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Revision 65297 - (show annotations)
Thu Nov 30 20:22:33 2006 UTC (13 years ago) by manus
File size: 3927 byte(s)
Moved from trunk/Src/eweasel to trunk/eweasel so that a simple checkout of the source code is not penalized by the lenghty process of checking out all the tests of eweasel.
2 --| Copyright (c) 1993-2006 University of Southern California and contributors.
3 --| All rights reserved.
4 --| Your use of this work is governed under the terms of the GNU General
5 --| Public License version 2.
7 class TEST
8 creation
9 make
10 feature
11 make is
12 do
13 try;
14 end
16 try is
17 local
18 t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, t6, t7, t8,
19 t9, t10, t11, t12, t13, t14, t15, t16,
20 t17, t18, t19, t20, t21, t22, t23, t24,
21 t25, t26, t27, t28, t29, t30, t31, t32,
22 t33, t34, t35, t36, t37, t38, t39, t40,
23 t41, t42, t43, t44, t45, t46, t47, t48,
24 t49, t50, t51, t52, t53, t54, t55, t56,
25 t57, t58, t59, t60, t61, t62, t63, t64,
26 t65, t66, t67, t68, t69, t70, t71, t72,
27 t73, t74, t75, t76, t77, t78, t79, t80,
28 t81, t82, t83, t84, t85, t86, t87, t88,
29 t89, t90, t91, t92, t93, t94, t95, t96,
30 t97, t98, t99, t100, t101, t102, t103, t104,
31 t105, t106, t107, t108, t109, t110, t111, t112,
32 t113, t114, t115, t116, t117, t118, t119, t120,
33 t121, t122, t123, t124, t125, t126, t127, t128,
34 t129, t130, t131, t132, t133, t134, t135, t136,
35 t137, t138, t139, t140, t141, t142, t143, t144,
36 t145, t146, t147, t148, t149, t150, t151, t152,
37 t153, t154, t155, t156, t157, t158, t159, t160,
38 t161, t162, t163, t164, t165, t166, t167, t168,
39 t169, t170, t171, t172, t173, t174, t175, t176,
40 t177, t178, t179, t180, t181, t182, t183, t184,
41 t185, t186, t187, t188, t189, t190, t191, t192,
42 t193, t194, t195, t196, t197, t198, t199, t200,
43 t201, t202, t203, t204, t205, t206, t207, t208,
44 t209, t210, t211, t212, t213, t214, t215, t216,
45 t217, t218, t219, t220, t221, t222, t223, t224,
46 t225, t226, t227, t228, t229, t230, t231, t232,
47 t233, t234, t235, t236, t237, t238, t239, t240,
48 t241, t242, t243, t244, t245, t246, t247, t248,
49 t249, t250, t251, t252, t253, t254, t255, t256,
50 t257, t258, t259, t260, t261, t262, t263, t264,
51 t265, t266, t267, t268, t269, t270, t271, t272,
52 t273, t274, t275, t276, t277, t278, t279, t280,
53 t281, t282, t283, t284, t285, t286, t287, t288,
54 t289, t290, t291, t292, t293, t294, t295, t296,
55 t297, t298, t299, t300, t301, t302, t303, t304,
56 t305, t306, t307, t308, t309, t310, t311, t312,
57 t313, t314, t315, t316, t317, t318, t319, t320,
58 t321, t322, t323, t324, t325, t326, t327, t328,
59 t329, t330, t331, t332, t333, t334, t335, t336,
60 t337, t338, t339, t340, t341, t342, t343, t344,
61 t345, t346, t347, t348, t349, t350, t351, t352,
62 t353, t354, t355, t356, t357, t358, t359, t360,
63 t361, t362, t363, t364, t365, t366, t367, t368,
64 t369, t370, t371, t372, t373, t374, t375, t376,
65 t377, t378, t379, t380, t381, t382, t383, t384,
66 t385, t386, t387, t388, t389, t390, t391, t392,
67 t393, t394, t395, t396, t397, t398, t399, t400,
68 t401, t402, t403, t404, t405, t406, t407, t408,
69 t409, t410, t411, t412, t413, t414, t415, t416,
70 t417, t418, t419, t420, t421, t422, t423, t424,
71 t425, t426, t427, t428, t429, t430, t431, t432,
72 t433, t434, t435, t436, t437, t438, t439, t440,
73 t441, t442, t443, t444, t445, t446, t447, t448,
74 t449, t450, t451, t452, t453, t454, t455, t456,
75 t457, t458, t459, t460, t461, t462, t463, t464,
76 t465, t466, t467, t468, t469, t470, t471, t472,
77 t473, t474, t475, t476, t477, t478, t479, t480,
78 t481, t482, t483, t484, t485, t486, t487, t488,
79 t489, t490, t491, t492, t493, t494, t495, t496,
80 t497, t498, t499, t500: TEST1
81 do
82 print (t1);
83 print (t2);
84 print (t3);
85 print (t4);
86 print (t5);
87 print (t6);
88 print (t7);
89 print (t8);
90 print (t9);
91 print (t10);
92 print (t11);
93 print (t12);
94 print (t13);
95 print (t14);
96 print (t15);
97 print (t16);
98 print (t17);
99 print (t18);
100 print (t19);
101 print (t20);
102 print (t21);
103 print (t22);
104 print (t23);
105 print (t24);
106 print (t25);
107 print (t26);
108 print (t27);
109 print (t28);
110 print (t29);
111 print (t30);
112 end
114 end


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