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Revision 70566 - (show annotations)
Sat Oct 13 00:14:27 2007 UTC (12 years, 3 months ago) by manus
File size: 552 byte(s)
Updated test configuration file to reflect the ability of the compiler to report more than one
  error at degree 3.

1 -- This is a test control file
3 test_name multi-constraint-order-affects-semantic
4 test_description Reveals bug#12781. The order of the constraints and the renaming affects the semantic of the program. This should not be the case: An error should be raised as no feature can be invoked (a, b and c). This test and multicon046 are similar.
6 copy_sub Ace $TEST Ace
7 copy_raw test.e $CLUSTER test.e
8 copy_raw test1.e $CLUSTER test1.e
9 copy_raw test2.e $CLUSTER test2.e
12 compile_melted
13 compile_result validity_error TEST1 VTMC(2) VTMC(2) VTMC(2)
14 test_end


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