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103748 1h 46m alexk /trunk/ Supplied pretty-printer preferences.  
103747 1h 49m alexk /trunk/ Added a pretty-printer keyword for test#syntax073.  
103746 1h 52m alexk /trunk/ Added a command to set a preference to be passed to the compiler.  
103745 7h 43m alexk /trunk/ Used current pretty printer preferences to setup pretty-printer behavior.  
103744 7h 45m alexk /trunk/ Fixed a bug that caused arguments of qualified calls to remain unadapted when converting "across" loops into symbolic loops.
Renamed `new_line_style` to `line_processing`.
Improved processing source code lines when `line_processing` is set to "keep":
- `print_on_new_line` does not insert a new line;
- lists that are normally formatted on a new line per item are kept as they appear in the source code;
- `print_inline_indented` adds indentation to the output if the construct starts on a new line;
- indentation of conditional expressions is now fixed;
- made sure inner expressions in a loop expression are indented;
- removed an empty trailing line when converting "across" loops into symbolic loops when the original final "end" appeared on a single line.
103743 7h 57m alexk /trunk/ Added an option to set preference value.  
103742 20h 00m alexk /trunk/ Added preferences for pretty printer.  
103741 21h 01m alexk /trunk/ Replaced an obsolete call to `new_string_resource_value` with a contemporary one to `new_string_preference_value`.  
103740 21h 12m alexk /trunk/ Added help for a new command-line option to set preference value.  
103739 21h 14m alexk /trunk/ Removed an unused local variable.  
103738 21h 51m jfiat /trunk/ Updated default notification icons.  
103737 22h 16m jfiat /trunk/ Updated default notification icons.  
103736 23h 06m jfiat /trunk/ Updated default notification icons.  
103735 1d 00h alexk /trunk/ Supported selection of a single value in a choice preference by adding two new features at the top level:
- `is_valid_string_for_selection` - tells whether a given string can be used to specify a value (this is identical to `is_string_value_validated` for single-valued preferences, and verifies that the value is in the list of specified values in multi-valued preferences);
- `select_value_from_string` - updates the current value (this is identical to `set_from_string` for single-valued preferences, and updates the selected index for multi-valued ones).
103734 1d 03h alexk /trunk/ Fixed a long lasting bug introduced when features that handle lists were added in rev#89889: when the iterable argument was not a list, the computed list was always empty because the iteration was performed on a newly created empty list rather than on the iterable argument.
Removed obsolete features.
103733 1d 03h alexk /trunk/ Removed obsolete feature `string_value`.
Rearranged feature clauses to group features more precisely.
103732 1d 04h jfiat /trunk/ Updated notification style, added preferences for notification font and colors.  
103731 1d 04h jfiat /trunk/ Updated notification status bar icons.  
103730 1d 21h jfiat /trunk/ Now the checkout payment requires the visitor to be signed in.  
103729 1d 21h jfiat /trunk/ Added missing deployment files. Removed an unwanted print statement.  

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