt043 tcf pass melting
970 test melted-creation-pass-target melt044 tcf pass melting
971 test once-result-uninitialized melt045 tcf pass melting
972 test melted-attribute-address melt046 tcf pass melting
973 test null-in-debug-key melt047 tcf pass melting
974 test melted-short-integers melt048 tcf pass melting
975 test wide-char-comparison melt049 tcf pass melting
976 test add-root-creation-arg melt050 tcf pass melting
977 test wrong-field-count melt051 tcf pass melting
978 test invariant-melted-once-function melt052 tcf pass melting
979 test melted-integer-compare melt053 tcf pass melting
980 test eval-precondition-on-retry melt054 tcf fail melting
981 test melt-call-real-external melt055 tcf pass melting
982 test melted-expanded-like-current melt056 tcf fail melting
983 test melted-long-class-name melt057 tcf pass melting
984 test melt-pass-bit-shift melt058 tcf pass melting
985 test inspect-integer-64-one melt059 tcf pass melting
986 test melted-profile-system melt060 tcf fail melting profile
987 test integer-16-minus-one melt061 tcf pass melting
988 test melted-invariant-invalid-object melt062 tcf fail melting
989 test melted-void-expanded-arg melt063 tcf pass melting
990 test melted-local-referers melt064 tcf fail melting
991 test melted-profinfo-wrong-dir melt065 tcf fail melting
992 test bit-n-out-of-memory melt066 tcf pass melting
993 test expanded-generic-anchored-local melt067 tcf fail melting
994 test melted-old-expanded-result melt068 tcf pass melting
995 test expanded-list-like-current melt069 tcf fail melting
996 test special-expanded-creation melt070 tcf pass melting special
997 test melt-old-expression-in-redefinition melt071 tcf pass melting execution
998 test compare-var-attribute-addrs melt072 tcf fail melting execution
999 test increment-character melt073 tcf pass melting execution
1000 test int64-cast-uint64 melt074 tcf pass melting execution
1001 test character_32-inspect melt075 tcf pass melting execution
1002 test invariant-check-melted-agent-callee melt076 tcf pass melting execution
1003 test dollar-with-tuple melt077 tcf pass melting execution tuple
1004 test dollar-with-expanded-attribute melt078 tcf pass melting execution
1005 test runtime-stack-corruption melt079 tcf pass melting execution
1006 test nan-comparison melt080 tcf pass melting execution ieee
1007 test melted-special-creation-crash melt081 tcf pass melting execution special
1008 test melted-external-call melt082 tcf pass melting execution
1009 test melted-agent-call-on-void-target melt083 tcf fail execution melting
1010 test inherited-like-current-object-test melt084 tcf fail execution melting
1011 test melted-anchored-precursor-object-test melt085 tcf fail execution melting
1012 test melted-anchored-precursor-in-tuple melt086 tcf fail execution melting
1013 test redefined-once-with-alt-precondition melt087 tcf fail execution melting
1014 test character_32-constant melt088 tcf fail execution melting
1015 test alt-precondition-call-on-void-target melt089 tcf fail execution melting
1016 test melted-object-test-with-anchored-none melt090 tcf fail execution melting
1017 test melted-creation-crash melt091 tcf pass execution melting
1018 test melted-agent-exception-crash melt092 tcf fail execution melting agents
1019 test raise-exception-inspect-branch melt093 tcf fail execution melting
1020 test dollar-with-expanded-attribute-in-generic melt094 tcf fail execution melting
1021 test wrong-line-number-in-trace melt095 tcf fail execution melting
1022 test bad-melted-infix melt096 tcf pass execution melting
1023 test new-type-type-melted melt097 tcf pass execution melting
1024 test melted-type-of-generic melt098 tcf pass execution melting reflection
1025 test melted-tuple-expression-order melt099 tcf pass execution melting tuple
1027 -- Freezing
1029 test bit-arg-extend-frozen freez001 tcf fail freezing
1030 test frozen-xor-precedence-error freez002 tcf pass freezing
1031 test extend-short-bit-constant freez003 tcf pass freezing
1032 test frozen-high-bit-characters freez004 tcf pass freezing
1033 test who-gets-old-exception freez005 tcf pass freezing
1034 test expanded-local-no-creation freez006 tcf pass freezing
1035 if not DOTNET test init-expanded-local-when-retry freez007 tcf fail freezing
1036 test redefine-expanded-to-attribute freez008 tcf fail freezing
1037 test assign-attempt-exp-to-ref freez009 tcf pass freezing
1038 test deep-clone-frozen-not-equal freez010 tcf pass freezing
1039 test compare-frozen-high-bit-chars freez011 tcf pass freezing
1040 test compare-frozen-real-arg freez012 tcf pass freezing
1041 test frozen-retried-precondition freez013 tcf pass freezing
1042 test tuple-expanded-and-integer freez014 tcf pass freezing tuple
1043 test address-of-redefined-routine freez015 tcf fail freezing
1044 test integer-8-generating-type freez016 tcf pass freezing
1045 test frozen-agent-lighter-argument freez017 tcf pass freezing
1046 test frozen-prefix-attribute freez018 tcf pass freezing
1047 test tuple-i16-plus-i8 freez019 tcf pass freezing tuple
1048 test minus-minus-double freez020 tcf pass freezing
1049 test dispose-with-rescue freez021 tcf pass freezing
1050 test anchored-double-function freez022 tcf fail freezing
1051 test real-times-real-postcondition freez023 tcf pass freezing
1052 test inspect-high-bit-integer8 freez024 tcf pass freezing
1053 test frozen-bitwise-and-local freez025 tcf pass freezing
1054 test wrong-generic-type-caching freez026 tcf pass freezing
1055 test freeze-with-unused-locals freez027 tcf pass freezing
1056 test freeze-with-conversion freez028 tcf pass freezing
1057 test object-test-with-generic-type freez029 tcf pass freezing
1058 test invariant-qualified-call-on-constant freez030 tcf fail freezing
1059 test expanded-like-current-void-precursor freez031 tcf fail freezing
1061 -- Finalizing
1063 test finalize-expanded-not-equal final001 tcf pass finalizing
1064 test finalize-debug-inst-not-kept final002 tcf pass finalizing
1065 test finalize-manifest-array-call final003 tcf pass finalizing
1066 test finalize-ensure-keep-dead final004 tcf pass finalizing
1067 test finalize-pass-wrong-argument final005 tcf pass finalizing
1068 test finalize-expanded-generic-bit final006 tcf pass finalizing
1069 test finalize-expand-creation-order final007 tcf pass finalizing
1070 test finalize-expanded-arg-result final008 tcf pass finalizing
1071 test finalize-array-optimization final009 tcf pass finalizing
1072 test finalize-random-arrayed-list final010 tcf pass finalizing
1073 test finalize-skip-rescue-clause final011 tcf pass finalizing
1074 test finalize-cast-func-result final012 tcf pass finalizing
1075 test finalize-array-opt-expanded final013 tcf pass finalizing
1076 test finalize-redef-external-macro final014 tcf pass finalizing
1077 test finalize-inline-precursor final015 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1078 test finalize-array-opt-2 final016 tcf pass finalizing
1079 test finalize-delayed-deferred-call final017 tcf pass finalizing
1080 test finalize-inline-none-proc final018 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1081 test inline-generic-assign-attempt final019 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1082 test finalize-or-else-true final020 tcf pass finalizing execution
1083 test finalize-mult-double-constant final021 tcf pass finalizing execution
1084 test expanded-generic-return-type final022 tcf pass finalizing execution
1085 test bigger-array-of-bit final023 tcf pass finalizing execution
1086 test finalize-skip-invariant final024 tcf fail finalizing
1087 test inline-pass-expanded final025 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1088 test c-inline-function-ten-args final026 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1089 test inline-linked-list-expanded final027 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1090 test vicious-finalize-bug final028 tcf pass finalizing
1091 test inline-arrayed-list-expanded final029 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1092 test inline-void-argument final030 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1093 test precursor-call-current-instead-of-precursor final031 tcf pass finalizing
1094 test finalize-manifest-type-expr final032 tcf pass finalizing
1095 test inline-once-string final033 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1096 test inline-deferred-routine-with-only-one-implementation final034 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1097 test dynamic-deferred-routine-implemented-in-generic final035 tcf pass finalizing
1098 test inline-deferred-routine-with-one-external-implementation final036 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1099 test inline-deferred-routine-with-constants-implementations final037 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1100 test agent_to_feature_of_generic_class final038 tcf pass finalizing
1101 test wrong-attribute-dynamic-binding final039 tcf pass finalizing
1102 test dead-code-catcall final040 tcf pass finalizing
1103 test oms-ec-precondition-violation final041 tcf pass finalizing ec_precondition
1104 test inlining-finalization-crash final042 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1105 test inlining-on-named-tuple-crash final043 tcf pass finalizing tuple inlining
1106 test wrong-dynamic-dispatch-on-generic final044 tcf pass finalizing
1107 test change-generic-finalization-crash final045 tcf pass finalizing
1108 test polymorphic-call-leak final046 tcf fail finalizing
1109 test inlining-with-anchor final047 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1110 test inlining-deferred-from-other-branch final048 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1111 test polymorphic-call-on-formal-seed final049 tcf pass finalizing
1112 test inlining-with-anchor-2 final050 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1113 test wrong-polymorphic-wrapper final051 tcf pass finalizing
1114 test wrong-call-when-merging final052 tcf pass finalizing
1115 test wrong-polymorphic-wrapper-2 final053 tcf pass finalizing
1116 test wrong-polymorphic-external-wrapper final054 tcf pass finalizing
1117 test inlining-with-anchor-3 final055 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1118 test inlining-with-formal final056 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1119 test inlining-wrong-argument-reuse final057 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1120 test inlining-missing-gc-hooks final058 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1121 test inlining-with-inline-externals final059 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1122 test inlining-with-formal-2 final060 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1123 test inlining-with-less-formals final061 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1124 test inlining-with-less-formals-2 final062 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1125 test unresolved-c-externals-on-inline-agents final063 tcf pass finalizing
1126 test bad-c-inline-agent final064 tcf pass finalizing agents
1127 test inline-expanded-return final065 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1128 test wrong-generic-type-generation final066 tcf pass finalizing inlining
1129 test inline-agent-crash-final final067 tcf pass finalizing agents
1130 test inlined-generic-expanded-type final068 tcf pass finalizing inlining expanded generic
1131 test change-actual-generic-to-expanded final069 tcf fail finalizing expanded generic incrementality multithreaded
1132 test finalize-expanded-unref-local final070 tcf fail finalizing expanded
1133 test finalize-all-classes-true final071 tcf fail finalizing
1134 test finalize-self-init-attribute final072 tcf fail finalizing
1135 test finalize-invariant-wrong-class-name final073 tcf fail finalizing
1136 test finalize-bogus-invariant-violation final074 tcf fail finalizing
1137 test finalize-external-creation-procedure final075 tcf fail finalizing
1138 test finalize-inline-attribute-body final076 tcf fail finalizing
1139 test finalize-creation-expression-corruption final077 tcf pass finalizing
1140 test finalize-inline-precursor-2 final078 tcf fail finalizing
1141 test finalize-attribute-access-crash final079 tcf pass finalizing
1142 test finalize-inline-attribute-body-2 final080 tcf pass finalizing
1143 test finalize-inline-external-redef-constant final081 tcf pass finalizing
1144 test finalize-inherited-agent-redef-routine final082 tcf pass finalizing
1145 test finalize-inline-with-generic final083 tcf pass finalizing
