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103702 6h 28m alexk / Marked test#scoop083 as passing after commit rev#103701.  
103701 6h 32m alexk / Fixed bug#19596 (test#scoop083) by using SK_POINTER instead of SK_REF when passing an address of a variable of a basic type as an argument to a SCOOP call.  
103700 7h 13m alexk / Updated to the most recent version of ECF schema to use new values for warnings.  
103699 2d 10h jfiat / Fixed value of SERVER_PORT for secure connection (i.e https:// ), by default it is 443 .
this was fooling WSF_REQUEST.absolute_url (...) .
103698 2d 18h jfiat / Added "New Library ..." menu item before "New Cluster ..." menu item in the Tools menu.  
103697 3d 08h alexk / Added an example for bug#19596.  
103696 3d 09h alexk / Removed once key "PROCESS" to avoid the requirement for the result to be separate.  
103695 3d 11h alexk / Provided necessary conversion for a class name from a 8-bit string into a 32-bit one.  
103694 3d 11h alexk / Corrected value of the attribute `warning` of element `option` to match the specified ECF schema.  
103693 3d 11h alexk / Rolled the version of the ECF to the previous one because the new one uses different syntax for `obsolete_feature` warning.  
103692 3d 13h alexk / Extended the example to test that obsolete call warnings are reported for features with obsolete dates in the future only when the corresponding option requests so and are suppressed by default.  
103691 3d 13h alexk / Changed the way obsolete feature calls are reported. Now the compiler checks the associated date stamp. If the stamp is in the future, no warning is reported unless the corresponding option tells to do otherwise.
Changed obsolete_feature warning to have an associated value with 3 possible states instead of a boolean:
- none: no obsolete feature calls are reported;
- current: obsolete feature calls are reported for features with the associated date stamps in the past (or if there is no date stamp);
- all: obsolete feature calls are reported for all obsolete features regardless of associatedd date stamps.
Updated the configuration dialog to handle new values of obsolete feature call warning option.
Moved obsolete message parsing to dedictated class OBSOLETE_MESSAGE_PARSER.
Updated the ECF schema with the new syntax for an obsolete feature call warning option.
Added an expiration date to the compiler warning about an obsolete feature call in the future to report when the call is going to get a warning with the default settings.
Changed signatures of many features to support Unicode names of classes in configuration.
Replaced some regular loops with across loops.
Replaced some assignment attempts with object tests.
Changed the way CONF_VALUE_CHOICE is merged with another value to preserve original default index of the setting/option to take into account that the defaults could be different for different ECF versions.
103690 3d 13h jfiat / Updated to 19.10.103641  
103689 8d 12h alexk / Corrected some translations for the diagram tool.  
103688 8d 13h alexk / Fixed expected output and corrected export status of a test feature.  
103687 8d 14h alexk / Added an example to demonstrate that the compiler hangs when computing a maximal type of a sequence of expressions (manifest array, conditional expression).  
103686 10d 10h jfiat / Safer autocomplete implementation, avoid exception trace due to `described_access_id`.  
103685 14d 10h jfiat / Better handling for directory default index response (for instance index.html) for case like "/subdir" which is now redirected to "/subdir/" so relative url are correctly handled.  
103684 14d 13h alexk / Corrected namespace.  
103683 16d 16h jfiat / Fixed conditions for custom blocks.  

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