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revision 98697 by manus, Sat May 7 16:18:26 2016 UTC revision 98698 by manus, Mon May 9 13:53:54 2016 UTC
# Line 36  inherit Line 36  inherit
36                          process_attribute,                          process_attribute,
37                          process_bang_instruction,                          process_bang_instruction,
38                          process_binary_integer_constant,                          process_binary_integer_constant,
39                          process_bracket_expression,                          process_bracket_expression,
40                          process_c1_character_constant,                          process_c1_character_constant,
41                          process_c2_character_constant,                          process_c2_character_constant,
# Line 330  feature {NONE} -- Event handling Line 329  feature {NONE} -- Event handling
329                  do                  do
330                  end                  end
         report_bit_feature_type (a_type: ET_BIT_FEATURE; a_query: ET_QUERY)  
                         -- Report that the bit type `a_type' (of the form "BIT feature_name")  
                         -- has not been processed with `a_query' as its feature.  
                         no_error: not has_fatal_error  
                         a_type_not_void: a_type /= Void  
                         a_query_not_void: a_query /= Void  
332          report_creation_expression (an_expression: ET_EXPRESSION; a_creation_type: ET_TYPE_CONTEXT;          report_creation_expression (an_expression: ET_EXPRESSION; a_creation_type: ET_TYPE_CONTEXT;
333                  a_procedure: ET_PROCEDURE; an_actuals: detachable ET_ACTUAL_ARGUMENTS)                  a_procedure: ET_PROCEDURE; an_actuals: detachable ET_ACTUAL_ARGUMENTS)
334                          -- Report that a creation expression `an_expression' has been processed,                          -- Report that a creation expression `an_expression' has been processed,
# Line 886  feature {ET_AST_NODE} -- Processing Line 875  feature {ET_AST_NODE} -- Processing
875                          process_integer_constant (a_constant)                          process_integer_constant (a_constant)
876                  end                  end
         process_bit_feature (a_type: ET_BIT_FEATURE)  
                         -- Process `a_type'.  
                         -- Set `has_fatal_error' if a fatal error occurred.  
                         reset_fatal_error (False)  
                         if anchored_types_enabled then  
                                 if attached current_class_impl.named_query (a_type.name) as l_query then  
                                         report_bit_feature_type (a_type, l_query)  
                                                 -- This error should have already been reported when checking  
                                                 -- `current_feature' (using ET_FEATURE_CHECKER for example).  
                                         if internal_error_enabled or not current_class.has_implementation_error then  
878          process_bracket_expression (an_expression: ET_BRACKET_EXPRESSION)          process_bracket_expression (an_expression: ET_BRACKET_EXPRESSION)
879                          -- Process `an_expression'.                          -- Process `an_expression'.
880                          -- Set `has_fatal_error' if a fatal error occurred.                          -- Set `has_fatal_error' if a fatal error occurred.

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