1146 test finalize-wrong-type final084 tcf pass finalizing
1147 test finalize-min-used-crash final085 tcf pass finalizing
1148 test finalize-object-test-side-effects final086 tcf pass finalizing
1149 test finalize-inline-merged-routine final087 tcf fail finalizing
1150 test finalize-inline-check-void-target final088 tcf fail finalizing
1151 test finalize-qat-object-test final089 tcf fail finalizing anchored_type
1152 test finalize-attached-dcr-missing final090 tcf pass finalizing
1154 -- Runtime
1155 test gc-tracking-001 runtime001 tcf pass runtime
1156 test gc-tracking-002 runtime002 tcf pass runtime
1157 test gc-expanded-in-special runtime003 tcf pass runtime expanded special
1158 test gc-expanded-allocating-memory-in-special runtime004 tcf pass runtime expanded special
1159 if not DOTNET test adopt-wean-freeze-unfreeze-multithreaded runtime005 tcf pass runtime multithreaded
1160 test gc-expanded-allocating-memory-in-special-2 runtime006 tcf pass runtime expanded special
1161 test gc-tracking-003 runtime007 tcf pass runtime
1162 test memory_leak_with_invariant_on runtime008 tcf pass runtime multithreaded
1163 test missing-marking-with-no-gc runtime009 tcf pass runtime
1164 test zero-sized-objects-slowdown runtime010 tcf pass runtime
1165 test tuple-special-twin-bug runtime011 tcf pass runtime special
1166 test overflow-special-resizing runtime012 tcf pass runtime special manual
1167 test overflow-special-expanded-resizing runtime013 tcf pass runtime special expanded
1168 if WINDOWS test console-in-windows-dll runtime014 tcf pass runtime windows console input output dll
1169 test array-allocation-failure runtime015 tcf pass runtime special expanded array memory allocation exception
1170 test special-copy-data runtime016 tcf pass runtime special memory
1172 -- Thread
1173 test cond-timedwait-failure thread001 tcf pass multithreaded
1174 test nested-thread-exit-failure thread002 tcf fail multithreaded
1175 test memory-leak-in-eif-thr-wait thread003 tcf pass multithreaded
1176 test creating-string-runtime-panic thread004 tcf pass multithreaded
1177 test mem-info-update-crash-after-threads thread005 tcf pass multithreaded
1178 test panic-when-too-many-allocation thread006 tcf pass multithreaded
1179 test join-with-no-children-leaks thread007 tcf pass multithreaded
1180 test memory-referers-not-thread-safe thread008 tcf pass multithreaded
1181 test exception-in-thread-failure thread009 tcf pass multitheaded
1182 test nested-thread-exit-failure-2 thread010 tcf pass multithreaded
1183 test deadlock-when-not-joining thread011 tcf fail multithreaded
1184 test deadlock-when-thread-not-exiting thread012 tcf pass multithreaded
1185 test synchronization-objects thread013 tcf pass multithreaded
1186 test launching-n-threads-on-same-object thread014 tcf pass multithreaded
1187 test join-with-timeout-failure thread015 tcf pass multithreaded
1189 -- Execution
1191 test print-double exec001 tcf pass execution
1192 test bit-out-wrong exec002 tcf pass execution
1193 test real-conform-double exec003 tcf pass execution
1194 test power-operator exec004 tcf pass execution
1195 test once-routine-precond-fail exec005 tcf pass execution
1196 test wrong-int-div exec006 tcf pass execution
1197 test old-current-ne-current exec007 tcf pass execution
1198 test plus-before-free-unary exec008 tcf pass execution
1199 test free-binary-wrong-precedence exec009 tcf pass execution
1200 test divide-by-real-zero exec010 tcf fail execution
1201 test expanded-creation-order exec011 tcf pass execution
1202 test redecl-implicit-precond exec012 tcf pass execution
1203 test bit-equal-wrong exec013 tcf pass execution
1204 test variable-attr-wrong-address exec014 tcf pass execution manual
1205 test readline-long-line-wrong exec015 tcf pass execution
1207 test rescue-floating-exception exec016 tcf pass execution
1208 test strip-wont-c-compile exec017 tcf pass execution
1209 test strip-with-void exec018 tcf pass execution
1210 test manifest-array-concat exec019 tcf pass execution
1211 test manifest-array-of-bits exec020 tcf pass execution
1212 test very-deep-clone exec021 tcf pass execution
1213 test out-of-locals exec022 tcf pass execution
1214 test prefix-oper-attribute exec023 tcf pass execution
1215 test long-linked-list-fails exec024 tcf pass execution
1216 test malloc-free-collect-coalesce exec026 tcf pass execution
1217 test memory-leak exec027 tcf fail execution skip
1218 test big-bit-attribute exec028 tcf pass execution
1219 test external-feature-address exec029 tcf pass execution
1220 test null-char-in-string exec030 tcf pass execution
1221 test uninit-root-class-arg exec031 tcf pass execution
1222 test int-equal-int exec032 tcf pass execution
1223 test wrong-oper-int-convert exec033 tcf pass execution
1224 test invariant-empty-property exec034 tcf pass execution
1225 test expanded-but-void-attribute exec035 tcf pass execution
1226 test expanded-creation-panic exec036 tcf pass execution
1227 test create-integer-then-incr exec037 tcf pass execution
1228 test once-expanded-result exec038 tcf pass execution
1229 test create-zero-len-bool-string exec039 tcf pass execution
1230 test merge-sort-panic exec040 tcf pass execution
1231 test random-memory-alloc-panic exec041 tcf pass execution
1232 test cecil-panic exec042 tcf pass execution manual
1233 test deep-clone-not-deep-equal exec043 tcf pass execution
1234 test auto-resize-exp-arrayed-list exec044 tcf pass execution
1235 test reference-to-sub-object exec045 tcf pass execution
1236 if not DOTNET test class-invariant-fail-panic exec046 tcf pass execution
1237 test clearer-ref-to-sub-object exec047 tcf fail execution
1238 test inline-external-root-proc exec048 tcf pass execution inlining
1239 test wrong-alt-precondition-order exec049 tcf fail execution
1240 test join-effect-precond-skipped exec050 tcf fail execution
1241 test attribute-postcondition-lost exec051 tcf fail execution
1242 test arrayed-list-clone-not-equal exec052 tcf pass execution
1243 test root-no-class-invariant exec053 tcf pass execution
1244 test integer-ref-gt-integer exec054 tcf pass execution
1245 test expanded-generic-like-current exec055 tcf pass execution
1246 test skip-deferred-feat-assertions exec056 tcf fail execution assertion
1247 test array-of-expanded-insert-fails exec057 tcf pass execution
1248 test once-bit-type-result exec058 tcf fail execution
1249 test bit-function-explicit-creation exec059 tcf pass execution
1250 test inherit-array-of-expanded exec060 tcf pass execution
1251 test bit-copy-panic-void-source exec061 tcf pass execution
1252 test conforms-to-with-generics exec062 tcf pass execution
1253 test deep-clone-panic exec063 tcf pass execution
1254 test random-string-blank-panic exec064 tcf pass execution
1255 test random-array-alloc-loop exec065 tcf pass execution
1256 test many-locals-deep-recursion exec066 tcf pass execution
1257 test big-expanded-attributes exec067 tcf pass execution
1258 test big-manifest-array-of-strings exec068 tcf pass execution manual
1259 test keep-on-stripping exec069 tcf pass execution
1260 test deep-exception-in-rescue exec070 tcf pass execution skip
1261 test few-locals-deep-recursion exec071 tcf pass execution
1262 test expanded-create-big-string exec072 tcf pass execution
1263 test negate-big-bit-local exec073 tcf pass execution
1264 test big-array-of-bit exec074 tcf pass execution
1265 test negative-eiffel-memory-used exec075 tcf pass execution
1266 test repeated-manifest-bit-array exec076 tcf pass execution
1267 test strip-with-expanded-attr exec077 tcf pass execution
1268 test manifest-array-of-strip exec078 tcf pass execution
1269 test rescue-recurse-many-retries exec079 tcf pass execution
1270 test diff-bit-constants-deep-equal exec080 tcf fail execution
1271 test print-null-get-nothing exec081 tcf pass execution
1272 test cloned-int-passed-to-double exec082 tcf pass execution
1273 test deep-clone-bit exec083 tcf fail execution
1274 test retry-forget-in-assertion exec084 tcf pass execution assertion
1275 test rescue-show-exception-meaning exec085 tcf pass execution
1276 test long-short-bits-not-equal exec086 tcf pass execution
1277 test clone-integer-boolean-character exec087 tcf pass execution
1278 if not DOTNET test expanded-local-void-in-rescue exec088 tcf pass execution
1279 test generic-formal-bit-actual-arg exec089 tcf pass execution
1280 test print-char-dot-is-digit exec090 tcf pass execution
1281 test expanded-skip-class-invariant exec091 tcf fail execution
1282 test parent-invariants-reverse-order exec092 tcf pass execution
1283 test external-routine-skip-assertion exec093 tcf pass execution
1284 test many-big-expanded-locals exec094 tcf pass execution
1285 test internal-exception-memory-leak exec095 tcf fail execution
1286 test expanded-local-raise-exception exec096 tcf pass execution
1287 test generic-attributes-not-equal exec097 tcf pass execution
1288 test out-of-memory-on-out exec098 tcf pass execution
1289 test inherit-generic-wrong-call exec099 tcf fail execution
1290 test generic-constrained-by-double exec100 tcf pass execution
1291 test strip-bad-linked-list exec101 tcf pass execution
1292 test manifest-array-of-tiny-strings exec102 tcf pass execution
1293 test expanded-pass-current exec103 tcf fail execution
1294 test exception-in-dispose exec104 tcf fail execution
1295 test freeze-expanded-tuple-attr exec105 tcf pass execution tuple
1296 test put-character-255 exec106 tcf pass execution
1297 test out-of-memory-panic exec107 tcf pass execution
1298 test redefine-expanded-as-attribute exec108 tcf pass execution
1299 test compare-var-to-default exec109 tcf pass execution
1300 test strip-memory-leak exec110 tcf fail execution
1301 test numeric-discrepancies exec111 tcf pass execution
1302 test melt-call-precomp-external exec112 tcf pass execution
1303 test all-chars-debug-key exec113 tcf fail execution
1304 test is-integer-ignores-null exec114 tcf pass execution
1305 test dynamic-runtime-bad-library exec115 tcf pass execution
1306 test agent-expanded-target exec116 tcf pass execution
1307 test print-integer64 exec117 tcf pass execution
1308 test print-max-negative-smallint exec118 tcf pass execution
1309 test safe-call-from-rescue exec119 tcf pass execution
1310 test multithreaded-string-blank exec120 tcf pass execution multithreaded
1311 test assign-attempt-affects-source exec121 tcf pass execution
1312 test wrong-generating-type exec122 tcf pass execution
1313 test long-tuple-corrupts-memory exec123 tcf pass execution tuple
1314 test replace-substring-with-self exec124 tcf pass execution
1315 test generic-generating-type exec125 tcf fail execution
1316 test create-tuple-of-tuples exec126 tcf fail execution tuple
1317 test print-big-constant exec127 tcf pass execution
1318 test assign-attempt-redefined-type exec128 tcf pass execution
1319 test melted-boolean-to-integer exec129 tcf pass execution
1320 test negative-integer-8 exec130 tcf pass execution
1321 test melted-memory-copy exec131 tcf pass execution
1322 test is-integer-accepts-invalid exec132 tcf pass execution
1323 test agent-lighter-tuple-arg exec133 tcf pass execution tuple
1324 test insert-hash-table-zero exec134 tcf pass execution
1325 test store-expanded-retrieve-wrong exec135 tcf pass execution storable
1326 test store-expanded-retrieve-dies exec136 tcf pass execution storable
1327 test array-expanded-not-deep-equal exec137 tcf pass execution
1328 test expanded-no-default-create exec138 tcf fail execution
1329 test retr-expanded-not-deep-equal exec139 tcf pass execution
1330 test linked-queue-linear-rep exec140 tcf pass execution
1331 test inspect-high-bit-char exec141 tcf pass execution
1332 test invariant-changes-current exec142 tcf fail execution
1333 test is-special-any-type-lies exec143 tcf pass execution special
1334 test indep-store-big-array exec144 tcf pass execution storable
1335 test recursive-once-create-result exec145 tcf pass execution
1336 test frozen-floor-ceiling exec146 tcf pass execution
1337 test special-of-expanded exec147 tcf pass execution special
1338 test generic-conformance-two-params exec148 tcf pass execution conformance
1339 test real-const-with-underscores exec149 tcf pass execution
1340 test interior-null-in-debug-key exec150 tcf fail execution
1341 test huge-memory-leak exec151 tcf fail execution
1342 test bit-64-operations exec152 tcf fail execution
1343 test nested-manifest-array-gen-type exec153 tcf pass execution
1344 test explicit-expanded-creation exec154 tcf pass execution
1345 test expanded-add-default-create exec155 tcf fail execution
