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Fri Aug 20 20:40:00 2010 UTC (9 years, 3 months ago) by dhollen
File size: 532 byte(s)
Added eweasel test exec330 for bug #(not yet available), where invoking an agent in
the class invariant of an expanded class results in a apparently spurious catcall warning.
See also bug #15453 (test exec307) for another spurious catcall warning.

2 test_name catcall-in-expanded-class-invariant
3 test_description A call to an agent in the invariant of an expanded class causes a seemingly spurious Catcall error to reported at runtime. The warning says "expected reference TEST1 but got TEST1".
5 copy_sub Ace $TEST Ace
6 copy_raw test.e $CLUSTER test.e
7 copy_raw test1.e $CLUSTER test1.e
8 copy_raw test2.e $CLUSTER test2.e
10 compile_frozen
11 compile_result ok
13 c_compile_work
14 c_compile_result ok
16 execute_work NONE exec_output1
17 execute_result ok
18 compare exec_output1 output
20 test_end


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