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Revision 73171 - (show annotations)
Thu Apr 24 20:56:27 2008 UTC (11 years, 4 months ago) by dhollen
File size: 479 byte(s)
Removed unnecessary c_compile_work and c_compile_result instructions
  from a number of exception tests.  These instructions are not needed because
  no freezing is involved and they cause the tests to fail on Unix platforms.
Changed test except015 to call `die (0)' instead of `die (1)' so that the
  test result is a compare mismatch rather than "silent failure".  Also changed
  this test to print out the stack traces if they are different.
Changed test except016 to use compile_frozen instead of compile_melted
  since it has an external.

1 test_name queries_of_exceptions_class_2
2 test_description Show correct behaviors of `exception', `tag_name', `recipient_name' and `class_name' and their respective original forms in class EXCEPTIONS.
4 copy_sub Ace $TEST Ace
5 copy_raw test.e $CLUSTER test.e
6 copy_raw test1.e $CLUSTER test1.e
8 compile_melted
9 compile_result ok
10 execute_work NONE exec_output
11 execute_result ok
12 if DOTNET compare exec_output output_dotnet
13 if not DOTNET compare exec_output output
15 test_end


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