1346 test inherit-create-like-current exec156 tcf pass execution
1347 test array-bit-two-to-sixteen exec157 tcf pass execution
1348 test inspect-big-integer-64 exec158 tcf pass execution
1349 test long-name-exception-trace exec159 tcf pass execution
1350 test bigger-generation-object-limit exec160 tcf pass execution
1351 test negative-incremental-gc-stats exec161 tcf pass execution
1352 test many-generic-parameters exec162 tcf fail execution
1353 test odd-gc-chunk-size exec163 tcf pass execution
1354 test gc-expanded-expanded-attrs exec164 tcf pass execution
1355 test negative-hex-constant exec165 tcf pass execution
1356 test expanded-arg-macro-with-cast exec166 tcf pass execution
1357 test external-precond-string-arg exec167 tcf pass execution
1358 test external-infix-feature exec168 tcf pass execution
1359 test multithreaded-memory-leak exec169 tcf pass execution multithreaded
1360 test external-precursor exec170 tcf pass execution
1361 test very-big-gc-chunk-size exec171 tcf fail execution skip
1362 test external-static-access exec172 tcf pass execution
1363 test static-access-generic-function exec173 tcf pass execution
1364 test inherit-create-like-attr exec174 tcf pass execution
1365 test generating-type-of-any exec175 tcf fail execution
1366 test assign-attempt-anchored-tuple exec176 tcf pass execution tuple
1367 test generic-agent-generating-type exec177 tcf fail execution
1368 test agent-like-current-target exec178 tcf pass execution
1369 test area-wrong-generating-type exec179 tcf pass execution
1370 test unavailable-exception-trace exec180 tcf pass execution
1371 test wrong-exp-attribute-type exec181 tcf pass execution
1372 test wrong-dynamic-type exec182 tcf pass execution
1373 test special-expanded-access exec183 tcf pass execution special
1374 test once-manifest-string exec184 tcf pass execution multithreaded
1375 test array-expanded-expanded exec185 tcf pass execution
1376 test once-optimization exec186 tcf pass execution
1377 test negative-hexadecimal exec187 tcf pass execution
1378 test integer-overflow-type exec188 tcf pass execution
1379 test global-once-feature exec189 tcf pass execution multithreaded
1380 test once-in-generic-class exec190 tcf pass execution multithreaded
1381 test once-with-exception exec191 tcf pass execution multithreaded
1382 test system-return-code exec192 tcf pass execution
1383 test catch-stack-overflow exec193 tcf pass execution
1384 test thread-assertion-monitoring exec194 tcf pass execution multithreaded assertion
1385 test last-exception-after-call exec195 tcf pass execution
1386 test inspect-on-character-interval exec196 tcf pass execution
1387 test basic-type-conversion exec197 tcf pass execution
1388 test bit-test-on-integer exec198 tcf pass execution
1389 test creation-of-formal-redefined-attribute exec199 tcf pass execution
1390 test anchor-argument-anchored-on-feature-or-formal exec200 tcf fail execution
1391 test tuple-real-double exec201 tcf pass execution tuple
1392 test developer-exception-with-null exec202 tcf fail execution
1393 test nested-expanded-copy exec203 tcf pass execution
1394 test old-expressions-evaluated-when-they-should-not exec204 tcf pass execution
1395 test manifest-array-waste-locals exec205 tcf pass execution
1396 test like-current-generic-parameter exec206 tcf pass execution
1397 test result-lost-in-manifest-arrays-tuples exec207 tcf pass execution tuple
1398 test expanded-type-intrinsic-feature exec208 tcf pass execution
1399 test once-manifest-string-in-once exec209 tcf pass execution
1400 test external-redeclared-to-attribute exec210 tcf pass execution
1401 test expanded-reattachment exec211 tcf pass execution
1402 test bad-invariant-code-in-expanded exec212 tcf pass execution
1403 test inherited-attribute-and-assigner exec213 tcf pass execution
1404 test attribute-and-assigner-coupling exec214 tcf pass execution
1405 test signed-unsigned-binary-operations exec215 tcf pass execution
1406 test empty-once-function exec216 tcf pass execution
1407 test inherited-expanded-generic exec217 tcf pass execution
1408 test any-expanded-agent exec218 tcf pass execution
1409 test to-character-32-truncated exec219 tcf pass execution
1410 test character-32-truncated exec220 tcf pass execution
1411 test melted-dispose-panic exec221 tcf pass execution
1412 test expanded-reverse-attachment exec222 tcf pass execution expanded attachment
1413 test extended-agent-test exec223 tcf pass execution
1414 test named-tuple-test exec224 tcf pass execution tuple
1415 test expanded-generic-use exec225 tcf pass execution expanded generic
1416 test generic-named-tuple exec226 tcf pass execution tuple
1417 test expanded-assignment-attempt exec227 tcf pass execution
1418 test routine-valid-operands exec228 tcf pass execution
1419 test double-clone exec229 tcf pass execution
1420 test infix-power-taking-double exec230 tcf pass execution
1421 test insert-expanded-in-list-of-any exec231 tcf pass execution
1422 test modification-of-basic-variable exec232 tcf pass execution
1423 test assertion-inline-agents-with-locals exec233 tcf pass execution assertion
1424 test inlined-array exec234 tcf pass execution
1425 test inline-agents-and-generics exec235 tcf pass execution
1426 test inline-agents-reordering exec236 tcf pass execution
1427 test inline-agent-manifest-expr exec237 tcf pass execution
1428 test name-renaming-with-inline-agent-assertion exec238 tcf pass execution assertion
1429 test correct-vpir-violation exec239 tcf pass execution
1430 test inline-agent-of-generic-type exec240 tcf pass execution
1431 test agent-in-inherited-assertion exec241 tcf pass execution assertion
1432 test deferred-inline-agent exec242 tcf pass execution
1433 test external-inline-agent exec243 tcf pass execution
1434 test invariant-encapsulated-inline-agents exec244 tcf pass execution
1435 test remove-fake-inline-agent-from-invariant exec245 tcf pass execution
1436 test remove-feature-with-inline-agent exec246 tcf pass execution
1437 test type-check-invariant-inline-agent exec247 tcf pass execution
1438 test nan-min-max exec248 tcf pass execution ieee
1439 test agent-in-nested-call-failure exec249 tcf pass execution
1440 test feature-only-referenced-by-dollar-op exec250 tcf pass execution
1441 test dollar-op-to-deferred-feature exec251 tcf pass execution
1442 test add-dollar-op-to-frozen-system exec252 tcf pass execution
1443 test creation-information-lost exec253 tcf pass execution
1444 test integer-constant-access exec254 tcf pass execution
1445 test cloning-disable-gc-tracking exec255 tcf pass execution
1446 test precursor-calling-itself exec256 tcf pass execution
1447 test numeric-type-comparison exec257 tcf pass execution
1448 test expanded-with-generics-in-generic-class exec258 tcf fail execution
1449 test expanded-with-generics-failure exec259 tcf fail execution
1450 test equality-on-expanded exec260 tcf pass execution
1451 test inspect-int-nat-big-endian exec261 tcf fail execution
1452 test anchor-on-feature-with-formal exec262 tcf fail execution
1453 test generating-type-of-type-parameter exec263 tcf pass execution
1454 test agent-on-attribute-with-open-target exec264 tcf pass execution
1455 test generator-on-typed-pointer exec265 tcf pass execution
1456 test feature-call-on-basic-generic exec266 tcf pass execution generic basic
1457 test expanded-formal-attached-to-reference exec267 tcf pass execution generic basic
1458 test tuple-with-basic-type exec268 tcf pass execution generic basic tuple
1459 test signed-unsigned-in-inspect exec269 tcf pass execution inspect
1460 test mixed-basic-type-operations exec270 tcf pass execution inspect
1461 test wrong-agent-creation-type exec271 tcf pass execution inspect
1462 test expanded-derivation-reattachment exec272 tcf pass execution expanded generic
1463 test expanded-creation-semantics exec273 tcf pass execution expanded creation attachment clone
1464 test agent-for-expanded-derivation exec274 tcf pass execution expanded generic agents
1465 test merging-feature-with-formal exec275 tcf pass execution expanded generic merging
1466 test entry-point-defined exec276 tcf pass execution expanded generic merging
1467 test derivation-reverse-attachment exec277 tcf pass execution expanded generic attachment
1468 test expanded-creation-correctness exec278 tcf fail execution expanded
1469 test special-base-address exec279 tcf fail execution expanded special
1470 test default-create-not-called exec280 tcf pass execution
1471 test not-equal-operator-failure exec281 tcf pass execution expanded
1472 test all-defaults-failure exec282 tcf fail execution expanded
1473 test clear-all-on-special exec283 tcf fail execution expanded special
1474 test wrong-expanded-generic-type exec284 tcf fail execution expanded
1475 test wrong-polymorphic-call-with-select exec285 tcf pass execution
1476 test wrong-formal-type-specification exec286 tcf pass execution
1477 test conversion-for-tuple-assignment-crash exec287 tcf pass execution
1478 test wrong-formal-type-local-initialization exec288 tcf pass execution
1479 test wrong-finalized-invariant-check exec289 tcf pass execution finalizing
1480 test wrong-optimization-of-as-attached exec290 tcf pass execution finalizing
1481 test crash-on-divisible exec291 tcf pass execution finalizing
1482 test wrong-inherited-formal-type exec292 tcf pass execution finalizing attached_types
1483 test access-by-label-on-void-tuple exec293 tcf fail execution
1484 test self-init-attribute-non-void-safe exec294 tcf fail execution
1485 test check-invariant-attached-by-default exec295 tcf fail execution
1486 test self-init-attribute-void-safe exec296 tcf fail execution
1487 test check-invariant-void-safe exec297 tcf fail execution
1488 test out-wrong-for-natural-attribute exec298 tcf fail execution
1489 test invariant-crash-with-attached-parent exec299 tcf pass execution
1490 test deep-twin-expanded-type exec300 tcf fail execution
1491 test attempt-on-type-none exec301 tcf fail execution
1492 test self-init-attribute-call-to-precursor exec302 tcf fail execution manual
1493 test out-on-nan-violates-invariant exec303 tcf fail execution ieee
1494 test operations-on-numeric-generic exec304 tcf fail execution
1495 test expanded-object-test-infinite-recursion exec305 tcf fail execution manual
1496 test expanded-generic-call-on-void-target exec306 tcf fail execution
1497 test bogus-catcall-on-basic-type-agent exec307 tcf fail execution catcall
1498 test conversion-from-basic-through-any exec308 tcf fail execution
1499 test expanded-object-test-creates-objects exec309 tcf fail execution
1500 test out-on-long-attribute-buffer-overflow exec310 tcf fail execution multithreaded
1501 test profile-with-invariant exec311 tcf fail execution profile
1502 test small-eif-memory-scavenge exec312 tcf pass execution
1503 test static-access-on-like-current exec313 tcf pass execution
1504 test manifest-type-expr-generating-type exec314 tcf pass execution
1505 test manifest-type-singletons exec315 tcf pass execution
1506 test wrong-type-creation exec316 tcf fail execution
1507 test long-string-to-double exec317 tcf pass execution
1508 test ref-exp-polymorphism exec318 tcf fail execution
1509 test loop-expression-smoke-test exec319 tcf pass loop expression
1510 test expanded-deep-physical-size exec320 tcf fail execution
1511 test check-instruction-smoke-test exec321 tcf pass execution check instruction exception
1512 test ieee-arithmetic exec322 tcf pass execution ieee
1513 test eiffel-ieee-comparison exec323 tcf pass execution ieee
1514 test do-nothing-optimization exec324 tcf pass execution
1515 test assertion-incorrect-type exec325 tcf pass execution assertion
1516 test ieee-min-max-values exec326 tcf pass execution ieee
1517 test assertion-reset-with-check exec327 tcf pass execution assertion
1518 test default-on-expanded-string exec328 tcf fail execution expanded manual
1519 test ieee-abs-minus-zero exec329 tcf pass execution ieee
1521 -- Once specific
1523 test once-per-object-exec once001 tcf pass once
1524 test once-per-object-exec-with-exception once002 tcf pass once exception
1525 test once-per-object-redefinition once003 tcf pass once redefine
1526 test once-per-object-removal once004 tcf pass once redefine
1527 test once-key-validity once005 tcf pass once validity
1528 test once-per-object-called-via-precursor once006 tcf fail once
1529 test once-per-object-with-inheritance once007 tcf fail once
1530 test once-per-object-finalized-crash once008 tcf fail once
1531 test once-per-object-effect-deferred once009 tcf fail once
1533 -- Compiler termination (exception trace, panic, etc.)
