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103351 145d 06h manus /branches/ Merged 103348, 103349 and 103350 from trunk  
103187 209d 03h jfiat /branches/ Merged from trunk 103185 and 103186.  
103184 209d 06h jfiat /branches/ Merged from trunk revisions 103181..103183 .  
103180 211d 05h jfiat /branches/ Merge revisions 103179, 103178 from trunk.  
103176 212d 07h jfiat /branches/ Updated to EiffelStudio 19.05 release.  
103175 212d 07h jfiat /branches/ Merged revisions 103167-103174 from trunk.  
103167 213d 10h jfiat /branches/ Version 19.05 Release.  
102589 367d 15h manus /branches/ Updated to EiffelStudio 18.11 Release  
102568 373d 05h manus /branches/ Version 18.11 Release  
101985 511d 02h alexk /branches/ Updated syntax.  
101984 511d 02h alexk /branches/ Updated to a more recent version of Gobo.  
101972 521d 00h manus /branches/ New CD key for 18.07  
101967 524d 05h jfiat /branches/ Merged /trunk/ up to revision 101966 in Eiffel_18.07 branch.  
101959 524d 09h jfiat /branches/ Merged /trunk/ up to revision 101958 in Eiffel_18.07 branch.  
101918 528d 06h jfiat /branches/ Merged /trunk/ up to revision 101917 and switch to Eiffel_18.07 branch.  
101917 528d 12h jfiat /branches/ Moved to 18.07  
101819 555d 06h manus /branches/ Revert to correct version number  
101817 559d 07h manus /branches/ Fixed files that should not have been modified  
101816 559d 07h manus /branches/ CD key for enterprise/eval install of EiffelStudio 18.05  
101812 559d 07h manus /branches/ Updated path for 18.05 checkout  

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