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Author: manus
Date: Fri Jun 3 06:28:10 2011 UTC (8 years, 3 months ago)
Changed paths: 14
Log Message:
Merged bug fixes from main branch:
* rev#86544: Corrected casts for solaris atomic operation memory location
* rev#86546: Fixed an issue when the class is used in a context which is not `finish_freezing' (i.e. installation setup.dll on Windows, or espawn) where if the tool is launched in a read only directory, then it would not be able to create the temporary file in it (before it was done in the temp directory but there was an issue with running multiple instances of finish_freezing causing some C compilation to fail mysteriously). The new solution is to first create the temp files in the current directory and if it doesn't in the temp directory.
* rev#86547: Fixed issue when creating pens with a line width greater than 1, we must set the geometric flag otherwise the routine fails, for line width of 1 we use ps_cosmetic as this renders faster than ps_geometric but can only handle a line width of 1.
* rev#86548, rev#86549: Fixed popup positioning to work correctly with all virtual screen configurations, previous implementation was updated to use virtual width and height but this only worked if the virtual x and y was zero, which is the case when the second screen is to the right of the first.  However if it is to the left then the virtual x and y may be negative to signify the offset from the main screen, the previous implementation never used this value and was always capping to zero meaning that popups meant for a screen positioned in the negative virtual area could never have popups placed on them
* All fixes up to rev#86605 of PRETTY_PRINTER
* rev#86583: Removed extra semicolons and especially a double ;; which was not valid but accepted by our parser.
* rev:86599: Fixed a performance issue in `splited_token_with_ellipsis' when truncating a very large string for display. The issue showed up in autotest if the string passed in a violating `assert' clause was large (e.g. 3000+ characters) it would take about 2s to calculate the position of the split. Now we perform a dichotomic search and use IMMUTABLE_STRING_32 to avoid the cost of `substring'. Compared to before we have an extra string duplication. Fixed a bug in `update_position' which would cause EiffelStudio to crash when resizing a column on a row containting multiple token where the first one is smaller than the ellipsis width we want to add.
* rev#86603: Increased the minimum port as it is usally already in use in the various Windows system we have tested.
* rev#86604: Protected the call to `set_focus' as we could be violating its precondition by not checking that the widget is both displayed and sensitive.
* rev#86606: Added a precondition to `updated_version' and protected calls to it in clients that were not checking its validity. The precondition was necessary since the implementation of `updated_version' called `associated_class' that had the `is_valid' precondition.
* rev#86607: Increased timer from 2s to 5s as it was shown that some operations could be taking more than 2s and we do not want to overload the application (in a previous case it would cause EiffelStudio to take all the CPU and barely responsive).

Changed paths

Path Details
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/C/run-time/eif_atomops.h modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/Eiffel/API/interface/e_feature.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/Eiffel/flat_short/bench/pretty_printer.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/Eiffel/interface/graphical/tools/testing/widget/es_test_tree.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/Eiffel/interface/new_graphical/shared/editor_token_utility/eb_editor_token_text.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/Eiffel/interface/new_graphical/stones/feature_name_stone.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/Eiffel/interface/new_graphical/stones/feature_stone.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/compatible/library/web/table/html_table_constants.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/framework/testing/etest/execution/etest_evaluator_connection.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/framework/vision2/evs_helpers.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/library/vision2/implementation/mswin/properties/ev_drawable_imp.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/library/vision2/interface/items/ev_grid_choice_item.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/library/web/table/html_table_constants.e modified , text changed , props changed
Directorybranches/Eiffel_68/Src/tools/finish_freezing/main/config/env_parser.e modified , text changed , props changed

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