1535 test add-inheritance-cycle term001 tcf pass termination
1536 test remove-root-creation-proc term002 tcf pass termination
1537 test long-identifiers term003 tcf pass termination
1538 test anchored-creation-type term004 tcf pass termination
1539 test like-current-generic-constraint term005 tcf pass termination
1540 test function-with-many-args term006 tcf pass termination
1541 test unusual-none-use term007 tcf pass termination
1542 test void-as-variant term008 tcf pass termination
1543 test none-as-actual-generic term009 tcf pass termination
1544 test invalid-generic-constraint term010 tcf pass termination
1545 test manifest-array-call-target term011 tcf pass termination
1546 test long-bit-constant term012 tcf pass termination
1547 test bit-constraint-with-attr term013 tcf pass termination
1548 test deeply-nested-when term014 tcf pass termination
1549 test manifest-array-call-target2 term015 tcf pass termination
1550 test empty-external-feat-alias term016 tcf pass termination
1551 test array-of-big-bit term017 tcf pass termination
1552 test none-as-actual-generic2 term018 tcf pass termination
1553 test expanded-client-cycle term020 tcf pass termination
1554 test valid-weasel-bits term022 tcf pass termination
1555 test function-returning-none term023 tcf pass termination
1556 test bit-creation-type term024 tcf pass termination
1557 test expanded-local-panic term025 tcf pass termination
1558 test bad-generic-deriv-creation-type2 term026 tcf pass termination
1559 test many-same-generics term027 tcf pass termination
1560 test precompiled-missing-cluster term028 tcf pass termination
1561 test generic-constrained-by-its-class term029 tcf pass termination
1562 test expanded-client-3-cycle term030 tcf pass termination
1563 test generic-constr-by-generic-deriv term031 tcf pass termination
1564 test current-dot-void term032 tcf pass termination
1565 test real-decl-integer-constant term033 tcf pass termination
1566 test vlec-cycle-with-generics term034 tcf fail termination manual
1567 test create-negative-double-const term035 tcf pass termination
1568 test minimal-set-of-classes term036 tcf pass termination
1569 test def-int-func-redefine-none term037 tcf pass termination
1570 test root-none-creation-proc term039 tcf fail termination
1571 test expanded-generic-constr-by-self term041 tcf pass termination
1572 test redef-anchored-to-self-version term042 tcf pass termination
1573 test generic-constraint-cycle term043 tcf pass termination
1574 test explicit-create-def-gen-parent term044 tcf pass termination
1575 test strip-attribute-of-type-none term045 tcf pass termination
1576 test generic-constraint-bit-type term046 tcf pass termination
1577 test two-creation-clauses-one-empty term047 tcf pass termination
1578 test long-anchored-decl-chain term048 tcf pass termination
1579 test anchored-generic-multi-dot-call term049 tcf pass termination
1580 test formal-generic-in-constraint term050 tcf pass termination
1581 test generic-constraint-with-expand term051 tcf pass termination
1582 test vtcg-expanded-generic term052 tcf pass termination
1583 test expanded-manifest-array-item term053 tcf pass termination
1584 test nested-manifest-array-feat-call term054 tcf pass termination
1585 test long-comment term055 tcf pass termination
1586 test long-white-space term056 tcf pass termination
1587 test no-precomp-big-manifest-array term057 tcf pass termination
1588 test heavy-anded-bool-panic term058 tcf pass termination
1589 test feature-address-in-invariant term060 tcf pass termination
1590 test many-long-bit-constants term061 tcf pass termination
1591 test manifest-array-at-sign term062 tcf pass termination
1592 test non-windows-dll-external term063 tcf pass termination
1593 test external-omit-signature-args term064 tcf pass termination
1594 test finalize-big-inline-size term065 tcf pass termination inlining
1595 test finalize-inline-remove-dead term067 tcf pass termination inlining
1596 test too-many-signature-arguments term069 tcf pass termination
1597 test very-long-token term070 tcf pass termination
1598 test finalize-prefix-attribute term071 tcf pass termination
1599 test finalize-deferred-feature-call term072 tcf pass termination
1600 test finalize-array-opt-remove-dead term073 tcf pass termination
1601 test finalize-inline-strip-expr term074 tcf pass termination inlining
1602 test assign-creation-expression term075 tcf pass termination
1603 test explicit-bit-creation term076 tcf pass termination
1604 test finalize-inline-array-expanded term077 tcf pass termination inlining
1605 test finalize-inline-small-classes term078 tcf pass termination inlining
1606 test simple-explicit-generic-create term079 tcf pass termination
1607 test generic-constrained-by-tuple term080 tcf pass termination tuple
1608 test invariant-creation-expr term081 tcf pass termination
1609 test generic-nonexistent-creator term082 tcf pass termination
1610 test generic-nonexistent-infix term083 tcf pass termination
1611 test finalize-creation-expression term084 tcf pass termination
1612 test finalize-inline-delayed-call term085 tcf pass termination inlining
1613 test invariant-delayed-closed-target term086 tcf pass termination
1614 test generic-creation-no-constraint term087 tcf pass termination
1615 test none-delayed-call term088 tcf pass termination
1616 test undef-external-call-precursor term089 tcf pass termination
1617 test generic-delayed-call-result term090 tcf fail termination
1618 test creation-constrained-by-generic term091 tcf fail termination
1619 test generic-constrained-by-none term092 tcf pass termination
1620 test generic-constrained-by-self term093 tcf fail termination
1621 test inherit-generic-and-any term094 tcf pass termination
1622 test generic-constrained-by-integer term095 tcf pass termination
1623 test finalize-inline-infix-external term096 tcf pass termination inlining
1624 test long-system-name term098 tcf fail termination
1625 test external-c-plus-plus term100 tcf pass termination
1626 test slash-in-cluster-tag term101 tcf fail termination
1627 test finalize-missing-server-file term102 tcf pass termination
1628 test precomp-lib-wrong-version term103 tcf pass termination manual
1629 test generic-anchor-call-precursor term104 tcf pass termination
1630 test temporary-bug-1 term105 tcf pass termination
1631 test print-array-anchored-generic term106 tcf pass termination
1632 test add-remove-vcch-freeze term107 tcf fail termination
1633 test generic-static-constant term108 tcf pass termination
1634 test static-call-on-none term109 tcf pass termination
1635 test assign-attempt-manifest-array term110 tcf pass termination
1636 test finalize-nested-if term111 tcf pass termination
1637 test inherit-from-chain term112 tcf pass termination
1638 test msil-generation-yes term113 tcf pass termination
1639 test remove-formal-generic term114 tcf pass termination
1640 test change-generic-create term115 tcf fail termination
1641 test change-sysname-and-root term116 tcf pass termination
1642 test inline-numeric-plus-numeric term117 tcf pass termination inlining
1643 test finalize-many-expanded-attrs term118 tcf pass termination
1644 test remove-constraint-veen-die term119 tcf fail termination
1645 test inspect-big-range term120 tcf fail termination skip
1646 test expanded-like-current-vlec term121 tcf pass termination
1647 test creation-expr-anchor-none term122 tcf pass termination
1648 test assign-address-expr term123 tcf pass termination
1649 test agent-open-operand-none term124 tcf pass termination
1650 test finalize-if-false term125 tcf pass termination
1651 test unreachable-visible-generic term126 tcf pass termination
1652 test manifest-array-to-array-conformance term127 tcf fail termination conformance
1653 test infinite-loop-expanded-generics term128 tcf fail termination manual
1654 test create-generic-result-any term129 tcf pass termination
1655 test inline-routine-with-formal-conversion term130 tcf pass termination inlining
1656 test finalize-manifest-array-with-anchor term131 tcf pass termination
1657 test anchored-generic-like-type term132 tcf pass termination
1658 test dynamic-generic-type term133 tcf pass termination
1659 test address-of-expanded-attribute term134 tcf pass termination
1660 test unary-on-formal term135 tcf pass termination
1661 test multiple-replicated-once term136 tcf pass termination
1662 test unknown-manifest-constant-type term137 tcf pass termination
1663 test invalid-constant-in-iterval-list term138 tcf pass termination
1664 test special-conformance term139 tcf pass termination conformance special
1665 test generic-renamed-in-expanded term140 tcf pass termination expanded generic rename
1666 test agent-on-feature-with-like-argument term141 tcf pass termination
1667 test separate-panic term142 tcf pass termination
1668 test creation-expression-in-inherited-assertion term143 tcf pass termination
1669 test inspect-using-static-procedure term144 tcf pass termination
1670 test constraint-type-comparison term145 tcf pass termination generic
1671 test missing-actual-generic-crash term146 tcf pass termination generic
1672 test actual-generic-none-crash term147 tcf pass termination generic
1673 test complex-generics-crash term148 tcf fail termination generic
1674 test agent-with-anchor-crash term149 tcf fail termination generic
1675 test expanded-generic-crash term150 tcf fail termination generic
1676 test integer-like-constant term151 tcf fail termination
1677 test qualified-call-on-procedure-failure term152 tcf fail termination
1678 test crash-for-redefined-feature-with-wrong-anchor term153 tcf fail termination
1679 test agent-return-type-crash term154 tcf pass termination
1680 test nested-like-code-generation-crash term155 tcf pass termination
1681 test assertion-regeneration-crash term156 tcf pass termination
1682 test vkcn-error-reporting-failure term157 tcf pass termination
1683 test invalid-case-crash term158 tcf pass termination
1684 test conversion-in-closed-argument-crash term159 tcf pass termination
1685 test formal-generic-creation-crash term160 tcf pass termination
1686 test array-with-anchor-crash term161 tcf pass termination dotnet
1687 test crash-when-calling-out-on-a-formal term162 tcf pass termination dotnet
1688 test bad_formal_types term163 tcf pass validity
1689 test crash-in-conversion-clause term164 tcf pass validity
1690 test crash-in-checking-inherited-code term165 tcf pass validity
1691 test catcall-and-full-class-checking term166 tcf fail termination
1692 test single-constraint-with-renaming-crash term167 tcf fail termination
1693 test inline-agent-with-attribute-body term168 tcf fail termination
1694 test self-init-attribute-returning-current term169 tcf pass termination self_init void_safe
1695 test self-init-attribute-crash term170 tcf pass termination
1696 test keyword-in-multi-constraint-generic-crash term171 tcf fail termination
1697 test catcall-crash-is-covariant-to term172 tcf fail termination catcall
1698 test conversion-query-constant-attribute term173 tcf fail termination convert
1699 test create-generic-constrained-by-none term174 tcf fail termination
1700 test create-constrained-generic-crash term175 tcf fail termination
1701 test remove-syntax-error-crash term176 tcf pass termination
1702 test argument-anchors-formal-crash term177 tcf pass termination
1703 test small-eif-stack-chunk term178 tcf pass termination skip
1704 test inherit-inline-agent-with-formal term179 tcf pass termination
1705 test infix-prefix-alias-compatibility-crash term180 tcf pass termination
1706 test create-constrained-generic-crash-2 term181 tcf fail termination
1707 test expanded-indirect-like-current term182 tcf fail termination expanded anchored_type
1708 test expanded-indirect-like-current-2 term183 tcf fail termination expanded anchored_type
1709 test create-generic-with-rename term184 tcf fail termination generic
1711 -- Config
1713 test config-override config001 tcf pass config
1714 test config-debug-disabled config002 tcf pass config
1715 test config-quick-melt-override config003 tcf pass config
1716 test config-target-extends-itself config004 tcf pass config
1717 test config-remove-library config005 tcf pass config
1718 test config-debugs config006 tcf pass config
1719 test config-rename-change config007 tcf pass config
1720 test config-missing-name-attribute config008 tcf pass config
1721 test config-override-crash config009 tcf pass config
1722 test config-system-name-with-space config010 tcf pass config
1723 test config-class-file-name-mismatch config011 tcf pass config
1724 test config-root-class-file-name-mismatch config012 tcf pass config
1725 test config-class-file-name-mismatch-2 config013 tcf pass config
1726 test config-class-file-name-update config014 tcf pass config
1727 test config-library-options-redefinition config015 tcf pass config
1728 test config-library-options-setting config016 tcf pass config
1729 test config-nonstandard-source-extension config017 tcf pass config
1730 test config-keyword-root-class config018 tcf fail config
1732 -- Lace
1734 test lace-no-cluster-props lace003 tcf pass lace
1735 test lace-no-creation-proc lace007 tcf pass lace
1736 test lace-empty-include-exclude lace011 tcf pass lace
1737 test chg-cluster-name lace014 tcf pass lace
1738 test remove-unneeded-cluster lace015 tcf pass lace
1739 test root-cluster-case-sensitive lace016 tcf pass lace
1740 test class-named-none lace021 tcf fail lace
1741 test visible-export-nonexistent-feat lace022 tcf fail lace
1742 test lace-debug-key-subset lace024 tcf pass lace
