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Tue Mar 13 18:48:08 2018 UTC (18 months, 1 week ago) by alexk
File size: 533 byte(s)
Added an example for code analysis rule CA071: comparison of an entity to itself.
1 test_name ca-self-comparison
2 test_description A warning about self comparison should not be issued for computations (i.e. routine calls).
4 copy_sub Ace $TEST Ace
5 copy_raw a.e $CLUSTER a.e
6 copy_raw test.e $CLUSTER test.e
8 analyze_code rule "CA071"
9 analyze_code_result violation "TEST CA071:22 CA071:24 CA071:27 CA071:32 CA071:34 CA071:37 CA071:38 CA071:40 CA071:43 CA071:45 CA071:48 CA071:54 CA071:75 CA071:76 CA071:77 CA071:78 CA071:79 CA071:80 CA071:81 CA071:82 CA071:93 CA071:95 CA071:98 CA071:103 CA071:105 CA071:108"
11 test_end


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