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Revision 73176 - (hide annotations)
Thu Apr 24 23:18:54 2008 UTC (11 years, 9 months ago) by dhollen
File size: 767 byte(s)
Changed eweasel test valid085 to enable full class checking and updated
tcf to specify the correct class TEST as the one with the VAPE error.
The test now passes.

1 manus 65296
2     --| Copyright (c) 1993-2006 University of Southern California and contributors.
3     --| All rights reserved.
4     --| Your use of this work is governed under the terms of the GNU General
5     --| Public License version 2.
7     -- This is a test control file
9     test_name secret-precondition-heir-export
10     test_description A routine with a secret precondition does not violate VAPE because the routine itself is also exported to {NONE}. But the class containing this routine is inherited by another class and the routine export status is changed to {ANY}, yielding a generally available routine with a secret precondition.
12     copy_sub Ace $TEST Ace
13     copy_raw test.e $CLUSTER test.e
14     copy_raw test1.e $CLUSTER test1.e
15     compile_melted
16 dhollen 73176 compile_result validity_error TEST VAPE
17 manus 65296
18     test_end


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