1743 test visible-cluster-case-sensitive lace025 tcf pass lace
1744 test visible-under-same-name lace029 tcf fail lace
1745 test inlining-size-non-integer lace030 tcf pass lace inlining
1746 test lace-system-special-chars lace031 tcf fail lace special
1748 -- C code compilation/linking
1750 test void-gets-void ccomp001 tcf pass c_compilation
1751 test weird-operator-feat-name ccomp002 tcf fail c_compilation
1752 test weird-operator-feat-name2 ccomp003 tcf fail c_compilation
1753 test implies-wont-c-compile ccomp004 tcf pass c_compilation
1754 test divide-by-zero ccomp005 tcf pass c_compilation
1755 test visible-finalize-wont-link ccomp006 tcf pass c_compilation
1756 test finalize-assertion-all ccomp007 tcf pass c_compilation
1757 test finalize-void-parse-error ccomp008 tcf pass c_compilation
1758 test invariant-zero-equals-zero ccomp009 tcf pass c_compilation
1759 test frozen-bit-operations ccomp010 tcf pass c_compilation
1760 test finalize-inh-root-creation-proc ccomp011 tcf pass c_compilation
1761 test finalize-ext-root-creation-proc ccomp012 tcf pass c_compilation
1762 test strip-empty-list-freeze-cc ccomp013 tcf pass c_compilation
1763 test expanded-dead-code-removal ccomp014 tcf pass c_compilation
1764 test finalize-inh-exp-creation-proc ccomp015 tcf pass c_compilation
1765 test assign-attempt-basic-local-addr ccomp016 tcf pass c_compilation
1766 test assign-attempt-basic-type ccomp017 tcf pass c_compilation
1767 test finalize-expanded-to-reference ccomp018 tcf pass c_compilation
1768 test finalize-expanded-return-type ccomp019 tcf pass c_compilation
1769 test finalize-expanded-ext-creation ccomp020 tcf pass c_compilation
1770 test inherit-integer-call-remainder ccomp021 tcf pass c_compilation
1771 test expanded-generic-dead-code ccomp022 tcf pass c_compilation
1772 test external-func-with-signature ccomp023 tcf pass c_compilation
1773 test external-tab-between-includes ccomp024 tcf pass c_compilation
1774 test finalize-bit-return-type ccomp025 tcf pass c_compilation
1775 test finalize-call-undef-external ccomp026 tcf pass c_compilation
1776 test expanded-arg-with-cast ccomp027 tcf pass c_compilation
1777 test finalize-array-opt-pointers ccomp028 tcf pass c_compilation
1778 test finalize-wont-trace-visible ccomp029 tcf pass c_compilation
1779 test finalize-create-deferred-type ccomp030 tcf pass c_compilation
1780 test finalize-bit-attribute ccomp031 tcf pass c_compilation
1781 test freeze-generic-creation-expr ccomp032 tcf pass c_compilation
1782 test finalize-precomp-assertion-all ccomp033 tcf pass c_compilation
1783 test finalize-deferred-delayed-call ccomp034 tcf pass c_compilation
1784 test address-of-generic-attribute ccomp035 tcf pass c_compilation
1785 test address-of-default-rescue ccomp036 tcf pass c_compilation
1786 test inline-prefix-call ccomp037 tcf fail c_compilation inlining
1787 test finalize-prefix-constant ccomp038 tcf pass c_compilation
1788 test frozen-real-constant ccomp039 tcf pass c_compilation
1789 test c-header-mismatch ccomp040 tcf pass c_compilation
1790 test generic-create-double ccomp041 tcf pass c_compilation
1791 test minus-minus-real ccomp042 tcf pass c_compilation
1792 test c-header-mismatch-2 ccomp043 tcf pass c_compilation
1793 test finalize-precomp-no-dead ccomp044 tcf pass c_compilation
1794 test finalize-ext-exp-inline-create ccomp045 tcf pass c_compilation inlining
1795 test inline-c-ten-pass-local ccomp046 tcf pass c_compilation inlining
1796 test inline-c-arg-prefix-other ccomp047 tcf pass c_compilation inlining
1797 test pass-void-to-double ccomp048 tcf pass c_compilation
1798 test slash-power-on-formal-bad-code ccomp049 tcf pass c_compilation
1799 test print-pointer-local-address ccomp050 tcf pass c_compilation
1800 test inline-expanded-conversion ccomp051 tcf pass c_compilation inlining
1801 test create-generic-conform-double ccomp052 tcf pass c_compilation
1802 test long-string-generation ccomp053 tcf pass c_compilation
1803 test inline-incorrect-with-cpp ccomp054 tcf pass c_compilation inlining
1804 test polymorphic-dollar-agent-incorrect-wrapper ccomp055 tcf pass c_compilation
1805 test bad-macro-wrapping ccomp056 tcf pass c_compilation
1806 test bad-boolean-inline ccomp057 tcf pass c_compilation inlining
1807 test agent-on-constant-attribute ccomp058 tcf pass c_compilation
1808 test add-generic-c-compile-failure ccomp059 tcf fail c_compilation
1809 test last-reverse-assignment-to-expanded ccomp060 tcf pass c_compilation expanded
1810 test adding-removing-classes-c-compile-error ccomp061 tcf pass c_compilation expanded
1811 test once-manifest-string-in-cpp-file ccomp062 tcf pass c_compilation
1812 test feature-call-via-cecil ccomp063 tcf pass c_compilation
1813 test deferred-to-string-constant ccomp064 tcf pass finalizing multithreaded
1814 test built-in-unary-plus ccomp065 tcf fail c_compilation
1815 test expanded-generic-conformance-c-bad-finalization ccomp066 tcf fail c_compilation conformance
1816 if WINDOWS test dll-generation-failure ccomp067 tcf fail c_compilation
1817 test once-global-procedure-c-failure ccomp068 tcf fail c_compilation multithreaded
1818 test line-generation-finalize-bug ccomp069 tcf pass c_compilation
1819 test code-formatting ccomp070 tcf pass c_compilation
1820 test assign-attempt-on-basic-type ccomp071 tcf pass c_compilation
1821 test polymorphic-feature-address-bad-code ccomp072 tcf pass c_compilation
1822 test agent-with-like-bad-declaration ccomp073 tcf pass c_compilation
1823 test expanded-generic-wrong-c-with-multiple-ancestor ccomp074 tcf fail c_compilation
1824 test missing-undef-c-compiler-error ccomp075 tcf pass c_compilation
1825 test missing-protection-in-inline-c-code ccomp076 tcf pass c_compilation
1826 test bad-c-code-from-argument-anchor ccomp077 tcf fail c_compilation
1827 test bad-c-code-on-debug-clause ccomp078 tcf pass c_compilation
1828 test missing-makefile-for-precompile ccomp079 tcf fail c_compilation
1829 test bad-c-code-from-argument-anchor-2 ccomp080 tcf fail c_compilation
1830 test bad-c-code-for-expanded-definition ccomp081 tcf pass c_compilation expanded
1831 test expanded-generic-object-test ccomp082 tcf fail c_compilation expanded
1832 test c-header-mismatch-3 ccomp083 tcf fail c_compilation
1833 test large-real-constant-c-compile-failure ccomp084 tcf fail c_compilation
1834 test c-header-sequence ccomp085 tcf fail c_compilation
1836 -- Storable tests
1838 test freeze-retrieval-mismatch store001 tcf pass storable
1839 test retrieve-corrupted-file store002 tcf pass storable
1840 test melt-retrieval-mismatch store003 tcf pass storable
1841 test melted-retrieve-list-expanded store004 tcf pass storable
1842 test store-tuple-integer store005 tcf pass storable tuple
1843 test store-generic-reference-class-used-as-expanded store006 tcf pass storable
1844 test various-storable-format-testing store007 tcf pass storable
1845 test missing-type-retrieval store008 tcf pass storable
1846 test store-expanded-as-reference store009 tcf pass storable expanded
1847 test store-expanded-class-type store010 tcf pass storable expanded
1848 test tuple-57-unretrievable store011 tcf pass storable tuple
1849 test retrieve-corrupted-file-thread-freezes store012 tcf pass storable multithreaded
1850 test storable-formats store013 tcf pass storable
1851 test storable-formats-2 store014 tcf pass storable
1852 test retrieve-mismatch-serialization-failure store015 tcf pass storable exception
1853 test storable-formats-3 store016 tcf pass storable
1854 test storable-with-attached-type store017 tcf pass storable attached_types
1855 test storable-with-attached-type-by-62 store018 tcf pass storable attached_types
1856 test storable-with-attached-type-1 store019 tcf pass storable attached_types
1857 test storable-with-attached-type-by-63 store020 tcf pass storable attached_types
1858 test storable-removing-attachment-marks store021 tcf pass storable attached_types
1859 test store-expanded-class-type-2 store022 tcf pass storable expanded
1860 test store-transient-attributes store023 tcf pass storable
1861 test stream-independent-store store024 tcf pass storable stream special
1862 test attached-independent-store store025 tcf pass storable void-safe
1863 test storable-formats-63 store026 tcf pass storable
1864 test storable-with-special-type store027 tcf pass storable
1865 test storable-with-tuple-type store028 tcf pass storable
1866 test storable-formats-63-2 store029 tcf pass storable
1867 test store-retrieve-transient-attributes store030 tcf pass storable
1868 test store-retrieve-with-version store031 tcf pass storable
1870 -- Flat, short, flatshort tests
1872 test rename-inherited-wrong-flat flat001 tcf pass flat manual
1873 test flat-after-change flat002 tcf pass flat manual
1874 test flat-feature-two-defs flat003 tcf pass flat manual
1875 test eff-class-flat-deferred-feature flat004 tcf pass flat manual
1876 test flat-multi-export-lists flat005 tcf fail flat manual
1877 test rename-inherited-bad-flat flat006 tcf pass flat manual
1879 -- Library class tests
1881 test unix-file-start-precond-error lib001 tcf pass library file
1882 test string-copy-valid-count lib002 tcf pass library file
1883 test file-copy-to lib003 tcf pass library file
1884 test putenv-with-null lib004 tcf pass library file
1885 test append-empty-arrayed_list lib005 tcf pass library file
1886 test string-incorrect-hash-code lib006 tcf pass library file
1887 test ptf-file-go lib007 tcf pass library file
1888 test ptf-file-move lib008 tcf pass library file
1889 test ptf-file-nextline lib009 tcf pass library file
1890 test ptf-file-file-append lib010 tcf pass library file
1891 test ptf-file-position lib011 tcf pass library file
1892 test ptf-file-read-character lib012 tcf pass library file
1893 test ptf-file-read-stream lib013 tcf pass library file
1894 test ptf-file-recede lib014 tcf pass library file
1895 test ptf-file-start lib015 tcf pass library file
1896 test ptf-file-read-line lib016 tcf pass library file
1897 test ptf-file-back lib017 tcf pass library file
1898 test ptf-file-close lib018 tcf pass library file
1899 test ptf-file-count lib019 tcf pass library file
1900 test ptf-file-create lib020 tcf pass library file
1901 test ptf-file-extend lib021 tcf pass library file
1902 test ptf-file-finish lib022 tcf pass library file
1903 test ptf-file-forth lib023 tcf pass library file
1904 test file-change-name lib024 tcf pass library file
1905 test file-read-xxx-routines lib025 tcf pass library file
1906 test ptf-file-forth-2 lib026 tcf pass library file
1907 test ptf-read-number-routines lib027 tcf pass library file
1908 test es-encoding-conversion lib028 tcf pass library encoding
1909 test ptf-read-number-routines-2 lib029 tcf pass library file
1910 test file-type-queries-wrong lib030 tcf pass library file
1911 test file-append-not-thread-safe lib031 tcf pass library file multithreaded
1912 test boolean-class-invariant lib032 tcf pass library basic invariant
1913 test file-read-write-access lib033 tcf fail library file
1914 test file-flush lib034 tcf pass library file
1915 test file-position-bad-file-pointer lib035 tcf fail library file
1916 test format-double-crash lib036 tcf fail library ieee
1919 -- TUPLE tests
1920 test tuple-manipulation tuple001 tcf pass tuple
1921 test named-tuple-validation tuple002 tcf pass tuple
1922 test named-tuple-as-argument tuple003 tcf pass tuple
1923 test tuple-hashcode tuple004 tcf pass tuple
1924 test tuple-comparison tuple005 tcf pass tuple
1925 test tuple-twining tuple006 tcf pass tuple
1926 test named-tuple-assignment tuple007 tcf pass tuple
1927 test named-tuple-same-labels tuple008 tcf pass tuple
1928 test named-tuple-same-labels-crash tuple009 tcf pass tuple
1929 test internal-tuple-creation tuple010 tcf pass tuple
1930 test tuple-creation-crash tuple011 tcf pass tuple
1931 test wrong-label-in-inheritance tuple012 tcf pass tuple
1932 test wrong-label-in-generics tuple013 tcf pass tuple
1933 test wrong-manifest-tuple-type tuple014 tcf fail tuple
1934 test attached-tuple-element-validity tuple015 tcf pass tuple
1935 test tuple-basic-to-reference tuple016 tcf pass tuple basic_types
1937 -- ~ operator test
1938 test tilde-on-basic-type tilde001 tcf pass tilde
1939 test tilde-on-expanded-type tilde002 tcf pass tilde
1940 test tilde-on-formal-type tilde003 tcf pass tilde
1943 -- Systematic validity tests
1945 test validity-vsrt1-one-generic vsrt101 tcf pass validity vsrt
1946 test validity-vsrt1-two-generics vsrt102 tcf pass validity vsrt
1947 test validity-vsrt1-many-generics vsrt103 tcf pass validity vsrt
1948 test validity-vsrt1-add-generics vsrt104 tcf pass validity vsrt
1949 test validity-vsrt1-new-root vsrt105 tcf pass validity vsrt
1950 test validity-vsrt1-zero-generics vsrt106 tcf pass validity vsrt
1952 test validity-vsrt2-vsrp2-ok vsrt201 tcf pass validity vsrt vsrp
1954 test validity-vsrt3-deferred-root vsrt301 tcf pass validity vsrt
1955 test validity-vsrt3-chg-deferred vsrt302 tcf pass validity vsrt
1957 test validity-vsrp2-no-arguments vsrp201 tcf pass validity vsrp
1958 test validity-vsrp2-one-good-arg vsrp202 tcf pass validity vsrp
1959 test validity-vsrp2-one-conform-arg vsrp203 tcf pass validity vsrp
1960 test validity-vsrp2-one-bad-arg vsrp204 tcf pass validity vsrp
1961 test validity-vsrp2-many-arguments vsrp205 tcf pass validity vsrp
1962 test validity-vsrp2-bad-then-good vsrp206 tcf pass validity vsrp
1963 test validity-vsrp2-two-procedures vsrp207 tcf pass validity vsrp
1964 test validity-vsrp2-multi-procedures vsrp208 tcf pass validity vsrp
