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Tue Dec 18 03:32:18 2007 UTC (12 years, 2 months ago) by tedf
File size: 80 byte(s)
Changes accompanied with integration of EAO:
- Modified tcfs of exceptXXX to compare different output, since `message' of VOID_TARGET is not implemented on .NET.
- Changed invariant violation to check violation, so that except011 is not affected by the issue of the place of invariant generated and indeed shows the correct behavior.
- Corrected output file of except012.
- Modified output of exec180, since the trace is empty when there is no exception.
- Modified exec191, since there is no such rescue exception anymore.
- Modified output of freez005, since old violation is thrown in the post condition according to ECMA.
- Modified incr135, using `is_debug_mode' in eif_main.h instead of `eeocode' in eif_except.h. Since the interface has been removed.
1 True
2 f
3 A
4 mymessage
5 True
6 make
8 True
9 f
10 A
11 mymessage
12 Execution completed


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