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Wed Feb 4 10:06:26 2015 UTC (5 years ago) by romanschmocker
File size: 406 byte(s)
Eweasel tests for SCOOP exception handling.

The tests are written against the new semantics
by Benjamin Morandi, and currently they all fail.
Initially the tests were part of a naster thesis 
at ETH by Florian Besser.

The patch also includes a test for a bug
(test#scoop041) where the behaviour in molten
and frozen code differs when evaluating a
precondition on a controlled object.

1 test_name scoop-exceptions-accountability-handover
2 test_description Test if accountability is correctly handed over during lock passing.
4 copy_sub Ace $TEST Ace
5 copy_raw controller.e $CLUSTER controller.e
6 copy_raw searcher.e $CLUSTER searcher.e
7 copy_raw logger.e $CLUSTER logger.e
9 compile_melted
10 compile_result ok
12 execute_work NONE exec_output_m
13 execute_result ok
14 compare exec_output_m output
16 test_end


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