1966 test validity-vsrp3-precondition vsrp301 tcf pass validity vsrp
1969 test validity-vscn-same-cluster vscn001 tcf pass validity vscn
1970 test validity-vscn-diff-cluster vscn002 tcf fail validity vscn
1971 test validity-vscn-add-class vscn003 tcf pass validity vscn
1973 test validity-vcch-add-del vcch001 tcf pass validity vcch
1975 test validity-vdjr2-basic vdjr201 tcf pass validity vdjr
1977 test validity-vcch1-no-def-header vcch101 tcf pass validity vcch
1978 test validity-vcch1-add-def-feat vcch102 tcf pass validity vcch
1979 test validity-vcch1-del-def-header vcch103 tcf pass validity vcch
1980 test validity-vcch1-inherit-def vcch104 tcf pass validity vcch
1981 test validity-vcch1-undef-effective vcch105 tcf pass validity vcch
1983 test validity-vcch2-def-header1 vcch201 tcf pass validity vcch
1984 test validity-vcch2-def-header2 vcch202 tcf pass validity vcch
1985 test validity-vcch2-add-def-header1 vcch203 tcf pass validity vcch
1986 test validity-vcch2-add-def-header2 vcch204 tcf pass validity vcch
1987 test validity-vcch2-del-def-feat vcch205 tcf pass validity vcch
1988 test validity-vcch2-chg-def-feat vcch206 tcf pass validity vcch
1989 test validity-vcch2-inh-effective vcch207 tcf pass validity vcch
1991 test validity-vcfg1-basic vcfg101 tcf pass validity vcfg
1992 test validity-vcfg1-add-class vcfg102 tcf pass validity vcfg
1993 test validity-vcfg1-chg-generic vcfg103 tcf pass validity vcfg
1995 test validity-vcfg2-basic vcfg201 tcf pass validity vcfg
1996 test validity-vcfg2-root vcfg202 tcf pass validity vcfg
1998 test validity-vcrn-basic vcrn001 tcf fail validity vcrn
2000 test validity-vfav1-basic vfav101 tcf pass validity vfav
2001 test validity-vfav2-basic vfav201 tcf pass validity vfav
2002 test validity-vfav3-basic vfav301 tcf pass validity vfav
2003 test validity-vfav4-basic vfav401 tcf pass validity vfav
2005 test validity-vffd1-attribute vffd101 tcf pass validity vffd attribute
2006 test validity-vffd2-basic vffd201 tcf pass validity vffd
2007 test validity-vffd2-diff-decls vffd202 tcf pass validity vffd
2008 test validity-vffd3-basic vffd301 tcf pass validity vffd
2009 test validity-vffd4-basic vffd401 tcf pass validity vffd
2010 test validity-vffd5-basic vffd501 tcf pass validity vffd
2011 test validity-vffd6-basic vffd601 tcf pass validity vffd
2012 test validity-vffd7-once-generic vffd701 tcf pass validity vffd
2013 test validity-vffd7-once-anchored vffd702 tcf pass validity vffd
2015 test validity-vhpr1-self vhpr101 tcf pass validity vhpr
2016 test validity-vhpr1-other vhpr102 tcf pass validity vhpr
2017 test validity-vhpr1-long-cycle vhpr103 tcf pass validity vhpr
2019 test validity-vhrc-switch-names vhrc001 tcf pass validity vhrc
2020 test validity-vhrc-shift-names vhrc002 tcf pass validity vhrc
2021 test validity-vhrc1-basic vhrc101 tcf pass validity vhrc
2022 test validity-vhrc2-basic vhrc201 tcf pass validity vhrc
2023 test validity-vhrc3-basic vhrc301 tcf pass validity vhrc
2024 test validity-vhrc4-basic vhrc401 tcf pass validity vhrc
2025 test validity-vhrc5-basic vhrc501 tcf pass validity vhrc
2027 test validity-vlec1-self vlec101 tcf pass validity vlec
2028 test validity-vlec1-other vlec102 tcf pass validity vlec
2029 test validity-vlec1-self-generic vlec103 tcf pass validity vlec
2030 test validity-vlec1-other-generic vlec104 tcf pass validity vlec manual
2032 test validity-vlcp-basic vlcp001 tcf pass validity vlcp
2034 test validity-vlel1-mult-diff vlel101 tcf pass validity vlel
2035 test validity-vlel1-mult-same vlel102 tcf pass validity vlel
2037 test validity-vlel2-basic vlel201 tcf pass validity vlel
2038 test validity-vlel3-mult-same vlel301 tcf pass validity vlel
2039 test validity-vlel3-mult-diff vlel302 tcf pass validity vlel
2041 test validity-vmfn2-basic vmfn201 tcf pass validity vmfn
2043 test validity-vrfa-basic vrfa001 tcf pass validity vrfa
2044 test validity-vrfa-inherited vrfa002 tcf pass validity vrfa
2046 test validity-vreg-same vreg001 tcf pass validity vreg
2047 test validity-vreg-diff vreg002 tcf pass validity vreg
2049 test validity-vrrr-basic vrrr001 tcf pass validity vrrr
2051 test validity-vrle1-basic vrle101 tcf pass validity vrle
2052 test validity-vrle2-basic vrle201 tcf pass validity vrle
2054 test validity-vape-basic vape001 tcf pass validity vape
2056 test validity-vaol1-basic vaol101 tcf pass validity vaol
2057 test validity-vaol2-basic vaol201 tcf pass validity vaol
2059 test validity-vuex2-in-multibranch vuex201 tcf pass validity vuex
2061 -- Systematic Lace validity tests
2063 test lace-vd01-basic vd01001 tcf pass validity vd01
2064 test lace-vd04-basic vd04001 tcf pass validity vd04
2065 test lace-vd10-basic vd10001 tcf pass validity vd10
2066 test lace-vd13-basic vd13001 tcf pass validity vd13
2067 test lace-vd16-basic vd16001 tcf pass validity vd16
2068 test lace-vd19-basic vd19001 tcf pass validity vd19
2069 test lace-vd20-basic vd20001 tcf pass validity vd20
2070 test lace-vd23-basic vd23001 tcf pass validity vd23
2071 test lace-vd25-basic vd25001 tcf pass validity vd25
2072 test lace-vd27-basic vd27001 tcf pass validity vd27
2075 -- Regression tests of bugs which have been fixed
2077 test no-leading-white-space fixed001 tcf pass fixed
2078 test no-upper-bit-constants fixed002 tcf pass fixed
2079 test empty-creation-list fixed003 tcf pass fixed
2080 test bad-feature-decl fixed004 tcf pass fixed
2081 test syntax-wrong-positions fixed005 tcf pass fixed
2082 test empty-rename-list fixed006 tcf pass fixed
2083 test empty-inheritance-clauses fixed007 tcf pass fixed
2084 test big-strings fixed008 tcf pass fixed
2085 test inherit-index-small-enough fixed010 tcf pass fixed
2086 test creation-proc-function fixed011 tcf pass fixed
2087 test empty-free-operator fixed012 tcf pass fixed
2088 test class-name-confusion fixed013 tcf pass fixed
2089 test frozen-and-deferred fixed014 tcf pass fixed
2090 test case-sensitive-feature fixed015 tcf pass fixed
2091 test violate-has-a-new-name fixed016 tcf pass fixed
2092 test expanded-type-violation fixed017 tcf pass fixed
2093 test invalid-creation-instruction2 fixed018 tcf pass fixed
2094 test invalid-actual-generic fixed019 tcf pass fixed
2095 test empty-debug-key fixed020 tcf pass fixed
2096 test empty-when-part-list fixed021 tcf pass fixed
2097 test invalid-actual-generic2 fixed022 tcf pass fixed
2098 test invalid-actual-generic3 fixed023 tcf pass fixed
2099 test invalid-actual-generic4 fixed024 tcf pass fixed
2100 test invalid-actual-generic5 fixed025 tcf pass fixed
2101 test result-in-precondition fixed026 tcf pass fixed
2102 test invalid-select-change fixed027 tcf pass fixed
2103 test assign-rule-client-change fixed028 tcf pass fixed
2104 test inherit-chg-skip-pass fixed029 tcf pass fixed
2105 test precond-valid-cursor-index fixed030 tcf pass fixed
2106 test deep-function-nest fixed032 tcf pass fixed
2107 test multi-branch-empty-else fixed033 tcf pass fixed
2108 test multi-branch-interval fixed034 tcf pass fixed
2109 test conditional-empty-then fixed035 tcf pass fixed
2110 test repeated-rescue-panic fixed036 tcf pass fixed
2111 test creation-once-routine fixed037 tcf pass fixed
2112 test cluster-modified-viol fixed038 tcf pass fixed
2113 test chg-class-to-nonexistent fixed039 tcf pass fixed
2114 test bit-any-no-conform fixed040 tcf pass fixed
2115 test nonexistent-root-class fixed041 tcf pass fixed
2116 test missing-class-header fixed042 tcf pass fixed
2117 test lace-syntax-error-retry fixed043 tcf pass fixed
2118 test invalid-actual-generic6 fixed044 tcf pass fixed
2119 test const-and-boolean-op fixed045 tcf pass fixed
2120 test lace-string-case fixed046 tcf pass fixed
2121 test lace-invalid-root-name fixed048 tcf pass fixed
2122 test lace-nonexistent-options fixed050 tcf pass fixed
2123 test lace-null-class-name2 fixed052 tcf pass fixed
2124 test lace-null-class-name3 fixed054 tcf pass fixed
2125 test debug-with-keys fixed055 tcf pass fixed
2126 test lace-remove-cluster fixed056 tcf pass fixed
2127 test change-debug-option fixed057 tcf pass fixed
2128 test wrong-real-arithmetic fixed058 tcf pass fixed
2129 test bool-const-no-output fixed059 tcf pass fixed
2130 test finalize-appl fixed061 tcf pass fixed
2131 test deferred-feature-call fixed062 tcf pass fixed
2132 test expanded-anchor fixed063 tcf pass fixed
2133 test nongeneric-to-generic fixed064 tcf pass fixed
2134 test undefine-subclause-violation fixed065 tcf pass fixed
2135 test non-boolean-exit fixed066 tcf pass fixed
2136 test entity-rule-violation fixed067 tcf pass fixed
2137 test misleading-vmfn-error fixed068 tcf pass fixed
2138 test time-checker-error fixed069 tcf pass fixed
2139 test intro-assign-rule-viol fixed070 tcf pass fixed ec_precondition
2140 test once-function-void fixed071 tcf pass fixed
2141 test vuex-violation fixed072 tcf pass fixed
2142 test invalid-local-entity-assign fixed073 tcf pass fixed
2143 test precond-good-cluster fixed074 tcf pass fixed
2144 test creation-instruction-sneak fixed075 tcf pass fixed
2145 test generic-root-to-nongeneric fixed076 tcf pass fixed
2146 test lace-remove-creation-proc fixed077 tcf pass fixed
2147 test debug-keys-case-sensitive fixed078 tcf pass fixed
2148 test invalid-identifier fixed079 tcf pass fixed
2149 test comment-assertion-with-tag fixed080 tcf pass fixed
2150 test invalid-characters fixed081 tcf pass fixed
2151 test deferred-feature-bad-header fixed082 tcf pass fixed
2152 test invalid-redefine-subclause fixed083 tcf pass fixed
2153 test old-name-inherit-clauses fixed084 tcf pass fixed
2154 test general-conformance fixed085 tcf pass fixed conformance
2155 test old-in-precondition fixed086 tcf pass fixed
2156 test none-conform-bit-expanded fixed087 tcf pass fixed
2157 test delete-inheritance fixed088 tcf pass fixed
2158 test melt-inherit-bug fixed089 tcf pass fixed
2159 test change-generic-parm-count fixed090 tcf pass fixed
2160 test expanded-client-violation fixed091 tcf pass fixed
2161 test local-entity-violation fixed092 tcf pass fixed
2162 test hidden-expanded-client fixed093 tcf pass fixed
2163 test expanded-type-hidden fixed094 tcf pass fixed
2164 test add-delete-type-error fixed095 tcf pass fixed
2165 test generic-deriv-slide fixed096 tcf pass fixed
2166 test real-double-print fixed097 tcf pass fixed
2167 test unknown-entity-type fixed098 tcf pass fixed
2168 test fix-vuar-error fixed099 tcf pass fixed
2169 test freezing-good-type-id fixed100 tcf pass fixed
2170 test chg-generic-constraint fixed101 tcf pass fixed
2171 test remove-external-routine fixed102 tcf pass fixed
2172 test refreeze-table-size fixed103 tcf pass fixed
2173 test inherit-generic-more-complex fixed104 tcf pass fixed
2174 test melting-make-update fixed105 tcf pass fixed
2175 test invalid-feature-redeclaration fixed106 tcf pass fixed
2176 test expanded-client-inherited fixed107 tcf pass fixed
2177 test expanded-client-death fixed108 tcf pass fixed
2178 test make-byte-code-void-ref fixed109 tcf pass fixed
2179 test unknown-problem fixed110 tcf pass fixed
2180 test real-const-attr-panic fixed111 tcf pass fixed
2181 test many-locals fixed112 tcf pass fixed
2182 test generic-expanded-client fixed113 tcf pass fixed
2183 test lace-opt-cluster-mark fixed114 tcf pass fixed
2184 test lace-assertion-option fixed118 tcf pass fixed
2185 test lace-remove-cluster2 fixed119 tcf pass fixed
2186 test whip-that-ace fixed120 tcf pass fixed
2187 test concat-manifest-bit-array fixed123 tcf pass fixed
2188 test creation-generic-types-in-onces fixed124 tcf pass fixed
2189 test reference-assign-tuple-fail-gc fixed125 tcf pass fixed tuple
2190 test infix-inherited-assertions fixed126 tcf pass fixed
2191 test inline-special-infix-at fixed127 tcf pass fixed inlining special
2192 test synonyms-with-indexing fixed128 tcf pass fixed
2193 test elseif-with-compound fixed129 tcf pass fixed
2194 test attribute-in-inherited-assertion fixed130 tcf pass fixed
2195 test external-inline-boolean fixed131 tcf pass fixed inlining
2196 test class-name-in-multiline-string fixed132 tcf pass fixed
2197 test generic-constraint-to-none fixed133 tcf pass fixed
2198 test crash-degree-minus-1 fixed134 tcf pass fixed
2201 test roundtrip-test rdtp001 tcf pass fixed
2202 test roundtrip-number-denoted-character rdtp002 tcf pass fixed
2204 -- Tests for assertion monitoring
2205 test supplier-preconditions assert001 tcf pass assertions execution
2206 test use-application-options-assertions assert002 tcf pass assertions execution
2207 test undefined-assertion-merge assert003 tcf pass assertions
2209 -- Multi Constraint Tests
2210 test multi-constraint-basics multicon001 tcf pass multiconstraint
2211 test multi-constraint-creation multicon002 tcf pass multiconstraint
2212 test multi-constraint-renaming multicon003 tcf pass multiconstraint
2213 test multi-constraint-inheritance multicon004 tcf pass multiconstraint
2214 test multi-constraint-assertions multicon005 tcf pass multiconstraint
2215 test multi-constraint-tuple multicon006 tcf pass multiconstraint tuple
2216 test multi-constraint-anchor multicon007 tcf pass multiconstraint
2217 test multi-constraint-root multicon008 tcf pass multiconstraint
2218 test multi-constraint-agents multicon009 tcf pass multiconstraint
2219 test multi-constraint-inline-agents multicon010 tcf pass multiconstraint
2220 test multi-constraint-formal-creation-constraint multicon011 tcf pass multiconstraint
2221 test multi-constraint-formal-heavy-renaming multicon012 tcf pass multiconstraint
2222 test multi-constraint-vtgc multicon013 tcf pass multiconstraint
2223 test multi-constraint-vtmc multicon014 tcf pass multiconstraint
2224 test multi-constraint-vtgd multicon015 tcf pass multiconstraint
2225 test multi-constraint-rename-conflict multicon016 tcf pass multiconstraint
2226 test multi-constraint-non-existent-renamed multicon017 tcf pass multiconstraint
2227 test multi-constraint-infix-renamed multicon018 tcf pass multiconstraint
2228 test multi-constraint-is-inherited multicon019 tcf pass multiconstraint
2229 test multi-constraint-vtgd-create multicon020 tcf pass multiconstraint
2230 test multi-constraint-add-gen-constraint multicon021 tcf pass multiconstraint
2231 test multi-constraint-renaming1 multicon022 tcf pass multiconstraint
2232 test multi-constraint-renaming2 multicon023 tcf pass multiconstraint
2233 test multi-constraint-check-constraints multicon024 tcf pass multiconstraint
2234 test multi-constraint-actual-type multicon025 tcf pass multiconstraint
2235 test multi-constraint-rename-formal multicon026 tcf pass multiconstraint
2236 test multi-constraint-creation-through-formal multicon027 tcf pass multiconstraint
2237 test multi-constraint-abstract-creation multicon028 tcf pass multiconstraint
2238 test multi-constraint-creation-crash01 multicon029 tcf pass multiconstraint
2239 test multi-constraint-code-generation-crash01 multicon030 tcf pass multiconstraint
2240 test multi-constraint-renamed-creation-feature multicon031 tcf pass multiconstraint
2241 test multi-constraint-single-constraint-renaming multicon032 tcf pass multiconstraint
2242 test multi-constraint-single-constraint-renaming2 multicon033 tcf pass multiconstraint
2243 test multi-constraint-recursion-bug multicon034 tcf pass multiconstraint
2244 test multi-constraint-nested-calls multicon035 tcf pass multiconstraint
2245 test multi-constraint-vtmc4 multicon036 tcf pass multiconstraint
2246 test multi-constraint-tuples multicon037 tcf pass multiconstraint tuple
2247 test multi-constraint-tuples2 multicon038 tcf pass multiconstraint tuple
2248 test multi-constraint-rename-alias multicon039 tcf pass multiconstraint
2249 test multi-constraint-assigner multicon040 tcf pass multiconstraint
2250 test multi-constraint-recursive-generic multicon041 tcf pass multiconstraint
2251 test multi-constraint-rename-clause-crash multicon042 tcf pass multiconstraint
2252 test multi-constraint-order-affects-semantic multicon043 tcf pass multiconstraint
2253 test multi-constraint-rename-to-infix multicon044 tcf pass multiconstraint
2254 test multi-constraint-alias multicon045 tcf pass multiconstraint
2255 test multi-constraint-constrained-twice multicon046 tcf pass multiconstraint
2256 test multi-constraint-renaming-to-existing-feature multicon047 tcf pass multiconstraint
2257 test multi-constraint-any-numeric-crash multicon048 tcf pass multiconstraint
2258 test multi-constraint-parallel-renaming multicon049 tcf pass multiconstraint
2259 test multi-constraint-alias-renamed multicon050 tcf pass multiconstraint
2260 test multi-constraint-alias multicon051 tcf pass multiconstraint system-validity
2261 test multi-constraint-light-roundtrip multicon052 tcf pass multiconstraint
2262 test multi-constraint-constrained-twice-2 multicon053 tcf fail multiconstraint
2264 -- tests for expanded types
2265 test expanded-array-attached-reference-array expanded001 tcf pass expanded
2266 test expanded-reverse-assignment expanded002 tcf pass expanded
2267 test array-of-user-defined-expanded expanded003 tcf pass expanded
2268 test expanded-formal-multiconstraint expanded004 tcf pass expanded
2269 test expanded-formal-multiconstraint2 expanded005 tcf pass expanded
2270 test wrong-type-in-expanded-generic-in-generic expanded006 tcf pass expanded
2271 test complex-expanded-generic-inheritance-crash expanded007 tcf pass expanded
2272 test expanded-with-references-crash expanded008 tcf pass expanded
2273 test external-with-expanded-crash expanded009 tcf pass expanded
2274 test expanded-attribute-crash-with-tiny expanded010 tcf pass expanded
2276 test filename-classname-mismatch-warning warn001 tcf pass warning
2278 test ephemeral-basics ephemeral001 tcf pass ephemeral
2280 -- test for agents
2281 test agent-optimization-failure agent001 tcf fail agents
2282 test agent-with-like agent002 tcf pass agents
2283 test agent-with-basic agent003 tcf fail agents finalizing
2284 test agent-crash agent004 tcf pass agents
2285 test agent-too-many-arguments agent005 tcf pass agents
2286 test incorrect-agent-type agent006 tcf fail agents
2287 test agent-dotnet-failure agent007 tcf pass agents dotnet
2288 test agent-on-tuple-label agent008 tcf pass agents tuple
2289 test agent-on-with-attached-operands agent009 tcf pass agents tuple
2290 test agent-calling-attribute-with-formal-type agent010 tcf pass agents formal generic
2291 test various-agent-creation-and-calls agent011 tcf pass agents
2292 test agent-basic-type-mismatch agent012 tcf pass agents finalizing
2293 test agent-descendant-final-crash agent013 tcf pass agents finalizing
2295 -- Tests for platform specific results
2296 test print-large-pointer platform001 tcf pass platform
2298 -- Tests for attached types and void-safe constructs
2299 test object-test-semantics attach001 tcf pass execution object_test expanded attached_types
2300 test object-test-local-scope attach002 tcf pass validity object_test scope local attached_types
2301 test like-current-object-test-no-defaults attach003 tcf pass object_test attached_types
2302 test object-test-with-local-use-failure attach004 tcf pass object_test attached_types
2303 test current-is_attached-no-defaults attach005 tcf pass attached_types
2304 test anchored-attached-type-failure-no-defaults attach006 tcf pass attached_types anchored_type
2305 test attached-formal-generic attach007 tcf pass conformance attached_types
2306 test object-test-in-invariant attach008 tcf pass object_test attached_types
2307 test attached-basic-type attach009 tcf pass conformance basic_types attached_types
2308 test attached-generic-type-conformance attach010 tcf pass conformance attached_types
2309 test correct-attached-predicate-precedence-semantics attach011 tcf pass object_test execution attached_types
2310 test object-test-chain attach012 tcf pass object_test execution attached_types
2311 test object-test-code-generation attach013 tcf pass object_test execution attached_types
2312 test read-only-void-test-in-assertion attach014 tcf pass attached_types scope local
2313 test scope-after-combined-expression attach015 tcf pass attached_types scope local
2314 test anchored-object-test-local attach016 tcf pass object_test attached_types anchored_type
2315 test object-test-in-assertion attach017 tcf pass object_test system-validity attached_types
2316 test object-test-finalization-crash attach018 tcf pass object_test attached_types
2317 test object-test-invariant-any-to-expanded attach019 tcf fail object_test expanded invariant attached_types
2318 test detached-type-target-conversion attach020 tcf fail attached_types system-validity
2319 test explicit-attached-formal-conformance attach021 tcf pass attached_types system-validity conformance
2320 test attached-external-check attach022 tcf pass attached_types external generic anchored_type
2321 test attached-wrong-initialization attach023 tcf pass attached_types
2322 test attached-like-feature-formal-crash attach024 tcf pass attached_types
2323 test attached-formal-constraint attach025 tcf pass attached_types generic
2324 test attached-attribute-init attach026 tcf pass attached_types self_init
2325 test redefine-attached-attribute-init attach027 tcf pass attached_types self_init
2326 test generic-attached-attribute-init attach028 tcf pass attached_types self_init generic
2327 test full-void-safe-compilation attach029 tcf pass void_safe attached_types
2328 test attribute-init-code-generation-correct attach030 tcf pass self_init incrementality melting attached_types
2329 test parent-attribute-init attach031 tcf pass self_init attached_types
2330 test like-current-is-detached attach032 tcf pass attached_types anchored_type system-validity
2331 test attached-type-creation-internal attach033 tcf pass attached_types reflection
2332 test anchored-generic-carries-attachment attach034 tcf pass attached_types generic
2333 test object-test-in-precondition attach035 tcf pass object_test attached_types
2334 test default-in-special-access attach036 tcf pass special attached_types
2335 test attached-type-set-in-conditional attach037 tcf pass attached_types
2336 test object-test-local-same-lower-name attach038 tcf pass attached_types
2337 test void-safe-inherited-precursor attach039 tcf pass void_safe precursor attached_types
2338 test object-test-not-visible-to-old-express attach040 tcf pass object_test system-validity attached_types
2339 test current-in-self-init-attribute attach041 tcf pass attached_types self_init void_safe validity
2340 test agent-attached-by-default attach042 tcf pass attached_types void_safe incrementality c_compilation
2341 test empty-agent-argument-attached-by-default attach043 tcf pass attached_types void_safe
2342 test attached-type-attribute-attachment attach044 tcf pass attached_types reflection
2343 test attached-inherited-argument attach045 tcf pass attached_types void_safe scope
2344 test attribute-initialization-in-rescue attach046 tcf pass attached_types void_safe validity
2345 test argument-type-correct attach047 tcf pass attached_types
2346 test operator-undetected-call-on-void-target attach048 tcf pass attached_types
2347 test scope-with-non-boolean-operator attach049 tcf fail void_safe object_test scope attached_types
2348 test vevi-missed-for-once-routine attach050 tcf pass void_safe attached_types
2349 test detach-to-attach-assignment attach051 tcf pass void_safe validity dotnet attached_types
2350 test same-object-test-local-failure attach052 tcf pass void_safe attached_types
2351 test various-object-tests attach053 tcf pass void_safe attached_types
2352 test recursive-once-function-call-on-void-target attach054 tcf fail void_safe attached_types
2353 test bogus-vevi-when-inherit-expanded attach055 tcf fail void_safe attached_types
2354 test stable-attribute-redeclaration attach056 tcf pass stable attribute redeclaration validity
2355 test stable-attribute-caps attach057 tcf pass stable attribute attached_types
2356 test void-safety-level attach058 tcf pass void_safe validity dotnet attached_types
2357 test voidness-cap-in-assertion attach059 tcf pass void_safe scope
2358 test like-current-void-safety attach060 tcf pass void_safe anchored_type
2359 test object-test-in-inherited-assertions attach061 tcf pass void_safe object_test fixed
2360 test detaching-attached-variable-in-loop attach062 tcf pass void_safe scope validity
2361 test void-assigned-to-stable-attribute attach063 tcf pass void_safe stable attribute validity
2362 test void-assigned-to-object-test-with-create attach064 tcf pass void_safe object_test
2363 test object-test-code-generation attach065 tcf pass object_test
2364 test detachable-for-attached-constraint attach066 tcf pass void_safe attached_types generic conformance validity
2365 test call-on-detachable-generic attach067 tcf pass void_safe attached_types generic validity
2366 test conversion-from-cap-attached attach068 tcf pass void_safe attached_types conversion
2367 test attached-special-creation attach069 tcf pass attached_types special
2368 test stable-attribute-in-rescue attach070 tcf pass void_safe validity stable attribute scope
2369 test self-init-attribute-non-void-safe attach071 tcf fail attached_types self_init void_safe
2370 test default-create-missing-check attach072 tcf pass attached_types void_safe
2371 test bogus-vevi-expanded-formal-generic attach073 tcf fail attached_types void_safe
2372 test vevi-on-once-per-object-routine attach074 tcf fail attached_types void_safeA once
2373 test once-per-object-creation-procedure attach075 tcf fail attached_types void_safeA once
2375 -- Tests for conformance in general
2376 test basic-conformance conform001 tcf pass conformance
2377 test formal-conformance conform002 tcf pass conformance
2378 test catcall-checking-conformance conform003 tcf pass conformance
2379 test tuple-conformance-broken conform004 tcf pass conformance
2380 test reverse-assignment-on-attached-target-broken conform005 tcf pass conformance
2381 test manifest-tuple-type-conformance conform006 tcf pass conformance
2382 test attached-agent-procedure-conformance conform007 tcf fail conformance attached_types
2383 test attached-formal-creation conform008 tcf pass conformance attached_types
2384 test expanded-formal-conformance conform009 tcf pass conformance expanded formal generic validity constraint
2385 test formal-constraint-conformance conform010 tcf pass conformance formal generic validity constraint
2387 -- Test for Reflection
2388 test basic-type-internal reflection001 tcf pass reflection
2389 test basic-type-internal-violation reflection002 tcf pass reflection
2390 test type-of-internal reflection003 tcf pass reflection
2391 test field-basic-type-inconsistency reflection004 tcf pass reflection
2392 test field-type-inconsistency reflection005 tcf pass reflection
2393 test storable-version-data reflection006 tcf pass reflection storable
2395 -- Tests for anchored types
2396 test qat-evaluation-order anchor001 tcf pass anchored_type
2397 test qat-redeclaration-check anchor002 tcf pass anchored_type redeclaration validity conformance incrementality
2398 test inherited-qat-failure anchor003 tcf pass anchored_type system-validity
2399 test delayed-check-failure-with-infix anchor004 tcf pass anchored_type termination
2400 test qat-creation-with-deferred anchor005 tcf pass anchored_type creation execution
2401 test qat-creation-with-like-current anchor006 tcf pass anchored_type creation execution
2402 test qat-creation-with-generic anchor007 tcf pass anchored_type creation execution formal generic
2403 test qat-multi-formal-conformance anchor008 tcf pass anchored_type multiconstraint formal generic conformance validity
2404 test qat-crash-in-local anchor009 tcf pass anchored_type
2405 test qat-crash-in-local-2 anchor010 tcf pass anchored_type
2406 test qat-cycle-with-class-name anchor011 tcf pass anchored_type
2407 test qat-anchored-to-generic anchor012 tcf pass anchored_type
2408 test qat-formal-generic-in-anchor anchor013 tcf pass anchored_type
2409 test qat-chain-with-missing-feature anchor014 tcf pass anchored_type
2410 test qat-adapted-in-crash anchor015 tcf pass anchored_type
2411 test qat-linked-to-local-anchor anchor016 tcf pass anchored_type
2412 test qat-generic-parms-for-nongeneric-class anchor017 tcf pass anchored_type
2413 test qat-linked-to-formal anchor018 tcf pass anchored_type
2414 test qat-conformance-type-crash anchor019 tcf pass anchored_type
2415 test qat-like-current-repetition anchor020 tcf pass anchored_type
2416 test qat-with-renamed-features anchor021 tcf pass anchored_type renaming
2417 test qat-with-redefined-features anchor022 tcf pass anchored_type system-validity
2418 test qat-with-non-formal-generic anchor023 tcf pass anchored_type
2419 test qat-in-generic-constraint anchor024 tcf pass anchored_type
2420 test qat-renamed-constraint anchor025 tcf pass anchored_type formal generic
2421 test qat-with-missing-actual-generic anchor026 tcf pass anchored_type
2422 test qat-with-expanded-type anchor027 tcf pass anchored_type expanded creation
2423 test qat-actual-generic-anchored-to-generic anchor028 tcf fail anchored_type
2424 test qat-with-invalid-actual-generic anchor029 tcf fail anchored_type
2425 test qat-with-expanded-deferred anchor030 tcf pass anchored_type
2426 test qat-on-generic-in-descendant anchor031 tcf fail anchored_type
2427 test qat-anchored-to-expanded-via-generic anchor032 tcf fail anchored_type
2428 test qat-instantiated-in-crash anchor033 tcf fail anchored_type
2429 test qat-abstract-creation-crash anchor034 tcf fail anchored_type
2430 test qat-skeleton-adapted-in-crash anchor035 tcf fail anchored_type
2431 test qat-constraints-if-possible-crash anchor036 tcf fail anchored_type
2432 test qat-adapted-in-crash-2 anchor037 tcf fail anchored_type
2433 test qat-hash-code-crash anchor038 tcf fail anchored_type
2434 test qat-vmfn-compiler-error anchor039 tcf fail anchored_type
2435 test qat-finalized-wrong-type anchor040 tcf fail anchored_type
2436 test qat-constrained-type-in-crash anchor041 tcf fail anchored_type
2437 test qat-same-generic-derivation-crash anchor042 tcf fail anchored_type
2438 test qat-invalid-vgcc anchor043 tcf fail anchored_type
2439 test qat-evaluated-type-in-descendant-crash anchor044 tcf fail anchored_type
2440 test qat-invalid-veen-in-generic-descendant anchor045 tcf fail anchored_type
2441 test qat-instantiated-in-crash-2 anchor046 tcf fail anchored_type formal generic
2442 test qat-constrained-types-crash anchor047 tcf fail anchored_type formal generic
2443 test qat-conformance-type-crash-2 anchor048 tcf fail anchored_type formal generic
2444 test qat-process-formal-as-crash anchor049 tcf fail anchored_type formal generic
2446 -- .NET specific test
2447 if DOTNET test expanded-object-conversion dotnet001 tcf pass dotnet
2448 test tuple-insertions-assertions dotnet002 tcf pass dotnet tuple
2449 test copy-infinite-recursion dotnet003 tcf pass dotnet
2450 test dotnet-nested-constant-access dotnet004 tcf pass dotnet
2451 test multithreaded-once-routine dotnet005 tcf pass dotnet multithreaded
2452 if DOTNET test dotnet-float-literal dotnet006 tcf pass dotnet
2453 if DOTNET test system-object-creation dotnet007 tcf pass dotnet
2454 if DOTNET test dotnet-expanded-any-conversion dotnet008 tcf pass dotnet
2455 if DOTNET test single-class-with-inherited-anchor dotnet009 tcf pass dotnet
2456 test is_equal-on-generic-class-fails dotnet010 tcf pass dotnet
2457 if DOTNET test feature-calls-on-dotnet-expanded-attribute dotnet011 tcf pass dotnet
2458 if DOTNET test inherit-icloneable dotnet012 tcf pass dotnet
2459 if DOTNET test nested-external-call-which-is-static dotnet013 tcf pass dotnet
2460 test dotnet-inherit-new-array-type dotnet014 tcf pass dotnet
2461 test none-usage-in-internal-type-comparison dotnet015 tcf fail dotnet
2462 if DOTNET test dotnet-empty-custom-attributes dotnet016 tcf pass dotnet
2463 test dotnet-replicated-standard_twin dotnet017 tcf pass dotnet
2464 if DOTNET test dotnet-custom-attributes dotnet018 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes
2465 if DOTNET test dotnet-attribute-in-enum dotnet019 tcf pass dotnet
2466 if DOTNET test dotnet-enum-value dotnet020 tcf fail dotnet
2467 if DOTNET test dotnet-value-type-initialization dotnet021 tcf pass dotnet
2468 if DOTNET test custom-attribute-type-change dotnet022 tcf pass dotnet incrementality custom_attributes
2469 if DOTNET test deferred-inherited-from-external dotnet023 tcf pass dotnet
2470 if DOTNET test renamed-feature-from-interface dotnet024 tcf pass dotnet
2471 if DOTNET test property-name-clash dotnet025 tcf pass dotnet property
2472 if DOTNET test enum-inspect-validity dotnet026 tcf pass dotnet
2473 if DOTNET test property-assigner-generation dotnet027 tcf pass dotnet property assign
2474 if DOTNET test field-assigner-generation dotnet028 tcf pass dotnet
2475 test property-accessor-name-clash dotnet029 tcf pass dotnet property
2476 test inline-agent-of-descendant dotnet030 tcf pass dotnet
2477 test deferred-class-inherit-dotnet dotnet031 tcf pass dotnet
2478 if DOTNET test single-inheritance-test dotnet032 tcf pass dotnet
2479 test assertion-evaluation-order dotnet033 tcf fail dotnet
2480 test pointer-to-external-expanded dotnet034 tcf pass dotnet expanded
2481 if DOTNET test ambiguous-dotnet-types dotnet035 tcf fail dotnet expanded
2482 test real-output-no-locale dotnet036 tcf pass dotnet real locale
2483 if DOTNET test overload-with-argument-type dotnet037 tcf pass dotnet
2484 if DOTNET test compatible-single-and-interface dotnet038 tcf pass dotnet
2485 if DOTNET test versioned-interface_implementation dotnet039 tcf pass dotnet
2486 if DOTNET test renamed-frozen-interface-implementation-for-single dotnet040 tcf pass dotnet
2487 if DOTNET test deferred-property-generation dotnet041 tcf pass dotnet property
2488 if DOTNET test merged-typed-pointer-argument dotnet042 tcf pass dotnet
2489 if DOTNET test correct-bound-property-assigner dotnet043 tcf pass dotnet
2490 if DOTNET test valid-dotnet-basic-typeof dotnet044 tcf pass dotnet
2491 if DOTNET test correct-override-on-multi-versioned-members dotnet045 tcf pass dotnet
2492 if DOTNET test function-property-call-correction dotnet046 tcf pass dotnet property
2493 if DOTNET test deferred-property-missing-assigner-implementation dotnet047 tcf pass dotnet property
2494 if DOTNET test deferred-property-missing-assigner-implementation-renamed dotnet048 tcf pass dotnet property
2495 if DOTNET test effecting-from-inherited-external dotnet049 tcf pass dotnet
2496 test replicated-from-generic-type dotnet050 tcf pass dotnet termination expanded replication
2497 test implicit-type-cause-crash-on-cast dotnet051 tcf pass dotnet termination
2498 if DOTNET test incremental-custom-attribute-constant-change dotnet052 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes
2499 if DOTNET test wrong-eiffel-name-attribute-generation dotnet053 tcf pass dotnet custom_attributes
2500 if DOTNET test field-attribute-test dotnet054 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes
2501 if DOTNET test creation-without-default-ctor dotnet055 tcf fail dotnet constructor
2502 if DOTNET test incr-remove-create-dotnet-constructor dotnet056 tcf fail dotnet constructor incrementality
2503 if DOTNET test smart-object-automatic-implementation dotnet057 tcf fail dotnet
2504 if DOTNET test expected-any-type-name dotnet058 tcf pass dotnet namespace dotnet_names
2505 if DOTNET test expected-basic-type-names dotnet059 tcf pass dotnet namespace dotnet_names
2506 if DOTNET test dotnet-name-generation dotnet060 tcf fail dotnet dotnet_names
2507 if DOTNET test external-name-conflict-validation dotnet061 tcf pass dotnet dotnet_names
2508 if DOTNET test target-namespace-generation-rules dotnet062 tcf pass dotnet namespace
2509 if DOTNET test target-named-namespace-generation-rules dotnet063 tcf pass dotnet namespace
2510 if DOTNET test library-namespace-generation-rules dotnet064 tcf pass dotnet namespace
2511 if DOTNET test library-named-namespace-generation-rules dotnet065 tcf pass dotnet namespace
2512 if DOTNET test uncompiled-managed-resource-embeddeding dotnet066 tcf pass dotnet resources
2513 if DOTNET test compiled-managed-resource-embeddeding dotnet067 tcf pass dotnet resources
2514 if DOTNET test peripheral-resource-embeddeding dotnet068 tcf pass dotnet resources
2515 if DOTNET test non-existent-resource-embeddeding dotnet069 tcf fail dotnet resources
2516 if DOTNET test uncompiled-managed-resource-modified dotnet070 tcf fail dotnet resources
2517 if DOTNET test property-name-clash-named dotnet071 tcf pass dotnet property
2518 if DOTNET test property-name-clash-single-named dotnet072 tcf pass dotnet property
2519 if DOTNET test property-name-clash-named-inherited dotnet073 tcf pass dotnet property
2520 if DOTNET test properties-generated-on_eiffel-interface dotnet074 tcf pass dotnet property
2521 if DOTNET test illegal-routine-properties dotnet075 tcf pass dotnet property
2522 if DOTNET test property-reusing-parent-setter dotnet076 tcf fail dotnet property
2523 if DOTNET test deferred-property-function-on-single dotnet077 tcf fail dotnet property
2524 if DOTNET test property-incremental-add-remove dotnet078 tcf pass dotnet property incrementality
2525 if DOTNET test property-incremental-add-remove-single dotnet079 tcf pass dotnet property incrementality
2526 if DOTNET test property-on-procedure dotnet080 tcf pass dotnet property
2527 if DOTNET test ctor-basic dotnet081 tcf fail dotnet constructor
2528 if DOTNET test ctor-basic-dynamic dotnet082 tcf pass dotnet constructor
2529 if DOTNET test ctor-non-existing-create dotnet083 tcf pass dotnet constructor
2530 if DOTNET test ctor-single-default-ctor dotnet084 tcf pass dotnet constructor
2531 if DOTNET test ctor-parent-ctor-reference dotnet085 tcf pass dotnet constructor
2532 if DOTNET test ctor-parent-argumented-ctor-reference dotnet086 tcf pass dotnet constructor
2533 if DOTNET test ctor-parent-argumented-ctor-redefine dotnet087 tcf fail dotnet constructor
2534 if DOTNET test ctor-root-creation-ctor dotnet088 tcf fail dotnet constructor
2535 if DOTNET test ctor-multi-source-ctors dotnet089 tcf fail dotnet constructor
2536 if DOTNET test ctor-reference-from-external-type dotnet090 tcf fail dotnet constructor
2537 if DOTNET test ctor-multi-source-unique-ctors dotnet091 tcf fail dotnet constructor
2538 if DOTNET test ca-use-of-non-native-attribute dotnet092 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes
2539 if DOTNET test ca-incorrect-context-usage dotnet093 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes
2540 if DOTNET test ca-peripheral-assembly-metadata dotnet094 tcf pass dotnet custom_attributes
2541 if DOTNET test ca-assembly-md-with-compile-all dotnet095 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes
2542 if DOTNET test ca-correct-assignment dotnet096 tcf pass dotnet custom_attributes
2543 if DOTNET test ca-basic-custom-attribute dotnet097 tcf pass dotnet custom_attributes
2544 if DOTNET test ca-custom-attribute-with-property dotnet098 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes property
2545 if DOTNET test ca-custom-attribute-with-ctor dotnet099 tcf pass dotnet custom_attributes constructor
2546 if DOTNET test ca-custom-attribute-with-create dotnet100 tcf fail dotnet custom_attributes
2547 if DOTNET test application-optimizations-enabled dotnet101 tcf pass dotnet optimization
2548 if DOTNET test system-object-remapped-in-mscorlib-only dotnet102 tcf pass dotnet consumer
2549 if DOTNET test consumable-attribute-usage-in-eiffel dotnet103 tcf fail dotnet consumer consumable custom_attributes
2550 if DOTNET test generic-creation-with-external-ctor dotnet104 tcf pass dotnet constructor generic external creation
2551 if DOTNET test overridden-cluster-namespace-preserved dotnet105 tcf pass dotnet namespace
2552 if DOTNET test equal-on-dotnet-string-and-eiffel-string dotnet106 tcf pass dotnet
2553 if DOTNET test renaming-native-dotnet-feature-with-redefine-default-create dotnet107 tcf pass dotnet
2554 test anchored-creation-crash dotnet108 tcf pass dotnet
2555 test object-test-assertion-crash dotnet109 tcf pass dotnet
2556 test dotnet-polymorphism dotnet110 tcf pass dotnet
2557 if DOTNET test assigner-name-incrementality dotnet111 tcf pass dotnet
2558 test dotnet-special-handling-crash dotnet112 tcf pass dotnet special
2559 if DOTNET test dotnet-object-test-basic-type dotnet113 tcf pass dotnet attached_types
2560 if DOTNET test dotnet-array-data-copy dotnet114 tcf pass dotnet
2561 test dotnet-static-access-on-deferred dotnet115 tcf pass dotnet
2562 if DOTNET test missing-dotnet-type dotnet116 tcf pass dotnet


Name Value
svn:eol-style native

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